What Is The Experience of Becoming a Vampire? Chapter 364

At the airport exit, Xia Libing with a backpack standing on the side of the road, looking down at the phone, looks like a passenger waiting for a friend to pick him up.

But in fact, she was in the “conscious world” at this time, carefully establishing a connection with the black circle graffiti placed in GL8 by Mi Qiao, not far from the outdoor parking lot.

Actually, it ’s a bit different from Xiang Kun ’s thoughts. Although she has seen Zhou Rui ’s photos and knows what this researcher who is working for the secret section of “Shenxing Technology” looks like, she is most at the airport. I started to discover and notice Zhou Rui, Mi Qiao and the others, but I did n’t see Zhou Rui recognize it, but when I was waiting for the car, I entered the “conscious World” for a while, and then faintly felt that there were others nearby. “Hyperlinkage” and “love note”.

She just discovered it on the plane. In the “conscious world”, she can sense other “emotional injections”, but only “black circle graffiti” type of “emotional injections” Only then can she establish a connection and further influence her-this is the way she was on the plane, using the “black circle graffiti” that Xiang Kun sent her to guide the people next to her in dreams.

After getting out of the “conscious world”, Xia Libing also recognized Zhou Rui walking out of the airport lobby, and then also inferred that the young woman who came to meet Zhou Rui was Mickey-at the same time The people who wrote Xiang Kun’s “black circle graffiti” and “superlink”, and had a relationship with Zhou Rui, were only Micho. And her appearance is in line with Xiang Kun’s previous description.

Xia Libing is naturally very interested in the people of “ShenXingXing Technology”, but she also knows that in order to understand the identity of the people behind “XingXing Technology”, their ultimate purpose, And their exact attitude towards other “vampires”, before rashly exposed to the “line of sight” of “Xingxing Technology”, it is very risky for Xiang Kun.

So she asked Xiang Kun to temporarily stop the GL8 from starting. She did not want to go directly to Mickey and the others, or even observe from the side. She just wanted to be in the “consciousness” “World” establishes a connection with the “black circle graffiti” on Mickey’s body to facilitate her subsequent attempts to take some long-distance operations.

Xia Libing and “Little Apple” have the ability to directly span thousands of kilometers and have never seen the “eight-arm, eight-eye woodcarving” that she has never seen before. She is in “conscious world”, To establish a connection with other “love notes”, it is necessary to maintain a certain distance, at least within sight, and it takes a certain time, this time is about 10-20 minutes.


In the bathroom of Tang Baona’s bathroom, Xiang Kun, who entered the “super-sensation state”, sensed the “black circle graffiti” around Mickey and came and used it. A piece of “superlink” paper secretly jammed in the leather case of Micho’s notebook to create an impact, interfered with the circuit of the GL8, making it temporarily unable to start.

It’s too complicated for him to carry out, but he is quite familiar with how to make the car temporarily unable to start.

Because Old Xia didn’t say how long it was necessary to stop Micho ’s car, Xiang Kun insisted for more than 20 minutes, until he couldn’t hold himself out of the “super-sensory state”. Pick up the phone and look at it.

I found that a few minutes ago, Old Xia sent an OK expression, and then explained that the connection with the black circle graffiti from Micho was established through “conscious world”.

And tell Xiang Kun that at night she has a plan and needs to execute it in a dream. When she gets home, Xiang Kun also comes home before contacting.

Although I do n’t know what Old Xia is going to do, Xiang Kun still looks forward to it. He thinks Old Xia is likely to give him a little surprise in the way of “interpreting” the black circle graffiti. .

After leaving the bathroom, after returning to the living room, everyone stopped chatting and discussing, and looked towards him.

“Atu, are you constipated? Or are you asleep on the toilet?” Even Zicheng, who was connected through the camera video, looked at Xiang Kun with a strange look, his voice came from Bluetooth. The speaker said: “You’ve been in the bathroom for an hour, right?”

Chang Bin also said with a smile: “I just thought you sneaked back!”

Xiang Kun laughed and cursed: “It takes only 20 minutes for an hour. I just swiped my phone and saw an article. It was very interesting. I finished reading unconsciously.”

Tang Baona’s prospective brother-in-law Gao Yao seriously said: “If you go to the toilet, it is better not to use your phone, not too long, or you will easily get hemorrhoids.”

“When it comes to hemorrhoids, I recommend a cure A good way for hemorrhoids, no medicine, no surgery, as long as the anus is raised every day, really, pro-test is effective. “Yang Zhuo said suddenly, his girlfriend Xiaomin couldn’t help but want to laugh.

Liu Caifu connected with a video also said with a laugh: “Anal lifting is really useful, and drink plenty of water and exercise.”

Self-made nodded: “Well, indeed You have to pay attention, especially when we have to sit for hours during these jobs … By the way, Atu, you just sat on the toilet for so long, then you are all done? Is it not easy to wipe … ”

“Hey hey hey! Stop and stop!” Yang Jie reluctantly interrupted their discussion and couldn’t help but forehead: “Men, pay attention, your topic is a little bit crooked! “

Zi Chengzhang smiled and touched his head:” It’s just to discuss health issues, hehe. “I had a good chat for a while, and almost forgot that everyone across the video was in Tang Baona’s living room, and A lot of girls.

