Su Mo and Yan Chang together, left the Hanging Mountain.

“Su Mo, don’t we go back like this?” asked the singer, not to mention whether they are opponents of the emperor’s soul, that is, they can resist the emperor’s soul, and they are also difficult to recover from the emperor and the purple scorpion. boundary.

Moreover, once lost in the sea of ​​void, it is completely troublesome.

“Go back to the Master!” Su Mo said, they naturally can’t return to the wilderness like this, because he can’t find where the wilderness is.

“Well!” Yan Shan nodded, Jin Wushang as a high-powered Powerhouse, should have a good way.

Immediately, the two kept on going all the way to the stars.

There was nothing to say all the time. After the two people spent a lot of time, when they returned to Taishengxing, they found that the Taisheng branch was extremely lively.

In the square in the center of Taisheng City, it can be said that it is a big banquet, countless disciples and elders gather, laughter is so loud, so lively.

Even Jin Yushang and Tianhua Taoist are here to host the banquet.

These disciples are basically disciples of God King Realm, with nearly 10,000 people, plus many elders, filling the entire square.

“Wu Shan is back!”

At this moment, someone first discovered the arrival of Su Mo and Yan Chang, and suddenly exclaimed.

As soon as this was said, the original lively square was almost quiet in an instant, and everyone turned around and looked at Su Mo.

Oh la la! !

The sound of the brushing sounds, many elders or disciples sitting at the banquet have stood up.

“Su Mo, are you not in the town hall? Can you come out?” Asked like a sea full of strange faces.

“Yes! How come out?”

“Does the headquarters forgive you?”

There are several people who are already disciples at the headquarters, and they ask in confusion. As far as they know, people who have entered the soul hall of the town cannot come out.

“You can come out, just to make some contribution to the headquarters!” Su Mo came to the square and said with a smile, he did not say the task he had taken. After all, this task must be hidden, if it was passed out, It is impossible to complete it anymore.

“And, everyone, my real name is Su Mo. In the future, I don’t have to call me Wu Shan!” Su Mo looked around and said.

After all, he and Yan Chang came to the front of Jin Wu’s elders and solemnly bowed to each other.

Jin Wushang nodded slightly, then to the Tianhua Taoist next to him, said: “Tianhua, banquet you come to preside!”

“Good!” Tianhua Taoist nodded, and he also knew that something must have happened, otherwise Su Mo would not come out.

Although he is the chief elder of the branch, he was also a disciple of the headquarters. He knew that to get out of the town hall, he had to complete a dark mission at the headquarters.

Su Mo would rather take on the Diablo mission and come out, and there are very important things to see.

“You come with the teacher!” Jin Wushang greeted Su Mo and the singer, and turned to go to Jin Wufu.

In the square, a group of people who participated in the banquet, seeing Kim Supreme and Su Mo and Yan Chang leaving, couldn’t help but be speechless. What happened?

Jin Wufu, in the middle of the temple, Jin Wushang and Su Mo, 绫 skirt, sitting opposite.

“What is going on? Why do you want to come out?” Jin Wushang asked with a dignified look. He knew that since Su Mo came out, he must have taken the Diablo mission.

Diablo missions are missions of Heaven Defying level difficulty. Under normal circumstances, it is impossible for someone to pick up.

In the past, the disciples who violated the Sect rules, even if they were locked in the town hall for 10,000 years and 100,000 years, would not easily go to the Diablo mission.

“Master, I and Senior Sister come from another big world outside the world of clouds, the wilderness. Now, our enemies are going back, we must also go back, the wilderness and our relatives and friends!” Su Mo said solemnly.

Jin Wushangren, heard, was a little silent. For Su Mo and Yan Chang, he came from another big world. He already knew it.

“Who is the enemy?” asked Jin Wushang.

“Master, is the soul of the emperor and the purple, is the two people brought by the Young Master, has now become a disciple of the headquarters, and one person is worshipped under the main door of Tai Yingzun!” .

