What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 177


Chapter 177 Do you think this looks like him?

The world in the book at this time is a big day, and the sky has drizzle.

Qiu Wuji in the book is reclining on the stone pavilion, listening to the light rain, and reading a book.

The wire-bound books are so full, the maids always thought that Sect Master was reading some high-level Taoist scriptures. God knows that Sect Master is reading Wuxia’s novels, and has read dozens of books. Jin Gu’s complete works have been read. .

Now that’s Huang Yi…and then she knows where a lot of Chu Ge’s styles come from.

Chu Ge’s style carries a lot of Jingu’s shadow, can be seen everywhere, such as her decisive battle with Yan Qianlie is a typical reference to Ancient Dragon, but in more places it is Huang Yi style.

At that time, Chu Ge told her: “In a sense, Master Huang Yi is one of the originators of webnovel. “Looking for Qin Ji” was the first of its kind in lineage. The structure of the world and the fantasy imagination, including his “Great Tang” and other wuxia works and the way of combining the dynasty’s hegemony, also have great inspiration and pioneering significance for the subsequent rise of fantasy…”

“In addition The description of extremely mysterious and abstruse in the battle of his works, the analysis in Spiritual Plane, the expression of time-stop style, and the use of passers-by’s amazement flow, this is what the author refers to at the writing level, it is very useful for your previous difficulties, don’t Just look at sex.”

Qiu Wuji thinks what Chu Ge Master said really makes sense, whether it’s the previous ones or the last sentence.

She even felt that Chu Ge himself didn’t learn much about the front. The last sentence of the Optical Society, especially Chu Ge’s previous works, has a very obvious style.

And the posture is bringing forth the new through the old, more than others Master Huang!

Where did you learn this trick?

Chu Ge definitely wants not to arrive, that’s what Qiu Wuji learned from his own book by Chu Ge!

She Qiu Wuji can also bring forth the new through the old.

You Chu Ge will hold the sword lightly, and this Eminence will hold the spear upside down!


The elementary school apprentice Qiu Wuji has been unconsciously and completely deviant.

“Sect Master, Sect Master…” The little maid hurried over, looking at Qiu Wuji, who was leaning against the stone pavilion, before saying anything.

No, Sect Master, what are you doing, just read a book, why does the other hand make a virtual hilt like a sword, are you researching the new Divine Ability without a sword in your hand?

Qiu Wuji looked away from the page and asked lazily, “If you have something to say, what are you doing there?”

The little maid hurriedly said, “Yes. In this way, Elder Zhou and the others heard the news from the extreme north, saying that my sect Disciple Chu Tiange encountered a group of demons, broke through the encirclement and fled after fighting hard, and now they have nowhere to go… This has been a few days ago. , The elders are worried that this Disciple will be unpredictable.”

Qiu Wuji secretly said that the plot unfolded: “Hold my letter, dispatch the sword edge to break into the extreme north, sweep away the demon atmosphere, protect the Disciple, and find Chu. Tiange’s whereabouts. In addition, Chu Tiange is an important rookie of my sect, the future of the next generation of sect, whoever dares to hurt him, is an enemy of my entire clan, and will be executed!”

The maid saluted solemnly: “Yes!”

Watching the maid leave, Qiu Wuji sighed.

I know clearly that Chu Tiange has nothing to do with it, and I also know that he is going out to sea at this time, and he has to dispatch troops to make a big fuss. actor.

But even if you know it, you should let it go. It is not only an attitude, but also a declaration of fist!

Qiu Wuji make a fist!

At this moment, she seemed to be able to hear the sound of “ao” coming from across the border, and it was calmed down again.

The Avatar hurriedly looked at it, it was all right, the little cutie was already crying.


“Are you all right?” Qiu Wuji asked with a sullen smile.

“It’s okay.” Chu Ge tried to smooth his twitching face, and his distorted voice put on a soft tone: “I’m the Golden Bell Cover that built the foundation…”

Qiu Wuji held back his laughter, you modified the Golden Bell Cover, it’s not much use, but it’s used here…

It’s actually okay, Avatar doesn’t have much effort after all, if the original body is like this When you hold it, it’s really sad to think about.

“Go back…” Qiu Wuji helped Chu Ge get up in a weird mood: “I’ll see if you want to do good things in the future.”

