What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 204


Chapter 204 What is the experience of eating one’s own vinegar

Looking at the eyes of the little disc, Chu Ge feels so wonderful.

Qiu Wuji here has soft eyes, a bit of admiration and admiration, but also with the joy of “being able to openly pair with him in the book”.

Qiu Wuji over there with a stern face, hands behind his back, gazed towards the sky, he is disgusting that his strength is too weak, and he can’t even be used as a distraction.

But your distraction is so useful, it looks like a fine point.

This little one really can’t do it.

“Why are you staring at me so stupidly?” Qiu Wuji stood behind him, squeezed his shoulders, and whispered into his ear, with a coquettish tone: “In the Cloudridge Sect strategy female sect Leader, doesn’t it feel very good?”

Chu Ge hummed.

Qiu Wuji’s face changed instantly, and pinching his shoulders turned into pinching flesh: “You just like her more!”

Chu Ge: “???”

What and what, eating your own vinegar? Isn’t that also you!

Qiu Wuji covered her face ying ying ying: “I cook for you, manage book reviews for you, and kiss you, so you like a stern woman!”

“I’m… special… not…” Chu Ge stuttered and hurriedly coaxed: “Of course I like this Qiuqiu… Aren’t you all alone ouch fuck…”

Qiu Wuji peeked at him from between his fingers, and then felt wronged: “I’m going to cook, you write well, don’t always think about finding a woman!”

Chu Ge half-opened his mouth Watching her run to the kitchen, her mind is full of confusion.

world in the book.

Qiu Wuji gave Chu Ge a sidelong glance: “Have you run out of distractions? Can you restart here after the shutdown?”

Chu Ge coughed dryly: “Okay, okay. Today we will Where are you going?”

“Go and eat the food made by that little girl in love, anyway you like that Qiuqiu!” Qiu Wuji walked away.

Chu Ge sat on the grass with rims under his eyes. After two or three seconds of downtime, he quickly got up and chased after him: “Hey, wait for me, I’m not familiar with the road here…”

Qiu Wuji rolled up his sleeves and brought him to the main peak again, in front of his house.

The two little maids stick one’s head around to look for Chu Ge and observe secretly.jpg

“They are not real maids, just Direct Disciple, helping me take care of the flowers and plants in the mountains, Do something uploaded and distributed, not a maid serving daily life… If you dare to mess with their ideas, I will throw you off the mountain.” Qiu Wuji said this sentence from the gap between his teeth.

Chu Ge looked steadily forward and followed up the house: “I know you don’t have a maid.”

“You wrote it right…” Qiu Wuji closed the door and said himself Sitting in the hall, I looked at Chu Ge for a long time, and suddenly smiled: “Chu Ge, you are really my Disciple.”

Chu Ge said: “It was originally.”

” That’s not the same. According to your words, it’s called ceremony.” Qiu Wuji touched his chin and thought about it: “I’m wondering if you should kneel down and serve tea.”

“Don’t fight the seven wounds. , Do you want to kneel down when you learn to write a book with me?”

“What does that useless dead woman have to do with me?”

Chu Ge rotten : “Then you let ‘she’ kneel first, I don’t believe you are willing.”

Qiu Wuji stared.

Chu Ge glared back.

After looking at each other in blank dismay for a while, Qiu Wuji was snorted and gave up the topic: “How long can your dive sense stay here? It’s been a while.”

Chu Ge felt it roughly: “It should be about half an hour, maybe less than a little.”

“It’s already much better than I thought.” Qiu Wuji asked: ” The conditions in this world are different from those over there, so there is no need to struggle with the choice. This Eminence will first pass on your my sect basic mentality, and let you pass on the identity of Disciple first… a few minutes are enough. Then what else do you want to learn?”

Chu Ge scratched his head: “I didn’t think about it for a while… I was thinking, if the residence time can be extended, I will write seven days later, and I will write seven Heavenly Book while hiding here. , go out and kill them…”

Qiu Wuji: “?”