“Master, now our question is, how can we get back to the wilderness smoothly?” Su Mo asked.

“How did you come? How long did it take?” Jin Wushang asked in a row.

“We are all secretly following the flow of Young Master, it takes about one hundred and seventy years!” Su Mo said.

“One hundred and seventy years!” Jin Wushangren heard, heart sinking, this distance is not far from, even if Su Mo and Yi Chang, not God King Realm’s cultivation base, but with one hundred and seventy years On the road, this journey is too far.

“Master, the world of clouds and the wilderness, across the boundless sea of ​​void, do you have the means to let us return to the wilderness in the shortest possible time?” asked the singer.

“Of course there is a way for the teacher to consider, if only you two go back, afraid that it is difficult to deal with the emperor and the purple!” Gold is not humane, just above the banquet, he has heard, the emperor’s soul The strength is very strong, it is said that cold and wind and other people may be killed by the hands of the Emperor.

“What does the teacher mean?” Yan Chang and Su Mo heard is startled.

“For the teacher, I sent an elder to escort you to the wilderness.” Jin is not human, he is busy with affairs, and he should not leave the Taisheng branch for too long, so he is going to send an elder to escort Su Mo and绫裳.

“Thank you for your respect!” Su Mo and Yan Chang immediately thanked me for having a Powerhouse help. That would be great.

“Yeah!” Jin Wushang’s slight jaws, then God read a move and found an elder in the square, calling the other party.

Not long after, a tall, thin and thin middle-aged man came in.

“Gold no elders, what do you have to order?” The middle-aged man in the green shirt saluted the elders of gold.

“Hot, there is something to tell you to do!” Jin Wushang said solemnly, then he will Su Mo and Yan Chang to go to the wilderness, briefly told the middle-aged people in the green shirt.

“Gold no elders can rest assured that I will protect the safety of Su Mo and Xuan Qing!” The middle-aged man in the green shirt was swollen and solemnly said.

“Well, you have to go to the old man!” Jin Wushang nodded, Huo Tuo is a martial artist of the above-mentioned great accomplishment, the strength is enough to protect Su Mo and Yu Chang.

It is not a concept at all, and the middle age is separated by a small accomplishment.

Don’t say that the emperor is only a high level God King, even if it breaks into the upper reaches, it will not be the enemy of the swell.

The cultivation base has reached the top, and few people can kill the leap, because every martial artist who can cultivate to the top has been a genius of enchanting level.

By the time of this Realm, the difference between them is very small.

Therefore, there are very few people who can still fight in the upper class, and there is no one who is truly enchanting.

“There are Laohou elders!” Su Mo and Yu Chang, at the same time, to cup one fist in the other hand, after all, this time is the other side to help.

“Two polite, you are the pride of the Taisheng branch!” Huo Wei slightly smiled.

“The three of you remember that no matter when, you can’t kill the soul and the purple scorpion yourself. Do you understand?” Jin Wushang looked around at the three people and solemnly warned.

“Understand!” The three men nodded. The Sect rules at the headquarters were very strict. Once they killed the purple or the emperor, they would be abolished by the cultivation base and expelled from the Taikoo Cloud Star Alliance.

Even if I don’t go back, I can’t escape the pursuit of the Gu Yun Star Alliance.

Therefore, they can kill the purple and the emperor, but they must not shoot themselves because they simply cannot.

After all, when they entered the headquarters, they all left Blood Essence and spiritual brand on the monument.

“If you want to find the location of the wilderness smoothly, you must first locate the wilderness. You need a best positioning compass. There is no Taisheng branch. The old man needs to find one for you!”

Jin Wushang got up, although the Taisheng branch also has a positioning compass, but it is just ordinary goods, certainly can not locate the wilderness, he needs to go to other branches to borrow a top-level positioning compass.

“You are waiting here, old man will go!” Jin Wushang left a sentence, the figure disappeared without a trace.

Subsequently, Huo Tuo and Su Mo, Yan Chang, can only quietly wait for Jin Wushang to return.

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