Su Mo with the fast law, whether it is the speed of attack or the speed of escape, is extremely powerful

He plunged into a whirlpool of Primal Chaos Sea and quickly disappeared. As for this chaotic vortex passage, which Great World is leading, he has no time to distinguish.

The powerhouse of the realm is far beyond the Great Perfection, and the Venerable Lord is the Powerhouse of the small accomplishment. It is also far from the Venerable Lord.

Just a hit, Su Mo clearly recognized his gap with the Venerable Lord, so he decisively fled.

“He escaped!”

The Venerable Lord flew over and came to the side of the Venerable Lord, his face gloomy.

The strength of this Su Mo, the rapid growth is terrifying, and now it is the ultimate Perfection, it can actually fight with him, and it does not fall.

“He really has the law of speed. It seems that all the guesses are correct. He plundered Lin Musheng’s fast law.” The Venerable Lord looked like an unprecedented dignity. This miracle, if not seen by his own eyes, is true. Unbelievable.

“There is also the law of fear!” Toner Venerable Lord said that he was naturally aware of the law of fear that Su Mo showed, and he also had a hint of fear in his heart.

Of course, the law of fear of this intensity does not affect his too much combat power, and even can be said to be minimal.

“His strength is no longer below you.” Venerable Lord, he is not in a hurry to chase, because Su Mo is too fast, they can not catch up, but will not stop.


The Venerable Lord nodded solemnly, but said confidently: “But if he is alive and dead, he will be killed by me.”

The Venerable Lord is silent, too should be able to kill Su Mo, he is skeptical, but he will not look down on too much, the law of life and death is so powerful that the other party has not had time to completely bloom.

However, if you want to kill Su Mo, or take Su Mo, it is too difficult, because of the fast law.

“Before I knew this, I should let the Venerable Lord go with me.” The Venerable Lord is slightly sighed, and the Venerable Lord is proficient in the laws of space. In this respect, after the law is not Venerable Lord, if it is the Venerable Lord At the same time, it is not going to let Su Mo escape.

“More than nothing, this chaotic channel leads to the Great Great World. What should we do?” asked the Venerable Lord, the Great Great World is not the Great World, they have some risks if they chase the Great World.

“In any case, the Venerable Lord, you must not give up.”

Toner Venerable Lord sighed, continued: “However, going to the Great Great World, the variables are very large, so I am going to return to the mountains.”

The Venerable Lord knows that the Venerable Lord will surely catch up with the Great Great World, and he is not optimistic about the other side. Su Mo cunning is incomparable and has a fast law. It is very difficult to make a living.

And he, the current strength, still has no absolute advantage in facing Su Mo, so he has to go back first.

Of course, he is not going to give up, but to go back to find a helper and find a helper who can restrain Su Mo.

“That’s fine. I am going to chase him alone. You go back first.” The Venerable Lord nodded slightly, which was exactly what he wanted.

For him, the Venerable Lord couldn’t help him at all, and he went better. When he captured Su Mo, he could enjoy the secret of Su Mo.

In a word, the Venerable Lord’s body flashed and instantly rushed into the chaotic whirlpool and disappeared.

“I hope to come!” Tai Ren Venerable Lord sees this, slightly sighed, he does not want to return, because he is worried about the empty Venerable Lord alone captured Su Mo.

However, when he wants to come, with Su Mo’s cunning, it is not a problem to avoid months.

Taking advantage of this time, he was looking for a helper to restrain Su Mo and took Su Mo in one fell swoop.


Too Venerable Lord did not stay too much, quickly left and returned to the Great World.


“I don’t know which Great World is this?”

Among the space passages, Su Mo flies while talking to himself. Because he fled quickly, he did not have time to choose the ideal Great World.

However, since he came in, he would not return.

This Primal Chaos Sea leads to hundreds of Great Worlds, each of which is a Great Great World. Even if it is worse, it will not be much worse than the Great World.

Moreover, according to the introduction of the awesome Venerable Lord’s jade slip, these hundreds of Great Worlds, many of them are more powerful than the Great World.

Bang! bang! bang! !

Among the space channels, there are still chaotic gods and thunders.

Although the source of Su Mo has been added, it has returned to peak, but the chaos is more sparse, and in order to preserve its strength, he keeps evading.

Su Mo didn’t know if the air and the air should have been chased, but he kept moving as fast as he could.

Among the spatial channels of time, day after day, as time goes by, the chaotic gods are more and more dense.

The frequency of the chaotic lightning flashes here is similar to the frequency of the chaotic gods from the sky to the Primal Chaos Sea. The closer to the Great World, the denser the chaotic gods, the closer to the Primal Chaos Sea. Lei Yue is sparse.

However, this time the space channel is much longer, as if there is no end at all. After half a year of flying, there is still no tendency to reach the destination.

At this time, the frequency of the chaos of the chaos is very high. Even if Su Mo is constantly avoiding, it will be hit by the gods from time to time, causing the chaos of the whole body to collapse.

The main thing is that Su Mo does not dare to avoid it. It really affects the speed of flight. In general, he can avoid half of the chaotic gods and thunder attacks without seriously affecting the speed.

Two months later, Su Mo was too much to eat, and the chaos of the gods was intensive, like the madness of thousands of lightning.

His source is very expensive and has been supplemented several times.

“Hurry up!”

Su Mo is anxious in his heart. His source stone is not much. If it is within a month, he can’t be very much in this space. He really has life threatening.

Although his fleshly body has a strong defense, it can’t hold countless chaos.

Rumble! !

Explosion sounds, the constant chaos of God Thunder in Su Mo’s body, every time he let his whole body shock, the power of chaos in the body is everywhere.

Time passed very slowly, but, for a month, it gradually passed, and the space channel still had no end.

This made Su Mo sink in his heart. His five elements and all the resources that can supplement the source have been exhausted. The desperate arrival has quietly arrived.

Devouring Chaos God Thunder?

This idea, raised in Su Mo’s mind, made him a little scared. If the taboo god could not bear it, then it would be finished.

No, this is too risky!

Su Mo decisively gave up on this idea, chaos Shen Lei’s attack power is too strong, he can not take this risk.

Then, you can only use Purple Qi.

Use Hong Kong’s Purple Qi to surrender chaotic gods, and then add chaotic gods to internal refining.

Then, Su Mo immediately spurred the Purple Qi, his body instantly bursting into the purple rays of light.

Using the Mongolian Purple Qi, Su Mo will burst out all his strengths. His strength can be described as an instant increase. He immediately grasped a huge chaotic god, and the power of the chaotic god with the power of chaos Lei is trapped.

This chaotic god Ray is not simple, even if it is trapped by the power of Hong Meng, it is still violent and extremely aggressive.

Su Mo immediately refining, Hong Meng’s power constantly infiltrated, vowed to surrender this chaotic god Lei.

Sure enough, Hongqi Purple Qi is not the extreme of everything, only a few breaths, this chaotic god Thunder gradually stabilized, the violent breath no longer.

Su Mo immediately devoured this chaotic god Deboring, and all other forces in it were refining, and the power of pure chaos flowed into his Dantian to supplement his consumption.

“There is always a way out!”

Su Mo’s heart is greatly sighed in relief. Since it can refine chaos and replenish its own consumption, then he will have no worries.

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