Chu Ge: “…”

Qiu Wuji slim eyebrows: “You come In the Xianxia rivers and lakes, the companions are on the side… uh no, the Master is in front, what you think is actually to save the manuscript and write the book, go to die Chu Ge!”

“peng”, a Only the big illusory hand clapped it down, and slapped Chu Ge on the floor, his hands and feet twitched a few times and stopped moving.

Qiu Wuji was so angry that Cloudridge Mountain was up and down, and stared at Chu Ge for a long time before he said angrily: “Let’s learn the basic mental method first, you won’t be allowed to eat if you can’t memorize it for half an hour!”


“It’s time to eat.” A voice came from the kitchen.

Chu Ge divine sense exited the world in the book like a tidal wave and returned to the original body, and stretched out a little tiredly.

This dive sense residency is really tiring. No wonder Qiuqiu used to go back every time he couldn’t hold it any longer. This time I felt it, my mind was dizzy and a little swollen, like a minor illness.

In this state, for a while and a half, I would like to say that going in again is really not arriving, and I have to rest for at least two or three days.

What makes people even more dizzy is the attitude of the two Qiuqiu, who actually eat their own vinegar, which makes Chu Ge feel that he is dreaming, and everyone is stupid.

He deliberately didn’t use the dive sense to transmit the mental method, and punished him to endorse it… Although the basic mental method is short, how can it be memorized in less than half an hour?

If you can’t finish it, you’re not allowed to eat.

As a result, I softly called for dinner here…

Chu Ge wondered if he was going to undergo electrotherapy…

He went to the kitchen to help Qiu Wuji put the food on the table, and found that the dishes were still those Internet celebrity dishes.

No wonder I usually cook very fast, but today I have tossed for so long.

The two sat opposite each other with a strange atmosphere, and looked at each other for a long time with chopsticks, before Qiu Wuji said, “What are you looking at, you haven’t eaten yet!”

Chu Ge asked carefully : “Didn’t you tell me not to eat?”

Qiu Wuji slammed his chopsticks and glared angrily: “You listen to her or me! You like to listen to that fierce woman, don’t you? Then don’t eat it. Ah!”

Chu Ge quickly bowed his head and grabbed the rice.

A woman even scolds herself when she is ruthless.

Qiu Wuji also began to cook rice, humming: “She has a lot of things to do, and that little bit of shabby mentality makes people memorize…”

Chu Ge is acquainted with each other. , let her eat her own vinegar.

“But then again…” Qiu Wuji stopped scolding himself and asked him expectantly, “How do you feel when you go in these hours today? Are the verdant hills and limpid water very beautiful, yes? Isn’t the air much fresher?”

Chu Ge said: “It’s definitely much better than here, I suspect that the real body was drunk in the past to breathe.”

Qiu Wuji gave him a chopstick and said excitedly: “Eat more, work hard for cultivation, and try to stay for two more days next time. I’ll take you out to play.”

“It wasn’t brought by that fierce woman. ?”

Qiu Wuji eye shows the ominous light.

Chu Ge continued to cook rice.

“Next time you go in, I’ll go back!” Qiu Wuji hummed: “I’m staying here, and you’re there to kiss me, I always feel like you’re with other women, even if That’s really me… I’d be better off here…”

“Then…” Chu Ge asked tentatively: “For so long, you were there watching me I’m flirting with you here, why don’t you feel that way?”

Qiu Wuji thought for a long time with his cheeks supported, and then slowly said: “In the past, it was probably because I released Avatar to flirt with you…but Now you’re in front of me?”

Chu Ge was still having difficulty substituting, and shook his head to eat.

To put it bluntly, isn’t it just a thousand-year-old Old Chen vinegar jar!

But…this kind of experience is really interesting…the longer the stay in the future, what interesting things will happen, Chu Ge is looking forward to it.


PS: It’s a bit difficult to write, it’s a little cal, it may not be added at night, don’t wait…

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