What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 158


Chapter 158 Hope for Copyright Adaptation

Just when Little Flame didn’t know what to do, my heart suddenly moved, and I felt that someone was coming.

His dive sense is still sharp, after all, it is a Primordial Spirit.

The small flames flickered and hid in the roof drain, secretly observing the people coming.

A young man walked in front with a lazy smile, followed by a middle-aged man with a solemn expression.

The weather is still very hot, and many passersby wear short sleeves, but these two people are a little strange. The young man wears a Tang suit and the middle age wears a black suit. When the passers-by saw it, most of them would think that it would be more appropriate for these two people to change their clothes?

Yan Qianlie can’t see this, but thinks that these two people are very temperamental, especially… both are a bit Spiritual Fluctuation, are they cultivators in this world?

But seeing the young man in Tang suit walking to the railing, leaning on the handrail and overlooking the city, leisurely said: “So many people are planted in the Nanjiang River, and you are still running to the Nanjiang River, you are really mental disorder.”

The middle-aged man in black suit stood beside him with a stern look, overlooking the city together, and after watching for a while, he slowly said, “You Zhong Yi hang around Nanjiang all day long, don’t tell me it’s just for fun.”

If Chu Ge is here, you can recognize that the young man in Tang suit is Zhong Yi.

Hearing what the other party said, Zhong Yi smiled slightly: “I’m not the same as you after all.”

The middle-aged man in black suit sneered: “What’s the difference? Are you not? Doubt that Spiritual Qi originated in Nanjiang, so I can’t stay here to find clues?”

“Yes, I just want to find out the truth and pursue results.” Zhong Yi leisurely said: “And you Du Lianfeng. What is it for?”

The middle age person known as Du Lianfeng sneered slightly: “Is this the reason why your design from all sides ruined my Five Elements group?”

Zhong Yi Said: “I don’t deny that I cooperated with Zhang Qiren on Wang Family at that time. It was indeed aimed at Anvil’s group, but it was obviously not the main reason.”

Du Lianfeng sneered: “What is that? Can’t the Wang Family commit a crime?”

“Why not?” Zhong Yi also began to sneer: “The reason why it’s not targeting Anvil and their Five Elements group is very simple, because they are not worthy of my deliberate design.”

“You!” Du Lianfeng squeezed his fist.

Zhong Yi seemed to be too lazy to deal with it, faintly said: “You sent the Five Elements team to station in the Nanjiang River to collect wall penetrating waders, lurking and snooping everywhere, knowing that there are clues about treasures are like flies. I posted it like shit. It’s really to find the source of the power, or for what treasure to use, you know.”

β€œCould it be that you are not?” Du Lianfeng sneered: β€œWhich one? There is no shadow of you in this matter? The Wang Family’s broken affairs can provoke Guoan, causing Ruan Jian and the others to be planted in the follow-up. Who else could it be that you didn’t make a small report?”

“Yes, I did. My small report is to let them die, not what I want.” Zhong Yi faintly said: “This is the difference.”

Du Lianfeng was silent for a moment, then slowly said: “What you mean, as long as you don’t You don’t care about doing those disorderly tricks, just looking for the truth?”

Zhong Yi said, “Why should I care if you don’t commit crimes? I’m not a policeman, so why don’t you trace your old cases?”

Du Lianfeng laughed: “You’re in a hurry too.”

Zhong Yi was startled, but did not refute.

Du Lianfeng said with a sneer: “Today’s so-called revival of Spiritual Qi is abruptly and richer, and I can even feel that this Spiritual Qi has a high possibility of overflowing from the Nanjiang River. You’ve been observing here for a long time, but you haven’t observed a single fart!”

Yan Qianlie heard this and secretly said that you call this Spiritual Qi, who is worse than my fart, a lot more intense? Have you all spent time in shitholes before?

I heard Zhong Yi say slowly: “I’m not arriving, so what? I’ve never taken this kind of thing as the truth that can be figured out within a few years.”

Du Lianfeng sneered: “Of course, you doesn’t feel pain, which means that all the tissues in your body can stop functioning… You will not be old, you will have endless time.”

Zhong Yi had a sad look in his eyes, and said in a low voice, “That’s not necessarily true.”

