What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 183


Chapter 183 Our Exploration

We went to the hospital and didn’t buy groceries to cook, so the two of them ate a bowl of beef noodles and went home .

When they got home, they forgot that they were learning games before going to the hospital. Chu Ge consciously went to write, Qiu Wuji opened the opposite door, and ran to pill concocting.

It means that Qiu Wuji hasn’t gotten the fun of the game at all. Except for remembering a pig with a gang back that looks a lot like Chu Ge, the others have long since forgotten to go beyond the topmost clouds.

It’s been a few days, and the few pots of elixir that Xiaohuo Miao made before are almost finished. This is more important…

With the improvement of Chu Ge’s cultivation these days, he can move it out. The grade of the medicine pill has gradually improved a little bit, and the grade of the medicine pill can be slightly higher.

Qiu Wuji chose a new pill that is more difficult to refine, called Sanxun Wuyun Pill. This is a medicine pill that was only used in the Golden Core period. The main effect is to promote the temper the spirit of the Golden Core cultivators. It is used for the unity of body and soul, and it will not be easily separated by the trick of chasing the soul. It is similar to but not exactly the same as the temperament of the regular Soul Sea.

In immortal dao, if you want to subdivide it, there are still many ways… Chu Ge can’t finish it for the time being, anyway, it is enough to have her Qiu Wuji check.

I chose this pill because of the newly heard chess killing method. In Qiu Wuji’s understanding, this pill is a kind of soul-snatching technique that causes the soul to come out of the body or directly destroy the soul. Although the premise of taking effect is a bit strange, it is inseparable from the original, this kind of medicine pill is very meaningful.

Pill concocting is a bit more frustrating than writing.

For the so-called 9th rank Golden Core and the like, 9 by 9, 81 days is a little, but 9 by 9, 81 years is not bad. In the past, the pills that could be cultivated in half an hour and an hour were relatively low-level, and if it was a little high-end, it was often calculated as half a day and a day. The years of cultivation are fleeting.

Of course, the setting of the sand sculpture Father God of Creation is annoying, why don’t others make it so troublesome for pill concocting?


Qiu Wuji’s mood at this time is like the students who scolded Li Bai, Du Fu, and Bai Juyi for writing such a long poem.

Pill concocting in the book, and pill concocting outside the book! I haven’t done so many things. I learned a recipe for hairy crabs yesterday and planned to buy some crabs to study. I haven’t finished writing my autobiography yet. , I don’t have much pill concocting in my book. As a boss, the person below is responsible for pill concocting. Besides running the book, I have to be a little assistant to help him pill concocting ying ying ying  …

In the heart of Qiu Wuji’s rich complaints, Chu Ge’s head suddenly popped out in front of him.

Qiu Wuji pressed his face expressionlessly and turned him aside: “Don’t block my fire control line of sight.”

Chu Ge crouched aside with his hands folded: “Not yet, I have finished coding a chapter in my book.”

Qiu Wuji said, “Come and try!”

Chu Ge touched his chin: ” I seem to have another way.”

world in the book, Heart of Fire.

Yan Qianlie is in closed-door cultivation, the Primordial Spirit who was injured has recovered a little in these days, and the illusory shadow of his original appearance can clearly emerge above the small flame. It is still very big. It seems that the shadow of the Flame Giant underground can support both heaven and earth, and its power is extremely bluffing.

All around Kneeling some believers in fiery red robes, bowed their heads reverently: “May my Lord get well soon.”

Yan Qianlie has been traversing the Nine Provinces demonic path for so many years, but the loyalists are still A lot of them have gradually gathered their support recently, reorganizing the basic forces of his Fire Prison Sect.

This is also arranged in the plot, but outside the plot, Yan Qianlie has other purposes, to kill those who want to tear the sky. Well, not now, wait until it recovers.

Flame Giant illusory shadow opened its eyes of flame, and a low and majestic voice spread through the ground: “This Eminence heals and restores things and reshapes the body of the Dharma, please hurry to find this kind of empty head. Ba Nao’s wishes have a fart use?”

“Yes…” A subordinate kneeled up reverently and handed a flaming medicinal herb: “This subordinate has found the Yanyang herb… …”

Yan Qianlie was very satisfied: “Refining and burning Heavenly Pill for this Eminence… When this Eminence recovers, it will be that stinky… Forget it, it will be those hypocritical and righteous crying. Time!”

