What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 175


Chapter 175 This month once illuminated the ancients

“There are many legends about the origin of moon cakes, among which the most widely spread is that the Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang opposed the I did it when I was in Yuan. But I personally think that the person who invented moon cakes must be a foodie. I usually look at the moon and think like a piece of cake…”

In front of the stall, Chu Ge was talking to Qiu Wuji introduced moon cakes, and Qiu Wuji felt that Chu Ge’s personal analysis was more reasonable.

Just like when Qiu Wuji saw the white clouds, she felt like cotton candy…

This is how the ancients looked! Be sure!

“But this mooncake is so small, it doesn’t look like the moon.” Qiu Wuji looked at the various mooncakes on the stall and disliked it.

Mainly because I saw the price, why is this thing so expensive, such a small piece of cake, four in a box, selling for 298, is it made of gold?

And it doesn’t look like the moon, so small and thick!

“Aren’t you accustomed to this gift box moon cake?” Chu Ge was very happy to find the couple again: “I don’t like it either! Come on, let’s see this earth moon cake!”

The so-called earth moon cake is really a large piece of oblate and round, especially like the moon. Normally a few dollars a piece, only a few cents when I was a child, Chu Ge loved to eat it since he was a child, God knows why it is not popular, but the popular ones are expensive and not delicious.

Qiu Wuji also saw a very large one, one or two feet in diameter, and the boss boss was a big pie!

“I want that, I want that!” Qiu Wuji happily pointed at the one-foot cake: “This is the moon, so I will eat this tonight!”

Chu Ge’s face turned black: “I can’t eat it.”

“Why, we are divided.” Qiu Wuji gestured, feeling that he could eat it.

“Because eating too much will make you tired, and you won’t be able to eat it after eating… Such a big cake, someone else buys it and eats it for a Great Family, or a company formed a group to eat it, Cut a piece for each person…”

“Is it sweet?”

“Yeah, this kind of flatbread is mixed with sugar, sesame seeds, and lard…eat it. It’s delicious if you have less, um, you can try a small piece first.”

Qiu Wuji tried a small piece, his eyes narrowed into crescents: “It’s more than a piece of pizza that reads as a piece. The pancakes are delicious! A few bucks for this, dozens of bucks for that.”

Chu Ge rubbed her head.

Qiu Wuji said: “So I still want that piece of the moon!”

Chu Ge couldn’t help but ask: “I like big ones, are girls branded in their genes… “

Qiu Wuji squinted at him: “Some things are big and cute, and some are small and cute. I think yours is more cute.”

Chu Ge : “???”

The two were driving around in front of the mooncake stall.

In the end Qiu Wuji walked away from the stall with a large piece of the moon.

This is dinner tonight, immortal cultivator is going to take the sun and the moon!

world in the book will sooner or later take off the laughing moon and eat it.

Chu Ge followed helplessly: “Then where should we go to eat.”

“Go to the park.” Qiu Wuji had already thought about it: “Go to the riverside. , who is on the riverside to see the moon, and when does Jiangyue look at people at the beginning of the year.”

“I’m going to treat you to a big meal, but you’re going to the park just to have a cake.”

“That’s what it means, lay people!”

“yes, yes, yes, a pair of immortal swordsmen and women, standing by the river and looking at the moon, one in the sky, one in the water, one in the hand…”

Qiu Wuji thought about that scene, and smiled and bent over: “How wonderful!”

Chu Ge thought it was fun, so he really went rowing with her before going for a walk. Riverside Park.

As a result, I was dumbfounded as soon as I went away, I looked around and saw all the people in the dark, and I lost all the artistic conception when I squeezed here.

There were a lot of people selling all kinds of food. Chu Ge hid the flatbread in his portable space, ran to buy two more marshmallows, and handed one to Qiu Wuji.

Qiu Wuji licked the marshmallows, looked at the crowded and lively crowd, and sighed: “So this is the holiday… By the way, isn’t the Mid-Autumn Festival reunion at home, why did they all come out…”

“It’s also a kind of reunion to come out to play, just like you and me at this time.” Chu Ge took her hand and walked all the way in and eat.

Pancakes and fruits, octopus balls, sizzling squid…

When they actually walked to the riverside, both of them found that they were full.

