What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 133


Chapter 133 Let’s Sculpt

Chu Ge looked at Qiu Wuji sadly and began to stir.

You are a 10,000-year-old young girl, come to cheat, come to sneak attack me, a twenty-eight-year-old old man!

I was stupid just now, didn’t feel it, shall we come again?

The timing is gone, this time Sect Leader Qiu vigilantly made a defensive stance: “This Eminence can be played, you must not be wicked, or you will be beaten.”

Chu Ge went crazy: “Qiu Wuji, you…”

“What’s wrong with me?” Qiu Wuji gazed towards the sky: “Tit for another, you sneak attacked me yesterday, today I sneak attack You, even.”

Chu Ge was both happy and humoured: “It’s good.”

It means that next time I sneak attack you, you will pay me back again, right? .

Why do you think this is quite sentimental? Qiuqiu is so good.

Seeing his expression changed from sad and angry to smiling, Qiu Wuji felt a little uncomfortable.

Sect Leader Qiu changed the subject decisively: “Your outline…”

β€žAh?” Chu Ge said with a smile: “Actually, I have already thought about it, no need We discussed it.”

Qiu Wuji: “?”

Chu Ge said: “Qiuqiu kissed, and my thoughts flowed, everything about that world entered my heart, why bother words?”

Qiu Wuji slim eyebrows.

Chu Ge continued: “Qiuqiu kisses two, and the outline becomes more detailed, Qiuqiu kisses three… oh~” Reverse cut hands to capture: “Would you like to take a bath for your teacher to take a bath in the Nanjiang River to calm down?”

Chu Ge grieved: “You interrupted the opportunity to finish the book directly.”

Qiu Wuji didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

Chu Ge said: “Hey, don’t hold me. Speaking of Nanjiang, I remember that there used to be boating services here, but now I don’t know if there is any.”

“The boating ?”

“Yeah, I rented a boat to swing on it. I had it in the early years. It’s been a long time. Let’s go ask?”

Qiu Wuji is very interested, dive Sense swiped, and sure enough, he saw someone rafting in the distance, so he pulled Chu Ge and ran over.

When I got closer, I could see that there was rowing, but the rowing area was separated by a small pond like a pond, and it was impossible to row out. Chu Ge was a little regretfully sighed, but he understood why, otherwise, the responsibility would not be light if the guests disappeared along the river. I thought it was because of this, but it would be nice to have it…

Turn around to look at Qiu Wuji, and ask for help. Chu Ge didn’t know if Qiu Wuji, a cultivator who traveled around the world, would be interested in this kind of boating hiding in a small pond…

As a result, Qiu Wuji was very interested: “This is fun, let’s go boating. !”

“Okay.” Of course Chu Ge had no problem, he quickly bought a ticket, the two put on life vests, and excitedly landed on a small broken boat.

The staff next to me said with a smile: “Do you want to teach?”

Chu Ge waved his hand domineeringly: “Isn’t it just rowing, simple!”

Boat The oars were a little on the shore, and the boat glided far and wide.

The staff was a bit stunned, this man is very strong…

Then I saw the repertoire: Chu Ge paddled vigorously, sweating down from the paddling, The boat just didn’t go, it was spinning around in place.

The staff grinned.

It doesn’t matter, most of the young men and women are very happy just spinning around here all afternoon. It doesn’t matter if they can grope together to make the boat go forward correctly and smile more happily.

Chu Ge over there was very shameless, and kept saying: “I have rowed before, obviously I will row at that time, it’s been too long to forget…”

Qiu Wuji He looked at him with a smile on his chin.

You are still a southerner, a seaside city, living by the river, hehe.

It’s so cute to see him in a state of embarrassment.

She is good at rowing. She used to paddle on the lake when she was in the rivers and lakes. When immortal dao is successful, she will not need this. The effect of force is in her eyes. Every delicate hair was completely shown. Go as you please. But she didn’t intend to take the oar, it was so much fun to watch Chu Ge dribble.

Please, I can.

