What Is The Experience of Becoming a Vampire? Chapter 493


Although she has been emotionally high after seeing her grandma, Liu Shiling still noticed that her aunt didn’t like her attitude.

But she doesn’t care much about this.

“When I was a child”, she liked to join in the fun no matter where she went, like to make friends with everyone, and like to follow the most popular children, but in most cases, her enthusiasm was not responded to, and sometimes even bully.

At that time, she always felt a little inferior. She felt that it was because she was not good enough, not smart enough, not good-looking, not cute enough, not so good at singing and dancing, and not very talented, so those children didn’t like to play with her.

Or maybe I did something wrong and made other children angry, so I ignored her and bullied her.

But after concentrating on practicing magic, preparing for helping the bald Uncle destroy the monster together in the future, and guarding the world, she didn’t care so much about what “irrelevant people” thought of herself.

Although my aunt strictly speaking of which is not regarded as an “irrelevant person”, it is after all the first time I met, which is very different from strangers not at all in cognition.

Fatty girl went to the room with her grandma to put things in her little schoolbag. Naturally, she didn’t have her own separate room. She lived with her grandma and slept on a bed.

The room is very small. Except for a bed, it is full of boxes.

After putting the bag with the change of clothes on the bed, grandma walked out carrying the cat bag and said, “I will put the cat on the balcony.”

Just as Liu Shiling wanted to say something, her aunt holding the child walked to the door of the room, frowning and said: “You can’t put the cat on the balcony, wait for cat hair and cat feces to rub around, and dirty the laundry. And Xiaohui often goes to the balcony to play, what should I do if I am scratched or bitten by a cat?”

Liu Shiling hurried over, holding the cat bag, facing the transparent one to her aunt, so that her aunt could see the egg yolk pie, then raised her face and said, “Auntie, the egg yolk pie is very lazy and won’t mess around. Jumps, jumps randomly, and is particularly counseling, will not catch or bite.”

Speaking, she looked towards Grandma again: “Grandma, can I keep the egg yolk pie by my side? We stay in the room and don’t go out, I will take good care of it. The egg yolk pie is not smelly, and my mother and I often give it Take a shower. When it’s stinking, I will take it to the toilet and it won’t stain the room.”

As if to respond to Young Lord’s rhetoric, the egg yolk pie in the cat bag watched grandma Shiling and aunt meow softly, and then blinked slowly. It really looked cute and cute, even her aunt held her ‘S little cousin couldn’t help but want to jump down and want to see the cat.

Grandma Shiling hesitated for a while, still left the cat bag in the room, and said: “Shiling and Maomao will play in the house first, let me talk to your aunt.” Then she closed the door. The living room.

“What are you doing, Shiling will stay here for a few days, and you don’t need to take it with you. Didn’t you say that before, don’t embarrass the child at this time.” Grandma Shiling frowned to her son Said the wife.

“I only said she came to live before, but didn’t bring a cat!” said Aunt Shiling.

“What’s wrong with bringing a cat, you haven’t raised it before.”

“Anyway, I don’t want Xiaohui to play with that wild cat who doesn’t know where it came from.”

“You…” Grandma Shiling was angry, sighed, and said: “Then let the cat stay in my house first.”

Before turning around and preparing to go back to the house, Grandma Shiling stopped again and turned around and said: “I know you have borrowed money from Axue several times in the past few years, and she didn’t borrow it. There is a resentment qi in my heart. But you Don’t forget that when you got married and bought this house, she paid a lot of money, and she didn’t treat you badly.”

Aunt Shiling was dissatisfied: “When she got married, she paid more than 200,000 by buying a house! What kind of money is this for her, I heard that she is making money for people outside…anyway With a lot of money, I can buy a house in Shenhai. Not to mention tens of millions, I guess there are millions of them. My younger brother has difficulties, but I don’t want to borrow hundreds of thousands… Now I’m encountering that kind of thing again. Fortunately, all the money will be lost, you say she is not stupid!”

Grandma Shiling lowered her voice and scolded: “What are you talking about! Be careful! Don’t talk nonsense in front of the child! Axue sent the child over, just don’t want her to know what happened to her father, I will tell you I didn’t make your big mouth talk nonsense! Don’t forget, Axue is my daughter. I don’t care what you think of her in private, but you don’t talk nonsense in front of me!”

Aunt Shiling rarely sees her mother-in-law’s harsh attitude towards herself. She was taken aback for a moment and realized she had said something wrong. She hugged her son and whispered: “I am not for your son and your grandson. Huh…” Walked aside.

In the room, Liu Shiling put out the egg yolk pie, and then took the cat food out of her little school bag. Without a bowl, he poured a little bit of the egg yolk pie on the palm of his hand.

