What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 128


Chapter 128 Qiuqiu who ran away from home

Chu Ge seemed to finish it easily, even Qiu Wuji couldn’t wait for his reaction, his spirit Returning quickly, people are almost collapsed.

And then it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter how the readers of the climax plot feedback, it is unprecedented to go to bed during the day, and fall asleep as soon as the head touches the pillow.

This is the active use of Shifting Heaven Striking Earth Grand Art to interfere with the world, and the previous passive interference, the consumption level is completely incomparable.

Although exhausted, but excited, not only the ability to influence the world like a god, but more importantly, help Qiu Wuji.

The unease that has been in my heart all the time has been completely ended here, Chu Ge slept very peacefully, and his heart was completely relieved.

As for Yan Qianlie’s running away…he was going to run, how could an opponent of this level simply die in a duel?

It’s just that the running mode is a little different from what I designed…the difference is different, I don’t have time to think about it, go to sleep.

world in the book, Qiu Wuji stood there quietly, his face still pale with injuries, blood dripping down the corner of his mouth, but with a strange look, like anger and joy, and a little bit Blushing ashamed.

People thought it was the shame of being almost defeated and the joy of victory.

No one dared to do anything while she was injured. Yan Qianlie’s defeat sounded the horn of the righteous path to attack the demonic path. The surrounding magic treasure rays of light radiated everywhere. swept away.

This is an important node in this world’s righteousness.

It also symbolizes the establishment of Cloudridge Sect’s hegemony, the beginning of Qiu Wuji’s crossover of the Nine Provinces.

The distant Fire Prison Sect, a beautiful fire feather penetrated deep into the ground and shot into the sky. The brilliant rays of light cut through the night and fell into the hands of Qiu Wuji, who was thousands of miles away.

The Heavenly Dao contract is mandatory.

People then remembered the introduction of Qiu Wuji and Yan Qianlie’s battle, just for this Vermilion Bird fire feather.

It’s just the difference between right and wrong, the power of hegemony, triggered by a small fire feather, has caused a series of changes. In fact, Qiu Wuji didn’t really want to see such a development. At first, she really just wanted to exchange fire feathers to arrange the Four Forms Grand Array.

If Yan Qianlie is willing to exchange well instead of plotting against all kinds of moths behind the scenes, maybe something will not happen, making a lot of things annoying.

Maybe it’s not necessarily Yan Qianlie’s fault…it’s a certain Father God’s established plot.

Qiu Wuji looked at the direction Yan Qianlie was fleeing, and there was a bit of sympathy in his eyes.

The inescapable chess under Heavenly Dao is both you and me.

Yan Qianlie noticed and worked hard, but in vain. Heavenly Dao ended up in person, suppressing possible variables…

I’m not going anywhere, I’ll be spanked when I go back…

Actually, Chu Ge didn’t intervene, Qiu Wuji didn’t think she would lose. She still didn’t take out the trump card. Of course, it might hurt more and there was no need to gamble. Qiu Wuji’s heart is still very warm if he can help.

Qiu Wuji knew that no matter how many goals he had to “revise the plot”, the goal of caring about himself was to occupy the first place.

His meddling is also very draining… Qiu Wuji Mochizuki, his mind is a little hesitant.

In the eyes of others, she is letting chaos and war spread in the distance.

“Sect Master!” The elders from left and right flew over, looking at Qiu Wuji with awe and admiration in their eyes, they all bowed: “Sect Master is injured, this place is inconvenient for the war, please come back. Zong Xiu.”

Qiu Wuji nodded, did not try to be arrogant, and said in a low voice: β€œThe people around you are unpredictable, you can’t trust Zhou Zhou to protect me and escort back to Zong.”

“Yes.” He was clearly speaking weak words in a low voice, but at this moment, he felt that he was dignified, and he couldn’t help but bow his head and obey his orders.

Psychological change is so intuitive.

Another Elder asked in a low voice, “The Sect Master defeated Yan Qianlie and the Fire Prison Sect’s ambition was taken away. Whether or not to mobilize manpower, it is all in one battle, please show the Sect Master.”

Qiu Wuji said indifferently: “Fighting a snake will not kill you, but will suffer from it. Immediately mobilize the allies of the right way and start a battle of Sect extermination against the Fire Prison Sect. Yan Qianlie’s trace, please pay attention to the search.”

Everyone They all bowed their heads: “Follow the orders of the Sect Master.”

Qiu Wuji silently entered the heavily guarded secret place of his sect under the escort of his hard-core confidants, and retreated to heal his wounds.

Elder Zhou also advised: “Sect Master seems to be accustomed to wandering around in the previous retreats, so he should be more careful this time, it is better to concentrate one’s mind.”

