What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 157


Chapter 157 The Homeless Little Flame

Yan Qianlie’s break the realm is to catch Qiu Wuji The spatial turbulence of the ascension and the slight gap that Heavenly Dao tried to correct, grasped the existence node of another world. Speaking of this independent event, it was an accident.

But in a sense, this is also inevitable.

When this world well-known figure first realizes the existence of “Heavenly Dao” and starts to explore in this direction wholeheartedly, it will come sooner or later.

Qiu Wuji will come out, and so will others, not now or in the near future.

Especially…they’re getting real.

Chu Ge himself didn’t realize how rich the existence of the world is now.

Writing writers who have been around all year round always ignore a problem…the channel.

On the surface, Dianniang is the leader of webnovel in people’s hearts. In fact, the real daily life count ranks very low in various apps, and it cannot support such a big proposition as “world presence”. There are almost all kinds of channels outside, paid, free, WeChat, browser…and so on and so on. (Bottle Note: It does not mean pirated copies!)

There are many works that have achieved good results in ordering mothers, and there are not many waves on the channel. This is called “only eat the wind of the main station, and the channel does not recognize it”, a typical representative Some serious historical work.

There are some works that are average in order, but they may explode in the channel, and the money sold is more than several times that on this site. This is called “wireless wind, eating channels”, there are countless precedent.

Chu Ge is a webnovel Old Fox, and he doesn’t know these concepts very clearly. After all, he basically only ate the wind of the main station before, and there was no wave at all in the channel. I opened the backstage again and again and saw that the group channel cost several hundred yuan, and the third-party channel dozens or even a few yuan, which is basically ignored. There are zero overseas translations, and no adaptations ever…

In fact, only eating the main site, what is the common perception? What is “world presence”? Not to mention the top ten wandering, even the top three may not be counted. If you want to expand the presence of the world, you must open up channels, and even start adapting animation films and television, then the number of people who know and admit this world is a geometric increase.

When Chu Ge received the bank account receipt reminder via SMS, and saw the unbelievable numbers, he hurriedly opened the background to confirm the statistics of this month’s royalties, and suddenly realized that his previous vision seemed to be a bit different. narrow.

Because this month’s channel fee is more than twice the main site’s.

Chu Ge looked at the string of terrifying numbers and felt a little dazed for a while, feeling very unreal.

The last wave of “out of the circle” didn’t just bring about the ranking of the best-selling list. The real impact is here… I really don’t feel it at ordinary times.

When will it be adapted? What will the world be like?

“What’s wrong?” Qiu Wuji hugged him from behind and said softly, “I just finished healing, I didn’t have a good rest, and suddenly I got up and looked at the background of the computer…the background…the desk…this is The numbers are fake, right?”

Qiuqiu was dumbfounded, and the voice started to drift after speaking.

I used to think that 10,000 robbery was a lot… Last month’s income was only regarded as a windfall. What is this now?

No wonder Chu Ge ignored his healing and jumped up after reading a text message.

Chu Ge said bitterly: “Do you know the concept of a month’s top ten best-selling, plus doubled channel revenue? I won’t say how much, lest readers go to the top ten beasts. “

Qiu Wuji: “…Are you talking about yourself?”

“It’s not pretending, Qiuqiu, I really didn’t think about it, I suffocated when I saw this number.” , After that, the most thought is the existence of our world.” Chu Ge said: “I even thought, is it because it is more real, so you can find the Heaven Realm… In theory, I have not yet Write, then there is no, no one can find an ascension, you tried ascension before, and the result is linked to me, you can’t find any Heaven Realm at all, right. But it is real, and it is more and more reflected now, So…”

“Maybe yes…” Qiu Wuji whispered: “Will you blame me for ascension without consulting you, in case something happens…”

“Although I’m a little unhappy…but it’s actually right.” Chu Ge patted her hand on his shoulder and said with a smile: “If you have discussed it with me, I will let you do it, Is that what Heavenly Dao asked you to do, or did you break free from Heavenly Dao? Don’t think about it, just do it if you want.”

Qiu Wuji thought for a while, and called the head. She didn’t discuss it at first, and of course she thought so, but now she always feels that there is something wrong with this logic.

If I am an independent natural person, wouldn’t it be normal to discuss things with my boyfriend? Why should it not be negotiated?

The blood on Chu Ge’s lips was so touching that Qiu Wuji was a little heart in chaos.

Is it true?

Forget it, this kind of thing is really hard to judge, I have been stuck in such a dead end all the time, and I will be sad in the future. I have to think about whether this is the meaning of Heavenly Dao or not. It’s not like breaking free…how can I live?

Both are open-minded people, so they don’t bother. Chu Ge said with a smile: “Speaking of this experience, it’s not bad, I feel my control is more secure.”

Qiu Wuji was very interested: “How do you say?”