The egg yolk pie is also very cooperative, shrinking by her side, eating much quieter and gentler than usual.

“Egg pie, if you want to pull the smelly pie, tell me later, I will take you to the toilet to pull it. You can’t pull it into the room, or we will be kicked out, you know?” Liu Shiling gave the yolk pie Feed the cat food and warned repeatedly while quietly.

The egg yolk pie raised the cat’s head, blinked twice, and then continued to eat the cat food. Liu Shiling knew that the response was its understood.

After feeding the egg yolk pie, Liu Shiling took out the iPad from the big bag of clothes and started to continue studying. Even if she didn’t bring the textbook, Alice could directly help her find the electronic version of the text online.

She usually likes to read physical textbooks while letting Alice use the iPad for tutoring, so that she feels like she is really in class, cos a real elementary school student. But now that she is away from home and the conditions are limited, she will not stop studying because there is no physical book.

If it is a normal tablet computer, if you want to connect to the Internet, you have to connect to the WIFI first, and you have to ask for the WIFI password, but with Alice, this kind of thing naturally does not need Liu Shiling to consider.

But after not watching it for a while, grandma opened the door and let her go to lunch, and promised the egg yolk pie to stay in the room.

The egg yolk pie is also very cleverly tilting up the cat’s face and meowing softly, almost writing “be well-behaved, cute and obedient” on his face.

The grandmother, who didn’t have any feelings for cats, couldn’t help but laugh. She used to lick her cat’s head.

I don’t know if it’s made by my aunt or my grandmother. The taste is far worse than that made by my mother, not to mention it compared with the bald Uncle, but Liu Shiling still eats very seriously, very carefully, not to let it go. The rice grains fall on the table and only clamp the dishes close to you to avoid falling off. She knows that “food is the source of magic”, “you have to eat enough to learn magic”, “don’t be picky when you are not picky eaters” “The reason.

Of course, Grandma Shiling will take the initiative to pick up vegetables for her, and every time she picks up a dish, she will get a sweet “Thank you Grandma”.

Maybe she was warned by her grandmother Shiling’s temper, or this fatty girl was so behaving, impeccable, and really cute. Aunt Shiling didn’t say anything to embarrass her.

After lunch, Liu Shiling wanted to go back to the room to study, but grandma asked her if she could take her cousin to play the “game console”. In her view, the tablet was specially used to play games.

Liu Shiling was naturally uncomfortable to refuse, so she took the tablet to teach her cousin to play games, while her grandmother washed dishes and did housework.

The cousin is one year younger than her. Although he is a bit spoiled, he still quickly obeyed her under the four methods of IPAD games, various origami skills, storytelling skills, and cute cat egg yolk pie.

But the aunt who got up after a nap lost her temper after seeing her son playing with the cat, so Liu Shiling had to cutiously retracted into her grandmother’s room with the yolk pie.

IPAD is still playing with her cousin. The book her mother brought in her bag was a story book, not a textbook, so she couldn’t continue studying.

But Liu Shiling was not bored either. She took the egg yolk pie and lay on the window sill of her grandmother’s room, looking at the words on the billboards of various buildings outside through the guardrail, looking for recognizable meditations. Just guess based on the radical, and then guess the meaning of the entire sentence. Looking at the license plate number on the car parked on the side of the road, adding up or multiplying the numbers on the license plate number, practicing mathematics, or using coins to secretly practice magic, try to control five coins and write five different at the same time digital.

a man and a cat are having fun in the cramped room, not feeling boring.

I took the aunt and cousin of the Fatty Niu IPAD. After playing for a while, I got stuck and couldn’t move. After pressing the power button to force the restart, the screen went black.

Aunt Shiling couldn’t help cursing that the tablet she bought for her daughter was a fake, but she didn’t return the tablet to the fatty girl in the room, but just threw it aside.

Liu Shiling originally thought that she would spend the next few days with her grandmother. Didn’t expect that after four o’clock in the afternoon, grandmother and aunt quarreled again, and the quarrel was worse than noon.

Finally, grandma went directly into the room angrily, took Liu Shiling’s hand and said: “Shiling is going, let’s go back to my hometown.” Then she brought the bag for clothes and Liu Shiling’s red schoolbag.

Liu Shiling obediently followed her grandmother out. She just vaguely heard the phrase “Shiling is my grandson,” so she probably guessed that grandma might have quarreled with her aunt because of her. Although I don’t know what she did to make my aunt angry, but knowing that my grandmother was tantrums to protect her, there was a strange joy in my heart.

But when I got downstairs and saw the egg yolk pie running downstairs next to her feet, Liu Shiling reminded her grandmother: “Grandma, the cat bag of the egg yolk pie, and my iPad didn’t take it.”

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