What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 123


Chapter 123 Units of Measurement

Somehow, now Chu Ge kind of wants to laugh when he sees Qiu Wuji.

She is obviously not cute, she always has a stinky face, and puts on that cold and aloof Sect Master face, which often makes people feel like a big elder sister.

But it’s just so cute.

It’s cute to eat chicken thighs full of oil, and zΔ« liΕ« zΔ« liΕ« holding a cola is also very cute.

And the small appearance of resolutely not touching the hamburger is still very cute.

“By the way, why don’t you touch the hamburger?” Chu Ge couldn’t help but ask: “Do you think that eating this stuff will kill you?”

Qiu Wuji looked at Chu Ge With the hamburger in his hand, he hesitated: “That dish is raw. It’s all modern…”

Chu Ge looked down at the lettuce, expressionless.

What a distant memory, I seem to be like this back then.

Sure enough, Qiu Wuji’s next sentence was: “And what kind of white sauce, it looks weird…”

Chu Ge: “emmmm…try it, I used to think this stuff was unpalatable, but I didn’t enjoy it.”

“If you don’t eat it, you won’t eat it.”

Chu Ge clapped the table: ” Why are you like my daughter?”

Qiu Wuji clapped the table: “You have raised a daughter, right!”

“…No, that’s what other people say when they post their babies.” Chu Ge softened for a while, and followed suit: “You are different from others. You have to experience the world, so you should try everything.” Try it” to coax the child to eat.

However, other children may not eat this set, but this sentence still persuaded Qiu Wuji, which is a little better than the little girl who refused to say anything.

She hesitantly opened the hamburger box in front of her, and the way she carefully opened the wrapping paper was as if she had just acquired a strange magic treasure and was carefully testing it.

Then cautiously picked up a little “weird white sauce” and licked it.

It seemed that the taste was weird, so he frowned and shook his head: “Not good to eat.”

And then watched Qiu Wuji take off the lettuce and scrape the salad dressing. After shaving cleanly, he put the bread back, and this time he was finally willing to eat it: “This is just like normal food.”

Chu Ge blinked and turned his head to look into the distance. At a table there, there was a five- or six-year-old girl doing the exact same thing as Qiu Wuji.

Qiu Wuji noticed his gaze, glanced at it, and glared back with a bad look: “Little children know what to eat, you boss people, you don’t understand this!”


Chu Ge laughed: “You are right.”

Qiu Wuji’s cheeks moved, as if he wanted to teach him a few words, but only stared.

Chu Ge picked up the tissue again and wiped the corner of her mouth lightly: “Although there is salad on the lips, it looks tempting…but my Qiuqiu is still the most beautiful.”

Qiu Wuji felt that he was driving again, both sentences before and after, but there was no evidence.

As for wiping the mouth… I seem to be used to it.

It’s like walking home hand in hand after a meal.

“There are more and more fallen leaves.” The two walked by the road holding hands, Qiu Wuji looked at the flying leaves and asked strangely, “But why do I think the weather is still hot, a little There is no sign of getting colder, and it seems to have a different meaning from the traditional autumn tiger.”

“Global climate warming is like this, not to mention that we are in the south. If it is really going to get colder, it will probably be around the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day. “

“Mid-Autumn Festival…” Qiu Wuji asked: “Is this festival important to you? Before the Qixi Festival was not written in the book, but the Mid-Autumn Festival is there.”

“Yeah, it’s a reunion festival.” Chu Ge sighed: “I haven’t seen father and mother for a long time.”

He held his hands tightly and said with a smile: “But It’s good to have you now.”

Qiu Wuji turned his head and glanced at him, then turned back.

This mentality was not deeply felt by her at first, because it was already a memory from ten thousand years ago, and it has long since faded. If it weren’t for the purpose of writing autobiographical memories, this thing would hardly have caused her any ripples.

But now I don’t know why, I’m starting to feel it.

It’s not because of my parents…

I always subconsciously figured out that I must come out on the Mid-Autumn Festival.

A festival that symbolizes reunion, no one wants to be alone on that day, right?

As for why in the world in the book there are a lot of sect members surrounded by a lot of sect members, but it is not counted when two people stay in the house when they come out? Qiu Wuji didn’t think about it.

