What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 125


Chapter 125

The next days may be the happiest of Chu Ge’s life.

I don’t know if it was because he had passed all the “tests” last night and performed well. Afterwards, Qiu Wuji swept away his attitude of always trying to find excuses to beat him, and became very virtuous and virtuous.

Chu Ge got up early to practice martial arts and write, Qiu Wuji went to buy chicken stew.

The strong fragrance of chicken soup wafts in the house, it is really even the mind of writing can be hooked away by greedy bugs.

As for the routine serving of tea and water, I am used to it, and I have added various new tricks. First, I cut the fruit. When the juicer I bought from a treasure arrives, I will study the juice. It is a hot day. Putting a glass of ice juice in front of him, Chu Ge was so moved that he wanted to cry.

So much so that breakfast has been changed, and the juicer can also grind soy milk. Qiu Wuji no longer drinks the broken soy milk that I don’t know how much water I bought from outside. I buy soybeans and grind it myself.

Get up early to drink soy milk, add juice to writing spirit tea, and have chicken soup for dinner.

Chu Ge really thinks what he said before really makes sense – the quality of life mainly depends on what kind of wife you have.

Although she does not admit that she is a wife, nor does she perform the most crucial activity of her…

But she is a wife.

In Chu Ge’s heart no matter which way it is.

Qiu Wuji doesn’t think she’s a wife…but she also does it happily, she thinks it’s very interesting.

With modern equipment, doing things that immortal dao magical techniques can do, she has always been particularly interested in these changes.

Qiu Wuji is happy to make tricks with modern things by hand.

She even forgot that this state was completely a “housewife”, and the idea of making money didn’t even know she was thrown into that corner, because she felt that it was meaningless. Really want to make money, it seems to be very simple for her now, but she doesn’t seem to have such a will.

Chu Ge writing makes enough money to support the family, she is a little assistant.

Chu Ge is also not a person who is thirsty for money. The current income of 10,000 yuan plus some unexpected windfalls is already very powerful in his opinion. For the time being, he has no idea of getting to Longwangshu, and he has no plans to let it go. Qiu Wuji went to earn money to support his family.

The two of them seem to have forgotten what they said before, “You need to earn money independently to survive”…

Well, being an assistant is also an independent existence, isn’t it a job to earn his money?

Obviously, the operations manager is also very tired!

Is it easy for the little assistant to be molested and called sister-in-law unwillingly?

So Qiu Wuji normally studies new tricks, spends his spare time reading dramas, reading books, writing hundreds of words of Qiuqiu’s autobiography, watching everyone compliment the feeling of “the text is here”, smiling like a crescent moon .

What a comfortable day.

What a cultivation.

You can beat Chu Ge to relieve boredom at night… oh, sparring, sparring.

Since he wouldn’t let him and Yue Ying post, of course the poor little assistant had to sacrifice a little bit.

β€œpa pa pa pa!”

The two quickly dismantled in the living room. , put Qiu Wuji against the wall and tried to restrain her.

What Plum Twisting Hand?

It’s not always like this…

Qiu Wuji leans against the wall with his chest up and down, his hair is messy and his eyes are unyielding.

Chu Ge’s throat “gumbled”.

“peng!” the next moment turned into a Chu Ge “big” shape lying on the wall.

Qiu Wuji clapped his hands and left: “Let’s have a little bit of it! If you look at this Eminence again, I will put durians on the wall next time!”

Chu Ge slams the wall: “Lin Wuyang, you are a lot of harm!”

If Lin Wuyang heard it here, he would definitely say that it’s none of my business, even a man can’t stand it!

“Come here!” Qiu Wuji shouted from the door of the room.

β€žOh.” Chu Ge walked over honestly: β€œDid you practice spiritual grand art tonight?”

β€œThat’s right.”

These few days, Qiu Wuji made a special trip back to the world in the book, branded “Shifting Heaven Striking Earth Grand Art” and came back to teach Chu Ge.

As long as it’s not the limit, it’s actually quite easy to shuttle in advance when the Divine Soul is strong, and the exhaustion CD that needs to wait for recovery is also very short, and you can wear it again after taking a rest. “Going out early and returning late” is almost the same as going out to play for a day and coming back.

Even for just one day, Chu Ge was restless.

I feel uncomfortable without her for a long time, but also because I am afraid that every parting will have to face the hurdles that I cannot get out of.

Fortunately, this time it was calm and nothing happened, and “Shifting Heaven Striking Earth Grand Art” also entered his Soul Sea smoothly.

But Qiu Wuji didn’t talk about how to practice until he finished a set of Plum Twisting Hand sparring, and then he suddenly brought up this topic.

Chu Ge walked into the room wonderingly: “Do you need to enter the room on purpose?”

