“Yes!” Emperor and the purple, and nodded at the same time.

In the wilderness, they not only have a close relative, but also a spiritual imprint, and still a lot.

Of course, their loved ones have not seen for many years. After all, those people’s cultivation base are quite low.

“That’s good!”

Flowing Young Master nodded, then the palm of his hand turned over, and a compass appeared in the palm, about five inches in diameter.

“This is the positioning compass. You can attach the Blood Essence and the spiritual mark to help you identify the direction and find the location of the wilderness!” Flow Young Master handed the compass to the hands of the Emperor.

“Thank you!” The emperor immediately thanked the soul.

“With your cultivation base, even if you don’t take a detour, you have to go to the wasteland to estimate it for seven or eighty years. If you go in the wrong direction, you don’t know how long it will take.” Flow Young Master said solemnly.

“Young Master, if it is wrong, will we be completely lost in the sea of ​​the void?” Ziyan frowned.


Flowing Young Master nodded, said: “However, there is a positioning compass in hand, you will not be lost, it will be a lot smoother, even if the direction is slightly deviated, it will be discovered very quickly.”

“That’s good!” Zi Yan nodded, and there was a flow of Young Master. He was completely relieved.

“If you solve the problem of the wilderness, come back as soon as possible, there is only a barren land, you have to be too nostalgic!” Flow Young Master shouted.

“Understand!” The Emperor and the Purple Nod nodded. Immediately after the two men sang a few words with the Young Master, they left.

Waiting for the emperor and the purple to leave, the Young Master bowed his head and meditated. The Emperor and the Purple were both in the selection of the middle accomplishment. They did not make him too unexpected. However, the purple scorpion worshipped under the door of Tai Ying Zun, some To his expectations.

However, he does not care about the purple scorpion, he is very important to the emperor, want to train each other into his arms.


After the purple scorpion and the emperor’s soul, after bidding farewell to the Young Master, they left the hanging mountain and went straight into the starry sky.

They kept flying for a moment and flew away from the tens of thousands of stars gathering in the ancient cloud starry alliance.

The speed of the two is not slow, but the ancient cloud star where the hanging mountain is located is in the center of the alliance.

Therefore, they flew for seven days before leaving the site of the Gu Yun Star Alliance.

Deep in the lonely starry sky, the emperor and the purple scorpion stopped their bodies.

“No one is coming over?” The Emperor looked around at the rear and asked whispered to Zijing.

“Absolutely not!” Zi Yan shook his head, Su Mo suffered from the soul of the town in the soul hall, and there is a chance to track them.

As for the 绫 ,, the cultivation base is lower, it is impossible to keep up with their speed, and it is even more impossible to overcome their perception.

Except for Su Mo and Yi Chang, no one will follow them.

“Okay, let’s go!”

Emperor Yi nodded his head and immediately waved his hand, forcing the space in front of him to break open, revealing nothing inside.

Immediately, the two men flashed into the depths of the space crack and disappeared.

Space cracks, self-combination between breaths, everything returns to calm.


At this moment, outside the tens of thousands of miles, the space fluctuated, and the shape of the singer appeared suddenly.

“I really go back!” Yan Chang looked at the place where the emperor and the purple scorpion disappeared, whispering.

She has been tracking the Emperor and the Purple, and she is flying normally. It is indeed unable to catch up with the speed of the two. However, he is proficient in the law of space, although not deep enough, it is enough to use.

Moreover, because she kept a very long distance, she used a space barrier to hide it, so that the two would not find her presence.

Yan Yan Qiao face is dignified, and as she and Su Mo expected, the Emperor and the Purple are absolutely going back to the wilderness.

Without hesitation, she immediately returned to the sacred mountain, and she would inform Su Mo as soon as possible.

Once delayed, there will be unbearable consequences.

A few days later, Yan Chang returned to the hanging mountain, directly found Lin Peng, asked the other party to see Su Mo.

“Do you really want to see him?” Lin Peng asked strangely.

“Well, you must see!” said Yan Chang solemnly.

“If you want to see him, you can only enter the town of the soul hall, and suffer the pain of the soul of the moment!” Lin Peng warned.

“I am not afraid!”

“Well, I will take you over!” Lin Peng nodded. Since he did not care, he naturally agreed.

