What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 131


Chapter 131 The First Kiss

“I thought about it for a while… In fact, it’s not difficult to deal with the male villain.”

As the time was approaching noon, Qiu Wuji didn’t plan to cook the chicken, so he called to order takeout, and changed a bucket of bottled gas by the way.

After calling back to the house, looking at Chu Ge who seemed to be still a little tangled, Qiu Wuji suddenly said this.

Chu Ge was stunned: “What? The police caught him?”

“No.” Qiu Wuji said solemnly: “You can modify the settings to make him a girl, or modify the character’s character to turn him into a boy’s love. You can use your strengths…”

Chu Ge’s expression became very strange: “You can then Internal Strife. Right.”

Qiu Wuji said with a sneer: “Hare you written too much harem style, what are you thinking about?”

Chu Ge said with a sneer: “I only I have to ask what you are thinking about! Also, I am not a boy’s love!”

Qiu Wuji’s expression became dangerous and fiercely said: “This Eminence doesn’t care if you are or not, at that time this Eminence Decapitating your dog’s head with one sword is a great liberation, so as not to be bullied like now, it’s either a spanking or a shoulder massage.”

Chu Ge blinked his eyes and suddenly smiled: “You can also behead now.”

Qiu Wuji tilted his head and hummed: “This Eminence is afraid of world annihilation.”

“Are you reluctant to bear the world?” Chu Ge He stood up, walked in front of her, and subconsciously reached out to stroke her temples again.

Qiu Wuji took a half step back: “Don’t hit the snake with the stick, you won’t be able to speak if you don’t move your feet after day, right?”

Seeing what she saw in her eyes In a panic, Chu Ge said softly, “Isn’t it reluctant to part with me?”

Qiu Wuji panicked: “Flounder yourself a bit less less Father God?”

She was ready to fight : “I still dare to hit you! The ghosts can’t bear you, it’s better to die!”

Chu Ge reached out to hold her small fist and whispered: “Qiuqiu, I know why I’m in a hurry this time. Do you always want to punish you?”

Qiu Wuji struggled with his wrists and said angrily, “Isn’t it just the licensed third leg, what else can I do to make excuses to bully the little assistant assistant?”

Chu Ge shook the head, raised his head in a trance, and thought: “I know you are going to a decisive battle, and I have always been uneasy in my heart. I am afraid that you will experience such a moment of life and death, that you will not be able to control everything, that you will setback… When you go back, I want to watch, worrying about every change…”

Qiu Wuji’s struggling movements gradually eased, and he stared blankly at him and stopped talking.

He didn’t lie, and his concerns were manifested as early as a month ago.

“This decisive battle is a plot I wrote, and I even have regrets in my heart that I shouldn’t write about my Qiuqiu fighting someone else’s battle, especially in order to improve Yan Qianlie’s style, I also wrote him very special. Awesome… The protagonist has never met an opponent who is stronger than Yan Qianlie in a single palm… As soon as you go back, I get restless, always thinking that if something goes wrong, it’s not that I hurt you.”

Qiu Wuji pursed his lips and said, “No…it’s not that exaggerated.”

“I was afraid that you would give a setback and repeatedly warned you, but you still gave…even though you gave a setback. The direction is not because I underestimate the enemy, I may not blame you, but I just wanted to beat you, and I told you like that…” Chu Ge’s voice was trembling, he was really afraid: “You…you have an accident, what should I do… …”

Qiu Wuji’s eyes gradually turned into limpid autumn water, which filled his face.

I really have an accident, how do you live or how do you live? You have been here for 20 or 30 years, what else can you do…

But this is not said after all When she came out, she herself felt soft and speechless.

“There is no danger, Yan Qianlie’s variable is suppression, but you are still injured. I am worried about your injury, I will sense the world as soon as I wake up, I am afraid that you will not be able to get out, I do not know your How is the current situation?” Chu Ge sighed in a low voice: “I’m mentally exhausted, I really can’t get in, I’m so anxious and can’t do anything. I’m looking for you when I write a book, you ignore me, I’m so angry, you know… that kind of isolation I really don’t want to experience the feeling of being helpless between the two worlds…”

Qiu Wuji watched him caress his temples, and then watched him hug him tightly. tight.

He whispered in his ears: “You’re fine, it’s good to be able to come out.”

Qiu Wuji closed his eyes and clearly “looked” at his own. Action – hug him back, leaning against his chest.

He held it so hard that it seemed like he would lose it if he let go.

His heartbeat was a little fast and thumping.

My own heartbeat too.

He smells so good…of course it smells so good, my laundry!

Qiu Wuji didn’t want to talk, as if listening to his heartbeat was listening to him.

Listen to his heart, so true.

I seem to be really in love, and my arrogant heart deceives myself, but I can’t deceive…

It’s all because of him, who wrote a sentence “If you want to find a man, then Find Father God of Creation”.

And then he was eaten to death by this disciple, Father God.

This day is a shame, not a crime of war…

His head began to move again, running down the ends of his hair and brushing his cheeks.

It feels like an electric shock, mother.

Qiu Wuji’s heart jumped up sharply, but he found that he had become sluggish. Among them, he found his lips.

With a light touch on the corner of the lips, the electric current exploded instantly, spreading all over the body, paralyzing Soul Sea.

Before Qiu Wuji could do anything, he pressed his lips tightly and kissed him hard.

