What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 121


Chapter 121 Qiu Xin

Qiu Wuji went to cook, Chu Ge continued to go back to the room to write.

However, both of them were distracted by their work.

It is said that don’t think too much, how can you not think about it?

Why is Qiu Wuji willing to be hugged by him this time when he comes out? Did he do anything that moved Qiu Xin at that time?


Only because Qiu Wuji first felt what it’s like to “can’t come out when he thinks about it” when he encountered an enemy situation.

Anxiety, panic, not seeing.

He suffered feebly for a whole day, until the moment he saw him safe and sound, his heartstrings were broken.

The two seldom discussed what would happen if both worlds separated and never saw each other…but this worry never disappeared in their hearts.

Zhang Qiren just went abroad, divided between water and hatred, and it made people feel depressed.

What if we were separated in two worlds, forever?

Until this matter can’t be solidified, any promises and expectations for the “future” are empty.

Only for the present.

Chu Ge really can’t keep up, even opening the group chat and seeing others discussing the wiping the mouth picture, it looks so dazzling at this time.

He sat in front of the document for a while, before finally pushing the case and leaving the computer desk.

Qiu Wuji is washing vegetables, his movements seem not to be quick, and he is also distracted.

No matter how distracted I was, I could sense Chu Ge coming in. Qiu Wuji asked casually, “What are you doing? Why aren’t you going to pour tea…”

Voice Before falling, he froze in his mouth.

A pair of arms wrapped around her waist and hugged her tightly from behind.

Qiu Wuji was tensed up and subconsciously pushed his elbow back.

Only listen to Chu Ge groaned, but don’t let go.

Qiu Wuji’s ready-to-follow chain routine of stepping on the feet, twisting the wrists, splitting the tendons, staggering the bones and falling over the shoulders stopped at the first link.

Her slippers stepped on the uppers of Chu Ge, but no more force.

“What are you doing?” Qiu Wuji took a deep breath, maintaining a cold and sharp voice: “This elbow is enough to hurt you internally, do you really want to die?”

Chu Ge endured the pain and whispered: “Even if I was killed by you, I recognize it.”

“You are so confident that I dare not indiscriminately destroy with you? World annihilation with me What are you doing!”

“I want to hold you even after the world annihilation.”

From the angle he couldn’t see, Qiu Wuji’s expression changed from anger to unconsciousness. Rolling his eyes, he said after a while: “Okay, aren’t you in cultivation? We are all exploring the two realms, seeking truth, not just for… In order to enter and exit freely and break the boundaries of the realm? It must be known that everything hase brings no success, you are here now. The mentality is not good.”

She really knew why Chu Ge suddenly “extremely lustful”, what everyone was thinking, in fact, she has always understood it very well.

β€”β€””I just care about you too much.”

The words he just said were still ringing in his ears.

Chu Ge did not answer and does not need to answer.

He silently adjusted his breath, balancing the internal injury that his mother Tyrant Dragon pushed out of his elbow, still quietly hugging her waist and resting his chin on her shoulder.

yearn for something even in dreams

But as long as you hold it like this, it is peace.

The illusory dream, Yan Ruyu in the book, is literally in his arms.

He didn’t answer, and Qiu Wuji didn’t push it away.

The two of them just stood silently beside the vegetable sink, and didn’t even move for more than ten minutes.

Chu Ge’s anxious mind finally calmed down, and she began to feel her softness and fragrance that she didn’t care about before.

“Okay, go heal.” Qiu Wuji listened to Chu Ge’s heartbeat all the time, feeling that it had calmed down, and finally said in a low voice, “Remember to bring mussel beads, this thing can help Restoration…you are really looking for trouble, today’s ten thousand changes are hanging again.”

She earned lightly.

The embrace that he couldn’t let go of his elbows in anger before, this time, he opened it with a light effort, Chu Ge obediently and honestly withdrew, saying with a smile: “Won’t let it go. Question! As long as the hand is not broken, it’s nothing to vomit blood, you’ll get used to it…”

Qiu Wuji from start to finish didn’t turn his head to look at him.

I was afraid that I could not help but beat him when I saw his dead face, and I was also afraid that he would see his bright red face.

Is this guy going to make further progress in the future?

Do you still hit him when the time comes?

However, his mind at that time was so strong that it was about to overflow, and he could deeply feel his anxiety.

Why…makes people a little bit happy?


During the meal, the two seemed to be fighting a cold war.

Qiu Wuji was sulking on the face of his disciples, and Chu Ge was also afraid that Qiu Wuji would be angry, so he was scolded as soon as he spoke, so he made a fortune first.

I’ve already hugged it, so what’s a small injury, if you get used to it a little bit, you can still hug it!

Chu Ge took a peek at Qiu Wuji’s Sima’s face, and swallowed what he wanted to say. He had to cool it down for now, and wait until the evening when her face was less stinky…

“Cough… I’m done eating, I’m off to write…”

“Go to writing, there’s no update today, so don’t eat at night!”

“As you bid!”

Chu Ge returned to the room in a hurry.

