What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 201


Chapter 201 Modern girl

Chu Ge once said that Qiu Wuji is currently very close to normal modern people most of the time , there is basically no difference in daily dialogue and behavior. Because she learns things too fast, faster than ordinary ancients. After all, the Divine Consciousness of the fairy family is different from memory, and she can go back to the world in the book to steal time.

In fact, determining the relationship is also an important change node. Since then, Qiu Wuji has the tenderness and attachment of a little girl, and the high coldness of the Sect Master’s face has become very little, and … understands feelings, This is important.

It used to be Zhu Moe Moe heartless, but he changed to a fine person. Just the emotional questions asked by Qiu Wuji are enough to make people wonder if this person is not right, a so-called twenty-five-year-old. The woman asked something that even a fifteen-year-old girl would not ask…

But now Qiu Wuji can teach Zhu Moe Moe in turn…

But there are still Several major differences cannot be completely smoothed out after a few months of study.

One is the sense of existence through childhood, the web woven by social attributes.

The other is the ideology of modern people. Its formation is a process of unnoticeable influence over many years. It is formed based on many historical influences and social, economic and cultural factors, which is very different from the thinking of an immortal cultivator.

For example, Qiu Wuji can’t understand the difference between lying down and being lazy, and can’t understand why everyone loves to watch others cook and show their affection.

Qiu Wuji has started watching Ma Zhe these days, and it’s quite difficult to understand.

This is not a philosophical question, but is based on the cognition of the social system and economic system. If you want to understand more deeply, there are quite a lot of disciplines involved.

So we say “learning”, and learning can solve these two problems together.

But Qiu Wuji probably won’t go to any adult school, take your time, everyone has a lot of time.

Now that I plan to learn to drive and get a driver’s license, it’s fine…

The hospitalization of Zhu Moe Moe is not a big problem, it’s purely a recuperation of overdrawn spirit. Old Zhu was discharged from the hospital two days ahead of schedule, and Zhu Moe Moe was also discharged today. Qiu Wuji made an appointment to pick her up.

When I got to the hospital, Zhu Moe Moe’s complexion was white and rosy. In the past few days, she slept not only instead of losing weight, but gaining weight, and her mood was no longer the decadent she used to be. Smile: “Qiuqiu ~ I miss you…”

“The evil capitalist.” Qiu Wuji disliked: “The average person is sick in the past few days, half of their lives can be given away, you are good, independent ward , raised up and became fat.”

“Yo?” Zhu Moe Moe was very surprised: “Even you can scold the capitalists?”

“What’s wrong?” Qiu Wuji was quite Chest: “I’m under the red flag, so it’s not my job to scold the capitalists?”

Zhu Moe Moe stretched out his hand to touch Qiu Wuji’s forehead in a stunned manner: “I don’t have a fever… I’m a shitty capitalist. , anyway, I didn’t let the tea-making girl in my shop, 996…”

Qiu Wuji stopped her hand, looked at her up and down for a while, and asked, “Is it okay?”


“Yeah, what can be done after things have passed, look forward, life will always pass.” Zhu Moe Moe stretched and sighed: “Ah… it’s really like a It’s like a big dream.”

Qiu Wuji asked: “What’s your plan in the future?”

“You ask a man?”



Zhu Moe Moe smiled and said, “This time I’ve really taken care of it, I won’t look for it anymore, let’s go with the fate in the future. If you really meet someone in the right eye, let’s talk about it. If you don’t meet someone, you’ll live by yourself.”

Qiu Wuji could hear this sincerity, at least in this brief moment.

She sighed inwardly. Zhu Moe Moe doesn’t seem to have changed or hehe haha, without a gloomy face, but finally he is not the original person.

“Qiuqiu, I want to exercise my abilities, do you have any good ideas?” Zhu Moe Moe asked suddenly.

Qiu Wuji asked back, “Want to have the power to protect yourself? Or what?”

“The power of self-protection, I heard you say the other day that my ability is pretty good. , I always feel that I am a weak and weak Little Princess.”

Qiu Wuji couldn’t help but complain: “A power that can break cause and effect, you can use this ability to rob a man, if not Because you are my friend and I want to kill you, you still ask me!”

