What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 161


Chapter 161 Heavenly Dao finds things out and not simple

If an outsider hears the couple sitting at the table and having breakfast talking What, it is estimated that the chin will fall to the ground.

Someone said that the parents are short, did you go home for lunch today, who will pick up the child…

The pair said: “Since you can only take light things for the time being, you can try Try to take advantage of the loopholes, for example, bring out my cloak, which is a Spiritual Qi of brocade that embraces the clouds, uses the autumn wind as needle and thread, and gathers sunsets and sunsets. : “I thought of this just now, but I tried it and it didn’t work. I guess the level is too high, maybe the energy is too heavy?” Sure enough, it’s not that easy… or rather, it’s not weight, but energy.”

Chu Ge drinking soy milk: “It should be, there’s no trick.”

“Wipe the soy milk around your mouth before you speak.”

“…Oh.” Chu Ge wiped the mouth and said sincerely: “You are different, you can leave it alone. .”

Qiu Wuji: “Go away.”

The two took a few more bites in silence, Qiu Wuji mused: “If the essence of limit is not weight but energy, then It is probably not very good to move the medicine pill directly. Instead, you can consider moving the materials in batches for pill concocting… In addition, if the weight is not limited, you can actually get some ore first to build a good pill furnace, or directly move a furnace and don’t know the cultivation. Can’t you?”

“Everyone else can pill concocting with a rice cooker.”

Qiu Wuji clapped his chopsticks: “Then find someone else!”

Chu Ge was instantly sunk, and he shrank his neck and did not speak.

Qiu Wuji hummed: “It’s not because we Father God wrote it, it must be, if you have the ability, you can change the settings.”

Chu Ge had to say: ” I can’t change it, it’s so many words, the basic setting is impossible to overturn, if you want a furnace, you need a furnace…I’ll try, which one should I take?”

“The place where I retreat, that Bafang Skyline Furnace, try it.”

“…It can’t be moved.”

“Then we choose one from the treasure house, a low-level one, such as Chu Tiange used in the sect before. The Purple Gold furnace you used, you wrote it for the protagonist, it must be good, right?”

Chu Ge sighed: “It makes sense.”

“clang” , a Purple Gold stove appeared suddenly at the table.

“Really?” Qiu Wuji didn’t even eat the steamed buns, got up excitedly, and went around the stove several times: “This stove is really good, the grade is not high but very stable, it’s just normal for refining. The medicine pill is very suitable.”

Chu Ge scratched his head: “Speaking of which… this neither too big nor too small is also a treasure, what happens if the person in charge of the warehouse in your sect finds something lost…”


Qiu Wuji’s eyes also straightened, and after a while, he said: “Sect Master personally stole it, how could it be!”

Chu Ge: “…”

” Don’t think too much, hurry up, the following medicine ingredients are all stolen for this Eminence, such as water epiphyllum, green vine root, Sanyang leaf…”

Cloudridge Sect medicine ingredient stuff in the library Under the heavy guards, they lost part one by one, disappearing strangely and inexplicably.

Sect Master, who colluded with “outsiders” to steal his own treasury, has no regrets, and is still urging: “So, what about that agarwood gel? Here’s a bottle.”

Chu Ge is in The panting: “I’m out of strength…”

Qiu Wuji cast a contemptuous look: “Is there a man in the world who is exhausted and gasping after moving a few pieces of flowers and grass?”

“This is cross-border transportation, cross-border!”

“No matter, it’s food.” Qiu Wuji regretted: “This is not only for you pill concocting, but also for my own use… …I should also improve…”

Chu Ge said: “Just let me take a break, I’ll go to writing first, and then I’ll move to other sects when I recover.”

“It’s fine to move our sect. If you move other sects, you will hurt the people who are guarding the warehouse. I can tell him the truth about my own sect. It’s fine.”

“Huh…” after Chu Ge looked up: “Sect Leader Qiu thought about Zhou Xiang, I thought…”

“I thought I colluded with wild men to steal my own things, right?” Qiu Wuji leg raised: “go go go, Leave it to me here, write your words!”

Chu Ge made an “oh” and turned around and wanted to enter the room to write.

Before taking two steps, the footsteps slowed down: “Wait…I still think of a question…This thing is inexplicably missing, will it affect the plot?”