Chu Ge looked at Qiu Wuji blushing I still feel refreshed, I secretly said that even if you squeeze harder, it will be worth it to go home limping tonight…

Of course I can’t say this verbally, I have to praise: “Qiuqiu is so good…”

Qiu Wuji “puchi” smiled and bent over.

Chu Ge: “…”

It was very late when I went back, and there were not so many people on the road. Qiu Wuji felt like a Sichuan Opera. , It was very festive just now, but when he turned his head, he turned into a cold face.

It’s still the constant stream of vehicles, steely indifference.

It’s not as good as that night on the Tanabata Festival. No matter how late, you can see little men and women riding bicycles, full of laughter.

Fortunately, it was only the city that changed his face, not Chu Ge.

Chu Ge was still holding her hand, laughing and laughing all the way. Although he limped a little, he still looked gentle and even has several points of flattery.

Of course, this Eminence is like that, dare you try changing your face? Cut off the big head and the cute head together!

It’s just a little bit of carelessness.

One of the two felt so relieved that they complied, and the other felt guilty and harbored ulterior motives, and neither dared to look at each other’s faces.

After a long while, Chu Ge tried to say: “Inside…there should be many shopping malls that are not closed, or some toy stores or boutiques.”

Qiu Wuji came back to his senses, strangely said: “What else to buy?”

Chu Ge said: “Buy you a big pig, I remember… I didn’t buy it before, because I can’t put it, I don’t have enough space.”

Qiu Wuji softly said in his heart, “No hurry…”

“No, you give me Jade Guanyin , I have to give you a stuffed pig too.” Chu Ge pulled her and ran: “This is called exchange of tokens of love.”

Qiu Wuji was both happy and humoured and ran with him . The two wore ancient costumes with swords, and ran hand in hand under the traffic flow of the city of Japan. Facing the surprised eyes of pedestrians, Qiu Wuji never felt embarrassed.

Because of him.

The clerk girl in the toy store saw two ancient people running in excitedly, and asked to buy a pig: “Are there any pigs?”

The clerk girl’s brain is down. After a while, I realized what it was doing, and asked amusingly: “How big is a pig?”

“The kind that is similar to a human!”

“The pig is not that big. , there are big dogs or big bears.”

Chu Ge was a little disappointed, the two have used pigs as a metaphor for a long time, and they have feelings!

Turning her head to look at Qiu Wuji, she was not disappointed. She looked around the shelf with a smile for a long time, and asked the clerk with some excitement: “Look, does this bear look like him?”

Chu Ge: “?”

The clerk’s girl: “?”

Looking from left to right, there is nothing like it at all.

But Qiu Wuji still felt very similar: “Look more clearly, look at the eyes, the nose, and the smile at the corners of the mouth…”

Chu Ge: “…”

Actually, Chu Ge thinks that this bear is not like him, but a bit like Qiu Wuji…

The clerk and girl understood it.

Isn’t it a love brain? When she sees anything cute, she feels like the person she likes. If you just draw a ^_^ expression, it is estimated that she will feel a lot like the man around her.

The clerk’s sister wouldn’t expose it, and immediately agreed: “Like, you really look more and more like when you say that!”

Qiu Wuji happily hugged the big bear: ” That’s it!”

It was only after such a hug that I realized that the bear was really big, just a little shorter than Qiu Wuji, but several times fatter than her, it was like she was hugging Chu Ge’s appearance, even Chu Ge feels that this bear really looks a bit like himself…

Qiu Wuji asked Chu Ge hypocritically: “Will it be too big?”


Chu Ge immediately said: “As a famous big dick, it should be so big! Besides, the big dick, later…”

Qiu Wuji: “It will make me angry in the future. , I’ll beat you up.”

Chu Ge: “”

The clerk almost didn’t laugh out loud, she thought the pair were cute, even cuter than the big bear.

“clang!” The wall clock in the store rang, and the clock pointed to exactly zero.

“The Mid-Autumn Festival is over.” Qiu Wuji pouted slightly.

Can hug the big bear, but feel happy again, rubbing the bear’s face.

Belonging to the season of Qiu Wuji, there is nothing special in the book. But after coming out, the first Qixi Festival and the first Mid-Autumn Festival were all very happy.

Looking at the naive look of the big bear, the ten-thousand-year-old old lady smiled like a 300-pound child.

Thanks to Brother Yu and GD Ghost Sword for joining the alliance~mua~

(end of this chapter)

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