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Xia Tianhuo said nervously to the phone: "Mom! I am...I am Huohuo! I called here so late to tell you something important...so... We have been kidnapped. I am in Myanmar now..."

Half said, he was hit on his head and his phone almost got out. Xia Tianhuo quickly said: "I was kidnapped. The kidnapper asked for 5,000,000 US dollars and cash. By the way, I can't call the police... Wait, two old Brother, does the police refer to the police here or the domestic police?"

Xia Tianhuo’s mobile phone was taken by Zhu Bajie’s mask, and he said in the accented Mandarin: “We will prepare the money in three days. If we dare to call the police, we will tear the ticket.”

The person on the opposite side of the phone finally said: "Where are you going to hand over, in China, there is no way to prepare so many dollars in three days..."

But she hasn’t finished speaking yet and the call has been cut off.

Xia Tianhuo quickly said: "You don't tell her whether it is a domestic or foreign diplomatic ransom, she has no way to prepare!"

"Less nonsense!" Zhu Bajie's mask slapped his head again.

"Eight Precepts, go prepare and leave." Tang Seng mask said.

"Good Kuo...uh, good Master." Zhu Bajie said in a mask, leaking his lips, subconsciously shrinking his neck.

The Tang monk’s mask was cursed. He took off his mask and smashed it on the Zhu Bajie mask, kicked him, and walked out of the room.

Zhu Bajie’s kicked mask was uncomfortable. After seeing Xia Tianhuo tied to the chair, he put the rag back in his mouth and directly lifted his foot to kick him to the ground with the chair. He picked him up again and put on his balaclava before leaving with satisfaction.

Xia Tianhuo was almost kicked, but he didn’t have the time to be angry with the kidnappers. He was thinking about what he had just said to Old Xia. I wonder if the message he wanted to convey was passed?

But until now, you can only trust Old Xia.


When Xiang Kun hurried back to the rented house in Chongyun Village, he saw Xia Libing sitting in the living room on the first floor with a tired face, and one after another was a "Napoleon cake", some persisted, some were followed With the new cake appearing and disappearing.

After hearing the door opened, looking back and seeing Xiang Kun, still carrying bare feet and carrying shoes, clothes and bags, Xia Libing stopped "Fantasy Appearance", all the cakes disappeared, and the sense of exhaustion from the invasion Almost made her fall asleep directly.

However, after closing her eyes for a second, she quickly opened it again, took out her mobile phone, and played a recording for Xiang Kun. It was the recording Xia Tianhuo called from before.

After receiving Xia Tianhuo's call and hearing him suddenly shout "Mo", Xia Libing immediately realized the abnormality and directly pressed the record button to record the entire call.

So this call is all except the first sentence. Of course, Xia Libing also told Xiang Kun the supplementary dictation of the first sentence.

After listening to the recording, Xiang Kun naturally understood what the emergency situation of Old Xia was.

However, he did not express any opinion immediately, but continued to listen to the introduction of Old Xia:

“Judging by my cousin’s personality and consistent behavior pattern, he didn’t call my uncle and aunt, and called me ‘mom’ regardless of shame. I must have realized what happened and thought that only I could Perceived that I can save him."

Xia Libing put the recording again, and said: "He claimed to be'Huohuo', but in fact his nickname is'Tian Tian', and he was called only when he was a child, and he did not want to be grown up when he grew up. Call this little name. If you just want to let me know who he is, it is more appropriate to report the name directly, so these two words should have the information you want to pass in, but It shouldn't be too complicated, I guess it may be The meaning of'most urgent', he should realize through details what the person kidnapping him is is very cruel, and it is likely to tear the ticket regardless of whether the ransom is given or not;

"And you listened here, he said'very important thing', and then said'we were kidnapped', although the word "men" he said quickly and very lightly, but obviously it is prominent The intention may be to imply that he was not alone when he was kidnapped, or that the person who kidnapped him had contact and contact with him before;

"He said "temporary call", the word is very weird, this "temporary" probability is reminding what. He dare to use my number to replace my aunt, you can see that he knows that the kidnappers have dealt with him 2. Little is known about the information in our family, so the other party is likely to be kidnapped temporarily;

"My cousin was kidnapped in Myanmar and was still in Myanmar at this time, but when the other party made a ransom request, he only made preparations but did not propose whether the place where the ransom was delivered was in the country or Myanmar. They not at all considered this before;

"The kidnappers speak Mandarin, but they have a heavy accent. Judging from the accent, they should be Guihai people.

"I have called to tell my uncle about the situation before, he will determine the way to contact the police, whether to ask the International Criminal Police for help, when to tell my uncle and uncle, how to prepare the ransom. I also Tell them my judgment, because the kidnappers may continue to contact me on my mobile phone number, so I will go to Thornton and Sanshu immediately. They will meet you. You can take me there. I am very sleepy and can't drive the car."

