What Is The Experience of Becoming a Vampire? Chapter 494

While speaking, Liu Shiling looked towards the cousin who had been silent next to him, and said: “Cousin, don’t you let them bully the egg yolk pie, okay? When my mother comes to pick me up, I will let her bring more delicious food. Chocolate, please eat…”

But before she finished speaking, her cousin suddenly angered: “Who is your cousin! I am not your cousin! Your mother is a mistress! Your father is a murderer! We do not have relatives like you!”


Liu Shiling was taken aback for a moment, and was shocked by the shock of the words.

Hearing the words “murderer”, the two children who were holding bamboo sticks around the fatty girl took two steps back subconsciously.

Liu Shiling retorted subconsciously loudly: “No! You nonsense! My father is not a murderer!”

“I’m not talking nonsense. I heard my mother and aunt calling in the afternoon. She said, your father killed someone and was arrested by the police. He will be shot soon!” The cousin loudly said:” Our family does not want relatives like you! Do not want you to live in our house!”

But when the last “home” word fell, she suddenly couldn’t hear her own voice.

Not only her own voice, it seems that all the sounds around her have disappeared, her ears are a little swollen, as if the air is bulging, and the skin on her scalp and arms are a little numb.

For a while, the entire yard seemed to have been pressed the pause button, and everyone was frozen in place, motionless.

The cousin and the two children noticed the abnormality, while Liu Shiling was caught in a fierce ideological struggle.

The words “killed”, “caught by the police”, “murderer”, and “shot to death” continuously impacted her perception. On the one hand, she was angry and on the other she was afraid. She had a kind of wanting to lose her father. Mother’s sense of fear.

Just staying outside for a short period of time, whether you live with your grandmother at your aunt’s house or at your aunt’s house, whether it’s a cramped small room or a bed with a musty quilt, she can accept it without complaining, because she knows mother If you have something to do, you can take her home when you are done. She is a “magic” and she should be sensible.

But what if you can’t go back again, if there is no mother, there is no father?

Then these fears turned into anger, and fell on the cousin who scolded her mother and father in front of her.

She wants to use her magic desperately, no matter what it is, destroy her, destroy the two kids who are going to bully the yolk pie and steal her coins.

Two fleshy little fists are clenched on their sides, and the five big coins, headed by “chocolate” and “ice cream”, have been fully excited in their pockets.

But at the same time, the words of the bald Uncle resounded in her heart: A qualified “magic” must be able to control his own magic power. “Magic” cannot be used easily, and can only be used on monsters and bad guys.

Another voice whispered: She scolded your mother, scolded your father, and said your father is a murderer, she is a bad guy!

It is the voice of the bald Uncle again: When you are as a last resort, you can protect yourself, but you have to distinguish clearly when you can find the teacher, when you can find the mother, and when Police Uncle resolved, magic is the last step, remember that we must keep it secret.

What Liu Shiling didn’t notice was that after she fell into fear and anger, after the five “super-connected objects” on her body were fully aroused, the power of the entire Qingshan Village was interrupted and plunged into darkness.

Not only that, even cell phone signals are completely blocked.

The cousin and the two children in front of her were all startled by the sudden extinguishment of the lights and the coming darkness.

Immediately afterwards, they discovered that under the moonlight, the fatty girl who had just been puffing her cheeks to reason with them seriously, at this moment, she was holding her fists and bowing her head, without saying a word, there seemed to be something in her pocket. It’s moving, and it seems to jump out, making people feel hairy.

Suddenly, they saw Liu Shiling behind, and somehow, a very beautiful little girl in a gorgeous white Princess dress appeared, staring at them with cold eyes and holding a knife in her hand.

The electronic watch on the cousin’s wrist suddenly smoked. She screamed and quickly untied the watch strap and threw it away, while the two children had already ran out of the yard crying.

The cry of the cousin pulled Liu Shiling out of the psychological struggle. She only saw her cousin crying and running out of the yard, not knowing what happened.

Feeling a light pat on the shoulder, Liu Shiling turned her head, but saw Alice.

“Little bell, don’t be afraid, little screws will always protect you.”

Alice’s voice sounds different from the sounds heard through electronic devices such as iPads and dreams. It seems to be mixed with a lot of electric currents, and it is also intermittent, just like a radio with bad signal, and this As soon as the sentence was finished, her silhouette disappeared instantly.

But at this moment, Liu Shiling’s flustered, frightened, angry, and aggrieved heart was soothed a lot.

Liu Shiling also noticed that all the surroundings were in darkness, and the whole village was in a state of power outage. She knew that this was caused by herself, and the influence was still continuing, not stopping, and even getting stronger because of her anger, Panic and fear are not at all completely subdued.

In the mountains and forests, it also seemed that a passive wind was blowing. There was the sound of wu wu everywhere, and the temperature dropped a lot.

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