It’s more than one o’clock in the morning. You Meng and Liu Caifu in the video have yawned again and again, and then everyone ate supper together, chatted away, and went home.

Xiang Kun followed Chang Bin and Wang Han in their rides.

Even if everyone has made clear their investment intentions, they all agree that this game made by Xiang Kun has a lead, and the discussion will not be fruitful. Xiang Kun didn’t express much opinion, and he also wanted to avoid accidentally saying HIGH, which had the effect of “emotional assimilation”. It made everyone all over-invest and look forward to this project, which is not good.

But then, we will not have to discuss with so many people. The main leaders and responsible for this matter are Zhang Qian, Zicheng and Liu Caifu, and Tang Baona and Yang Zhener will participate on his behalf. After they have set the details, when they are finally going to be implemented, they will gather together and brief them.

Of course, in fact, the actual operation should be Zhang Qian. She is also the most motivated, most thoughtful, and most resourceful.

At that time, she will be the helm of the company on the surface, and this is what Xiang Kun would like to see.

Chang Bin and Wang Han will also be here to help. Tang Baona and Yang Zhener have already resigned and are preparing for full-time investment. He believes that they can definitely do it well. Just need to ensure the quality of the game. However, in order to cover up for Alice, he would require that the production company and the distribution operation company be separated.

Xiang Kun itself is too interested in being a game company not at all. This is just to help him get funding support and to perform some experiments.

His real focus is still on the laboratory that he will be doing with Tong Xia and Chongyun Village together with Old Xia.

It’s almost three o’clock in the morning when I get home. At two o’clock, Old Xia has made a Zzz expression, apparently going to sleep.

Xiang Kun knows that this is to tell him that when he is free, he can just trigger a dream.

Xiang Kun sat on the computer chair and began to sense the pair of chopsticks given to Old Xia to guide the dream.

Although Old Xia now has a black circle graffiti notebook named “CAKE01” by her, it has a very special connection, and even can enter the “conscious world” and contact other people. “Love note”. But in fact, this “CAKE01”, which is full of black circle graffiti, cannot trigger the dream of Old Xia like chopsticks and wood carvings with eight arms and eight eyes. Resonance.

So to make Old Xia dream, still rely on chopsticks.

In the dream, Xia Libing, who is already familiar with the situation, quickly “woke up” in the dream.

Then, Old Xia entered the dream through nine coins and one bead and ten “superlinks” projections, and the “CAKE01” notebook appeared, and then in the dream, he tried to enter the “consciousness” World “.

When I saw this scene, Xiang Kun was also stunned, but next moment, he found that he could enter another dream through the perception channel of Old Xia in the dream.

The perception of Xiang Kun and Old Xia, watching the dream as an onlooker.

From the surrounding environment, this is a small room. A woman with a dirty pigtail is sitting at the table, quickly typing on the keyboard of the laptop, and stopping from time to time. With a few clicks of the mouse, think for a while.

Xiang Kun naturally recognizes this woman with a dirty pigtail, this is Micho!

In other words, this is Micho ’s dream. Old Xia in her dream triggered Micho ’s dream?

Dream in a dream?

This is what Old Xia said before?

Xiang Kun can also lead her to dream if she senses the “black circle graffiti” of Michoa, and she can perceive the dream through Micho’s perception.

But now he is perceiving Micho ’s dream through Old Xia ’s perception. He ca n’t perceive Micho ’s emotions or other direct perception information. He is more like a bystander, even has Kind … he and Old Xia are the dream, like a container or platform, and Micho in the dream is just the data wrapped by this dream.

Next, Xiang Kun found that the bed in the room had disappeared, turned into a desk, and the wardrobe had disappeared, into a refrigerator.

And both the desk and the refrigerator are the desks and refrigerators in Old Xia’s rented home in Citong.

He knew immediately that this was Old Xia’s attempt to edit the dream!

Old Xia can do this in her own dreams, but now this is Mickey’s dream …

Wait, strictly speaking, this Still the dream of Old Xia, dream in dream.

Xiang Kun was a bit shocked, admired the “creativity” of Old Xia, and even more shocked by the state in front of him, very curious how and how this was achieved!

In the beginning, he was able to edit dreams in “Micho-like state” in Mickey’s dream, but after a long time, he just pulled the screen of Mickey’s dream laptop. That’s it.

Now it seems that Old Xia in Micho’s dream is exactly what he wants to do!

While thinking so, a “person” was edited by Old Xia in the middle of the room, and he spoke to Micho at the table with a very strange voice.

After seeing what the “person” looks like, if it’s not in the “dream” now, Xiang Kun is likely to laugh at the pig.

The “person” is clearly a panda expression pack often sent by Old Xia, and it looks like a paper person who is pulled into the three-dimensional space from the two-dimensional World.