What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 171


Chapter 171 Work hard, Father God

The chocolate candy Chu Ge eats is different from Qiu Wuji. Qiu Wuji is mainly strengthening the body, And Chu Ge is just breaking through in need of Cultivating Body Strengthening Essence.

This is also the first time Chu Ge has taken “Immortal Pill”.

Theoretically speaking, the so-called pill concocting is not much mysterious. It is nothing more than the essence of refining various medicine ingredients. According to the collocation of different monarchs, ministers, assistants and envoys, various effects can be achieved under different environments and temperature reactions, and solidified into Crystals, etc., are no different from chemical principles.

The difference in appearance is that no matter what the raw material here, it will eventually be condensed into pill shapes of different colors… In fact, there are also other shapes condensed, such as a rabbit that looks like a rabbit and can run medicine pill? But not in Chu Ge’s setting, it’s just pill forever.

The real difference is that these medicine pills can really be called “Immortal Pill” compared to the medicine ingredients in the world. Taking one pill can really eliminate all diseases, while Chu Ge takes it. This Essence Cultivation Pill is also a very mysterious “melts in the mouth”. As soon as it is put into the mouth, it spreads into the Baimai. Chu Ge can clearly see that there is energy dredging the torrent, and Baichuan meets the sea. Classified as dantian.

The dense dantian aura is getting stronger and stronger, and it looks more and more like there is an illusion that it is going to be transformed from gas to liquid.

Chu Ge knows that this is not an illusion. In his own setting, the Qi of Dantian gradually becomes liquid, which is the process of the Foundation Establishment gradually becoming Great Accomplishment. When it is completely liquefied, it is time to consider solidification. Everyone is familiar with that hurdle, Golden Core.

Qiu Wuji often said that everyone’s cultivation is not the same as the realm in the book, mainly because everyone’s Soul Power is already in a strange state that is stronger than the Golden Core in the book, but the body cultivation is just Foundation. Establishment and Chu Ge don’t know how to define such a cultivation realm. He doesn’t even know what kind of strength Qiu Wuji belongs to, and he is still confused.

Theoretically, Qiu Wuji doesn’t have the Foundation Establishment, and his body doesn’t seem to be as strong as he is now. But because Soul Power is too strong, I always feel like she is invincible… Just like the battle between the seaside and mother, two sets of big moves are used in turns, so it is not a move that Qi Refinement Foundation Establishment can use at all…

Now that she has also broken through, I don’t know how strong she will be when the time comes, and her current wave is just Cultivating Body Strengthening Essence, but there is no essential change. I feel that I have finally got a bit of counter-force, and it seems that I have to send it again…

No matter how strong, even if the original body comes out, it is not lying on my lap with a lazy pig. Same.

Chu Ge opened his eyes.

As if he had a good heart, and as if pulled by extremely mysterious and abstruse, the moment he opened his eyes, Qiu Wuji, who was lying on his lap, also opened his eyes at the same time.

I once woke up in the same bed and wanted to wake up together, but I didn’t achieve it at that time, but I accidentally achieved it in this brief moment of cultivation.

A word popped up in Chu Ge’s mind – is this called Dao Companion?

It’s still called…limpid autumn water, the sky is the same color.

Qiu Wuji seemed to know what he was thinking too, smiled slightly, finally left lazily from his lap, sat up straight, and said along his hair: “Body, where the soul is sent. Sword cultivator , non-major Primordial Spirit abandons the skin and the like, only the body and soul can last for a long time.”

Chu Ge was stunned for a while: “How can I say this…”


Qiu Wuji said with a smile: “It was unbearable to stay for a long time in the past, and it has a lot to do with this weak body. Now the muscles and bones are changed, the fleshy body is strong, and many things do not need Soul Power to replace, just have the fleshy body completed. It’s alright, the stay will be much longer in the future.”

Chu Ge was overjoyed: “Really?”

“What are you happy about? It’s easier to beat you now. “Qiu Wuji tied his ponytail along his hair, and pointed his finger at Chu Ge: “Father God, do you want to come to practice?”

Chu Ge’s face turned green.

You break through immediately thinking about abusing me?

“Come on~” Qiu Wuji shook his shoulders coquettishly: “I also want to see how much my fleshy body can play now~”

Live it!

Chu Ge looked like he was dying: “Come on, don’t pity my delicate flower.”


Three seconds later, Heavenly Dao Father God just opened a defensive stance, turned his head and lay on the wall, slowly sliding down.

I originally thought that her power had surpassed her, but her skills were exploded. Now, even her power has been chased back. Qiu Wuji’s skills are useless, and she broke the Father God’s defense with a fist. , I can’t stop her at all, I can’t even see her fists, it’s too fast…

“Come on!” Chu Ge got up and said angrily: “We are practicing Plum Twisting Hand, Jinfuquan is not used at home!”

“Plum Twisting Hand…” Qiu Wuji hooked his finger: “Then let’s come again.”

“Pa slap~ Click…” A second later, Heavenly Dao Father God was pressed against the wall with his hands cut back, his face deformed.

Chu Ge: “Woo…I also ate Dan’s…woooo…”

Qiu Wuji thought of a QQ emoji of a fat penguin crying, feeling He’s so cute.

She put it on it and whispered into her ear: “Are you a little regretful, what is the refine for me Dan…” The voice became softer and more charming: “It used to be a little bit, just a little bit, and I could do some bad things…now it’s gone…”

The softer the voice, the more itchy Chu Ge’s heart, Some places are about to explode.

I regret it very much now.

What I regret is not the pill concocting for her, but the regret that I didn’t do some bad things when it was possible, and now I can’t do anything about it, wu wu wu…


“Qiuqiu, you can’t be like this Qiuqiu…”

“Will I give you a motivation?”

“What, what motivation?”

Qiu Wuji turned him over, facing himself, then pulled him by the collar to make him shorter. After adjusting his posture, he finally kissed him with satisfaction.

Chu Ge didn’t think it was any motivation at all.

Are you going to fix your clothes and say “I’ll be responsible”?

You must be in charge, wu wu wu…

Qiu Wuji kissed for a long time, his beautiful eyes were a little blurry, and he said charmingly: “I’m going to take a bath. Now, don’t peek.”

After speaking, he left slowly, walked to the bathroom, held the handle and suddenly looked back and smiled: “If you want to change the scene just now, then try your best, my Father God.”

Chu Ge felt something ignite instantly.

What is power? This TM is called power!

Although it seems that sometimes it is possible to do this, such as when you are a master of writing books…but that is not the same!

The sound of rushing water soon sounded in the bathroom. Chu Ge sat on the sofa with his hands folded and stared at the bathroom door. They say “Qiuqiu ~ my Qiuqiu” with the drool-like face they wear.

The current Qiuqiu is so good at flirting…Gego is going to blow up wu wu wu…


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