What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 112


Chapter 112 The Neighbor Trio

The lights in the villa soon turned on, and the people in the basement secret room coughed wildly and went out rushing, and the Blackroom people retreated outside the villa as long as they threw the stink bomb.

all around The sound of footsteps began, and the Wang Family, who had been hiding outside, quickly surrounded them.

Wang Family patriarch Wang Xiaodong stood in the crowd with a gloomy expression, said with a sneer: “Zhong Yi, you know that Rong Fu is not my person, but you use the excuse that your companion was injured, and Really hurt their black hand cooperation, in order to get my family’s things… In front of them, I will always expose you as a hypocrite.”

The people in Blackroom did not speak.

Zhong Yi smiled slightly: “Unfortunately, I have told them before, your provocation is useless.”

Wang Xiaodong raised his brows: ” So these people are actually willing to be dogs for you?”

Zhong Yi sighed: “Why do you always wonder… What everyone really hates is what you do? Only in your basement room Can you tell how many people’s black blood has been stained with the illegal drugs hidden in the safe, the gold and silver property in the safe? When everyone took Zhang Qiren’s list to report you for this, you are here now, or for this. “

“So what? Lao Tzu has been prepared, you can’t get anything.” Wang Xiaodong’s expression gradually became grim: “And let you know that heroes are not so easy to do.”

With the voice, a large group of security guards rushed forward, and four or five people of Blackroom trifling stood there, like a boat swaying in the angry sea.

Zhong Yi just laughed: “Your ability user is mainly used to guard against Zhang Qiren, just these ordinary security guards… Do you really think our Blackroom is just joking?”

Wan Zijun silently wrote “father” on his face and stood in front of everyone.

The other group of people quickly shrank back with a smirk expression: “That, Dad…why are you here…”

Wang Xiaodong unemotionally said: “First of all, myself too I am an ability user, and it seems to be better developed than you, this has no effect on me.”

Zhong Yi smiled: “That is natural.”

“Secondly…” Wang Xiaodong beckoned, and a few big men stood beside him: “These guys hate their father the most.”

Wan Zijun: “?”

The big man rushed over with a grinning smile, Wan Zijun turned around and ran: “Damn…”

Lady Boss threw a glitter candy again, everyone shouted and ran around together, the situation was in chaos.

Zhang Qiren walked into the utility room in the backyard in the chaos.

There is also a faint feeling of energy flowing in the utility room, which is very similar to the energy in the opened secret room. It is easy to judge that there is a treasure imitation, or a bait, used to mislead others.

Otherwise who put the treasure in the backyard utility room… The Blackroom gang didn’t even look this way.

But Zhang Qiren made his way to the bait anyway.

The lock-picking subordinate next to him quickly opened the door of the utility room, and Zhang Qiren stepped in.

Blade light lit up on the side, and a machete cut straight down.

Zhang Qiren used his flesh-and-blood arm to block directly with no expression on his face, but the opponent was so frightened that he quickly retracted the knife, and the back of the knife hit his forehead: “Zha-Zhang Qiren…”

Zhang Qiren smiled and said, “You know my abilities so clearly, not bad.”

His gaze fell on the corner of the utility room, a tattered wooden cabinet Before, several people were standing there. However, it seems that the two groups of people are separated from each other by some distance.

He stared at the wooden cabinet for a while, then laughed: “This kind of fake trick is actually meaningless, you just need to see where you are most strictly guarded… …”

A short-bearded man in his thirties looked solemn: “Zhang Qiren, do you really think it’s up to you? What we’re waiting for is that you come to the door and die!”

Suddenly, a tall and thin man appeared behind him, and he stood alone behind Zhang Qiren’s men.

Zhang Qiren felt a little chill in his heart.

Only this tall and thin man brought him a mountain-like pressure. This ability is tempered like a substance. I don’t know what terrifying ability is…

He kept calm, didn’t even look at the tall and thin man, just said with a slight smile: “Wang Zhenqian…you have made a mistake. Now I am not Zhang Qiren, I am a helper to solve the case for the police. I’m not here to snatch things, I’m here to make trouble for you, that’s all.”

While talking, he lit a lighter and dipped into the sundries. leave.

The small utility room was ablaze with fire, and everyone’s expressions suddenly changed: “Zhang Qiren, you ****…”

Zhang Qiren quickly pulled away and retreated to the side, the corners of his eyes widened. Light kept staring at the tall, thin man.

But the icy eyes of the tall and thin man also became tense, staring at the broken wooden cabinet in the utility room that was on fire.

Zhang Qiren showed a smile on the corner of his mouth.

It’s not a good thing to ask the jackal to watch the house… I hope your Wang Family can handle it.

Wang Zhenqian, a short-bearded man, was scrambling to save the wooden cabinet, while shouting: “What are you doing, kill Zhang Qiren…I’m a grass!”

Before he finished speaking, then The tall and thin man had already rushed in at some point, and hit his back with a firm palm: “Start!”

It looked like a palm, but the ring on his finger suddenly turned sharp. The stab, fiercely stabbed Wang Zhenqian’s back heart. Wang Zhenqian was caught off guard, took a solid blow, and fell on the wooden cabinet in front of him. The wooden cabinet all split up and in pieces.

At the same time, the two groups of people guarding the wooden cabinet clashed themselves.

In the shattered wooden cabinet, a small metal box flew out, penetrated Wang Zhenqian’s body directly, and flew into the hands of the tall and thin man.

The tall and thin man glanced at the utility room where the fire was getting hotter. Before he could even greet his subordinates to leave, he turned his head and quickly passed through the iron fence in the backyard and disappeared into the night.