"Okay." Xiang Kun nodded took a quick and easy shower, changed clothes, and got on a pickup truck, carrying Old Xia out of the village.

Feeling that the co-pilot’s Old Xia was about to fall asleep, Xiang Kun quickly said: "You sent me the recording file, and do you know in which city of Myanmar your cousin was kidnapped?"

Xia Libing sent a recording file while saying: "According to the entry status and consumption records found by my third uncle, I arrived in the city of Montamira, Myanmar yesterday."

Xiang Kun ordered nodded and said a few seconds later: "What time is the earliest when you look at the flight from Jian State to Nande?" Nande is a city very close to the Myanmar border.

Xia Libing froze for a moment and asked, "Are you going to Myanmar?"

"Well, according to your analysis, your cousin should be very dangerous right now. Those kidnappers are very likely to be fierce and extremely evil. Even if they are given a ransom, they are most likely to tear the ticket. The most important thing is that he is in When Myanmar is kidnapped, the help that the domestic police can give will be relatively limited, and the time will be delayed, which will increase his danger. Since he asked you for help and thinks you have the ability to save him, then we will do our best. Save him." Xiang Kun said.

Xia Libing said: "I remember you don't have a passport, and you will be in the blood drinking period the day after tomorrow... Are you planning to enter in an unconventional way?"

Yes, Xiang Kun, a small country bumpkin, don’t say to go abroad. I haven’t even visited HK, so I don’t have a passport at all. Although it is now very fast to get a passport and it is not difficult to travel to Myanmar, he does not at all time.

"It should be 40 hours before my normal blood-drinking period. If everything goes well, it should be within time. And I can suppress the violence by sensing your reason through the "Love Note", is it 20? Hours should be no problem." Xiang Kun said.

If an unknown person was kidnapped in Myanmar, or a distant relative of Old Xia that Xiang Kun didn’t know was kidnapped, and he could be saved by no effort at all at home, Xiang Kun wouldn’t hesitate, However, he may not be willing to take a risk to enter a foreign country to rescue him.

But Xia Tianhuo has seen him, and he has a good impression of his older cousin, Old Xia, who is half a head taller than him. He is a big child. Moreover, Xia Tianhuo directly dialed the ransom call to Old Xia's mobile phone for a subtle "call for help". Old Xia has been deeply bound to this matter, so he has no reason to stand by.

Xia Libing naturally did not think that Xiang Kun would plan to go directly to Myanmar to save people. She originally wanted Xiang Kun to give some advice from his perspective, help her find vacancies, and see if she had any thoughts. The place of improper judgment and improper judgment, after all, Xiang Kun's brain deduction and calculation ability is already super human level. But it is also the case. She knows that Xiang Kun made this decision, and it must have been carefully thought out and has certain plans and plans. So she ordered nodded and said:

"So what do I need to do for you?"

Xiang Kun said: "Notify me of the latest news you have, the kidnappers and your cousin."


Xiang Kun originally wanted to briefly talk to Old Xia about what happened to her in the northern mountains of Wushu Mountain tonight, but found that she was indeed very tired and haggard. She didn’t speak for two seconds, so she sat in the co-pilot and took a nap. What to say.

When we arrived in Jian State, it was already more than seven o'clock in the morning. Xiang Kun took Old Xia directly to the bus station, and then helped her to buy the last bus to Tung Tong, and then said goodbye to her to the airport.

After buying the latest flight, while waiting for check-in, Xiang Kun asked Alice to deal with the call route sent to him by Old Xia, trying to distinguish the background sound inside. It's a pity that the background is very quiet, not at all any special sound that can distinguish the location.

Then he asked Alice to search through the Internet for Xia Tianhuo’s itinerary in Montamira, Myanmar, to see who he had contacted, what services he used, how his location changed, and he tried to investigate Look at the number that dialed the Old Xia phone. Is there any information you can find?

At this time, Xiang Kun naturally gave Alice the highest authority and freedom. Anyway, according to the previous experience, Alice is basically invincible on the Internet and in the data world.

At noon, we arrived in a city on the southwest border, and Xiang Kun carried his backpack and started walking down the paved road. He took off his shoes and barefoot, and went to the rough and difficult areas.

He has also studied before, knowing that there are places where cliffs and deep mountains are more convenient for entry. Those places are no different from ordinary people for ordinary people, but they are not an obstacle at all, and there is no pressure at all.

With strong senses, he was able to avoid others in the mountains and quickly entered Myanmar.

He traveled at full speed in the mountains, moving very fast, but after going out of the mountains, he could not just and honorable ran on the road, so he put on his shoes and took a car.

He traveled this time and changed his image a little bit. He didn’t wear glasses and wore a dark peaked cap. From the perspective of wearing, he looked like an ordinary tourist.

