Warrior’s Promise Chapter 2904

Hear Su Mo, by the wind frowns, your face is very dark.

The boss made Su Mo so ridiculous and let him be with him.

He believed that the elder must know the purpose of Su Mo, but still supported it.

“If you don’t want to go, you can go back.” Su Mo looks forward to the wind and says solemnly that he doesn’t necessarily need each other, and if he doesn’t care what setback is, it’s a great risk.

Although each other is well acquainted with space law and time law, it is not very useful, after all, to have only the cultivation base of Manifestation Realm Great Perfection, not Powerhouse at the border.

“If I go back, why don’t I blame the boss?”

By the wind face is gloomy, a little groaning, and said, “That’s all, I’ll see you, how to kill Kiki.”

“The ugly thing is, if you don’t want to do it, I don’t have an opinion, but you can’t stand in the way.” Su Mo solemnly warned.

“Don’t worry!”

With the wind slightly nodded, smile and say, “Hopefully, don’t let me help you.”

“I hope so!”

Su Mo sighed and looked towards the front, and Sixth Elder followed, and the wind followed closely from behind.

The three people were cautious in the astronomical community and were afraid to use their consciousness to search for them for more than half a time before they touched on the position of the Royal Government of the North.

Then it took a few hours to reach the location of the Royal Government of the North and the North.

The Emperor of the North.

The city is the location of the Lord’s Royal Government of the North and the North, where the city is vast and more than a thousand miles long and the city lives in hundreds of millions of people.

“Su Mo, how are we going to act?” In the mountains thousands of miles away from King Li Tian City, Sixth Elder looks away from the city of the North and the North, with a colossal question.

If they were to kill Chi Xiaoqiao, they would have to enter the city of the Emperor, but they could not just and honorable fly in.

This day, North King City, the city’s former guard guarded Sun, and although there was no inventory of those who had entered or left, they could not go into it.

“By the wind, have you ever come to the astronaut?” Su Mo looked towards the wind.

“No.” By the wind.

“Has anyone seen you in the North City?” Su Mo asked again.

“No, no!” The wind is uncertain that he often comes out of the city of time, even if occasionally, in all the treasures of the continental landscape, and the astronomers should be able to count counted on the fingers.

But his name was loud at the beginning of the continents, and he wasn’t sure if anyone knew him in this city.

“Well, if you want, you take me and Light into the North City.” Su Mo says, although he has other options, this is clearly better.

“If I am recognized, what can you think of?” By the wind indifferently said, this day, Powerhouse is like clouds, people in the border don’t know how many times he was recognized.

As for what changes in landscape, changes in temperature, and so on, they can’t hide at all those Powerhouse.

And his strength of Space and Power of Time, that would be even more difficult, though it was good, but the breath was strong and more attractive.

Su Mo heard wrinkles, while not positive, words were good.

“Su Mo, we’ve taken so many people before, and then we find someone body possession, and then we can mix it in.” Sixth Elder says, “

Eight Great World hegemonic forces were extinguished, and they took millions of people, and that was all available.

“Well, then do it?”

Su Mo then moved directly out of three younger martial artists.

These three martial artists, all of which were the original cultivation base of Manifestation Realm, are not noticeable, although the cultivation base is very low.

And these three martial artists, all of them from the light.

Three of them have been imprisoned for the cultivation base and the gods of God, and Chad has been released, and its face is now bleak and terrified.

Su Mo and Sixth Elder, without saying anything, direct body possession, almost instantaneously extinguished two of them, occupying the fleshly body of both.

The wind was hesitant and did not refuse, and the same body owned the remaining one.

“Go, go to the North City.” Su Mo picked up his fleshly body and fleshly flew towards the North City.

Sixth Elder and the wind, follow closely from behind.

A moment later, three people came to the city of North and North, and they went very smoothly into it.

the guard before the city was the first and small accomplishment of Manifestation Realm, who had just hit their eyes, without any further attention.

The city of the North is extremely flourishing, man. As in the case of organizations, three people went around for a moment, knowing where the Royal Government of the North and the North was, but three people were afraid to be near.

“That Su Mo is a god of killing, and it’s clear that he’s in and Kiki White Young Master’s cricket, or with our people.”

“He was also fearless, and when he joined the hell, he could do whatever he wanted?”

“Su Mo is indeed great, and Kiki White Young Master is far from the same.”

In the bright North and the North, Su Mo’s ears can hear his name from time to time, and many people are talking about him in a variety of shops, bars, stores, and stores.

Su Mo three, coming out of various low-ranking martial artists’ gatherings, soon learned what they wanted.

Chi Xiaobao, has been in the Royal Government of the North.

“Su Mo, Chi Bao is in the Crown Prince’s Government, and we are absolutely not given the opportunity to bring him out of the North City.”

In a luxury inn suite, Sixth Elder said to Su Mo.

“What do you have to do?” Su Mo asked.

“There is not yet a better way to go, or to watch first, and to Xu Xu!” Sixth Elder.

“Well, this is what you do!” Su Mo Nodded agrees that he is still very confident of the Sixth Elder spectrum, because the interests of both are completely embedded together.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you down!” Sixth Elder promised, and then he talked to Su Mo, and he left and went to investigate it alone.

By the wind, clicking tongue in wonder, a very high Powerhouse in a road, so humble in front of Su Mo, was never seen before.

In the ensuing period, Su Mo and the wind were often living in the inn, and the investigation of Kiki’s mission was given to Sixth Elder.

So, blink has been three months.

On this day, Sixth Elder came to Su Mo and the windy room with a slight smile.

“What? Good news?” Su Mo asked.

“Su Mo, a rare opportunity.”

Sixth Elder’s eyes are bright and continues to say, “Three days later, a man who calls in will marry his wife, and Kiki will surely go.”

“What’s the matter?” Su Mo solemnly asked.

“This is the first mentor in Chi Bao, who taught Chi Chi Chi Chi Chi to spend two hundred years with excellent white relations, who now lives outside 10 Million Li’s city, who is married three days later and will certainly go to Anlan City with Chi Elder said with a faint smile.”

“ha, Kiki Bao, God wants you to die!”

Su Mo heard a smile, and now he waved his hand, and said, “Go, we go to the middle of the road and kill Kiki, and then get out of the sky.”

Thereafter, three people left the City of the North and North.

Not long ago, three people hid in a shrink between the City of the North and the city of Alain, waiting three days later for Kiki to come.

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