The Temple of the Soul is a small stone temple that looks like a small stone house. It is located at the bottom of the mountainside of the hanging mountain. The door is engraved with the three characters of ‘Soul Temple’.

Lin Peng took Su Mo and came to the door of the town’s soul hall.

“Go in, I will set the time in the Array forbidden, you can’t come out in a hundred years!” Lin Peng said to Su Mo.

“Lin Senior Brother, then how do I contact the outside world?” Su Mo asked, and for a hundred years, he needed to know the news outside.

“Why do you want to contact?” Lin Peng asked silently. You accept punishment, but you still have to contact the outside world!

“Well, I need to know the situation of some friends outside!” Su Mo said.

“Then they can go in and find you!” Lin Pengdao.

“That’s good!” Su Mo heard, suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, as long as he can keep in touch with 绫 ,, that’s okay.

Immediately, Lin Peng opened the door of the town’s soul temple, and it was dark in the dark, like the big mouth of the behemoth, and wanted to choose people.

“Go in, once in a hundred years, the town soul temple will open!” Lin Peng told.

“Good!” Su Mo nodded and strode into the town’s soul hall, which closed.


As soon as he entered the temple, there was an invisible force that directly bombarded Su Mo’s mind, like a thunder!


Even with Su Mo’s tenacity, I can’t recognize it!


Dramatic pain, directly into the bone marrow, piercing the soul.

Boom! Boom! boom! !

In the boundless darkness, it seems that there are thousands of invisible thunders, and they are constantly bombarded.

This invisible power will not hurt the fleshly body, nor will it hurt the gods and spirits. However, the pain brought is unparalleled.

The severe pain caused Su Mo to tremble all over the body and almost could not bear it.

“The bitterness of the town, it is terrible!”

Su Mo sighed in his heart, because the pain of this town is a punishment, can not escape, can only bear the hard life.

Severe pain, there is no way for him to calm down, his body trembles constantly, his face is flowing with fine sweat.

He tried it, even though he entered the Space Treasure Tool, the hardships of the soul still existed, but the Volvo in the Space Treasure Tool did not feel at all.

Helpless, Su Mo can only sit cross-legged in this dark town of the soul, and endure hard.

Fortunately, after a moment of adaptation, the sense of pain has been slightly reduced, not as strong as it was at the beginning.


On the top of the mountain, all the people got the tokens, and the new headquarters disciples, after they settled down, left the vacant bodies and returned to their own branches.

This is a return to home!

By convention, after they returned to the branch, the elders of the division would host a feast to celebrate the event.

At the same time, disciples who are interested in collecting slaves can collect slaves within five of their own branches.

Although they are slaves, these five places are also extremely popular. After all, even if they are only slaves, they are equivalent to half of the disciples at the headquarters.

Some of the strongest Eldest Disciple servants at the headquarters are the ones who can make a name for themselves in the outside world.

Moreover, although being a servant is not good at the name, it is not a true slave.

After all, the disciples of the new headquarters, in the division of slaves, are generally collected by their friends or better-disciplined disciples.

Murong Yu, Ning Piaoying, Lin Ya, Quan Ruhai and others have left the Hanging Mountain. The elders of their respective branches are waiting for them under the vacant mountains!

Hanging above the mountain.

Among the silver palaces, the emperor and the soul sit on the futon in the temple. This is his palace. He is now a formal disciple of the headquarters of the ancient cloud star alliance.

He is waiting, waiting for Zi Yan to come here, because Zi Yan is in the residence of the Taishou, accepting the teachings of the Taishou.

After a while, the purple scorpion came, and the stride of the meteor entered the palace and came to the front of the emperor.

At this moment, although the purple eyes are still pale, the injury is extremely heavy, but it is now the spirit of the times, the temperament of the whole person has risen to a level.

This is the improvement of self-confidence, or the improvement of the qi, the change brought about.

“The emperor is a soul, when are we going to act?” Zi Yan asked quietly.

“The sooner the better, this time going back, it is imperative!” The emperor, the soul, he broke through to the high level God King, and successfully became a disciple of the Gu Yun Star Alliance headquarters, and can go back.

