What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 169


Chapter 169 Misty Rain

Although catching the little flame and letting the little flame pill concocting seems to have experienced a lot, in fact It’s just noon.

Chu Ge uploaded today’s chapter, together with the previous autobiography of Qiuqiu, don’t count the two chapters, and took Qiu Wuji out for dinner.

Love is of course writing’s worst enemy, and even cultivation’s worst enemy.

Look at the few pots of pills that these two had driven Xiao Huo Miao to practice hard, but they didn’t eat a single one, so they went shopping… I wonder if Yan Qianlie would rebel on the spot.

It was still raining heavily. The two of them held a big umbrella together, leaned close together, and stepped on the road with one foot high and the other low.

Chu Ge used to hate this kind of rain, and he was too lazy to go out when he saw this kind of weather. And Qiu Wuji likes it, how could immortal be afraid of rain? On the contrary, it is the continuous autumn rain, which can make her feel the freshness of autumn. Occasionally, when the poetry comes up, she can recite a couple of poems from Shiting to listen to the rain.

But now it seems to be the other way around, Chu Ge loves the rain because it feels so intimate to have him snuggle with Qiuqiu under the umbrella.

Qiu Wuji is not used to it. Walking on the street and hugging each other, I feel embarrassed… The magic technique is not easy to use on the street, so I can’t block the rain even if I want to, such a big The umbrella couldn’t stop the rain from slanting inward, and it didn’t take long for my back to feel wet from the beating.

β€œWhy only bring an umbrella!” Qiu Wuji lost his temper.

“Because there is only one umbrella at home…”


“Isn’t the fairy falling into the world?” Chu Ge laughed: “Once In the midst of the rivers and lakes, a cloud of mist and rain, walking alone with a sword in hand, that world overlooking the vast waterfront, have you ever remembered?”

“…You are now more and more crooked.” Qiu Wuji helplessly said: “You can say anything to a flower, as if you used to like rain very much.”

“I didn’t like it before, but now I have you.”

Qiu Wuji thinks that what he is growing up now is not a crooked reason, but a sweet talk.

Once upon a time, the stinky straight man who just wanted to be beaten is gone forever, and he speaks better than the protagonist in his book.

Although I sometimes feel embarrassed, I just love listening to it.

Is it so obvious once a man is in a relationship? Or is it because…the one with the foot passed through, so it also opened up the bridge of Heaven and Earth, and penetrated the two veins of Rendu?

After he said that, Qiu Wuji also felt that the rain was nothing to hate, and walking in the rain was a rare experience, especially for the first time with him holding an umbrella and walking in the open air. street.

There are also pedestrians around, hurried by with umbrellas. Someone was riding an electric scooter, wearing a raincoat and returning home.

When my mood is at peace and I go to see the world again, my irritability is gone, and I see the misty and rainy picture of Human World.

Qiu Wuji saw other little men and women passing by with umbrellas, both of whom were wet from the rain.

She subconsciously glanced at her right shoulder. Even though his back was soaked by the rain, his right shoulder was very refreshing and covered tightly.

Qiu Wuji was stunned for a while, then turned to look at Chu Ge’s side, only to see that Chu Ge’s left shoulder was soaking wet.

Because the whole umbrella is tilted towards her, covering her as much as possible. Even Chu Ge’s body is her umbrella.

Qiu Wuji’s eyes were a little hazy, and at this moment, she didn’t feel that the rain was annoying at all.

Because of you.

She took a peek from left to right, and quietly flicked her fingers to apply a magic technique.

Chu Ge suddenly felt that the feeling of being hit by the rain on his left shoulder, which was exposed outside the umbrella, disappeared. The previously wet shoulders were also dry at some point, clean and fresh.

“Wetness is not good for your health and is prone to rheumatism.” Qiu Wuji said with his head down.

Chu Ge laughed.

The current cultivation, where does rheumatism come from…

Sect Leader Qiu loves her boyfriend’s small appearance, so cute.

“What are you laughing at!” Qiu Wuji stepped over a puddle: “How long are you going to go?”

Chu Ge said: “I think you can go as long as you want.”

In fact, Qiu Wuji feels that he can walk as long as he wants.

The street is very long and long, and the front is shrouded in misty rain. At first glance, it seems that there is no end, as if you can walk until the end of time.

It’s really good to go until the end of time like this.

But everyone has goals.