In order to facilitate tourists, people in various industries in Myanmar can directly receive RMB, so Xiang Kun does not need to specifically exchange Myanmar dollars.

In order to maintain contact with Old Xia and get information support from Alice, Xiang Kun also opened the international roaming function for the mobile phone.

When arriving in the city of Muntamira that appeared before Xia Tianhuo was kidnapped in the evening, Xiang Kun also received several latest news from Old Xia.

Xia Tianhuo made a temporary decision to go to Mentamira yesterday, the purpose is to meet a customer named Teng Li to discuss some temporary problems in business.

This customer is the son of a merchant in Myanmar, but from the latest news today, Tengli actually died in a car accident last night.

Xiang Kun asked Alice to help him find some relevant news and private discussion translations on the Internet in Myanmar, and found that someone mentioned that when Teng Li left the casino he often visited last night, it seemed to be A big guy was together, and when he drove his two-door sports car, the big one was the co-pilot. But after the car accident, the big man was passed away. So it was suspected that Tengli might have killed the big man, what kind of killer the big man had deliberately caused the car accident.

Xiang Kun does not need to guess the authenticity of the information, because Alice actually got the surveillance video of the casino. It turns out that the big man who left the casino with Teng Li was Xia Tianhuo.

The two people seemed to have a good time, and they should haven’t drunk, and they were sober.

However, it can be seen from the video at the entrance of the casino that the Myanmar youngster Tengli drove quite fast.

Xiang Kun checked the photos of the accident again. It was in a narrow path. Even if it was violent, it would be difficult to drive the car much faster.

In fact, from the photos, his car hit the wall next to a small piece of open space. The deformation is not serious. Under normal circumstances, there is a pop-up airbag to protect people, and no one will be injured.

But it’s not dead, there are a lot of steel pipes that shed over there. After the car crashed the steel pipe, there was a steel pipe that bounced onto the hood. One end was against the wall, and the other end was straight, and the other end was straight. Stabbed into the cab and stabbed him in the head, killing him on the spot.

Judging from the description of the news and the photos on the scene, it is like the clip in "Death God Is Coming".

Not at all monitoring in the alley, and no eyewitnesses could be found, but from the traces of the tires on the scene, it can be seen that the car driven by Tengli first braked at the place where the exit was going, and then backed back and then turned To the open space, the result hit the wall straight, causing tragedy.

Xiang Kun found that on the scene of the car accident, when the body was removed from the car and the driving door was still closed, the co-pilot door was open.

He speculated that Xia Tianhuo was in this place and was taken away by the kidnappers after the car accident.

Xiang Kun arrived on the ground in a car accident and quickly observed it. Although the vehicle in the accident has been removed, many traces can still be seen.

However, Xiang Kun didn't stay there for long, and soon left. Because he found that there were many young and strong young Burmese men. Like him, he wandered while observing, obviously looking for something. There is also the Myanmar police checking the documents of tourists, and even the police noticed him and came over to him, fortunately, he borrowed the terrain to get rid of it.

It seems that the Xia Family is not used to call the police. The Myanmar police and some local forces have already acted.

In this case, the difficulty of his investigation may increase.

According to what Alice collected and what he observed in Montamira, Xia Tianhuo Old Brother is probably just a bad luck ghost who was affected by the pond fish.

The real target of the kidnappers is not him, but Tengli, the son of the deceased who is driving, the son of a merchant from Myanmar.

Xia Tianhuo’s arrival in Muntamira yesterday was a temporary decision. His meeting with Tengli was not planned in advance. He appeared in Tengli’s car and appeared in that alley, before yesterday evening, It is unpredictable.

The choice to start in that alley is obviously carefully designed and stepped on.

Not only is it remote and unmanned, but the terrain is easy to use. You can’t run away by blocking the two ends of the alley. It is also the path that Tengli often walks after leaving the casino.

Xiang Kun wandered around seemingly aimless in Montamira, but in fact he was using super hearing and smell to search for Xia Tianhuo, while also searching for Mandarin in Guihai, trying to find The trace of the kidnapper.

Alice is also using her strengths, searching for surveillance videos that can be found around, trying to find the car that kidnapped Xia Tianhuo and left.

In terms of time, the car accident occurred at about 12:50 last night, and the kidnapper called Old Xia at 4:11 in the morning, which was about three hours apart.

That is to say, where Xia Tianhuo was taken, the drive from that alley would not exceed three hours.

And according to Xiang Kun’s speculation, since their original abduction target died unexpectedly, Xia Tianhuo was temporarily tied up. After arriving at the place, It shouldn’t be so quick to make a decision, so the actual distance must be far from three. Hour drive.

Xiang Kun speculates that there is a high probability that the kidnappers will stay in Montamira last night, and there is a certain probability that they will reach the neighboring city.

