The words of the Lord should be threatened, threatening the ancient lord and threatening the entire Star Alliance.

Although his words are short, the meaning of the words is very clear: if the Scorpio Star Alliance allows Su Mo to be arrogant, Gu Yun will fight against Scorpio, and the consequences are unpredictable.


Zi Zi was suddenly excited, and the Tai Zun Lord actually came to save him, and it seems that the coming people are not only too respectable, but many of the ancient gods have come.

This made him feel a big sigh of relief, and maybe he can get out of it today.

Su Mo looked at the direction of the voice of Tai Yingzun. He did not immediately kill the sable, but wanted to see the attitude of the ancient lord and the other lords of the Star Alliance.

Sure enough, the next day, the Powerhouse of the Scorpio Star Alliance opened up, but the person who spoke was not the ancient lord.

I saw the sound of a vast vicissitudes on the side of the Scorpio main star, slowly sounding, but the sound was not big, but it seemed to be able to pass anywhere.

“Too should, you take my cousin, Fugan, and let him become the target of the selection of Guyun headquarters. Have you ever thought about the consequences?”

The voice of vicissitudes, without any emotional fluctuations, contains impermanence of majesty, and in turn asks the Lord.

Su Mo heard, suddenly smiled, it seems that the Scorpio Star Alliance is in favor of his execution of the purple, and if it is not in favor, when he heard the news of the death of the purple, it should be blocked. Where will it be so calm?

“Su Mo, this seems to be the ally of the Scorpio Star Alliance, and the Lord is honored.” Tu Win whispered.

“Oh!” Su Mo nodded slightly, and since it was the lord of the Scorpio, he would naturally have no more concerns.

“Alum, the Lord, do you think you are not ready to let go?” Tai Yingzun’s face was as dark as it could drip out of water, and his murder was extremely strong.

“Alum, the Lord, put the purple, this thing was revealed, or I will not give up!” Another noble star of the ancient cloud star alliance opened, the threat is self-evident; they come here Just for the sake of purple, but for the face of the ancient cloud starry alliance.

If today, Zi Yan is executed by Su Mo, they are not letting the whole world sneer at the world.

“Let’s go, it’s not hard for you!”

In the face of more than a dozen lords of the ancient cloud starry alliance, the voice of the lord of the Ming dynasty is still indifferent, as if it is not in the heart; because he knows that these people should not dare to do it alone.

In other words, these dozens of people are not worth mentioning in his eyes.

“You…!” Too revered, the Lord was furious, and his fists were clenched, and his heart was continually rising, but he could only suppress it, because he only had a cultivation base that was made into a realm, and if he had a perfect cultivation of creation. Base , 岂 will be so passive.

Moreover, these people who came with him did not have a powerful Powerhouse, and the whole world was clouded. Only the goddess of the Ming Dynasty and the three masters of the ancient cloud were the cultivation of perfection. Base .

However, at present, the three remnants of the Lord are in a state of death, and it is impossible for them to personally negotiate with Tianzhu for this kind of thing.

For a time, Tai Yingzun and other more than a dozen ancient clouds of the Powerhouse, all faceless, it seems that this matter is really difficult.

“Purple, have you heard it?”

On top of the ancient comet, Su Mo looked at the purple scorpion, which was smashed by his source, with a sly smile.

“Su Mo, you can’t do this, you have to leave a path for yourself!” Zi Yan looked pale and said loudly, his eyes were full of deep panic.

Because, he has a hunch, afraid that he is escaping today.

“Farewell, you won’t feel the pain!” Su Mo said faintly, and when the voice fell, he didn’t give the purple singer a chance to use it.


A muffled sound, the source of the big hand directly smashed the purple scorpion, turned into a blood fog, and even the blood fog was annihilated by the power contained in the source of the power, thoroughly turned into nothingness.

No exclamation, no screams!

This time, the purple scorpion is really dead, and it is no longer possible to die and resurrect. Don’t say that it has no life and death, even if there is still a god of life and death, it is very difficult to die and resurrect.

“It’s over!” Su Mo sighed. The grievances of him and the sable had lasted for hundreds of years and it was finally over.

He did not have the pleasure of killing the purple sable, and some only had no help. On the road of his growth, he killed many people. These people could not die, but the road of one’s choice determined one person. The ultimate fate.

For example, Su Mo himself, he also thought that he might be killed by others on a certain day, but this is his own way, no regrets.

At this moment, whether it is the Taishou Lord and others, or the people of the ancient comet’s peripheral view, and some high-level officials of the Tianzhu Star Alliance, such as the ancient monk and other people, they clearly saw this. In one scene, I saw the scene in which Su Mo killed the sable.

For those ordinary Scorpio people, it is quite shocking Su Mo’s decisive, completely fearless of the ancient gods, completely tearing the face.

For the top of the Star Alliance, it is a great appreciation for Su Mo’s move.

They all know that Su Mo had executed the purple scorpion, which was to vote for the Star Alliance.

Su Mo This is to prove himself that he is really completely broken with the ancient cloud star alliance, and joined the Scorpio Star Alliance with no regrets.

Therefore, many of the Scorpio’s creators have not stopped Su Mo before, waiting for Su Mo to give a name.

For Su Mo, they all know a lot, talent is extremely enchanting, tens of thousands of years or even hundreds of thousands of years are rare genius.

Before Su Mo came to Scorpio, they didn’t have any indications, because they couldn’t conclude that Su Mo had any intentions. Is there any conspiracy in Gu Yun?

Now, Su Mo is killing the purple in public, and breaking with the ancient cloud star alliance is the best name.

“ha ha, good!”

The smirk sounded, and a figure flickered and came to the front of Su Mo, who was the Lord.

He carried his hands and smiled at Su Mo. He said, “Su Mo, you have passed the test of the Alliance. From today, you are the elite disciple of the Star Alliance.”

The so-called elite disciple is the disciple of the headquarters of the Gu Yun Star Alliance. In the Tianzhu Star Alliance, it is definitely the most important a batch person.

“Thank you for the ancient master.” Su Mo stunned, and immediately he was cup one fist in the other hand. Thanks, he never thought that this was a test, but he understood everything in an instant.

“Very good!”

However, Su Mo and the ancient lord, and even many of the top leaders of Scorpio are happy, but the powerhouse of Tai Ying and the Gu Yun Star Alliance is angry.

They are more than a dozen lords of the realm of the environment, no use of fart, and the sable is still being executed on the spot. This is a shameful shame.

However, the situation is stronger than people, they can only secretly be angry.

“Su Mo, you betray the ancient clouds, one day the Lord will personally clean up the portal!” The voice of the Lord should be heard, like the lion’s roar, shaking the entire starry sky.

Immediately, he turned and left, the matter will not end, but not today.

The other nobles of the ancient cloud, all of them sinking like iron, have also left, and they are not going to make a big move with Tianzhu.

Since the purple scorpion is dead, the face of the ancient cloud has been lost, and they are meaningless to stay.

However, next, Gu Yun’s revenge will definitely be overwhelming.

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