“Although I can’t feel the same sense of ownership as I do with my personal space, I always feel that the permissions are a lot clearer… Or, the sense of interaction is much stronger?” Chu Ge smiled slightly: “Look.”

Qiu Wuji watched as a grass appeared in his hand.

“Yingyuecao!” Qiu Wuji was surprised and delighted: “I picked this from the mountainside?”

“Yeah, just on the pavilion outside your closed room. , pick it up at will.” Chu Ge blinked: “I can take things out of it, Qiuqiu.”

Because the control has become stronger?

Or because the world is more real?

It is difficult for the two to judge the specific reasons, maybe both…

But the surprise at this moment is enough to make people forget to analyze these reasons, Chu Ge can get it from immortal dao world something! what does this mean?

“Can I only take grass? Can I take something else?” Qiu Wuji asked in surprise: “My Luoxia Yunjin limpid autumn water neon, my Autumn Water Jadeheart Sword…”

Chu Ge: “…No.”

Damn it, I found out that the magic treasure name that Lao Tzu gave you for the sake of the number of water characters is really long.

Qiu Wuji: “Ugh…”

Chu Ge comforted: “Now we can only take some very light things, we can filter which ones are the most cost-effective, pill concocting, etc., Compared to the past, relying on this mussel Spiritual Qi is more meaningful, and it is also very effective for your Avatar cultivation, isn’t it? In the future, no matter how high my cultivation is and the world is more stable, maybe I can move out of Cloudridge Mountain…”

Qiu Wuji’s eyes sparkled.

I don’t need to move Cloudridge Mountain out, just move my real body out…

I have boundless consciousness and can travel, but fleshy body is limited, so I can’t really come out. Unless the Primordial Spirit leaves, leaving a fleshy body in there…it doesn’t feel necessary.

It’s a pity that I have tossed back and forth like this time and time again. It would be great if one day I could go in and out at will.

Even now, I can really pick out some suitable materials for pill concocting, or make some daoist robes…Look at how tattered his clothes look every time he fights…

Once the two worlds are truly linked, there are so many things that can be done that Qiu Wuji can’t figure out how many benefits there are for a while.

This is a terrifying leap, which can definitely symbolize the beginning of Chu Ge cultivation’s great strides forward.

But I saw Chu Ge looking at the moon grass for a while, muttered: “In addition, I also realized one thing…the existence of the two worlds is more and more closely connected, you can come out, no. To rule out the possibility of other awesome characters slipping out, I will strengthen it, just in case…”

He opened the document and added a sentence after the patch that used to shuttle Qiu Wuji: “Although Qiu Wuji I haven’t ascended, but I have tried many times, and I have sensed the existence of myriad heaven, so it is possible to travel. Others who have not tried Transcending Tribulation, but because of the space turmoil caused by Qiu Wuji, they are more closed, even if they have faintly perceived the Myriad Realms. The door has lost his senses now.”

Qiu Wuji looked at it strangely, thinking that this Father God was a real dog.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m worried that others will come out and cause damage to this peaceful world, or if I’m a possessive desire, this world is mine, don’t think about it.

Unfortunately, under this possessive desire, he was always willing to let himself break free.

Qiu Wuji looked at Chu Ge’s profile and didn’t know how to evaluate this contradiction… Maybe people are complicated. finally gave up?

She sighed and said in a low voice, “You still don’t understand your injury. Rest first. If there is any problem, we will discuss it tomorrow.”

Somewhere on the top of the building, there is a small flame Sitting on the edge with hand in hand, this strange world makes it extremely confused.

What are these and what?

I don’t know anything, I don’t understand anything… I feel like an unfathomable mystery when I watch everything.

That’s fine, even with Spiritual Qi, it’s different from what I had in mind… I thought this was Heaven Realm, Spiritual Qi was rich and rich, and it would be easy for me to heal and recover. , what is the result? Spiritual Qi, who is so thin that he can’t even fart himself? Reinforced concrete everywhere and even the grass is Heaven and Earth Treasure under the pollution of exhaust gas?

If you want to restore Peak, it will take the year of the monkey and the month of the monkey, and the small flames will disperse!

Is it too eager to come out and not ready… Anyway, since I have come out for the first time, I can always come out for the second time, should I go back to heal the injury first?

Yan Qianlie sighed, trying to come back. sharpening an axe does not delay the work of chopping firewood, it is really unnecessary to come out too quickly.

As a result, my mind just moved, but I found that I couldn’t go back.

I used to be able to perceive the existence of my original world, but now I can’t perceive it anymore. It’s like a crack in the door that was finally pried open and closed by the owner again.

Little Flame was dumbfounded.

Heavenly Dao, are you playing with me?


PS: Why do you think I will put poison, think too much… There will be more at night, maybe 10 o’clock, it may be postponed.

(end of this chapter)

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