What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 203


Chapter 203 Write yourself in the book!

When Qiu Wuji announced the admission of apprentices to the “Personnel Department”, Chu Ge didn’t think too much, subconsciously thought it was right.

Otherwise, he would be tired of spending time with Qiu Wuji on the main peak every day, so how could he explain it to him? Isn’t it possible that Qiu Wuji is like a thief cheating in his own backyard, hiding as soon as someone comes to report something?

As for…

And Qiu Wuji also hopes to join hands with his just and honorable swordsman, which has long been a clue.

First of all have the identity of the heirloom Disciple, then everything is easy to say, at least it is a normal thing for Cloudridge Sect to see him at the main peak.

As for whether filial piety will be found to be degraded in the future, will it arouse criticism… Harm, this is what we want, otherwise we won’t play!

At this moment, the crowd of Cloudridge Sect gathered to see where this amazing genius came from, did he have three heads, six arms and two cows? Blue eyes are added.

In the midst of the hustle and bustle, Chu Ge, who was being watched, suddenly began to sweat.

It’s not that I’m sorry…it’s that he found a strong sense of crisis in his heart, and realized that if he continued like this, the plot would collapse, and he had to correct it!

At this time, he suddenly woke up, this is not the matter of the young couple, it clearly involves a big change in the world’s plot in the book, and the impact is extremely far-reaching!

Because for the world in the book, Qiu Wuji’s apprenticeship is a big deal.

Qiu Wuji has not disclosed her willingness to accept apprentices before, but this is a bug written by a certain Heavenly Dao, because it is impossible for her to not accept apprentices in such a situation. She can’t live forever, she’s already long-lived now, and she will always die in hundreds or thousands of years.

Her heirloom Disciple, if nothing else, is the successor, the whole ship will be handed over to him in the future, standing on the top of the world overnight.

Today’s Qiu Wuji is obviously the Number One Person in the world, Cloudridge Sect is the First Sect in the world, and dominates the Nine Provinces. Is the successor at this level a joke?

There must be a very solemn ceremony ceremony as a rule, please invite World Sect to come to watch the ceremony!

From now on, the core action of the entire sect will gradually shift to the direction of “cultivating Young Master”, and Nine Provinces immortal dao will directly list the descendant of Qiu Wuji as the highest observation object. One, befriending, conspiring, marrying, anything will come out.

The impact of this on the direction of the world is so far-reaching that it can’t be said in a short time. The plot in the book can still go as it is, obviously it will get out of control.

Therefore triggering his instinct as “Heavenly Dao” feels wrong.

This matter…it really needs to be fixed, but there is no need to fix it too far. If Heavenly Dao wants to do it himself, it can be solved by patching…

Qiu Wuji suddenly felt the coercion of Heavenly Dao coming, and the honest little discipline following him seemed to be far away, and his breath covered the sky.

The Disciples watching at the next moment are unfathomable mystery, you see me, I see you, don’t know what happened, and then they all go back under the angry eyes of every deacon.

Why are you staring at us? It’s not you who took the lead in the crowd just now… Strange, what were you looking at just now? You’re daring and hairy, and the Sect Master is there!

As the people dispersed, the deacon of the Manufacture Hall in front of him seemed to have forgotten that he had shouted “Sect Master’s Inheritance” just now, and at this time, he lowered his voice very alertly and said to Qiu Wuji: ” Sect Master, is this really your heir?”

Qiu Wuji thoughts are revolving, and instantly understood what happened just now…Everyone hadn’t thought about it before, which led to the risk of the plot slipping away, Chu Ge promptly Fixed back, “reset” the deacon’s shout.

Qiu Wuji sighed. It’s no wonder that the two of them didn’t take this into consideration. Any normal person who accepts a discipline would still consider things like the plot being unresolved… In a way, this is the sadness of “involuntarily”, she wants to break free from her destiny and become a That’s what independent people are.

It’s just that when the Heavenly Dao who wants to break free is his own man, things become very indescribable.

It was said that he tried to reset, but only reset to shouting this step, and did not stop himself from talking about Disciple, which means that Chu Ge did not intend to completely erase it. , most likely to be patched.

He would rather take some risks than want to be openly paired with me…

“old man wife” was very consonant, and instantly understood what the other party meant, Qiu Wuji suppressed the ripples in his heart, nodded slightly, and said, “It is indeed this Eminence that has been passed down for a long time, and it is not the secret observation and teaching of the newly received Disciple. He has excellent innate talent and reliable character. Today, he is officially included in the door wall. However, his cultivation It’s still shallow, and suddenly publicizing it may cause harm to others. You can’t publicize it for the time being. Keep it secret and inform the elders privately.”

“Yes, the Sect Master has considered it carefully.” The deacon stared coldly. Looking at the Disciples around him, he coldly said: “Have you heard the words of the Sect Master? If half a sentence is leaked, the law will not be merciful!” Chu Ge, very resolutely and decisively, said: “Yes!”

The deacon asked Qiu Wuji again: “Sect Master, are you now making life cards with blood?”

Qiu Wuji Startled for a while, his expression became a little weird: “Just give a temporary card for the time being.” Temporary cards are a simple thing, ready for the guests at any time, and I gave Chu Ge a piece on the spot.

Qiu Wuji froze and took Chu Ge and turned to go out, with a strange expression: “Hey, now it’s my turn to worry about your ID card!”

