What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 195


Chapter 195 life hanging by a thread

The two of them didn’t say anything, and they didn’t have time to cook today, so they just ordered takeout After eating, Chu Ge went to write obediently and honestly, and Qiu Wuji let go of his dive sense in secret and paid attention to the changes on Old Zhu’s side.

Qiu Wuji’s stare is enough for this matter, anyway Chu Ge’s dive sense can’t help. For Chu Ge, nothing is more important than writing updates.

Now Chu Ge’s plot is mainly about the encounter of the protagonist Chu Tiange across the sea. The power comparison between the two sides is similar, not a higher power map. The number of powerhouses in the same grade as Qiu Wuji Yan Qianlie is also the same as Nine. Provinces are about the same. What is more important is the overall difference in customs and customs. It is no longer a sect system, but a cultivator kingdom system.

Chu Ge refers to some settings of medieval magic and rubs it in the oriental culture, adding various races and monsters, there are many things to write, just the settings are listed in a few pages of documents. With the addition of various characters, the fall of the kingdom, the elegy of the hero, and the taste of the group portrait show will come out.

In fact, the White Tiger fangs that Qiu Wuji needs are here, and this is also the subsequent intersection of the two sides.

But now the significance of this part of the plot to Chu Ge is not purely the plot itself, but the perfection of the world.

The entire world is perfected, the map is fully expanded, the customs and even the architecture and food are fully expanded, this world is just like the real thing.

At least people can imagine what this world is like.

This is the most important meaning for Chu Ge.

After fighting against Du Lianfeng, Chu Ge began to have a clearer understanding of his abilities.

Now that he feels that he has control over the world, it has nothing to do with cultivation… Cultivation only brings about the combination of changing the sky and the space and letting him know how to try to control it. , In fact, strength control seems to have nothing to do with cultivation strength.

Now this low-end cultivation has been able to directly command the sun to rise and moon to set without writing. Although the level is still relatively low, it is not something that this cultivation can achieve!

In the past, I also corrected Yan Qianlie’s Bai Yan and Qiu Wuji’s ascension. This is not something that I can do with my own cultivation. It depends on the GM authority. This is my chess game!

The extent to which it can be achieved is absolutely inseparable from the perfection of the world and the recognition of the world.

The perfection of the world is in your own hands, and it is entirely up to you to make it work.

Can be recognized by the world…

Chu Ge is lightly sighed.

Now I feel that my key node is here, and I can’t get around it when I go around.

Cai Zhijian is quite accurate about people’s hearts, knowing that Chu Ge really needs this.

If you really want someone to help you, who is more suitable? Do you want your parents to help? I don’t know if it’s suitable or not…

The time for writing is always very fast. When Chu Ge uploaded today’s chapter, it was already dusk.

Qiu Wuji walked in and squeezed his shoulders for him naturally: “Are you tired?”

Chu Ge pressed the back of her hand, turned her head and smiled: ” Fortunately, the code went well today.”

“I follow Moe Moe’s side, and I don’t have the heart to go out to buy food and cook. Let’s go out to eat?”

“Well, I don’t want to do it. Don’t do it.” Chu Ge stood up and said with a smile: “My Qiuqiu is getting more and more virtuous.”

Qiu Wuji also feels that he is getting more and more virtuous, so virtuous that he is not even virtuous. Zi Zai, why did you have to explain to him even if you didn’t cook? You still took the initiative to say it softly, True Qi person.

She pinched Chu Ge and said fiercely: “I’m not virtuous at all! I don’t even want to eat! Hurry up and imagine my body will not be hungry, I don’t want to eat!”

Chu Ge blinked and said with a smile: “Before I can absorb from food… eat with me.”

“You are selfish!”

” emmmm…” Chu Ge cautiously handed her a toffee: “Have you ever thought that if you don’t want to eat so many delicious things, it would be more uncomfortable to watch me eat them?”

Qiu Wuji straightened his eyes, and angrily peeled off the toffee and threw it into his mouth: “I won’t give it to you!”

Chu Ge was about to say something when the phone beeped and turned on At a glance, it was Zhong Yi’s message: “Du Lianfeng and his party booked a flight after seven o’clock, and they left in more than an hour. I kept staring at it, and there was nothing wrong.”

Chu Ge replied : “Got it. Have you talked to Old Zhu?”

