What Is The Experience of Becoming a Vampire? Chapter 491

After putting the detergent, Liu Shiling plugged the sink and began to put water.

When the sink was filled with water and a lot of foam on the upper layer, Liu Shiling stood on the stool, raised his hand to put on the hat of his sweater, pulled the two hat ropes, and then opened both hands with a serious face. In fact, the milky voice of milk mumbled: “Chocolate! Ice cream! Lemon tea! Mung bean cake! Shaqima! Come out, it’s time for you to express!”

As her voice fell, one coin after another flew out of her pocket and into the sink.

Next, the frothy water in the sink began to agitate, undulating up and down, and then slowly spinning.

Liu Shiling watched intently at the small vortex formed in the sink, controlling her “five guardian” to swim in the water, but did not collide with each other, nor did she touch the wall of the pool or the dishes inside, and at the same time The plate is controlled in the middle, allowing the “elf Guardian” to control some of the surrounding water flow for fine cleaning.

She didn’t know that when she was extremely focused, the lights in the room began to dim, and the egg yolk pie who was eating cat food raised her head, and looked at Young with arms wide open on the kitchen stool. Lord, gave a meow, jumped over to the refrigerator in twos or twos, guarding Liu Shiling condescendingly.

A few minutes later, the sink level was quiet. Liu Shiling first took back the three coins “Shaqima”, “Lemon Tea” and “Mung Bean Cake”, and then controlled the “Chocolate” and “Ice Cream” to wash the dishes. Open the stopper of the pool, drain the water, turn on the faucet again, rinse the coins, plates, and chopsticks clean, pick it up and wipe it, place the dishes on the drain rack, retract the chopsticks into the box, and jump off the stool and take the cloth. The stool was wiped clean and returned to the room.

She knows that Little Apple’s elder sister has become more powerful with Alice’s help, and her sense of urgency has become stronger.

You must seize every opportunity to practice magic under the premise of confidentiality, and be prepared to learn more advanced magic.

So after returning to the room, Liu Shiling put the iPad on the side and set it up, then turned on the lamp, took out a book from the stack of books next to it, spread it out, and began to read the words on it. Stand up the book and ask the IPAD camera, then Alice will answer, and search for relevant online lesson videos on the Internet to teach her to read.

The book she is holding is not an extracurricular book bought by her mother or a literacy book issued by a kindergarten, but a Chinese textbook for the first grade of elementary school. It was given to her by Dalu-after Dalu and uncle went to another place , Enrolled in a new school, and distributed new textbooks. These old textbooks were given to her.

Previously, Liu Shiling knew that he had to learn knowledge, especially mathematics and physics, in order to be as powerful as a grilled chicken wing elder sister, a bald Uncle, and a little apple elder sister. He became a real great magician and used real super magic well. In order to help the bald Uncle do a major event.

But her way of learning is basically a hammer to the east and a hammer to the west. There is no systematic way, so she seems to work very hard, but besides recognizing a few more words, drawing and painting are better, and singing is good. Aside from that, not at all is a big improvement.

Although the bald-headed Uncle thinks she has done well, the mother always praises her. Teachers and classmates in the kindergarten often praise her, but she is not satisfied. She is almost reaching the elementary grade, and time is running out. .

So after getting to know Alice and being able to communicate with Alice through the iPad, she often asked Alice with various questions.

So she contacted Dalu, who sent her this set of old books. The learning process of half a month made Liu Shiling feel very obvious progress, and her learning became happier.

Under the arrangement of Old Xia, Liu Shiling’s language classes are tutored by Alice and Xiang Kun, art and music classes are tutored by Tang Baona, math classes are tutored by Yang Zhener, and sometimes Dalu can also guide her in drawing, Little Apple Can also teach her music and other knowledge.

So, Alice, who caught the thief in Chongyun Village, was also assisting a little girl who aspires to become a super magician in the future to learn first-grade Chinese through the IPAD.

The egg yolk pie jumped on the window sill, hidden outside the curtain, curled up, looking boredly at a few wild dogs fighting outside the window.

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