What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 135


Chapter 135 Fantasies come true

Chu Ge rushed to the clinic in a hurry, and the results were relaxed and People were astonished.

Because she really just had her period.

Not only did I not get sick, but I didn’t even have dysmenorrhea. I just didn’t experience it for a long time.

It is estimated that it is a little more uncomfortable than the average person, and Qiu Wuji’s face turns white.

A thousand years of torrents?

Chu Ge’s head is about to be scratched, what’s the point?

It’s been almost three and a half months since Qiu Wuji wore it for the first time, and now it’s mid-September. Search for the reason.

Everyone has prepared the psychological cognition of “this is an old woman of menopause age”…

As a result, an unfathomable mystery suddenly came?

It’s not always because when it comes to giving birth today, what did she think about, what did she pay attention to, and then came?

I thought of my aunt, so my aunt came to be a guest? Is this called Cao Cao, Cao Cao arrived, or I think so I am here?

This is too mysterious!

The two looked at each other in blank dismay for a while, Chu Ge left Qiu Wuji to do some simple hot compresses at the clinic, and went to the supermarket by himself.

I once made up for the embarrassment of her coming to my aunt to buy my aunt’s towels, and she must be blushing and stuttering in front of the teller’s strange eyes… But at this time, I kissed and hugged, and my heart is really Not the same.

I bought a few sets for day and night use, and went to the food section to buy brown sugar, went to the clothes section to buy skirts and panties, and threw them on the cashier without changing their face.

The teller didn’t even look at him, but instead muttered, “I only bought brown sugar during my menstrual period. You are unqualified as a boyfriend.”

Chu Ge Sigh: “I’m careless.”

The teller didn’t say much, just scan the QR code to check out, and you’re done, it’s that simple.

Back at the clinic, Qiu Wuji hid and changed into a skirt, holding the bloody jeans, wanting to cry without tears, and said weakly, “This one is hard to wash… I knew I wouldn’t wear jeans…”

β€œYou look pale and still take care of this.” Chu Ge was both happy and humoured: β€œGo home and rest first.”


When he got home, Qiu Wuji sat on the sofa, hugging the piggy pillow aggrievedly, watching Chu Ge busy running brown sugar water for her to drink.

It feels weird in my heart.

Actually, I’m not weak, and it’s not even an injury. It can be said that it doesn’t even affect the battle strength. Even a Yan Qianlie can beat me to the death.

But following Chu Ge’s side, I feel that I’m so weak, ying ying ying, I really want him to take care of…

He’s pretty reliable when he’s busy. …

Compared to the order to kill a moment ago, outside the secret room, screaming and wailing, the heads of people are like rain… It seems like a lifetime.

Oh, it’s a lifetime apart.

The hot brown sugar water was handed to him, accompanied by his gentle voice: “Come on, have a drink.”

Qiu Wuji took a sip from the cup and took a sip.

The warm brown sugar water in the belly seems to ease the messy feeling in the belly, and the smooth combing makes people feel much more comfortable.

Actually, she knew inwardly, how could there be such a magical effect…and it’s not an Immortal Pill.

Comfort is only in your heart.

β€œWill it be better?” Chu Ge asked.

“It’s better…” Qiu Wuji said weakly.

Chu Ge sat beside him, very strange: “So do you know what’s going on?”

Qiu Wuji shook his head blankly, he really didn’t know.

Chu Ge tried to help her find ideas: “Could it be that you didn’t pay attention to these details when you were shaping your body before? Maybe not only this aspect, but others such as sweat glands, you are very Maybe they are all copied from the original state, so many functions are not available. It has nothing to do with age at all.”

Qiu Wuji held the cup blankly and said: “It sounds reasonable, shaping fleshy The body seems to be like this… But if it is, then I didn’t reshape it on purpose, why did it exist?”

“emmmm…” Chu Ge also got stuck.

Qiu Wuji’s confused expression gradually turned into contemplation.

When Chu Ge said this, she had some ideas, but she wasn’t sure for the time being.

My own split soul does not have the ability to create fleshy body out of thin air. The theory is just an illusion, but it becomes an inexplicable entity. This is a strange thing that has always been difficult to understand.

