The people of the ancient cloud, such as Tai Yingzun, have left, and they have left in vain. They can’t completely fight with the Scorpio. It’s not worth it.

After all, Gu Yun’s creator of the ruling land did not intervene in this matter. It’s not enough to shake the Star Alliance by relying on more than a dozen people.

“Su Mo, you are now an elite disciple of Scorpio, but you can live in the celestial star and live in the lord of the Lord.” The ancient lord said to Su Mo.

“Understand!” Su Mo nodded.

“You two can communicate more in the future, the deity is optimistic about you!” Gu Yuzun took a shot of Su Mo’s shoulder, and then glanced at the win, then turned and left, and floated back to return the cave mansion.


Su Mo is a bit stunned. It seems that this ancient lord respects the Lord and knows a lot about him, otherwise he will not say so.

“Go, Su Mo, go to my residence.” Tu Win, he has a lot of questions and wants to know Su Mo.


Su Mo nodded, then looked at the direction of the Scorpio’s main star, shook the cup one fist in the other hand, and shouted: “Thank you for the lord!”

Appropriate, the squad of the Star Alliance has made a sound, so Su Mo feels it is necessary to thank him.

However, the other party did not respond, which made Su Mo somewhat helpless.

Later, he and the Chaos Yuan Wang greeted him, and then followed suit.

Tu Win, also lived on the Tiangu Peak, above the mountain, there is a quaint palace.

“Su Mo, you are a lonely loner. I didn’t have long after I came to Scorpio, I heard your news!”

In the palace, Tu Win and Su Mo sit on the floor with a smile.

“I never knew, you are in the sky, you don’t even know that the three ancestors are also in the sky.” Su Mo said.

“They had offended the Young Master, and the Young Master was an ancient Yun, who came to Scorpio for safety, and then learned that the ancient lord was also in Scorpio, and finally lived in the ancient comet.” Win the road.

“There are three of them?” Su Mo asked quietly. Su Mo didn’t care much about the innocence and the ultimate sword, but the ancestors had to guard against it.

After all, he killed a lot of Devil’s Powerhouse in the wild, and if the other party knew it later, it would inevitably retaliate.

“They are all in a secret land of Scorpio, and it is estimated that they will not come out for thousands of years.” Tu Win. The three ancestors of the ancestors accumulated a lot of money. After coming to the big world of Yunxiao, the cultivation is very crazy. It should be upgraded to a very powerful level and the difficulty of improvement will be free. “Tu won the road.

“It turns out!” Su Mo nodded.

“Su Mo, I don’t know if we can learn from each other?” Tu Ying won the battle, he wanted to see, hundreds of years have passed, and there is still a gap between him and Su Mo.

“If you compare it, you will have a chance later.” Su Mo shook his head and refused, which made Tu Win quite helpless.

Afterwards, Su Mo chats with Tu Win in the palace, talks about the wilderness, chats with the Star Alliance, talks about the Lord and so on.

During the period, there was a Scorpio’s supreme Powerhouse coming to collect a drop of Blood Essence and spiritual brand from Su Mo. It was a mark on Tianzhu and officially became an elite disciple of Tianzhu.

“Su Mo, are you leaving Blood Essence and spiritual branding?” After the Powerhouse that received Blood Essence left, Tu won a serious question.

“Leave it!” Su Mo heard, suddenly sinking his face, because he left the Blood Essence and spiritual brand at the ancient cloud headquarters, which is a hidden danger.

“In this case, it is very difficult for you to escape the pursuit of the ancient cloud star alliance. Wherever you are, they will be clear.” Tu Win warned.

With Su Mo’s Blood Essence and spiritual branding, the Gu Yun Star Alliance can easily lock Su Mo’s position.

“This is indeed a big problem.” Su Mo’s eyes narrowed and he thought about this situation. He could let Yan Chang or Lin Ya and others destroy the monumental monument left by Gu Yun for him. Undoubtedly, people such as Yan Chang or Lin Ya will be in a dangerous situation.

“You don’t have to worry about it. It is absolutely safe within the scope of the Star Alliance.” Tu Win.

“Well, I will try to solve this problem later. I will raise the cultivation base to the top of the world.” Su Mo sighed. His monumental monument was estimated to have been collected by the people at the top of the ancient cloud. It is unlikely.

“Su Mo, Scorpio Star Alliance, there is time Array, you can go there to practice.” Tu Ying reminded.

“Oh, Scorpio has time Array?” Su Mo heard, suddenly a shock in his heart, a big surprise, when he left the wilderness, his greatest regret is the city of time and space.

But now, Scorpio actually has an Array of time, which is simply an unexpected surprise.

“Well, just in the time tower of the Scorpio Star, this tower is not open to ordinary disciples. Only the elite disciples and the elders of the top branches of the stars can enter. You can find it when you go, the time flow rate is five times that of the outside world, although Far less than the city of time and space, but it is also very good.” Tu Win Road.

The time Array, which requires a time rule, can be arranged by a person with a high degree of accomplishment, and a person without time and space, who wants to understand the law of time to a deeper level, is more difficult than cultivation to the creation.

However, there is a Supreme Lord in Scorpio, although there is no time and space, but after thousands of years of enlightenment, it is hard to practice the law of time to a level of still profound.

Therefore, Scorpio has an Array of time and is placed in a pagoda called the Time Tower.

“Five times, that’s okay!” Su Mo nodded slightly, although only five times, but it was quite good.

At this moment, Su Mo feels that the time and space of Supreme is so powerful. In the city of time and space, the flow rate of tens of thousands of times is simply amazing.

“Tutorial, I’m here today, I’m going to see this time tower.” Su Mo got up and couldn’t wait to go to the time tower.

With the help of Time Array, his cultivation speed will be increased several times.

“Good!” Tu won nod.

Subsequently, Su Mo bid farewell to Tu Win, and flew to the Star of the Sky Star Alliance.


At the time when Su Mo Fei was in the sky, the lord of the Taishou and the nobles of the ancients were rushing to the road and returning to the ancient clouds.

The Powerhouse is a world-class powerhouse that is unbeatable.

“Su Mo, this son must be killed in order to save the face of our ancient cloud loss.” An old man said with a sullen face, he can already imagine that today’s events spread, the countless forces in the vast world, countless forces The martial artist will laugh at their ancient cloud incompetence.

“Reassured, he can’t live too long!”

Tai Yingzun’s lord of the Lord’s glory continued, “I will carry his Casting Monument with him and control his whereabouts. He only needs to leave the Scorpio Star Alliance’s geographical step, which is his death.”

“This kid is not stupid, it is impossible to leave the territory of Scorpio.”

“He can’t always shrink for a lifetime, there is always a day to leave.” Tai should respect the Lord.

“The sable is dead, and the loss is the face of our ancient cloud. We can’t give up. Then we send people and continue to smother the disciples of Scorpio, so that Alum knows that we are not afraid of him.”

“The more you kill, the more you can kill, the more you can save your face!”

The strong murderous machine, rising up in the ancient body of the ancient cloud, can be expected, next, the cloud world will not be peaceful.

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