“After we go back, you are responsible for cooking Tuo Qingyun. As for the friends and relatives of Su Mo, all of them are handed over to me, how?” Zi Zi asked.

After Su Mo was given a penalty, they immediately planned to return to the wilderness.

Nowadays, the strength of the Emperor’s soul is unparalleled, and there is no rival in the wilderness. They can go back now and suppress everything.

The plan of Zi Yan is to bring Su Mo’s friends and relatives of Naxi, in short, all the people who have a relationship with Su Mo.

At that time, he is not afraid of not killing Su Mo.

“Yes!” Emperor Yi nodded and Su Mo was their common disciple. Those who were Su Mo’s close relatives were handed over to Zi Yan for treatment.

“Then let’s go now!”

“Your injury?” The Emperor looked at the purple scorpion.

“My injury is not serious, let me say, the Taishou Lord has given me a lot of Heaven Defying magic medicine, enough to return to peak within one year, I will take it on the road.” Zi Yan Road, the road does not delay him. Healing, and returning to the wasteland is extremely time-consuming. He also plans to break through to the high level God King on the road.

“Well, let’s go to the flow of Young Master and let us know!”

“Informed to flow Young Master?”

Purple 霄heard, brow wrinkled, said: “Now, we don’t have to pay attention to him anymore?”

Nowadays, they are all official disciples of the headquarters, and he is also worshipping under the door of Tai Yingzun, why bother to pay attention to the Young Master.

“No! One more friend is better than one more enemy. It is a young Master who can’t offend!”

Emperor Yi shook his head and solemnly said: “Moreover, without his guidance, we can’t go back!”

The Emperor’s soul attaches great importance to the flow of Young Master. The background and strength of the other party are quite terrible.

At the beginning of the wilderness, if the Young Master was in the middle of the strange poison of the ancient ancestors, how could it escape?

Just relying on the ancient three ancestors, it will not be the enemy of the Young Master.

“Well, let’s go find him first!” Zi Yan sighed. Of course he understood that he was extremely disgusted with the flow of Young Master. Therefore, he did not want to contact the other party from the bottom of his heart, even if the other party was favored by him.

After all, he was a slave to the other side, and this stain made him a little sensitive.

However, considering that they can return to the wilderness smoothly, they are still looking for each other.

Later, the two men left and found the latter among the palaces of the Young Master.

“See the flow of Young Master!”

The two were rude to the Young Master, cup one fist in the other hand sitting on the main seat.

“Yes, you didn’t let me down!” Flowing Young Master Da Ma Jindao’s end sat on the main seat, smiling, he already knew the result.

“It’s all the cultivation of Young Master in these years. Otherwise, we have this opportunity!” The emperor’s soul sighed, and he was favored by the Young Master, much more than the purple.

“Yeah, not the cultivation of Young Master, we will have today’s success!”

“You know it!” Flow Young Master nodded and said: “Now, you are all disciples at the headquarters, and you will practice peace of mind in the future!”

“Yes!” Emperor and the purple, nodded.

“Young Master, we have one thing, we want to discuss with you!”

“What is it?”

“I and Zi Yan, ready to go back to the wilderness!”

“Back to the wilderness?”

Young Master heard, but I think that both the Emperor and the Purple are both people in the wild. There must be a lot of people and things in the wild, and he will be relieved.

“Do you both have the confidence to return to the wilderness?” Flow Young Master asked, when he brought two people to the clouds, both of them were in his Space Treasure Tool.

“I’m not sure!” The Emperor and the Purple, shook his head at the same time.

Young Master heard Silence, heart sinking, in fact, even if he wants to go to the wilderness again, there is no full grasp to find.

After all, it is too far away. In the sea of ​​endless voids, there is no direction, too easy to get lost.

He just happened to go to the wilderness and can return to the sky smoothly because he has a special means to perceive the world of the cloud.

“You are in the wilderness, can you have anything special, such as spiritual imprints, and then like a close relative?” Flow Young Master asked.

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