As if the iron fence didn’t exist at all.

The metal system ability is basically a real hammer.

But before he ran far, he saw Zhang Qiren and a group of people stopped in front of him with a smile: “Your Excellency, did you forget that we waited for a long time?”

The tall and thin man Took a deep breath: “Zhang Qiren, you have achieved the goal of overthrowing the Wang Family, don’t be greedy and look for trouble.”

Zhang Qiren smiled slightly: “Treasure fights, the able ones live, what does it mean? Insatiable greed?”

The lanky man was so angry, he was messed up by this fire, if Gyrfalcon was here, it would be easy, where would the bastard go?

Gyrfalcon is taking Chu Ge to hide behind a tree not far away, and is introducing to Chu Ge: “My big brother, metal control ability user, we only know that we call ourselves Anvil, and his real name is not. I know.”

Chu Ge asked in a low voice: “Metal abilities are developed stronger, can they even use the metal elements in the opponent’s body? It sounds very difficult to deal with.”

Gyrfalcon said: “Theoretically, I can also call the Water Element in your body, but it’s not that easy.”

Chu Ge nods, thinking about how to give the other party a cold one.

I saw Anvil put the box in his arms and said with a sneer: “Since Your Excellency also wants to win the treasure, let’s see the real seal under your hand.”

Zhang Qiren clapped.

The men around him all pulled out their guns and pointed at Anvil.

Anvil: “???”

“I don’t understand, do you feel that everyone has gone back to the Wuxia era after you have the ability… Even Lu Ding Ji has a musket Soldier.” Zhang Qiren was very puzzled: “Or do you think your metal ability is really better than a gun?”

Anvil took a deep breath and shook his head slightly: “Zhang Qiren, you are indeed It’s amazing, you and I should cooperate?”

Zhang Qiren didn’t answer this.

Anvil smiled: “But you’re right about one thing…I don’t know if other people’s abilities are better than guns, but at least I’m not afraid of guns.”

With the voice, Zhang Qiren clearly saw that the muzzle of his subordinates began to twist and turn into scrap metal.

Some people even had their guns turned into iron thorns, drenched with blood.

Anvil smashed Zhang Qiren’s face with a punch, the ring on his finger turned into a spike, and a cold glow flashed under the moonlight.

Zhang Qiren subconsciously sealed the face door with his palm, and a sharp pain came from his palm. At the same time, Anvil groaned in pain.

“fuck…” Anvil was both happy and humoured, this Zhang Qiren’s ability is really disgusting, who likes to fight with him?

He is also too lazy to talk, taking advantage of other people not knowing what to do and taking the lead.

But suddenly I found that my body became heavy and it was difficult to walk half a step.

But it was the red-haired youth “Fatty” beside Zhang Qiren who shot, gravity control!

Others threw their disused guns away, snapping a branch and poking at Anvil.

Anvil was beaten fiercely, and with the angry roar, Fatty’s belt buckle turned into a spike and poked into his stomach, and Fatty stumbled back.

In the midst of the chaos, Chu Ge slipped behind Anvil and suddenly punched him.

The golden light exploded, hitting Anvil’s back firmly.

Anvil spurt a mouthful of blood, staggered forward and fell back, and the small metal box in his arms fell out directly.

Zhang Qiren quickly grabbed the small box and ran away.

Anvil couldn’t even care about Chu Ge who injured him, and roared: “Stay!”

Fittingly, he pounced on Zhang Qiren.

Zhang Qiren fled all the way, wondering in his heart, father was determined to get this thing, he said that someone would meet him, why didn’t he come?

At this point, the shadows of the night ahead begin to distort.

Zhang Qiren stopped in a daze.

A shadow leaped from the front like a poisonous snake and quickly wrapped around the small box in Zhang Qiren’s hand. Zhang Qiren didn’t even have the will to fight, and silently let the shadow take away the small box.

Shadow seemed to “look” at him, but didn’t stop. Sen Ran turned into a sharp blade and smashed Anvil’s belly, who was chasing after him.

Anvil subconsciously defended for a while, only to hear the sound of gold and iron symphony, Anvil screamed and blood splattered.

The power of the shadow blade is sharper than metal.

A thin but tall silhouette gradually emerged in the shadow ahead, strange and dreamy under the moonlight.

Chu Ge stood behind him and looked at Zhang Qiren, Essence, Qi, and Spirit, who had all been taken out, and felt strange and unspeakable in his heart.

The officials who didn’t expect Zhong Yi contacted to participate in this action, not only Lin Wuyang, but also Yue Ying.

This Anvil group seems to have murdered their building…from Wallpiercer to Gyrfalcon to their boss Anvil, who is more typically the only one to be beaten by a trio of neighbors.

Yue Ying walked over slowly, passed by Zhang Qiren, didn’t even look at him, passed by directly, wrapped Anvil tightly with his shadow as a ribbon, and then turned to Chu. Ge spoke: “Anvil is our important criminal, and I was ordered to take him back. And this box…”

She seemed a little hesitant and puzzled, but she handed it to Chu Ge after all : “The above said, I will transfer it to you when I see you, just right.”

Chu Ge: “???”

Yue Ying added: “Only give you a month to study, 1 month later.”


PS: I know you want to watch Qiuqiu, this chapter will be more, and there will be more at ten o’clock in the evening, try to make Qiuqiu come earlier .

In fact, in Zhang Qiren’s related plots, Chu Ge is just a witness, and he is also the lead of his participation in the tide of the times. Otherwise, a setting that hides at home and writes a book can’t really participate in external events. So don’t worry about Qiuqiu not in Chu Ge, he is not the main force at this time.

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