Chu Ge also It’s funny, it really is.

The sect life card is not only a proof of identity, but also a voucher for receiving resources and equipment. The main reason is that many places are entered and exited by “shua card entry”. Without this, not only can you not enter, but you may even trigger the ban because it detects that you are “not your own”, which will kill people… Without this, there will be a lot less Permissions, and even the Transmission Formation of the internal peaks can’t go away.

In addition, once an accident happens and the fate card is broken, the sect can also know it immediately, and find the murderer to avenge you through divination or backtracking, etc. unnecessary.

It’s a pity that this thing is not given to you by Sect Master through the back door. You must at least provide your blood or hair before someone can make your exclusive card for you…

They Haven’t been able to bring anything in yet. Every time Qiu Wuji returns, the clothes are left on the bed, and Chu Ge also enters with pure dive sense and cannot carry any substances.

Because so far, the two realms have not established a direct space channel, which is also the fundamental reason why everyone’s real body cannot pass through. Chu Ge uses the principle of portable space combined with the change of the sky and the ground, and now he can take out things, but he still can’t find a way to put things in, and he can’t find the hole at all.

Wait until the day you can just drop things in, it will really make anyone “missing”.

It is invincible in a sense…

“Since it can be taken out, it can be stuffed in sooner or later.” Chu Ge followed Qiu Wuji with a smile, saying with a smile: “No hurry, no hurry, I also tried the experience of how to get an ID card. It’s very good.”

Qiu Wuji was expressionless: “If you want to try it All the things I’ve tasted, then please wear a hollow lace first.”

Chu Ge: “…”

Qiu Wuji asked in a low voice, “I just took off the reins. ?”


“Then why don’t you even revise the Disciple I announced? What are you going to do?”

Chu Ge said with a smile: “How can a Master ask Disciple how to do it? Isn’t Disciple asking Master for advice?”

Qiu Wuji gritted his teeth: “There’s a Disciple over there, I’m going home to ask you.”

Chu Ge was stunned for a while, then heard the door open, ka-cha, and Qiu Wuji, who was alive, ran into the house: “Chu Ge Chu Ge, I didn’t want to sit there and drink tea, and ran back… What are you going to do? How do you fix this plot!”

Chu Ge was distracted and looked at the two Qiu Wuji with a strange expression, his cheeks twitched for a long time before muttered: “Double happiness, this is… “

The two Qiu Wuji grabbed Chu Ge’s collar at the same time: “Go to hell scumbag!”

β€žFuck!” Chu Ge crawled up from the grass in dismay : “You wait a moment, you wait a moment, my writing and cultivation is not really distracting, it’s enough, this kind of two-way dialogue and thinking is really not enough, I’ll stop here for a while, and talk there.”

Qiu Wuji snorted, gazed towards the sky with his hands behind his back: “It’s so weak…”

In this world, Chu Ge carefully took Qiu Wuji’s hand from the collar, said with a smile: “Wait for me for a few minutes, I’ll make a patch.”

Qiu Wuji sternly looked at Chu Ge and wrote a sentence in the text: “Qiu Wuji is looking for White Tiger fangs, There is no news, but there is a feeling in my heart… Whether I die at the end of my life, or succeed ascens ion, the successor of sect has to be arranged…”

“I had insisted on ascension before and never thought about it, but now I meet bottleneck, and the idea of accepting apprentices has finally been put on Qiu Wuji’s agenda for the first time. “

Chu Ge turned his head and glanced at Qiu Wuji, said with a smile: “Foreshadowing, make a foundation.” ”

Then open the setting file and add a new character setting in the character setting section: β€œChu Ge: Qiu Wuji Disciple, his identity is a mystery, his origin is mysterious, he is suspected to be Heavenly Dao Incarnation…the first in the world handsome guy. “

Qiu Wuji: “? ? ? “

“Why, am I not handsome?” “

“No, whether you are handsome or not, I already knew you didn’t need this face…I’m asking if it doesn’t matter if you write Chu Ge directly in it?” Will the reader see the drama? “

“It’s okay, it’s just a concept of ‘After the Qiu Wuji ascension, Cloudridge Sect’s destination is Heavenly Dao’, the concept exists. I don’t write about him in the text, and the readers will be happy at most, saying that Big Chu shameless Write yourself to be such a powerful minor character… There are still quite a few cases. For example, I have seen an author write that he is a famous handsome man in the previous generation, who is more serious with him. “

Qiu Wuji: “…Are all your authors so shameless? “

“What is a face? “Chu Ge said with a smile: “For us, with such a stroke, the existence of this Disciple in the world in the book will no longer be abrupt. This is the key. “

Qiu Wuji thought for a while, didn’t expect some weak spot, it really seems to be possible.

Chu Ge continued: “I can add some narration or side description later. , said that Qiu Wuji secretly received a Disciple to cultivate, Nine Provinces discussed spiritedly, but did not see the truth… In addition to this ‘suspected Heavenly Dao Incarnation’ base, it is really me, and I am afraid I can really officially It exists in the world in the book, and it can even be directly used to write the plot of some mechanical seances… This has to be thought about again, it must not be used. ”

Qiu Wuji admired it in his heart, he really understood these things, so he wrote the text, and he wrote the β€œtext”.

From then on Chu Ge really put “self” into the book?

(end of this chapter)

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