She could only subconsciously clench her teeth and purse her lips, her eyes widened and she made a “woooo” sound, as if warning against it.

I can’t even listen to myself.

The slender hand pushed his chest, so weak.

Chu Ge’s movements are also clumsy and his mind is empty.

He didn’t do it on purpose, he couldn’t help it. In fact, he didn’t make any mental preparations to kiss him today. Naturally, it happened.

She didn’t push away, she was really kissing.

This is Qiuqiu’s first kiss and also Chu Ge’s.

The two men and women who were at a loss were doing the most instinctive reaction.

β€œdΔ«ng dong!”

The doorbell rang: β€œDelivery!”

The two separated as if they were electrocuted, each gasping for breath. . I don’t know whether to blame the takeaway, or to thank him for giving everyone a little buffer.

Both of them are almost stupid and have… completely lost their minds.

But looking at Qiu Wuji’s crimson face, rosy lips, and the spring water in his eyes, Chu Ge still thinks this is the most beautiful Qiu Wuji.

“Alright, hurry up and open the door!” Qiu Wuji fly into a rage out of humiliation leg raised: “You are pitiful, don’t think you can take me lightly!”

Chu Ge smiled: “As you bid.”

I was in a very good mood at this moment. The takeaway little brother may have never seen such a polite customer. He opened the door and hummed a song and answered with a smile. After taking out, I repeatedly said, “Thank you, do you want to eat some candy.”

Takeaway little brother unfathomable mystery , still eating candy, are you married? But I was still infected by this smile: “You’re welcome, you’re welcome, just give a good review.”

“That’s necessary.” Chu Ge opened the APP directly and gave a five-star praise on the spot.

This time is simply responsive, anyone who wants to borrow money can take advantage of this time!

I turned around and saw that Qiu Wuji had already hid in the house and couldn’t come out.

“It’s time to eat!” Chu Ge knocked on the door.

“Don’t eat, what’s delicious!” Qiu Wuji lost his temper inside.

Chu Ge smiled and didn’t take it seriously, opened the package and said with a smile: “Today’s braised pork ribs are in good condition.”

“peng!” The door opened , Qiu Wuji sat on the opposite side with a sullen face: “I don’t think so.”

“Of course it’s not as delicious as my Qiuqiu.”

“I think you want to Delete the word ‘do’!”

Chu Ge “Yi” said, thinking it makes sense, what can be as sweet as Qiuqiu’s lips!

But don’t say this, and make a fortune in silence.

Qiu Wuji got angry when he saw his smiling appearance, he ate his meal in a huff, but he didn’t want to eat it.

“Not good to eat, I won’t order takeout in the future, I will make my own ribs!”

“yes, yes, yes.”

“Don’t watch My mouth speaks! I’m not spare ribs!”

Chu Ge bowed his head and cooked rice.

Qiu Wuji pouted and went back to the room, angry.

It wasn’t Chu Ge who was angry, it was himself.

How could he be fooled by the lard and succeeded by him?

Now looking at his face is embarrassing, no matter what he says, he feels harboring malicious intentions, what should I do…

Sitting at the table for a while, Qiu Wuji sighed softly .

But…I really don’t hate being kissed by him…

Do you really like him?

But if you really dare to say that you like him, he will definitely follow the stick and do more lustful things.

Qiu Wuji took out his mobile phone and asked his girlfriend: “Moe Moe, Moe Moe!”

Zhu Moe Moe: “Ah? What’s the matter? Are you coming for tea in the afternoon? We have a new arrival. Approving autumn tea is very good.”

“No…Moe Moe, you have a lot of experience in men and women, right?”

“Hey, it’s cooked, it’s just like talking nonsense. You slander… it’s not very rich…”

“Please imitate a man’s angry tone and let me dispel the urge to fall in love.”

Zhu Moe Moe After a moment of silence, a lot of tap-tap messages were sent: “Have you eaten, go to bed early, this thing is a bit expensive.”

“The battery is dead, just turned it on, I have been thinking of you just now.”

“I have something to do. I just finished my work. I’m very tired after a busy day.”

“I love you, how could that be, that girl is my sister.”

“Don’t make trouble, I really don’t, just have a drink together.”

“Drink too much, talk nonsense, we are just good friends.”

“What are you doing, I’m sorry, but I don’t know what’s wrong.”

“You’re fine, I’m not worthy, OK baby next.”

“Do you want more?” Zhu Moe Moe asked.

Qiu Wuji was stunned.

Each sentence here makes people clench their fists. The men in this world are so terrifying.

Zhu Moe Moe earnestly taught: “Love is war, what we have to do is that we say these words instead of stinky men, whoever says wins!”

Qiu Wuji After browsing silently for a while, she suddenly laughed, and she slowly replied: “But Moe Moe, he never said these words, and he didn’t match a word…so you…are you assisting?”

Zhu Moe Moe is stupid: “There is still such a good man these days? No, of course it would be better if he didn’t succeed, but it will be different after he succeeds!”

“How can it be considered a success?”

“Benmeng bet that he will change his face after we live together!”

“Do you live together?” Qiu Wuji raised his head and thought for a while, then smiled brightly: “Having lived together a long time ago, He really has never…”

Zhu Moe Moe: “…Where did your boyfriend buy it, introduce me?”

Qiu Wuji leaned on the back of the chair and thought for a long time After a long time, I whispered to myself: “Let’s fall in love then.”


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