“Yes, I did.”

Chu Ge watched this sentence for a few seconds and then whispered To Qiu Wuji: “I’m afraid we’d better not eat, I suggest going to the hospital to squat.”

Qiu Wuji was stunned: “It’s still dark, how dare he?”

“Being careful doesn’t hurt, and we don’t miss a meal.”

Qiu Wuji agreed, pulling Chu Ge and quickly flashing away.


In the hospital, Zhu Moe Moe took care of father for a day, and beat his waist a little tiredly.

The mother died of illness early, Zhu Moe Moe has always been the Little Princess who was spoiled by Old Zhu. She has never taken good care of the patients, and now she realizes that taking care of people is so tiring.

But no matter how tired I am, I am still very happy. Father is the best. The father wants to sell the broken mine, and it will be fine in the future. The husband also has the will to reconcile. He can live happily and have two fat babies. It must be very cute.

I was wondering what the baby’s name would be when my stomach gu gu sounded and I was so hungry…

Cai Zhijian said from the side: “I’ll take care of the father, do you want to eat first?”

Zhu Moe Moe shook his head: “Go and eat, and help me and father bring a copy.”

“Also.” Cai Zhijian didn’t insist, and turned to leave the ward, Before leaving, he also told the bodyguard: “Don’t slack off, protect Mr. Zhu and Miss Zhu.”

He went all the way out of the corridor, went to the bathroom at the end of the corridor, opened a pit door and squatted in.

Looks like a normal toilet.

But if anyone sees it, they will find that he is not squatting at all, but is doing a very strange thing.

He pulled a piece of Toilet Paper, rolled it into an arrow shape, and put it on the box first.

Then he took a step away, as if he was comparing and adjusting the distance until he felt that it was almost the same. He squatted slightly and leaned back against the wall. His posture was extremely strange, as if he was simulating the appearance of his back against the head of the bed.

Until everything looked almost the same, a strange vortex slowly flashed in Cai Zhijian’s eyes, he suddenly turned around and grabbed the pre-wrapped paper arrow on the Toilet Paper box, swiftly and incoherently poked it down his neck. .

In the ward at the other end of the corridor, Old Zhu was leaning on the bed and talking to his daughter, when he suddenly turned around, grabbed the fruit knife on the bedside table and plunged it directly into his throat!

Where can Zhu Moe Moe react? The tip of the knife has reached his throat within half a second!

A slender hand stretched out abruptly from the void, grabbed his wrist, and then revealed Qiu Wuji’s entire body.

She was hidden here, just observing for a few minutes…

Old Zhu dropped the knife in shock: “It’s not me! Someone wants to kill me! Someone wants to kill me! “

Everyone at Zhu Moe Moe was dumbfounded: “Qiuqiu…this…what’s going on?”

Cai Zhijian also hurried over from the bathroom and hurriedly asked: ” What’s the matter, what’s the matter?”

There was laughter from behind: “Old Cai, your silent pantomime is very beautiful, why don’t you play it for a while?”

Cai Zhijian suddenly stopped Stepping forward, he looked behind him with a livid look.

The illusory shadow floats behind him and slowly turns into a complete human shape.

Chu Ge.

The stealth I learned from my mother was not used to peep at who was taking a bath, but used to follow a man to the toilet. Chu Ge saw a wonderful performance before he could scream.

The value of the fare is returned.

He was playing with his mobile phone and said with a smile: “I filmed the Old Cai toilet blockbuster, Miss Moe Moe, would you like to see it?”

Before he finished speaking, he felt a sense of disobedience in his hand, and Cai Zhijian had already rushed over fiercely and tried to grab the phone.

With a “Pa” sound, Qiu Wuji dodged in front of him at some point, and a slap made him spin in place like a top.

Chu Ge said with a smile: “I want to hit me in front of my girlfriend… I think too much…”

Cai Zhijian staggered two steps, gasped slightly, but recovered. Calm down.

He looked at the stunned Old Zhu father and daughter, then looked at Chu Ge, and slowly asked: “How did you start to doubt me? It stands to reason that my ability is impossible to be discovered by you.”

Chu Ge was silent for a moment, then said with a strange expression: “If it’s because of the writer’s brain comprehension ability… Do you believe it?”

(end of this chapter)

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