Who would think such a boring question!

Might as well study fried chicken: “This fried chicken is okay to eat occasionally… But it reminded me that I have never cooked chicken soup and duck soup well before, it is troublesome, our house is not suitable for killing Chicken or something…”

Chu Ge said: “I heard that there is a market specializing in killing chickens, you can ask.”

“Is that so?” Qiu Wuji was happy: “It’s a good thing, I’ve seen a very good chicken in the market, and I’ll make soup tomorrow.”

Chu Ge said: “If you really feel troublesome, there’s no need…I Cultivation is not bad for a bowl of chicken soup, right?”

“You are so beautiful, I don’t want to drink it myself!”

“Well well…”

“Moe Moe said that fruit can also be juiced, buy a juicer…”

“Buy, buy, buy.”

“wait a moment, I’ll buy a pack of toffee. ”

Chu Ge accompanied her into the supermarket to buy a pack of big white rabbits and hugged them out with a smile. The two held hands again and slowly walked into the community.

“Here’s one for you.” Qiu Wuji handed over the bag.

“You’re good to eat.”

“Did you think it was for you? It was for you to peel it for me. I didn’t have enough hands and was held by the pervert.”

Chu Ge took one, peeled off the candy wrapper with one hand, turned to look at Qiu Wuji’s drooling eyes, and stuffed the candy directly into her mouth.

The fingers seem to be touched by the lips, soft, and some current is flowing.

Qiu Wuji seemed unaware, with sweet toffee in his mouth, hesitantly thought about it, and then handed over the bag: “This time I’ll give you one, only one, can’t take more. .”

Chu Ge took two.

Qiu Wuji kicked him.

The doorman, Uncle, turned his head all the way and watched the cheating couple disappear into the tree-lined alley in the community. Goosebumps all over the place.

Who said global warming is coming? This autumn is obviously more and more intense.

Speaking of which, why do I also want to buy a bag of the big white rabbit and go home to eat with the yellow-faced woman…

But no matter how I make up my mind, I feel that I will be scolded by the mother-in-law for mental disorder. forget it.

The cheating couple entered their own building, just about to press the elevator, but the elevator door opened by itself, Yue Ying came out with an old computer, and there was a monitor in the elevator.

Chu Ge hurriedly stepped forward to help hold the monitor out: “I said we can help move it.”

Yue Ying said apologetically, “It’s too much trouble, no need.”

She turned to Qiu Wuji: “Does Big Sister Qiu really need shadow power?”

The shadow power has been turned into an immortal dao magical technique by the cheating couple, Saved it in Scripture Tower… Qiu Wuji didn’t plan to learn it himself, it was cultivated as a special method of sect, and many sect backbones are already practicing this.

hearing this then said with a smile: “No need, Yue Ying is really good.”

Chu Ge looked sideways, you were just a little girl, now you look like an aunt What’s the matter…

Yue Ying is very upset. In her heart, she is really a big elder sister full of magnanimity. She was also apparently more able to talk to Qiu Wuji, and said with a smile, “I asked for the box that Chu Ge said in the morning, and I can keep it. If you need any help, feel free to tell me.”

Qiu Wuji actually nodded: “I really need your help.”

Yue Ying startled: “What?”

Qiu Wuji pulled Chu Ge over: “Fight him.”

Yue Ying: “?”

Chu Ge: “…”

“My Chu Ge is practicing at night. Fighting with me is always wrong. , I can’t let go, and it should be better to talk to you.” Qiu Wuji was actually serious: “Can you find a dojo? Or try it in the suburbs.”

Yue Ying saw that she was serious Yes, and then said: “Then go to the suburbs, it’s not far from here.”

As she looked at Chu Ge up and down, she always felt that Chu Ge was so stupid that she could easily Shadow pulled him to death.

Is it really worth practicing?

Chu Ge also tugged at Qiu Wuji’s clothes with a guilty conscience: “Hey, playing with her seems to be pure abuse.”

“Isn’t it pure abuse when you fight me? “Qiu Wuji hugged his arms and said happily: “Normally, Yue Ying is always used as a unit of measurement for combat power. Now you can directly weigh it with the unit of measurement. Is it an over-scale?”

Chu Ge didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.


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