Now that it looks like this, in fact, it has never been considered a complete entity, and there is still a half-blind part. Now it is only because his cultivation has improved or his sense of existence in the world has become stronger, so this body is also more. Real and alive.

In other words, the original fleshy body is not his own ability, but his?

Fantasy come true?

Or it can’t be said to be his, he never imagined that the female lead would run out…it should be something that he made with the help of Heavenly Dao, how much he can play, based on him.

This idea is difficult to verify, but Qiu Wuji thinks that the probability is relatively large, and it can be explained from beginning to end.

Seeing that Chu Ge was still sitting beside him with a thoughtful face, Qiu Wuji suddenly laughed: “Okay, it’s just a girl’s menstrual period, what’s a major event? It’s time for you to write.”

Chu Ge said: “You are not feeling well, I have no intention of doing anything else.”

Qiu Wuji was happy, but he put down the cup and pushed him: “go go go, I don’t Be country destroying beauty. This Eminence is your strict teacher!”

Chu Ge was pushed away from the sofa helplessly, and repeatedly urged: “Drink more hot water, rest early, and watch other people’s menstruation on Baidu How to deal with it, don’t be stubborn. After all, your body is not the real body, so it’s not that awesome.”

“Okay, now I know!”



Chu Ge said that the outline has already been drafted, which is indeed not fooling Qiu Wuji.

When you go out and play in a relaxed mood, all kinds of ideas naturally pop into your mind. After all, adjusting the outline is not the current text, it is not that difficult, it is enough to have a concept, so once you sit down and organize it, the tap-tap is very smooth.

In fact, some things got stuck before, but also because of Qiu Wuji’s role in the scene, entangled in whether to let her continue fighting and so on. Now that you don’t want to, you should rest more in this volume.

Be honest and think about the mysteries of your human body in the room. At least this volume of fights doesn’t require you to fight hard. At most, you can come out to suppress Xiao Xiao, which is commonly known as pretending to be coercive…

It is said that it is a group image writing method, that is the writing method, not the real group image writing, but still has a main perspective. The main point of view returns to Chu Tiange, the story line is very simple, and it is nothing more than the main line of the upgrade text. Most of the previously designed plots can still be used. Today, many new ideas have emerged, and Wen Siquan is right. , what is there to get stuck…

According to the deduction, the battle between the righteous and the devil before the world in the book was not really sharp, everyone played their own way, and the conflict was only local.

Since the battle of Qiu Wuji Yan Qianlie, many sectors of the righteous and demons have been involved, and it has evolved into the Great War of Righteousness and Demons. After this battle, the demons of the Taoist leader disappeared. Although Qiu Wuji dominated the Nine Provinces and the righteous path flourished, the demonic path was forced to become a rope.

With the rise of new heroes, according to certain secret places, leading the crowd to counterattack, secretly planning new conspiracies, etc., the war is more acute than before. And Yan Qianlie, who disappeared without a trace, also has closed-door cultivation to heal her wounds, while she has other plans.

Qiu Wuji spends most of his time recovering from injuries and fortune-telling searching for the whereabouts of White Tiger’s fangs due to “plot needs”. He only controls everything behind the scenes and rarely shows up.

And the upgrade of the protagonist and the mainline BOSS that need to be challenged by the protagonist are also very clear.

It was also among them that Chu Tiange lost to a strong enemy, and he had no time to ask the sect for help, so he was forced to flee to the sea and started an overseas plot.

The links are still very clear, Chu Ge organized the outline, and the next few hundred chapters have been drafted, and even started to code new chapters…

Qiu Wuji was sitting in the living room, sipping brown sugar water, looking at the back of Chu Ge’s work from the door, with eyes full of limpid autumn water.

What an idiot, I only care about whether my menstrual period is uncomfortable, and I think about the reasons, but I never thought about it. In fact, this is a good thing, it means that I am a normal woman, a real person?

I have never thought about it, this is a sign that a child can be born?

No, what can I do to have a child?

I didn’t think about it!

Continue to treat your manuscript as a child, idiot!

The Sect Leader Qiu thought by Chu Ge: Explore the mysteries of the human body and seek the truth of this body.

Actual Sect Leader Qiu: He was so cute when he kissed him today, how cute he was when he was terrified, how cute he was rowing a boat, how cute he was cutting steak, and how cute he was taking care of people.

(end of this chapter)

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