What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 153


Chapter 153 Restarted illegal boxing

Coming back to Miracle Nightclub, Chu Ge found that the facade was actually renovated.

When I came before, the facade was dilapidated and the lights were missing. Divine Vestige looked like Shen Yi. It is understandable that the core business inside is not for the public, there is no need to make the signboard more attractive, and low-key is king.

When Zhang Xiaoren was in charge earlier, he did the same thing himself. After Zhang Qiren took over, he didn’t even think about decoration.

However, when I came back this time, I saw a facade of gold and jade in glorious splendor. From afar, it looked like brilliant lights and vibrant colors. The cheongsam waitress stood outside the door and greeted me with a smile. Guest, everyone thinks this place is quite classy.

“I don’t pretend?” Chu Ge said strangely to himself: “It’s too high-profile, does it mean that he has completely turned white and changed to the nature of opening the door to welcome guests?”


Yue Ying went straight into the door with an expressionless face.

The interior has not changed much. It is still a very classical ballroom. At this moment, soft music is playing in it, and men and women are embracing and dancing on the dance floor.

It was still early, everyone was very serious, and I didn’t see the ambiguous dance of the demons that day, let alone the special performance at midnight.

Yue Ying was slightly tense and relieved, and asked the waiter for a table and sat opposite Chu Ge.

The seat is also not the couple seat that came with Qiu Wuji that day, face to face, straightforward and upright.

Chu Ge also feels comfortable. It should be like this when I go out with my friends. I don’t know why I always get ambiguous when I go out with Qiu Wuji… Maybe the ambiguous thing is just because of my heart?

The price of things is still high. Chu Ge usually only orders two bottles of beer and a plate of peanuts, no matter what the waiter thinks or how he likes to look at it.

Theoretically, it was Yue Ying’s treat…

But the girl looked at the price tag, and her eyes still haven’t come back to his senses. It’s a pity that she has been hanging around here for several months. Now, I haven’t touched anything on it…no money.

I thought I would be able to invite my old friend for two drinks after I was officially working. I knew I wouldn’t come here, what a roadside stall…

Chu Ge bottled up a bottle for Yue Ying and himself Each filled it up, toasted and touched, said with a smile: “Since we are old friends, I would like to take this cup to bid you farewell to Nanjiang.”

Yue Ying came back to his senses and squeezed nervously. Looking at the priceless wine glass, he said in a low voice, “Thank you.”

The two drank each, and Chu Ge said, “Looking at this, Miracle Nightclub seems to have turned into a whitewashed feeling, You should have nothing to worry about. From now on, say goodbye to the past, being reborn, in the eyes of our writers, this is called a circle, HE.”

Yue Ying asked: “What is HE?”


“Maybe.” Yue Ying smiled: “I don’t have any special obsession with other things, and I don’t want to trace back to the Zhang Family. , if those harmful things can really stop from now on, that’s fine.”

Chu Ge sincerely said: “Your character is too pure. Relatively speaking, the current team may indeed be the most suitable Your place.”

Yue Ying hurriedly toasted: “many thanks to Brother Chu and Big Sister Qiu for their care.”

The two had another drink, Chu Ge felt that if There is no special thing to come here, then you can actually go by yourself, and it is not good to sit with Yue Ying for a long time. After all, single man and woman together always have to avoid suspicion, and there is not much that everyone can say…

There are some things that everyone is avoiding to say, and there are even fewer words that can be said, which is actually a bit embarrassing.

Chu Ge was drinking wine, his eyes were wandering, and he was thinking about how to leave as soon as he arrived and still be polite… As a result, he saw an acquaintance.

In the next seat, Zhu Moe Moe is talking to a Little Handsome Brother.

Chu Ge got nervous, why didn’t I see her here before… If this was reported by Zhu Moe Moe, it would be impossible to wash it out if she jumped into the Nanjiang River!

Yue Ying asked strangely: “What’s wrong?”

“No, no, I saw an acquaintance…”

Yue Ying followed his gaze , If he realized something, he said sensible: “Your old lover? Don’t worry, I won’t talk to Big Sister Qiu.”

Chu Ge didn’t know whether to cry or laugh: “It is now Who will think who is the old lover, who will tell Big Sister Qiu that you are not good at counting…”

Yue Ying β€žAh?” Get involved with yourself.

Chu Ge didn’t know how to explain to her looking at her dumbfounded appearance, subconsciously quietly let go of her mind and eavesdropped on what Zhu Moe Moe was doing.

