What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 106


Chapter 106 Into Your World

Chu Ge is really “wrapping” her.

It seems that Qiu Wuji is also nearly 1.7m long, and Chu Ge is also a bit over 1.8m. The height difference of ten centimeters is very normal, and they are very suitable for walking side by side.

But once she curled up slightly and hid in his arms, it was like a chick under the protection of an eagle’s wings, wrapped in all directions without any dead ends.

Chu Ge has no other means but movement method and Golden Bell Cover. His subconscious protection can only be blocked with his body. In fact, it was very similar to helping Zhang Qiren back then, but he didn’t put his arms around him.

Qiu Wuji had already ignored it at this moment, but he remembered that when he was crowded at the cinema, he also protected himself like this, and said a very straight man’s words “serves a beating”.

This time, she took a step closer, holding her hands tightly, her body bowing slightly to protect her, and wrapping it tightly, for fear that the sneak attacker would have another angle and cause her to be slightly injured.

The feeling of peace of mind is like howling wind and torrential rain outside, and I hide in a warm home.

It seems that I chose to teach him the movement method and Golden Bell Cover in order to realize such a scene.

In fact, even without Chu Ge, she could win this battle as easily as she did. It was nothing more than an extra effort to defend herself first, and then deal with the enemy. The opponent was simply impossible to avoid her follow-up anger.

But with him shielding her from the wind and rain, she turned to attack directly, and it was easier to win… she didn’t even have the mind to chase and kill the running enemy.

I just want to experience this feeling of peace of mind for a while.

When I woke up, everyone ran away.

Qiu Wuji was very annoyed. This is a serious mistake in his own world, and it should never be a mistake. So is he helping or doing it a disservice?

It’s better that he helped.

“How long are you going to wrap me?”

Chu Ge coughed twice, not only did not leave, but instead put his weight on her: “That…it’s not rubbing you oil. …help me, I’m out of strength.”

Qiu Wuji: “…”

That touch and reassurance flew beyond the topmost clouds. Qiu Wuji really admires the ability of this fool to destroy the atmosphere, you are not hurt?

Oh yes, his mana can’t support it anymore.

Qiu Wuji wrapped his arms around his waist angrily: “Stand up.”

Chu Ge also wrapped her waist around. Look carefully at her expression… expressionless.

Qiu Wuji broke the water and broke the waves, and took him to the shore in a flash.

The two of them sat wetly on the reef on the shore for a short rest. Qiu Wuji said with a stern face, “Take off your shirt, let me see the injury on your back.”

Chu Ge is not pretentious. He was already topless at the beach in the afternoon, what’s the difference?

He took off his clothes efficiently, Qiu Wuji turned to the back to check, his tone was a little more relaxed: “It’s okay, a small impact wound… The opponent’s water arrow can’t break your defense.”

Chu Ge is a little proud: “It’s the Golden Bell Cover of Small Accomplishment, it’s very good in your world, let alone here.”

“That’s a little bit of internal injury. , also affects the mana exhaustion, what are you proud of?”


Qiu Wuji condensed a magical technique in his hands, as if he wanted to heal him, but it was imminent. He dispelled it on his own: “You… a minor injury, you will take care of it yourself.”

Chu Ge actually understood what she meant.

No matter how much mana is wasted, it may be time to go back.

She wants to stay a bit longer.

So that even the wet body can’t be dried with magic technique, let alone treatment art.

Qiu Wuji stuffed the beads into his pocket: “It’s a mussel bead, it’s in good condition, it’s very valuable in the mortal world, and I don’t know why it has absorbed a lot of Spiritual Qi storage. , is a big treasure for you now. Carrying the cultivation with you, it will not be difficult for your Foundation Establishment.”

β€œDon’t talk about this for now.” Chu Ge took her to the hotel: “You’re all wet, go back to take a bath and get a good night’s sleep, I don’t want you to just disappear.”

Qiu Wuji pursed his lips and finally didn’t speak.


Chu Ge didn’t expect the hotel’s wooden barrel “hot spring” actually comes in handy.

The trouble is that there is only one bathroom in the standard room. Both of them are wet and need to take a shower and change their clothes…

Chu Ge looks at her with… Very peculiar.