The next writing is really powerful, just like eating a strong pill.

Qiu Wuji has been listening to Chu Ge tap-tap’s writing all afternoon, like a writing machine that doesn’t need to think.

As a writing newbie, Qiu Wuji can’t understand why someone can code for hours without thinking. I always feel that this is unscientific… However, it turns out that people are real when they are bloody. Can.

The plot is in the heart early, the thinking is clear and smooth, the beginnings and turns have the words at hand, and some inspirational sentences can be popped up from time to time.

The only thing you need is concentration and being able to devote yourself to the plot.

Chu Ge often gets into this state once he starts to distract himself with practice and writing. Writing at that time did not feel like writing, but restored the original appearance of a world in the document.

Qiu Wuji couldn’t understand it, but he was very envious of this state, so he also went to write his autobiography.

She hasn’t meditated yet with Chu Ge, her mind is chaotic, she couldn’t even type out a thousand words in one afternoon, but she watched the phone prompt twice in a row “The “Chu Tian Wuji” you follow has been updated ”, which means that Chu Ge has done two more chapters in one afternoon.

Qiu Wuji pouted and sighed while looking at his sparse documents.

I still want to ask him some questions.

How can I ask if he is like this today… Will he be molested? Would you say shoulder massage, or just give it a hug?

No, I’m still sulking with him, how can I ask him?

While struggling, Chu Ge’s head poked out from outside the door, as if to see what she was doing.

Qiu Wuji said ill-humoredly: “If you have something to say, if you have a fart, let it go. What are you doing with the head pulled back? You want to sneak attack and hug people?”

” No, no.” Chu Ge smiled and walked in: “Today’s task code is finished, I want to ask Master some cultivation questions.”

Qiu Wuji was startled, and immediately found a way: “Exchange, I I’ll ask you a question too. Let’s talk about your problems first.”

Chu Ge actually has a fart problem, and the distraction and the second use of cultivation have successfully succeeded in a batch. Just a step to relieve her.

As long as he has time to think, Chu Ge, a harem style writer, knows how to do it.

When she asked this question, she made a random excuse: “Oh, I was thinking, since the sea sand can help me exercise my mental magic technique, then this mussel has a healing effect and can Can’t you help me practice a treatment art? You can use the magic technique in the future, so don’t wait for the self-treatment to recover.”

Qiu Wuji shook the head: “It’s not feasible, because of the fundamental cultivation of your Golden Bell Cover. It belongs to the method of tough and fierce, which is different from the mana required for healing, and it is easy to setback when mixed. In addition, the Golden Bell Cover itself belongs to the category with a strong effect on self-recovery and remodeling, and the magical technique of self-healing is also somewhat repetitive. Well, it’s better for someone else to treat you or use another medicine pill than self-treatmentβ€”hey, no, it’s all your settings, don’t you know you’re asking me?”

“Cough, I’ll just If you know the theory but don’t know the practice, you still have to ask the Master.”

Qiu Wuji accepted this explanation and stood up reservedly: β€œSit down and I’ll show you the injury.”


Chu Ge sat in her place with his hands folded.

Qiu Wuji reached out and pressed Chu Ge’s rib, which was a little bruised, and the Golden Bell Cover couldn’t hold it. On the contrary, the internal injury was not bad, and the mana didn’t raged inside: “It’s alright, I’ll just give you a comb…”

The gentle mana penetrated into the skin and combed the injury. Chu Ge felt very refreshed and asked, “What about you? Do you have any doubts? Is the turning point you said last night still not enough?”

“No…” Qiu Wuji massaged and combed, while Some trancely said: “As I said before, I lived in the town for a period of time, in fact, at the beginning of my sword dao cultivation, the experience of those days still benefited me. The stomach of a villain…I could not experience it in the mountains when I was young, but from the perspective of traveling the world with a sword, watching everyone is like reading a book, which is quite rewarding.”

Chu Ge was a little taken aback when he heard it: “Interesting … and then what?”

“But now in memory, or in writing, it will only feel boring, it’s just trivial, as a novel is Isn’t nobody watching?”

Chu Ge was brooding for the first time when she asked a writing question.

It was originally specific to this case, so it can be taken in one stroke without writing. But if it’s about the larger proposition of how to write trivia well, it’s not something that can be explained in a few words. In particular, it is still looking at trivial matters from the perspective of God’s detachment, which makes it even more difficult and boring.

It can be said that Chu Ge himself is not enough for this skill, but anyone who can see the real fun in the ordinary is a famous artist.

He frowned and thought, and suddenly felt the slender hand massaged under his rib begin to shift, as if hesitantly, pinching his temples.

Chu Ge was stunned for a while, then heard Qiu Wuji’s voice say: “Forget it, you’ve been writing for an afternoon, and your thinking is already exhausted. Let’s take a rest first, let’s have dinner and then talk about it?”

The slender fingers are gently pressed on the temple, and the fragrance bursts into the nose.

Chu Ge don’t say that he is tired of thinking. At this moment, he doesn’t even have any thinking…I feel like he has gone to heaven.


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