Zhu Moe Moe weakly said: “Actually, I used to be able to cut someone’s love line because the line was too weak, A little tougher can’t cut it. I just tried to see if I could cut the connection between me and the little nurse, and found that I couldn’t cut it. Logically, this connection is very weak. After a few days, she will forget that I am No one can cut it…”

“This is more normal, otherwise it would be too outrageous, that day should be the limit of your full potential.” Qiu Wuji instead sighed: “In this way, it should be that you can recognize which kind of wire can cut which kind, and it must be a relatively weak wire, and the unrecognized wire can’t be even weaker.”

“I Can you guess that the line refers to the relationship she helped me treat?”

“Wait until you can see it for yourself, such as recognizing the love line at a glance? It means you I have mastered the meaning of that line.” Qiu Wuji complained: “You are amazing, Moe Moe, you can’t even recognize such a simple line, but you can recognize the love line.”

“Don’t scold, don’t scold. So…” Zhu Moe Moe said: “So my training direction is to try to recognize other lines, and try to cut off stronger connections after recognition?”

“It should be clear that this is the case. direction.” Qiu Wuji thought for a while: “I don’t know how to train supernatural powers, but Blackroom has special equipment for mental strength training, you can go to Blackroom with your father, those people are not bad.”

Zhu Moe Moe curled his lips and said, “I haven’t seen any training in my father for so many years, dignified divination ability, and as a result, I don’t even know that my son-in-law wants to kill him.”

“That’s not necessarily true. Ah…” Qiu Wuji smiled: “He said in front of Cai Zhijian that he would sell the mine to the state. He really didn’t mean to be provocative at all? When we caught Cai Zhijian, how excited were you, look how calm he is.”

“Huh…” Zhu Moe Moe’s eyes straightened.

It seems that everyone has a clear mind, but they are stupid and cute like a second-hand.

Qiu Wuji suddenly asked, “How thick is the love line between Chu Ge and I?”

Zhu Moe Moe looked at her with a faint smile, before saying after a while: “Although I really want to cheat You make you anxious for a moment… See how cute and nervous you are, forget it.”

“Then tell the truth!”

“The truth is, you guys There are many lines disorderly, and the relationship is very weird, but the one representing love is the thickest I have ever seen in my life, thicker than some people’s stuff.”

Qiu Wuji: “?”

“Oh, I’m talking about iron chains.” Zhu Moe Moe said nothing: “Don’t worry I’ll rob your husband, I think I’ll keep biting even if I bite it with my teeth.”

Qiu Wuji was happy in his heart, and ill-humoredly said on his face: “I want to learn to drive.”

“Did I drive like that just now? Internet gangsters can do it.”

Qiu Wuji grabbed her by the collar: “I’ve learned enough from Chu Ge for that stuff, your level is too low! I’m talking about a real car now, like your frog car!”

“Are you really going to buy a car?” Zhu Moe Moe was interested: “Let’s go, I’ll help you with your staff.”

“If you don’t buy it, I recommend you learn to drive at a driving school first.” Qiu Wuji hesitated: “I don’t want to be crowded with a group of men, and Chu Ge doesn’t like it either, so I don’t want to go to the driving school myself, so I’m here to ask you.”

“It’s simple, there are The friend I met who was doing yoga with me was a female driving school instructor, and they were basically female students, so I was looking for her at the time.”

“I knew Moe Moe had the best connections~”


“Of course, after so many years, who doesn’t know a few people? Your family, Chu Ge, is nested in the house every day, and there are police classmates who write books. How can it be like you and the ravine suddenly pop out It’s the same…”

Qiu Wuji listened without any hesitation, and took her arm as if nothing had happened: “Didn’t I also have you…”

“That’s true. …” Zhu Moe Moe happily took Qiu Wuji’s shoulder: “Little lady, let’s hang out with me in the future~”

“Be careful when we hit you in early autumn.”

“Isn’t it a Qiuqiu fan? Why has it turned into early autumn candy again…”

“I and Chu Ge’s CP fans, a lot! Hundreds of thousands!”

“Hey… what else? Do you want me to be a fan for you?”

“What is that? “

“I’ll teach you…”

The voice of chirp chirp twitter twitter got into the white frog car all the way, the frog car started, beeping away all the way.

Being a modern girl with friends and pursuits is that simple and happy.

(End of this chapter)

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