Not far ahead, is a real estate agent. Until Chu Ge stopped in front of the door, Qiu Wuji looked at the misty rain in the distance, and actually felt a little bit disappointed.

“Rent or buy a house for two?”

The words of the intermediary girl instantly brought Qiu Wuji’s thoughts back to reality, looking at the various prices posted everywhere on the wall. The note, as if returning to the world from the misty rain in the scroll.

Chu Ge didn’t consider buying a house for the time being. Although the income in the past two months seems to be very good, there is still a long way to go before the down payment for buying a house, so I just ignore it.

If you want to rent a house, I have some ideas…

Renting a bigger one in the city, something like five bedrooms and three living rooms, doesn’t seem to be very suitable for the two of you. Dude, it’s not like we’re going to have a litter of piglets now, so what are you using all the rooms for?

Chu Ge thinks of Wan Zijun, the kind of small courtyard in the suburbs or even in the countryside seems to be very suitable, but unfortunately it is too far from the city, and some daily things become very inconvenient.

What can be considered is the type of building within a building. It is quite suitable for them to arrange the upper floor for cultivation pill concocting and the lower floor for daily life. The location is still found outside the third and fourth ring roads in the urban area, just like now, it is not too remote and does not need to be in the city, and it is close to the business district, which is especially suitable.

Qiu Wuji also thinks that it is best to stay in this area, where grocery shopping is familiar, Moe Moe is also in the vicinity, and it is troublesome to move to another location.

Considering this, the goal is actually quite clear, so don’t be picky.

It’s a pity…

“Sir, you want this kind of building within a building, and you also require a single floor to be big enough…” The intermediary girl felt that you were forced to ask for it. There are so many expressions: “We didn’t register this kind of rent. There are very few rentals of this kind, and the good ones are all small units. Even if the building is a building, it is a single-story area of fifty or sixty square meters. It is only a single-story than a normal house. It’s right to be young, you just don’t understand it, you always feel like picking a house is just like buying groceries…”

Chu Ge looked at the other party’s impatient look and smiled slightly, he found that he seemed to be Self-cultivation is getting better and better, but I don’t feel unhappy at all.

“Excuse me, let’s go to another agency to ask.”

“The same is true for asking.” The agency girl said directly: “The tenants are all affiliated, who would only Hang a family… If you don’t limit the scope, there may be other districts, but this district certainly doesn’t.”

Chu Ge felt a bit reasonable after hearing this, and turned to ask Qiu Wuji: “Why don’t you ask? Ask Zhu Moe Moe if there are any acquaintances renting a house or something, and I will also ask my classmates and friends to try it?”

Qiu Wuji’s beautiful eyes were always fixed on the rental house information on the wall, and only then did he point to the rental house information on the wall. Looking at one of the columns, he said, “That one thousand, is it Yue Ying’s room?”

Chu Ge looked at the community and the room number, and really said, “It’s really that room, it’s been so long. Didn’t you rent it out? One thousand, it’s too expensive, that’s a single apartment…”

Qiu Wuji said, “It’s very suitable for us. It’s just a few steps across from it, it’s a separate apartment. , used for stacking debris and… exercise, including your broken treadmill can be thrown away, our daily life space will be freed up.”

“Huh…” Chu Ge Fu Zhang said: “It makes sense, so you don’t even have to move, it’s too easy.”

Qiu Wuji said: “You don’t even need to find an intermediary, I remember that the owner of the household posted rental information in the community, go and contact directly Wouldn’t the head of the household be better?”

After finishing speaking, beautiful eyes glanced at the intermediary girl, implicitly displeased.

Chu Ge himself was not unhappy, Qiu Wuji was unhappy for Chu Ge.

Who do you show your stinky face to my boyfriend?


Chu Ge also seemed to see what she meant and touched her head, as if smoothing the cat’s hair.

Qiu Wuji wrinkled his nose: “Let’s go.”

The two walked out hand in hand, Chu Ge holding up an umbrella.

Qiu Wuji took his arm naturally, and the two walked into the mist and rain with extremely synchronized steps.

I didn’t even look at the agency from the beginning to the end, and even felt that I didn’t come out this time to find a rental house agency… Anyway, the agency didn’t do anything, but neither of them felt that it was in vain. .

Just to enjoy this autumn rain, to enjoy this time hiding under an umbrella and walking together for the sake of life.

That’s enough.


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(End of this chapter )

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