Kim did not go to school, did not leave how long, just half a day of effort, then came back.

“Master, have you borrowed it?” Su Mo asked quietly.

“By borrowing, this thing is only a special effect, not a heavy treasure!” Jin Wushang’s palm turned over, and a milky white compass appeared in the palm.

This compass is large and has a diameter of two feet, as if it were made of white jade.

“Hot, protect them!” Jin Wushang handed the compass to the hands of Huo Tuo.

He did not inform the use of the compass, because Huo was aware.

“Yes, Kim has no elders!” Huo Tang nodded.

“If that’s the case, then let’s go!” Su Mo said, time should not be delayed, the sooner you go back, the better.

After all, he took the lead and walked out.

At this moment, a disciple flew outside and said: “Golden elders, Murong Yu came to see Su Mo.”

“Murong 绮?” Su Mo heard is startled, and then the heart is stunned. It seems that the treasures promised by Elder Murong are refining, and it is so fast.

“Let her come in!” Kim said.

Immediately, the disciple went to bring Murong to come in.

Murong Yu wears a red tight-fitting leather outfit, and her figure is still hot. The curve is extremely amazing. Her color is very good. It is obviously the satisfaction of being a disciple at the headquarters.

“Su Mo, here is a superb artifact that my grandfather refines for you!” Murong Yu came directly to Su Mo and handed out a Storage Ring.

Su Mo did not say anything, he took the Storage Ring and checked the contents.

“Good guy!” Su Mo looked at it at first glance, because this set of so-called super artifacts, actually as many as five.

A long sword, a blue-green robe, a soft jade armor, a pair of black booties, and a silver crown.


Su Mo’s sword light flashed, and the long sword was taken out. This sword is a multicolored color, and it exudes a compelling five elements.

It seems that Elder Murong saw that Su Mo was practicing the power of chaos, so he refined the attributes of this sword into five elements.

Although it is not a chaotic attribute, the five-line attribute is also quite compatible with the chaotic attribute.

After all, the power of chaos is the fusion of the power of the Five Elements.

“A powerful and super-powered artifact!” Su Mo’s eyes are bright, and the five-line Treasure Sword is much stronger than his ultimate sword, and he is much stronger than the other black long sword that Kim’s superiors have given him.

Su Mo’s ultimate sword is the peak of the Tool Refining world in the wild, surpassing the Top Grade and reaching the level of the super product. However, compared with the five-line Treasure Sword, it is not a layer of existence. .

“Su Jian!” Su Mo found two Juanxiu small characters on the handle of the five-line Treasure Sword, and could not help but be speechless.

This is the artifact that Mr. Murong has customized for him. The name is definitely taken by the elders of Murong. This is too imposing.

“Murong girl, thank you for the elders of Murong for me!” Su Mo put away the “Su Jian” and said to Murong. He didn’t check other artifacts, and he wouldn’t be bad anyway.

“You don’t have to thank, this is just a reward for buying a token!”

Murong Yan shook his head in a cold voice and said: “These five artifacts, all of which are grandfather’s own refining, have exhausted the precious materials he has collected over hundreds of thousands of years. These five artifacts are all top-notch super products. Artifact.”

For these five artifacts, Murong Yu is a bit hot, because he, as the granddaughter of Elder Murong, does not have such a set of top super artifacts.

Mainly, these materials are too precious and have been collected for countless years.

“Yes, the token is for you, I don’t have to thank you, you have to go!” Su Mo nodded. Since the other person’s face, he wouldn’t be hot to stick to someone else’s cold fart.

“You…!” Murong’s face sank, and immediately wanted to get angry. She had already seen Su Mo not pleasing to the eye.

It was because I wanted to keep things, I whispered, but now, she doesn’t have to.

“let’s go!”

However, Su Mo did not give Murong a chance to get angry. He greeted the elders and the elders, and took the lead.

The three quickly left Jin Wufu, went straight to the stars, and left Taishengxing.

“I am forbearing!” Murong sighed deeply, resisted the anger in his heart, and then said goodbye to Kim Supreme.


“绫裳, we return the original way, and then rely on the positioning compass to assist!”

Flying in the stars, Su Mo said to the singer.

Positioning the compass, it does not necessarily have a good effect, so he decided to leave the original place, and then rely on positioning compass to assist.

“Good!” Yan Shan nodded.

“Two, you each left a drop of Blood Essence and a spiritual mark on the compass!” Huo Tuo took the positioning compass and said to Su Mo and Yan Chang.

“it is good!”

Su Mo and Yan Chang did not ask much, immediately followed the instructions of the other party, leaving Blood Essence and spiritual mark on the compass.

It absorbs the two people’s Blood Essence and spiritual imprint, the milky white positioning compass, the savage blood light, and the thousands of runes lingering on it, which is extremely mysterious.

“Huo elders, can you locate the wilderness?” Su Mo hurriedly asked, this is the top positioning compass, it should be effective.

“Can’t!” Huo Bing said with a dignified look. He was secretly surprised that this wilderness is far from the sky, but it is far enough. It is another big world. Even the top positioning compass can’t be positioned.

“Ah… no effect?” Su Mo and Yan Chang are all slightly changed.

“You can rest assured that this positioning compass is extremely powerful. As the distance is shortened, it will definitely have an effect. Of course, the premise is that you should not go in the wrong direction at the beginning.”

“That’s good!” Su Mo heard breathed a sigh of relief. At first he would definitely not be in the wrong direction, mainly in the middle of the process, easily lost.

The three people communicated all the way, and they quickly flew away from the site of the Gu Yun Star Alliance. They flew a small half a month before they came to their destination.

“It should be here!” Su Mo looked around at four directions, and said calmly, according to the large number of meteorites in the distant sky and the distant comet, he was basically able to conclude that he was the big cloud from here. world.

“Yes, it’s here!” Yan Shan nodded, she also came out in the vicinity.

“You two lead the way!” Huo Tang said.

Subsequently, Su Mo tore the space, took the lead, and drilled into the depths of the void, followed by 绫 和 and Huo Tuo.

In the depths of the void, Su Mo relies on memory to follow the path of coming to the wilderness.

Now, Su Mo doesn’t know where the wilderness is, but now he can guarantee that he is returning on the same path.

The three men rushed and continued to fly. After flying for more than a month, Su Mo was a bit stunned.

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