The voice was as thin as a mosquito, Du Lianfeng didn’t hear it, but Yan Qianlie heard it, secretly said in one’s heart This seems to be starting to get interesting…

Du Lianfeng said: “Zhong Yi, I don’t care about the bad things I did three times before. How about we cooperate?”

Zhong Yi was fascinated. Looking into the distance, he said in a hoarse voice: “I have my own way and will not cooperate with you… If you seek the truth, I will not stop you, if you mess up…”

He slowly turned around and left the rooftop: “Nanjiang Prison has your place.”

Du Lianfeng’s expression became fierce and he watched Zhong Yi’s back leave, his fists clenched tightly, as if he was somehow dreaded. Release slowly.

It wasn’t until Zhong Yi left for a long time that he sneered slightly: “Just to find out the truth? When the SSS is there, when will it be your turn to take over! What are you thinking, you might even deceive yourself. “

Yan Qianlie secretly compared, and felt that the person in front of him was more like himself, but that Zhong Yi was obviously more secretive. He thought for a moment and followed Zhong Yi quietly.

Staring at this Zhong Yi secretly, maybe it can unlock the secrets of this world?

It’s not like you just follow anyone and you’ll bump into Qiu Wuji and Heavenly Dao Father God, right?


Chu Ge has also reached a critical point in his life over there.

Since discovering that channel explosion has obvious benefits to world presence and authenticity, Chu Ge began to think about copyright adaptation.

But I have never had the relevant channels, and I don’t know how to find them. And theoretically, the copyright is operated by a bitch, so it doesn’t seem to make much sense to find it yourself? But how come I heard that I have my own connection… I don’t know, I have never been a great god, and I am confused about these high-end things.

I was planning to go to the Great God Group to find a familiar Great God for private advice, but the editor came to me.

“Chu Ge, we are pushing your copyright, please fill out these forms.”

Chu Ge looked at a large number of “IP Information Sheets” and “Anime” sent over. “Information Application Form”, “Film and Television Production Information Application Form”, “Game Adaptation Evaluation Application Form” and many other forms, I am ecstatic!

Poor Lao Pujie doesn’t know that many people have filled out these forms, and there is a high probability of clay ox entering the sea after filling out, and the distance from the real launch of copyright and Heaven and Earth. On the contrary, many people who really sell copyright have never filled out these things…

Chu Ge just thought that the form was sent to his face.

The ecstatic Chu Ge opened various forms and filled them out tap-tap.

How about filling out the outline?

No problem, we already have the outline, just copy and paste!

Fill in the highlights?

Started to blow wildly, beautiful writing, three-dimensional characters, plot having ups and downs… Qiuqiu is very cute!

Qiu Wuji sat silently and looked at Chu Ge who was overexcited, and was happy for him.

A long time ago, when he first wore it, Chu Ge once pointed to the TV series and said that the day our books will be put on the screen in the future…

Although his tone was casual and calm, Qiu Wuji could still feel the deep longing contained in it.

This opportunity came unexpectedly.

After tossing for more than half an hour, Chu Ge sent the form back to the editor, and made a joke by the way: “Word is very big, please bear with it.”

This book I thought I was going to be scolded by the editor for being too excited to speak without careful diction, but the editor actually replied: “No matter how big it is, it’s Microsoft’s.”

Chu Ge: “?”

“lacking and petty Ge’s famous editorial department has heard about it…”

“I am wronged, my editor, I am obviously thick and long…”

The editor dived and didn’t Back to this.

However, I was able to respond to the joke before and even teased it back, indicating that the editor is also in a good mood?

Chu Ge thought happily, pulled Qiu Wuji beside him and wanted to say: “successfully accomplished, kiss me.”

Qiu Wuji didn’t see his virtue. Angrily, he pressed his face aside and asked, “I think you have a good relationship with the editor? Why do I hear that the editor is ignorant.”

“Who do you listen to? The…”

“Fuck all said so, many of them are also writers.”

“emmmm…” Chu Ge sorry told her, In fact, I haven’t spoken to the editor for a few months, so I always pretend to know everything in front of my girlfriend.

Then he told her seriously: “Actually, they don’t know the trick to communicate with editors. When you have an editor in the future, remember that if you say that the editor is great, she won’t remember you. If you shout ‘ Hey, that flat-chested editor’, let her remember you for a lifetime.”


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