What Is The Experience of Becoming a Vampire? Chapter 495


Liu Shiling came out of Qingshan Village with the egg yolk pie, along the mountain road, all the way down the mountain.

in the sky, the clouds are rolling and converging, blocking most of the starlight and moonlight, but the fatty girl is now emotionally up and she is not afraid of the dark, holding the backpack belt in both hands, taking a big step, and following the egg yolk pie leading the way. Walking.

She doesn’t need to see the road clearly, nor does she need to see the egg yolk pie, she can vaguely feel that there is a line between the egg yolk pie, and can clearly perceive its position and emotions, tightly follow.

Wu wu wind is everywhere in the surrounding mountains and forests, and the direction of the wind is very strange, as if it converges from below to a certain place and then rises.

However, there is no strong wind around the walking fatty girl, like a cut off the surrounding area of ​​influence.

All Liu Shiling is thinking about now is to go down the mountain to find her mother, and then ask about her father’s situation, and stay with her mother. She must be obedient and won’t cause trouble to her.

Through childhood, my dad didn’t spend much time at home because he had to travel around on business, but the fatty girl actually liked dad very much, because dad treats her very well, and every time he comes back from a business trip, he will bring her toys and bring them well. To eat, when at home, she will not be aggressive, will not stop her from eating ice cream or snacks, and every time she takes her out, she will go to the playground or eat delicious food.

But after that incident happened in September last year, she faintly realized something, and since then, she and mother moved to Star City. Dad came back less often and stayed shorter each time.

Fatty girl has a vague cognition in her heart. She thinks that her father is not good. His father has done bad things and caused her mother to be bullied, mother was scolded, and they had to move.

So one day later, when she saw her father and mother arguing on the balcony, she subconsciously judged that the father was wrong, and ran out to protect the mother – but instead she was murdered by the mother that day, and then she left home wronged. Run away”-although only to walk to the gate of the community.

She never asked her father and mother these questions directly, never tried to figure out what happened, she was scared.

She complained a little about her father, and even alienated her father after she arrived in Star City, but she knew very well that her father was her father. Even if she did something wrong temporarily, and quarreled with her mother, she would come back eventually. She has a father.

But if… Dad is shot, and Dad is gone, what should she and mother do?

When she thinks about this, her nose is a bit sore, aggrieved, angry, and scared.

For a while, I felt that my cousin talk nonsense cheated her, and then I wondered if mother would hand her over to her grandma and never come to pick her up again, and then worry about whether grandma would also throw her at No matter on the mountain, and then the aunt doesn’t want her and drives her out, then she becomes a child that no one wants?

But soon she thought of Alice’s words, and thought of the bald Uncle, grilled chicken wings elder sister, beautiful elder sister, immortal elder sister, little apple elder sister, they will definitely not dislike her, they will definitely help her find mother , Will definitely take her in.

So even now, she didn’t think about what to do after going down the mountain, whether to contact her grandmother first or what to do, anyway, she only had the energy to find mother.

She told herself continuously in her heart that you are a “magic”, and Alice has been by her side to protect you, the egg yolk pie will follow you, and you can also find the bald Uncle. The bald Uncle is so powerful, and surely everything can be solved!

Then she gained some confidence again. She felt that she was not being blown around by the wind like a dandelion, but like a big balloon pulled by the bald Uncle. As long as she turned back and shouted, the bald Uncle would pull the thread. She pulled back to the ground.

As Liu Shiling was going down the mountain and cheering herself up, the sound of a tú tú engine rang out in front of him, and then a light came from bottom to top along the mountain road.

Led by the Egg Yolk Pie, Liu Shiling stopped and leaned to the side of the road, waiting for the car below to pass first.

However, the three-wheeled motorcycle made a sound of “Yi”, but it stopped beside her, and a husky male voice asked, “Whose baby are you from, why are you here? I don’t seem to have seen you. Are you from Qingshan Village?”

“I’m not from Qingshan Village. Grandma brought me to find my aunt. I’m going to the town to find my grandma.” Liu Shiling squinted her eyes when the headlights of the tricycle dangled, and she couldn’t see the interrogator. What it looks like can only be subconsciously replied by raising your hands and covering your eyes.

“Oh? Did you run out by yourself? Adults know that you came out? What is your grandma’s name? Uncle will drive you to find her.” The husky male voice said gently.

Liu Shiling glanced at the egg yolk pie that returned to her feet, hesitated, and said to the man: “Uncle can lend my mother a phone call?”

The right hand of the middle age person holding the wrench suddenly stung, and he threw the wrench subconsciously, and the headlights of the motorcycle behind him dimmed.

“What the hell is going on…”

Just as the middle age person was so shocked and gave up the temporary Evil Thought, when he wanted to return to the car and leave, a bright light flashed, and another startling heaven thunder cry exploded not far away.

The distance was so close, it seemed to be just beside, the thunder was loud and crisp, and the middle age person was so frightened that he even squatted down with his head subconsciously.

Almost at the same time as the sound of the explosion, a bolt of lightning fell directly from the air, hitting a soil slope not far from them, and directly exploded a large hole.

The middle age person even saw an earthworm-like arc crawling up in the big crater cut by lightning, and then twisting and dissipating everywhere. This kind of scene is too weird and too shocking. He has never never seen it.