Qiu Wuji was very cautious: “spiritual art is no trivial matter, a little carelessness will Make yourself a lunatic. In the past few months, the temper the spirit method you practiced has some results, the Divine Soul is stable, you can try it… but you also need to be fully prepared. I didn’t go back to get the cheats in a hurry before, just I feel like you were lacking something when you practiced this…”

Chu Ge: “…”

Is that so? Why do I think you just came over and didn’t want to go back? the past few days, I had nothing to do until I thought of going home…

Qiu Wuji continued: “Now that you have learned all the skills, there is no shortcoming; The body function is in Peak state and can be prepared for unexpected events at any time; the next thing to do is to quiet down the Divine Soul. Of course, your own bedroom will help the Divine Soul to be peaceful. When you go to bed, I will take the role of protector for you. “

Seeing that she said it carefully, Chu Ge didn’t dare to distract her mind from going to bed, she sat cross-legged on the edge of the bed very seriously, five hearts facing heaven.

The center of his eyebrows ached slightly, but it was Qiu Wuji who took out the grain of sea sand and pressed it directly between his eyebrows, almost embedded in it.

In an instant, I felt a very strange force spread from the eyebrows, straight to the Soul Sea.

I never felt the real existence of “Soul Sea” before, but now I seem to have a little feeling… It seems that I see a large thin mist in the vastness, like the steam on the sea, it seems to be The result of the manifestation of your own spirit strength.

The strange radiation contained in this sea sand is not a treasure type that provides energy or assists the improvement of spirit strength, but seems to have the meaning of allowing people to observe the Divine Consciousness Sea, no wonder the Wang Family uses this thing Zhang Qiren wanted to cultivate supernatural abilities, and even the country attached importance to it… This special value is more meaningful than the direct supply of energy.

It’s just that Qiu Wuji is no stranger to this little thing.

She is the real treasure.

Qiu Wuji’s voice sounded in the Soul Sea: “Shifting Heaven Striking Earth Grand Art has no power line to speak of, the spiritual world has its own spiritual doorway, you are a beginner, you don’t need to think about influencing others for the time being For spiritual matters, visualize yourself first.”

β€œVisualize?” Chu Ge felt that he conveyed such an idea.

Qiu Wuji wasn’t surprised that his thoughts could be conveyed – in fact, with his spirit strength, he could have done it a long time ago.

She just answered: “Yes, it’s just visualization, for example, you imagine a sword, a saber, at first it is nothing, and it is useless, when you feel that they are solid, you can control them and let them out. Now, that is a kind of mentally hurting magic, which is extremely difficult to prevent. This is just an example, Shifting Heaven Striking Earth Grand Art is not in this direction, you understand the meaning, just visualize it according to its method.”

Shifting Heaven Striking Earth Grand Art is not just a kind of spiritual hallucination, but dragging the other party into the spiritual world, ranging from spying on the soul and learning everything, while controlling the heart, transforming the soul, and more. Then you will fall into the past and this life, ten thousand zhang worlds, and your soul will never return.

The level is gradually from wuxia to cultivation.

Visualize…in the direction of Shifting Heaven Striking Earth Grand Art, the spiritual world…what should it be?

Chu Ge was targeted when choosing this skill.

Of course visualize the world in the book, what else could it be?

It’s just that the world in the book is too big…There must be a specific calibration, so that beginners can find a target.


Lock Qiu Wuji.

Among the Chu Ge Sea of Consciousness, the shadow of Qiu Wuji gradually appeared.

The look of Qiu Wuji, the guardian of the Dharma, became a little weird…he seemed a little happy, but also a little bit embarrassed.

You visualize cultivation, it’s for fighting… What do you want me to do?

Do you call Qiuqiu for help when you can’t beat someone?

But looking at her, her expression gradually changed.

Qiu Wuji in Chu Ge Soul Sea begins to shrink…not shrinking, but getting farther, the illusion of a stretched perspective.

A distant aerial view, in Cloudridge Mountain, at the top of the main peak, on the side of the sword-casting platform.

Qiu Wuji is holding the Autumn Water Jadeheart Sword in his real body and is undergoing repeated sacrifices and retraining.

The tip of the sword cuts through the jade hand, the green blood flows, forming hidden lines on the body of the sword, the blood light flashes, and gradually disappears in the tempering of the flame of Taixu.

The waves are rippling, and the limpid autumn water is green.

“The blue blood coagulates the clear waves, the sky is clear and the sky is clear, and the limpid autumn water is boundless.” Qiu Wuji looked at the moonlight and whispered to himself: “Tomorrow, day and night, Jul-15…it’s time. Night Parade of One Hundred Ghosts, it must end.”

Chu Ge silently looked at the bloodstain in her hands.

In her world, the real experience and this world are simply two templates, two completely different people. No one knows better than herself how much trouble she is facing, how much life and death she is facing.

I once joked about her, is it a combination of work and rest here?

Maybe it’s true… In Qiu Wuji’s heart, perhaps what he likes more is the peace and quiet here, and that’s cultivation.

So she will like it more and more and not like leaving, which is an inevitable result.

In a sense, those who fight back and forth are not immortals, at least not in Chu Ge’s heart, nor in Qiu Wuji’s heart.

“It’s almost over.” Chu Ge whispered: “The next episode won’t make you so tired, just hehe nectar, eat some white cloud marshmallows, travel to sea, travel the world, okay? ?”

Qiu Wuji smiled slightly, as if he felt something.

Besides Qiu Wuji also showed a sweet smile.

My heart is still very shocking… His transformation, his spiritual world, is really there.

(end of this chapter)

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