“Can’t we get back together, I miss you…” Zhu Moe Moe said.

Little Handsome Brother said: “It’s been two years since we broke up, is it still interesting to say this?”

Zhu Moe Moe said: “You have a partner?”

“It’s good if you know.”

“Is that the one called Tingting from WeChat?”

Little Handsome Brother was shocked: “How do you know…”

Zhu Moe Moe said calmly: “Because that’s my trumpet.”

“pu…” Chu Ge spit out all the wine.

Zhu Moe Moe seemed to feel something, turned his head to take a look, his eyes straightened immediately, and he hurriedly went to his bag to look through the phone, as if he wanted to call Qiu Wuji directly to catch the rape.

Chu Ge helplessly said: “Hey, you’re quite loyal to Qiuqiu, how embarrassing are you for hooking up outside…”

“What hookup do I hook up with? “Zhu Moe Moe confidently pointed at the Little Handsome Brother opposite: “This is my husband!”

“pu!” Chu Ge’s peanuts also sprayed out.

The handsome guy asked Zhu Moe Moe displeasedly, “So which old lover is this?”

The two tables finally formed a table, explaining that it took a long time to figure out the relationship between each other, Zhu Moe Moe still looked at Yue Ying in disbelief: “Hey, I will check with Qiuqiu. Duo little white flower, you say it’s a neighbor, and Qiuqiu also knows…how can I not believe it?”

Chu Ge helplessly said: “Whatever, Qiuqiu certainly knows.”

Yue Ying didn’t understand what was going on until now, stood up expressionlessly and said, “Since that’s the case, I’d better go first…I’m not used to…”

Chu Ge also wanted to be together farewell.

But Zhu Moe Moe lowered his voice: “It doesn’t matter if this Little Sister goes or not, but you, Chu Ge, are you here really just drinking with the neighbors?”

Chu Ge thinks this has hidden meaning, it’s not like he is suspicious of picking up girls, it’s like something else.

Yue Ying also seemed to feel something, and stopped for a while when he got up, and turned his head to look at Zhu Moe Moe’s face.

Zhu Moe Moe only felt that the sword was stabbing in the cheek, and he felt uncomfortable all over his body. He also realized something in his heart. It turns out that this Little Sister is also an ability user…

She has no more Hiding it, she whispered: “You Chu Ge has supernatural powers, and this Little Sister doesn’t look simple. So you are here, aren’t you waiting for the illegal boxing competition that reopens at midnight today?”

With a “click”, the cup in Yue Ying’s hand was cracked.

Chu Ge’s expression suddenly became solemn: “The news is reliable?”

Zhu Moe Moe also didn’t expect Chu Ge, who has always been friendly and smiling, to be so serious With an expression on his face, he said: “What else is reliable or not reliable? The news was released three days ago, and the old viewers have all received it. They will return tonight.”

Chu Ge whispered: “To get back illegal boxing, he also decorated the facade with great fanfare. He is not afraid of death.”

Zhu Moe Moe’s handsome husband finally confirmed that this Chu Ge is indeed not Zhu Moe Moe’s old lover, and it was only at this time Leaning on the back of his chair, sipping his wine, he said: “Wang Family down, Zhang Qiren left, Lin Wuyang deprived of power… Some people think they are powerful, so they should move forward bravely…”

Chu Ge asked Said: “So you all used to be spectators?”

The handsome guy smiled slightly: “When there is demand, there is supply. There is a lot of pressure these days, and there must be a point of venting. It’s like everyone saw a short clip on the Internet. The composition is not all swarming and scolding, it will be as ugly as you want, and when the truth comes out, the swearing will dissipate, and the person involved will be drenched with blood. p>

Yue Ying slowly released the glass in his hand, looked down at the bubbles in the glass, and black’s eyes were faintly rippling.

U.C. The special affairs office is brightly lit, and Lin Wuyang is answering the phone.

“Wuyang, this is not disciplined.”

Lin Wuyang just smiled gently: “When the new director takes office, he always has to do something to show people… the weather… It’s getting colder, the director can just rest at home, this kind of tiring work, we can do it for you.”

I don’t know what to say, Lin Wuyang calmly cut off: “The news came out three days ago. , the director doesn’t know? I don’t know it’s okay… Someone wants to treat me Lin Wuyang as clay chickens and pottery dogs, then there is a price to pay.”

Promoted a book titled “Isn’t the mission of the brave to overthrow the Demon King?” ? “It seems that the title of the book is torn down, but the words have changed for some reason…

(end of this chapter)

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