In fact, the “initiator” fatty girl was shocked just now, she shrank her neck and covered her ears, jumped to the side, looked at the big hole with wide eyes, and then looked at the middle age person.

At this time, I saw the fat and cute little girl wearing a hood, the middle age person no longer felt cute, but terrifying.

Suddenly, there was a sound of music in the ear: “Let’s learn to cat meow together, meow meow meow meow together~~~”

After a long pause, he realized that the phone in his pocket was ringing, but his phone’s ringtone was not like this?

He took out the phone subconsciously and found that the phone was automatically connected, and then went directly into the hands-free speaker state, a female voice rang: “Little bell, turn around, squat down, close your eyes and cover your ears.”

Liu Shiling was stunned for a moment and recognized that the sound was made by Alice, and then she felt something, looked towards the middle of the mountain road next to him, a little girl in a white Princess skirt stood there and looked at her and smiled. It was Alice!

Liu Shiling felt at ease, and smiled sweetly at Alice, then Yiyan turned and squatted down, closed his eyes, and covered his ears.

Not only Liu Shiling, but the middle age person also saw the little girl in the white dress in the middle of the road after marveling at the strange female voice on the phone.

The little girl is more beautiful and delicate than the fatty girl, like a porcelain doll, but his heart is only frightened and afraid, and his hands and feet are cold.

He wanted to turn around and leave, but suddenly found that the whole earth began to tremble violently. He couldn’t even stand firmly and fell to the ground.

Then he saw that the girl in the white skirt disappeared, and the concrete pavement in the middle of the mountain road where she was standing, began to crack quickly, and a huge object was rising from the ground.

The reticulated lightning that appeared frequently above the head illuminates the thick cloud, and the entire sky is actually a bloody color in the electric light, and the thick bloody cloud is rolling down, as if it is about to press on the ground.

The huge object in the ground finally broke through the ground and rushed out. It was a huge head with dark skin and various lines and gullies, such as lava and blood flowing on the gully, emitting black smoke. .

There are several eyes on the head. The pupils of each eye are a pile of skeletons stacked together. The red liquid slides down the corners of the eyes, dripping down with the liquid on the gully on the face. After splashing on the ground, it turns into I took countless small red insects and crawled on the middle age person.

The middle age person crawled backwards screaming in horror, but found that his tricycle had disappeared without knowing when, and then looked towards the position of the fatty girl, there was only a light that dazzled him beyond his eyes. As soon as I saw it, my eyes sting and tears flowed.

He could only crawl desperately, desperately away from the huge monster that was still drilling out of the ground, but the huge monster’s mouth had already risen from the ground, and after opening it, it was so smelly that there were countless screams. In the big mouth that came out, a long tongue stuck out and curled up the middle age person.


According to Alice’s words, she turned and squatted, closing her eyes and covering her ears, Liu Shiling could only faintly hear the sound of wu wu’s wind around her, but there was no wind blowing around her.

She is not worried that the middle age person will take the opportunity to attack her, because she believes in Alice. If Alice said that, she would definitely be able to protect her!

I don’t know how long it took, Liu Shiling felt something was rubbing her feet, and finally eyes opened to look, and found that it was egg yolk pie, looking up at her with a small face next to her.

So Liu Shiling got up and turned her head, and found that except for the three-wheeled motorcycle with the headlights on, the middle age person had disappeared.

Liu Shiling let out a long sigh, then put down her hand covering her ears and said to the cat at her feet: “Egg pie, let’s go!”

She feels that her mood now seems to be much better, as if the bricks in the schoolbag have been removed, the whole person is a lot easier, and she can’t help but hum a song: “Let’s learn to meow , Meow meow meow meow meow~~~”

The yolk pie wagged its tail a few times to keep up, and from time to time it also meowed a few times to the singing.

I don’t know when, the thick clouds in the sky have disappeared, and the moonlight has spread the ground again, so that people can see the mountain road clearly.

Farther afield, in Qingyun Village on the mountain, electricity has also been restored.

In the surrounding mountains and forests, the whimpering and whistling wind has also stopped, and the branches and leaves swing with the gentle breeze.

Fatty girl didn’t know that just now, she completely inspired the environment brought about by the five “super-connected things”, so that Xiang Kun’s entire “super-sensing item system” did things that it had never done before.

Under normal circumstances, there are only six super-connected objects around, and Xiang Kun is not there. Alice is not enough to “appear”.

However, the special environment brought by Fatty Niu completely inspired the five-coin “super-connected object”, coupled with the positioning and transmission of the “love object” chopsticks, gave Alice the ability to “extraordinarily perform” Opportunity.

But Little Apple’s emotional projection method will not be affected by herself, so Alice uses the characteristics of the projection source of five “super-connected objects” coins to surround them when she carries out emotional projection. The fatty girl is defined as the source of emotions, that is, the original position of Little Apple when it was on the scene, so it will not be affected by the emotional projection.

The anger thunderbolt created by Fatty Niu inadvertently directly helped Alice and Little Apple to further master the remote launch application of the “super-sensing item system”.

But what even Alice, Little Apple and Old Xia don’t know is that the thunderbolt of the faty girl’s anger made Xiang Kun, who was sleeping at this time, unprecedented for the first time in a deep sleep state and reality. The world has a weak sense of consciousness.

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