Chu Ge is just trying to keep the face of “this is a man’s life”, brow beaded with sweat just don’t ask her for help, he tossed and toss, and he was actually cut out the door .

suffered untold hardships I finally watched the boat go forward for a while, Chu Ge smiled happily: “Look, look, I can row!”

Qiu Wuji just laughed.

Jiang Feng is so comfortable, the man is so cute, and I am in a good mood this afternoon.

Chu Ge is different, as long as he sees Qiu Wuji’s smile, he is in a good mood.

He stroked again for a while, this time he really gradually found the feeling, he took a breath and stroked leisurely, said with a smile: “I said I can.”

“Alright, alright, of course you can, my master is the best of course.” Qiu Wuji wanted to laugh when he saw his appearance, sweating all over his head, so he asked himself if he could do it, a man can’t say no, right? ?

Hearing Qiu Wuji say the best, Chu Ge is happy, his strength in rowing is three-pointed, he can see the muscles of his arms begin to bulge, and he increases the strength. .

The boat was like an arrow, overtaking another boat next to it.

The man over there gave a “bah” and got up to chase.

In fact, there is nothing to chase, because it is on the edge, and the lifebuoy of layer by layer surrounds it. Chu Ge was a little regretfully sighed, and turned his head awkwardly, and the others over there had already turned their heads and left, and gave him a “chicken” gesture.

Chu Ge smiled “ha” and was about to chase, but was suddenly stunned.

Qiu Wuji, who was sitting in front of him, leaned over and gently wiped the sweat from his forehead with a tissue in his hand.

He also said angrily: “How old are you, and you are still arguing with people for such a meaningless shortcoming, so what if you win?” The look on her face, she wiped it gently, and her tone was as gentle as an elder sister… The soft light in her eyes was like this sparkling river.

Chu Ge sat there in a daze, losing even the strength to row the boat. He just threw the oars away, no matter where the boat swayed.

I want to compete with people, of course, just to fight for face in front of the girl I like.

But is it still necessary now?

It is gradually sloping westward, and the sunset glow is reflected in the river, and the color is a little yellowish like an old photo. In the light of the river, the woman gently wiped the sweat of the man rowing. Looking from the riverside, facing the sunset, the silhouettes of the two of them are dim and their faces are fuzzy, but the beauty is like walking out of a painting.

The old man who photographed by the river seemed to have nostalgia in his eyes.

The youth many years ago seemed to be like this.

The woman put away the tissue, picked up the paddle, and said softly with a smile: “I have you here, I will go home.”

The man smiled slightly: “When Let’s go back hand in hand.”

The old man suspected that he was hallucinating.

There are still people in this world talking like this. Are you really people in the painting?

But seeing men and women paddle at the same time, Chu Ge changed his style of painting bravely and swayed gently, Qiu Wuji also seemed to be just paddling, but the movements of the two were different. This kind of rhythmic harmony, looks very comfortable.

Chu Ge’s singing voice was faintly heard: “Let’s swing the oars, the boat pushes away the waves~”

Qiu Wuji paddles with one hand, rests his cheeks with the other, beautiful eyes Without blinking, he looked at him with a smile, as if he thought his singing was cute too.

It’s pretty good. I’ve never heard him sing seriously before, so I just hummed a little tune. It turns out that he can sing.

“The boat is long, floating in the water…”

The boat in the song swayed around the “pond” and returned to the shore leisurely.

The old man saw the face of “people in the painting”, the man was handsome and straight, and the woman was beautiful and elegant.

It’s a pity that the next words are a bit destructive: “Today is too late to buy food, so I won’t cook at night.”

“Well, of course I came out to play. Eat out. What are you going to eat?”

“I saw the flyer over there, is pizza delicious? I look at the picture like a pancake with a little more topping.”

” It doesn’t matter if it’s delicious or not, if you haven’t eaten it, go and try it.”

“…It doesn’t taste good and I’ll hit you.”

The voice goes all the way, old man Returning to the Prime Minister to send him off, he unconsciously smiled.

It’s nice to be young.

(end of this chapter)

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