However, this can only be limited to when they called Old Xia last night. Today, after most of the day, they may have moved to other places.

For Xiang Kun, as long as he finds a clue, a connection point, he can use various methods to perform deductions to find the location of Xia Tianhuo and the kidnappers at this time.

If you can find the place where Xia Tianhuo was kidnapped last night, even if they are not already in there, it can greatly help his tracking.

At more than nine o'clock in the evening, Xiang Kun walked into a small restaurant on the street, pretending to be a backpacker, and after ordering a few dishes, he and Boss used his imitated Haihai Mandarin to hala.

Xiang Kun has just searched through auditory information and found that the boss of this small restaurant is a compatriot, and he is talking about Mandarin and part of Guihai dialect.

Of course, this Boss is not the kidnapper who spoke to Old Xia.

However, Xiang Kun still intends to use him to obtain some information.

Boss doesn’t need to go to the kitchen by himself. There are chefs in the kitchen watching him, so Xiang Kun asked him to chat about Hara. He didn’t refuse. After all, Xiang Kun is not only a compatriot but also a fellow of Guihai, and he speaks very well. Skills can always scratch the itch of Boss, which caused Boss to talk about it, and it can't stop talking a bit.

Xiang Kun doesn't actually speak the Guihai dialect, but simply imitates the accent, so Boss said that he was happy, and occasionally jumped out a few pure Guihai dialects, which he couldn't understand at all.

But it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand, Xiang Kun can directly infer the context and Boss’s character and expression state to make an appropriate response, and even directly handle the natural language of Guihai.

Because Xiang Kun imitated the accent very well, and responded very well, then Boss completely regarded Xiang Kun as his fellow Guihai, no doubt.

The information that Xiang Kun inquired from Boss was about where the Guihai people of Montamira were gathered. Boss has been in Myanmar for ten years, and the situation of his compatriots and fellow villagers is still relatively clear.

Of course, those who are kidnappers are probably not people who have been living in Myanmar for a long time. Maybe they haven’t been in Myanmar for a long time.

But the Chinese people have a characteristic that they like to hold a group when they go abroad, find friends and helpers. The starting point is generally fellows and relatives.

Xiang Kun asked which Guihai people are catering in Montamira, which Guihai people are doing engineering, and which are doing business in the gray area.

Recently, due to the relatively loose policy of Myanmar, many domestic people have gone to Montamira to do some business such as underground online casinos or sideline live broadcasts, and some have been severely cracked down in the country and have no living space. Industry, moved here, formed a circle of interest.

Overall, the conversation with the restaurant Boss is still very rewarding, and he is leaning on the stones in his stomach to eat a lot.

After leaving the hotel, Alice’s search also had some results, giving video screenshots of four possible suspect vehicles, three of which were vans and one was a minivan.

Alice’s work efficiency is so strong that Xiang Kun is hesitant, because he knows that the server resources he allocates to Alice are not enough to support such a large amount of data processing.

But now is not the time to think about those problems. He decided to focus on Xia Tianhuo first.

Xiang Kun went to the hotel Boss and said that some Guihai people without legal status are in the settlement area of ​​Montamira. Boss reminded him not to go to those places. Although they are also fellows, they started from the black hands and pits. Money from a fellow villager is more ruthless than a local.

But for Xiang Kun, that's where he wants to focus his search.

Xiang Kun reached the area all the way, and soon a dark-skinned youngster wearing flip-flops leaned up and said in a heavy Guihai accent Mandarin: "Handsome guy! Are you Chinese? Come on Come and follow me, we have fun, cheap and safe here! Don't look at the outside, they are all very well decorated! Baccarat, Depo, all kinds of games, and a beautiful younger sister! "

Xiang Kun was about to take a few words, but the youngster was pulled by a companion next to him and dragged to the side, letting him leave.

After walking away, Xiang Kun heard the man who pulled away the youngster whispering: "The guy didn't to be trifled with at a glance, obviously it wasn't for fun. The wind was not right during this time, be careful. "

This was a reminder to Xiang Kun, so he slightly murmured a bit, so that he could conceal himself when he looked around, making him look more trivial and careful, and began to avoid the obvious ones on the street as much as possible. Eyeliner.

After standing in a dark corner of the street for more than 20 minutes, Xiang Kun failed to find useful information through sensory information search, so he continued to walk in.

Looking like this area has been explored almost, when Xiang Kun thought he was looking in the wrong direction and planned to leave here and start from other directions, it was a scrap purchase not far from a garage The station has found.

In the investigation of sensory information of Xiang Kun, although Xia Tianhuo was not in it, some Xia Tianhuo smells remained. It can basically be judged that this is a transit point for the kidnappers, and even called Old Xia yesterday May be here.

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