“My lord will come out and sweep away the whole world, and the hell fire will eventually burn the sky!”

Amidst the devout praise, Yan Qianlie stared at the audience , with pride in my heart. What does it mean to win or lose at the moment, I still have…

I haven’t finished thinking yet, and Void grabbed a hand at some point, and snatched away the Soul Sending Orb containing its small flame.

Yan Qianlie: “…”

Cultists: “???”

Where is my Lord?

Where is the illusory shadow, such a big giant?

Even the small flames are gone…

“Although my lord is seriously injured, he still roams the world, coming and going freely, and I can’t even sense when it left. “The church members were even more frightened, and their sense of awe was overflowing.

The unfathomable mystery Yan Qianlie, who was caught out of the book, understood it when he saw the pill furnace in front of him.

The little flame was furious: “Heavenly Dao of Dog Day, let this Eminence come out just to give you this cheating couple pill concocting! My day is you…”

“I intend to give Your plot is overweight, so that you can re-understand some Nirvana meanings when you are reborn from the ashes, which is beneficial to the future plot of Heaven Realm. Of course, Yan Qianlie is domineering and proud, and he definitely doesn’t like this kind of gift…”

“Does this Eminence need the gift of your dog days? You don’t write this Eminence and feel the same as Bai Yan, you have a kind of smear!”

“The meaning of the plot is that you are one of the rules. The ascension within will not be wiped away.”

“…” Xiao Huo Miao submit to humiliation: “Anyway, it is controlled by others, I will listen to you, what kind of pills did you refine this time? Oh, the three souls and five aggregates pills Ah, that’s it?”

Qiu Wuji held the arm and squinted, as if seeing his past.

Yan Qianlie is obviously going to be a little different since he was added with the setting of being willing to obey the destiny, and he may not know whether it is himself or not.

Chu Ge watched Xiao Huo Miao start to hula hula pill concocting, and suddenly asked: “What does that Du Lianfeng look like, show me a face like that.”

Xiao Huo Miao casually Condensed a face: “It’s like this.”

Chu Ge wrote it down and looked thoughtful nodded: “I see, when the time comes, I might even ask you to do me a favor.”


The little flame didn’t make a sound, but the flame was a little bit hideous.

It’s not possible, it’s better to let me help.

This Eminence hasn’t killed anyone for a long time…it’s almost suffocating…

Leave a small flame to pill concocting, Chu Ge and Qiu Wuji finally returned to the house side by side, speechless all the way.

It wasn’t until he entered the room that Qiu Wuji sighed: “Your current world control has reached this level? You can actually take Yan Qianlie out of the world at will.”

Chu Ge Said: “Maybe it’s because of the soul body. My other things are limited by the energy I can’t bring out, but I can catch him out. Why, you can’t trust him?”

“No, I’m very Trust me, because your settings are almost irreversible.” Qiu Wuji smiled: “No one understands this better than me.”

“You…” Chu Ge hugged her gently and lowered his voice. He said: “I’m sad and thinking about my own situation again?”

Qiu Wuji said: “Chu Ge…do you think I’m hypocritical? Usually I’m a real person, and everything goes wrong. You won’t impose anything on me because of your own thoughts, and you don’t need to do anything, right? But I’m always brooding, I always feel that this is still not enough, something is missing.”

“It’s normal, because you’re Qiu Wuji.” Chu Ge smiled: “It’s the same with Yan Qianlie, you’ve been in cultivation for thousands of years, your firm will, and your self-persistence is far better than an ordinary person. It’s me, Chu Ge, and it may have been lying flat and rotten long ago, but you are not. It is because of it that Qiu Wuji has the charm. That is the cultivation of a generation of Peak. Ask Daoist, not one hiding in the Warm Countryside and humming. The little pig.”

Qiu Wuji smiled slightly, did not continue the topic, and instead asked: “Why do you think there is something you need Yan Qianlie’s help?”

“I I’m thinking, is that kind of ability that puts people in a chess game like mine? If it is, I’m also looking forward to it and compare it with him. That’s also my Chu Ge’s exploration, let’s work together.”


PS: Poor wu wu wu, I haven’t played the game for so long, I forgot even the nickname of DO2 can be repeated, who can give me an idea Let’s round up the story of the ID wu wu wu…

Or give a monthly ticket to soothe the injured soul…

(end of this chapter)

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