The big moon cake lying in the portable space: “…”

Qiu Wuji was full of oil, and only now regrets buying the big cake, how could he forget this world night market What to eat in particular?

It’s still delicious!

But what I regret more is coming to the riverside, there are people all around, and I have to squeeze in if I want to lean on the railing and beside the river. This person is taking a selfie, that person is taking pictures, the little child is crying, Parents are coaxing…

Who is on the riverside seeing the moon for the first time?

The two of them looked at each other and said, “Not in the park, change the place.”

They are both people of cultivation, and they don’t care where others shouldn’t go.

Walking along the river, all the way out of the suburbs, there will be a barren river bank where no one else will come. Compared with the lively crowd just now, it is dark and quiet, but it also feels a little terrifying. The shore is messy, with rocks and weeds, and there are assorted bags left by tourists who came during the day, as well as the fishing bar, the Old Brother sitting here, turning a blind eye to the two people who passed by.

The further down you go, the more desolate it becomes. There is no Old Brother fishing, no packing bags.

The more chaotic the rocks, the higher the foot, the lower the foot, but the clearer the river is, reflecting a full moon.

The surrounding is also more gloomy, there are no street lights, there are many shadows, and it looks very infiltrating.

Chu Ge “Pa” killed a Flying Insect, turned his head and said with a smile: “Does it look like two ancient people trekking to the river now?”

Qiu Wuji took out another marshmallow from Chu Ge’s space: “It will be like when I finish eating it.”

Chu Ge said with a smile: “There are insects flying around, the weeds on the ground scraping people, Everywhere is dirty and annoying. The so-called search for artistic conception can also be called a bookworm patient, asking for trouble, and there is no medicine to cure.”

“It was not like this in ancient times. Qiu Wuji seemed to say something unintentionally, and before Chu Ge could answer, he suddenly stretched out his finger.

The messy insect suddenly disappeared, and the air became fresh and pleasant.

“Insect Controlling Technique, one of the simplest Taoist techniques.” Qiu Wuji pointed to the rocks by the river again, and the messy rocks quickly became clean: “The technique of cleansing is also the easiest. One of the Taoist arts.”

She turned her head to look at Chu Ge and smiled cutely: “We are not only ancient people, but also cultivation.”

Chu Ge is very satisfied I picked a relatively flat stone and sat down, and stretched out comfortably: “I’m thinking, the ancients’ fantasy of immortals, apart from lifespan and strength, the most important thing is to be lazy-ah, if there is an immortal art, it would be great if I could clean the house, and I would go to the next county town to find someone for a drink…”

Qiu Wuji thought about it, and actually agreed: “Everyone’s fantasy of Immortal Technique , the essence is to be lazy…just like your current technology, everything is driven by convenience.”

She sat on the stone beside Chu Ge, continued to eat the last marshmallow, and muttered: “No matter how fancy you are, for me, my Immortal Technique is real!”

Chu Ge reached out and hugged her shoulders.

Qiu Wuji did not refuse, but leaned against his shoulder along his strength. The two were speechless for a while, and the pair of “ancients” quietly watched the moon reflected in the water.

“Today’s people don’t see the ancient moon, but this month once looked at the ancients.” Qiu Wuji leisurely said: “It’s been a long time, this month will not change. Guess how many months it has seen the alliance, and finally abandoned it. Such as walking?”

“Hey!” Chu Ge said: “I’m not responsible for you want to play, right?”

Qiu Wuji opened his mouth and suddenly laughed: “According to you The way the words are used, is this called, a counterattack?”

“This is a counterattack.” Chu Ge suddenly turned his head and kissed her lips heavily: “I ate so much. Don’t leave me any cotton candy, I’ll get it myself…”

Qiu Wuji quietly let him kiss, under the quiet moon in the suburbs, she was actually a little emotional herself , I unconsciously wanted to lean closer to him.

When I said the alliance under the moon, it was originally because I thought about what this guy would do, and then he raised his pants and said it was normal…

In the end, he was attacked by him.

Qiu Wuji didn’t continue the question, feeling his kiss and watching the moon above heaven quietly.

This is the first time she has celebrated a reunion under the full moon in her ten thousand years.

Mid-Autumn Festival is here…


PS: Sorry for the busy new year, I’m afraid I won’t be able to update it on time. It will take about a week of chaos to get back to normal.

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