Qiu Wuji’s face was lightly red, and he stalked his neck: “Who separates souls does not separate souls! He is in your dreams, wait!”

Elder Zhou: “???”

What are you talking about?


Chu Ge woke up in the middle of the night and went to grind his own soy milk to drink.

Since Qiu Wuji came, instant noodles have never appeared in this rental house. Usually Qiu Wuji doesn’t eat biscuits very much, and there is no preparation at home, so there will be nothing to eat at this time.

Chu Ge probed for a long time, snapped his fingers, and got into Qiu Wuji’s house to steal milk candy.

Qiuqiu is better, no one is here, milk is still nourishing the hungry Chu Ge baby.

She was injured, so she should go to retreat. According to custom, when she is in retreat, she should come out… Maybe she can wait until she has breakfast together in the morning.

Chu Ge drank soy milk beautifully, sat back in front of the computer and opened the background to see the status of the new chapter.

The number of chapters and book reviews has exploded, and I can’t even turn the pages in the background for a while. A rough glance is basically a compliment. It seems that there are a lot more rewards, and several pledge lords have been added.

This result is not unexpected and quite normal.

In this book, all parties compete for the hegemony, and battle is the theme. It is a duel that foreshadows hundreds of thousands of words. As long as your writing strength is enough to write the process wonderfully, passers-by will be amazed, and the atmosphere will be rendered. Finally, Winning the battle is a perfect climax, and it is normal for readers to like it after so long of foreshadowing and anticipation.

– Although the actual battle that took place was not like that.

That doesn’t matter, novels are novels after all, and Chu Ge has always been there. Since Qiuqiu’s autobiography came out, now it’s better to separate his words from what actually happened.

Sometimes I think to myself, if everyone can see the livestream of the world in the book, will they be angry with “not in line with the original book”?

It’s fun to think about it this way, but unfortunately the livestream of world in the book is always impossible for people to see.

Even if I want to see it, it’s still hard…

For example, now I really want to know about Qiu Wuji’s injury. . Even after a good night’s sleep, the repercussions of Shifting Heaven Striking Earth Grand Art have not disappeared, and my brain is still swollen, and I really can’t use it for a second time.

Chu Ge sighed, silently took out the sea sand and pressed it between his eyebrows, holding the clam bead in his hand, and started cultivation.

Try to recover as soon as possible, see Qiuqiu as soon as possible, and see if I can help her…

Maybe it’s because this exercise method of extreme use ability is really effective. Looking at Soul Sea, I feel that although I haven’t recovered from fatigue, it has grown stronger and firmer… Now I go to test the spirit strength, it should be stable Level 5, maybe Level 6?

I don’t know what the level of immortal dao cultivation should be… In short, Chu Ge believes that it will be easier to interfere with the world with Shifting Heaven Striking Earth Grand Art in the future.

This is visible progress.

Chu Ge quietly ran the Golden Bell Cover cultivation technique again for 36 circulatory cycles, opened his eyes, the sky was already bright.

The probe went to Qiu Wuji’s room and saw that no one came.

Chu Ge became a little uneasy, and tried to communicate with the world with the spirit that he had just recovered. He could perceive the general feedback: Qiu Wuji’s injury was fine.

Why don’t you come out since it’s okay?

It’s not that the world has obstacles, and my perception is still very clear, and nothing has changed.

Chu Ge scratched his head and opened the document to write a new chapter.

The new chapter specially added a sentence:

“While Qiu Wuji was healing, I remembered that I hadn’t wandered for a long time, should I go out and see what’s going on outside?”


In the secret room where Qiu Wuji retreated, Qiu Wuji closed his eyes to heal his wounds, his brows suddenly raised slightly, and he forcibly subsided.

Stuffing this Eminence again! Pooh!

Chu Ge waited in front of the computer for a while, but Qiu Wuji still didn’t come out.

He thought for a while, and then wrote:

β€œQiu Wuji was thinking, Yan Qianlie’s disrespectful madman for Heavenly Dao, when there is such a defeat, Heavenly Dao is watching. You.”

Qiu Wuji raised his brows again: “I must heal, posts what chapter! If you keep watching, be careful this Eminence beats you up!”

Chu Ge:” …”

Hands over.

I seem to be able to guess what happened…

Do you feel like I was reminded several times or I almost fell for it, and I have no face to see Chu Ge?

Or…I’m afraid of being spanked, so I can’t hide?

Chu Ge was both happy and humoured, and said I passed on a small note… Sect Leader Qiu of Megatron, are you a little girl who ran away from home?

(end of this chapter)

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