The wet Qiu Wuji…

It was dim outside and couldn’t see clearly, only when I got to the indoor light did I realize how tempting it was.

Not to mention the body, just sticking wet hair on the face can make people’s hearts rise.

Thinking of the warm jade and warm fragrance that just held her in his arms, Chu Ge really couldn’t hold it anymore…

Seeing Chu Ge’s small eyes, Qiu Wuji began to sneer , You don’t have to think about it to know what’s going on in this man’s mind right now.

When he dared to say “let’s soak together”, throw him down the stairs.

As a result, Chu Ge opened his mouth and started rushing people: “I asked the front desk to send a wooden bucket to soak in the house, you go to the bathroom and use the bathtub. Aiya said that I used a wooden bucket for you. What are you waiting for here? Just go in and wash!”

Qiu Wuji stared wide-eyed, looking at his flustered and exasperated appearance, he was stunned.

You’re actually chasing me?

β€žFuck!” Chu Ge is somewhat flustered and exasperated: β€œDon’t seduce me, woman!”

Qiu Wuji: β€œ?”

Two big eyes Staring at small eyes for a long time, Qiu Wuji saw the desire in the man’s eyes, which was even hotter than before.

She hesitated for a moment, and then she said something mysteriously: “You… or I’ll find a whip and beat you?”

Chu Ge almost wanted to get out of the upstairs by himself. jump off.

The sand sculpture group will remember you!

β€œding dong!”

The doorbell rang: β€œHello, the hot spring is here.”

The strange atmosphere in the house was instantly disappeared, and Qiu Wuji recovered. With a cold look, he took the bathrobe from the hotel, turned around and entered the bathroom.

Chu Ge sighed, his shoulders slumped a little, he was so tired… The injury only feels pain now.

Qiu Wuji said that a small injury is an injury. This kind of water arrow impact is an internal injury. Unlike the last time I was stabbed by a dagger, five viscera and six bowels were shaken as if they had been strangled.

The hotel staff brought in the wooden barrels and poured several buckets of water into it. Chu Ge didn’t even have the strength to complain that they were boiling water, not a hot spring. He just wanted them to finish things quickly and leave.

After finally waiting for everything to be done, Chu Ge got into the bucket, leaned on the lip, and played with the mussel in his hand.

Soaking myself in hot water made my injury feel better. The Spiritual Qi of this mussel bead is really rich, and the silk is immersed in the skin, and it seems to have a little healing effect.

Water system item, it seems to be a general setting?

Chu Ge laughed dumbly, how could he think of writing a book to set it up… This thing is the same as the Impossible in Xianxia World.

Even Chu Ge is not very interested in this thing, it is nothing more than an auxiliary item, it is worth the money, and it can’t be sold. Why do you think so much?

The point of tonight doesn’t seem to be getting a treasure at all.

Instead, he fought side by side with Qiu Wuji, hugged her, and hugged her waist.

She had no objection.

At this moment, Qiu Wuji is taking a bath across a glass door. But Chu Ge has long since lost his previous desires, and what he recalled over and over again was the tenderness that held her in his arms at that moment.

I can help her, not cheerleaders.

The people who are said to be two worlds have been gradually overlapping, in various aspects and meanings-her writing and life, my cultivation and fighting. Each other is doing what each other only does, and they are all walking into each other’s world.

Behind the glass door, Qiu Wuji was soaking in the bathtub, also in a trance.

He can fight hand in hand with me, not a scholar.

Although it seems to have caused the enemy to run away…but…

The warmth in my arms at that moment is really unforgettable.

The enemy ran away because he forgot to chase, not because he was holding him back… On the contrary, he was firmly behind him, like a solid wall, so reassuring.

I never thought that when I was surrounded by a man tightly, it wasn’t that I was disgusted or killed him, but that I was greedy for the warmth of that moment, so that even the enemy forgot to chase.

I chose to teach him Golden Bell Cover at first, which is good…

It is said that they are two worlds, but in fact…there is not much difference, after all, it is the world he wrote What…

Inside and outside the glass, bathing together, with the same mind.

(end of this chapter)

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