Later, Lin Peng took the singer to the town hall and opened the temple door.

He did not hesitate and flew in.


Rao is ready to enter the town of the soul of the temple, can not help but scream.

“They really go back!”

In the temple, Su Mo stared at the singer who came in, and asked with a low voice.

In the town of the soul of the temple for half a month, although the soul of the soul is still strong, but Su Mo has adapted.

“Really… I really went back… they are together!” Yan Changqiang endured the pain and said intermittently.

Su Mo heard Silence, you must not let the two be unscrupulous in the wilderness, this is absolutely impossible.

“Lin Senior Brother, I want to go out!” Su Mo screamed out loud outside the hall.

However, there is no echo outside the temple, because inside the temple and outside the temple, there is a completely different world.

“I am going to talk to him!” Yan Changqiang endured the pain and swayed slowly.

“Lin Senior Brother, Su Mo is coming out!” Yan Chang came to the temple and went to Lin Peng.

“No!” Lin Peng’s words were tough and did not give any chance.

“He has to come out.”

“If he wants to force it out, then I can only do it, and the time of the soul will double, and it will be extended to two hundred years in a hundred years.” Lin Peng said with a blank expression.

“Is there any way to get him out in advance?” asked the singer frowning.

“This is indeed… but he can’t do it!” Lin Pengdao.

“What is the solution?” Yan Chang asked quickly.

“Union headquarters, from time to time will issue some secret missions, all disciples who have committed Sect rules, can complete the task of redemption.” Lin Pengdao.

“What are the tasks?” asked Zhang Sang.

“At present, there are only two tasks, and they have been issued for thousands of years, because within this millennium, few disciples have violated Sect rules, and even if someone violates Sect rules, they will not easily pick up such tasks.” Peng Dao.

“What is the specific task?” she asked again, she had to figure out what the task was, so that Su Mo could make a decision.

“Look at it yourself, persuade you not to be stubborn!” Lin Peng flipped his hand and took out a cyan jade slip.

绫 接 took the jade slip, immediately looked up, at first glance, immediately changed.

The first task is to kill a person who is a Powerhouse that is perfect in the world. Moreover, this person is also a son of a powerful person who is not a person of the ancient cloud star alliance; the second task It is to go deep into the Star Alliance and steal a special treasure.

After reading the contents of the jade slip, the sly face was heavy, and once again entered the town hall, gave the jade slip to Su Mo and explained the situation.

“The second task, I picked it up!” Su Mo just looked at the jade slip and did not hesitate to take the second task.

“Su Mo, this task is too difficult…!”

绫Shang is trying to understand the difficulty of this task, Su Mo directly interrupted the former words, said: “If it is not finished, I have to pick up.”

In a word, Su Mo took the hand of the singer directly and flew outside the town hall. When he breathed, he flew outside the hall.

“Are you out?” Lin Peng saw Su Mo coming out, suddenly brows.

“Lin Senior Brother, the second mission, I picked it up!” Su Mo handed jade slip back to Lin Peng, Shen Sheng said.

“You… have you picked up?” Lin Pengheard is amazed, this is simply impossible to accomplish, Su Mo actually wants to pick up.

“Yes, I picked it up!” Su Mo Zheng focused.

“Su Mo, you have to be clear, take this task, 9 points death, 1 point life, and if you can’t finish it, the punishment will continue.” Lin Peng solemnly warned.

“I know, I just want to ask, is there a time limit for doing this task?” Su Mo said.

“There is no time limit!” Lin Peng shook his head and continued: “But you will not be able to enjoy any treatment from the disciples at the Alliance Headquarters until you have completed this task. You have always been guilty.”

“That’s good! I will try to complete this task!” Su Mo nodded.

“Since you are determined to do this task, I will not stop you, but what I want to say is that you can do what you want, and you have to lose your life in order to escape the hardships of the town for a hundred years.” Lin Peng warned.

“I will!”

Su Mo went to Lin Peng cup one fist in the other hand, and then he turned away.

See you here, and immediately follow Su Mo.

“It’s really higher than the sky, young and frivolous!”

Looking at the back of Su Mo’s departure, Lin Peng shook his head silently. He didn’t think Su Mo could do the task.

Not only Su Mo, the Gu Yun Star Alliance headquarters, any disciples, can not complete this task.

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