Qiu Wuji was stunned, touched his chin and pondered: “Theoretically speaking, these things are not written down by you, they are all collected by our sect in the past dynasties, so it shouldn’t be an influence… but don’t. Yes, if what you wrote is gone, such as my real body leaving…”

Chu Ge still stopped and frowned.

Qiu Wuji strangely said: “What’s wrong? Do you feel like the plot is not right?”

Chu Ge said to himself: “Just now when I said that I wanted to write, I suddenly thought Weird, it feels like I forgot something before…wait a moment, I’ll go to write to experience it, and you pill concocting.”

Chu Ge went into the room to write, Qiu Wuji tilted his head and looked at his back, unable to understand.

No matter how I thought about it, I didn’t think what was wrong with taking something… I guess it was something else.

After all, I am still far from the experience of creation, and I cannot think in place of Chu Ge. When I finish writing Qiuqiu’s autobiography and exercise, I will try to open another book myself, when the time comes I will definitely be better than him, hum.

Qiu Wuji took a look at the increasingly small room, and reluctantly moved the pill furnace to the side, sat cross-legged, and found that his fingertips were too empty.

Start pill concocting! This Avatar has been wandering around in this world for so long, and finally it will improve…

If it doesn’t improve, I’m afraid I can’t control him. I feel numb just thinking about the consequences to come.

That can’t happen!

Inside Chu Ge opened the document and started writing.

At first was relatively smooth, and continued to write the follow-up idea of the plot buried yesterday, and the tap-tap half chapter came out.

But slowly, I found that the more I wrote, the more stagnant I became, and the more I lost the feeling.

This state of not feeling Calvin, I haven’t experienced it for a long, long time since the beginning of cultivation, when I can vaguely perceive the world. I write so fast every day, I think I will never be stagnant.

In the end, I was really stuck today, as if I had a feeling that the world was starting to be a little unfamiliar.

Out of control?

What’s the problem?

Chu Ge silently changed the sky, linking the world, Heavenly Dao leisurely, and began to overlook.

Scenarios, spaces…even things of the past, time is long.

There are thousands of threads, one after another passing by in front of my eyes, and it is clear.

Qiu Wuji’s ascension attempt has been erased, and theoretically there is no change. I took some things just now, and it is indeed as Qiu Wuji analyzed. If there is less, there will be less, and it will not affect the plot.

Where is the impact? What would prevent the plot from going on?

It will cause the plot to get stuck. It must be something necessary for the plot to go wrong, such as important mission props, such as male and female protagonists, such as important supporting roles…

Chu Ge one after another swipe.

Qiu Wuji is still in Cloudridge Sect, going to the warehouse to collect a batch of supplies in a fake manner.

Chu Tiange is now far away in the world and is being hunted down by the demonic path. He is too far back to his ancestral home to ask for help, so he is ready to flee overseas.

Everything is going as normal.

What about the rest…the overseas side is no problem.

Going forward, in the next volume, the follow-up overseas people will join up with Yan Qianlie, who is gradually recovering from his injuries, and start a new round of plot. According to the current Chu Ge’s initial idea, the plot is to promote Yan Qianlie. Qianlie’s wave, let him “the self-esteem of the Nine Provinces powerhouse”, “not in the company of overseas demons”, and backstabbed foreigners, which is an important face-showing plot of Yan Qianlie in the later period.

Wait…what about Yan Qianlie?

Labor and management arranged for you to recuperate in the Heart of Flames, what about people?

The Heart of Flame is empty, so where is the Primordial Spirit of the older Yan Qianlie?

Chu Ge searched all over the Nine Provinces, but there was no trace, and he was dumbfounded.

Halfway through writing, the important villain is gone?

Chu Ge ran out of the room anxiously: “Qiuqiu, Qiuqiu!”

Qiu Wuji pill concocting, without raising his head: “What’s the matter?”


“I suspect that Yan Qianlie really ran out of the book!”

Qiu Wuji shook his hand, and a pot of medicine pill almost went to waste.

She looked up at Chu Ge in disbelief and saw Chu Ge’s anxious face, sure it wasn’t a joke.

What did you say last time?

What if the male villain ran out of the book?

What is written as a woman, what becomes a boy’s love… First of all, you have to know where he went!


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(end of this chapter)


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