What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 207


Chapter 207 Capital

The editor felt that the other party was unlikely to pass the proposal, but the other party agreed very readily .

Just kidding, you can’t refuse a screenwriter who comes into the group with money through the back door.

even more how This author has his own traffic, not to mention asking him to do it himself, this is a publicity point, okay? Not a fool.

As a result, the full copyright of “Chu Tian Wuji” was officially sold to Great Tang Light and Shadow Co., Ltd. for five years and three million. The contract clearly stated that the author participated in the screenwriting and the plot was revised. Opinions are based on the author’s opinion.

It’s almost like a celebrity treatment, but a celebrity doesn’t necessarily have this kind of treatment…

Most of the film and television practitioners want the popularity of webnovel’s IP while looking down on webnovel itself. It’s customary. Some screenwriters openly said on the forum that I was doing webnovel adaptations, but I never read webnovel.

Also said it smugly.

Why webnovel’s adaptation is always changed to a slap in the face, it can be seen that, in addition to financial constraints, a large part of the factor is that the arrogant film and television practitioners simply do not understand that they are operating this What do the audiences of the IP like and what they want to see.

But in front of the back door with money, nothing matters.

Pride is no match for capital.

The money obviously didn’t arrive so quickly, and the process was early, but Chu Ge looked at the contract sent over and signed it like a dream.

Grass, three million!

Divided into 1.5 million, after tax deduction, there are still 120!

Hey, why does it sound like it has shrunk so much… The majestic dog instantly turned into a sense of sight of a salty fish dog.

Forget it, there are already quite a few, and I can also let me participate in the screenwriting! This is the most important!

A book writer has been trying to figure out what to do in his life. It seems that it’s worth it so far, and he can go to Court Eunuch… No, I really don’t need to write another book.

Court Eunuch is impossible Court Eunuch, on the contrary, it seems to be written earlier to facilitate shooting?

Chu Ge began to worry about gains and losses.

It was impossible to finish the book early, but if it was written as originally planned, wouldnโ€™t it be too late to start filming after all the writingโ€ฆ He always felt that a certain degree of world recognition was needed before the book was finished. , It is of great significance to achieve the existence and closure of the world at the end of this time, which is the hunch of Heavenly Dao.

It was filmed a few years later, and the day lily was cold…

But it seems unlikely that people will directly shoot a book of yours that is still serialized…

It’s not like there are no other projects in hand, so why take such a risk? Shoot it now, you havenโ€™t finished it yet, what if you write everything in disorder later?

Chu Ge called Old Zhu in a panic.

Old Zhu heard what he wanted, and laughed: “It’s not difficult, now you don’t need to finish shooting these things, you can split them into seasons. After the first season is over, I guess you should finish the book too. Now. Look at Bing Huo and so on, it was also filmed while writing, and even the filming progress has surpassed the original…”

Chu Ge said: “I understand the reason, people don’t have to do this… “

“Labor and capital have money.”


Old Zhu comforted: “I saw your masterpiece, and the seasons are pretty good. Yes, the first season was filmed until Qiu Wuji Yan Qianlie’s decisive battle. This situation was a good way to convince the team, and it wasn’t something we forced, right.”

Chu Ge somewhat guilty: “This is you How much to invest…”

Old Zhu said: “One hundred million.”

Chu Ge: “?”

“It happened that I sold mine, I have cashed out a lot, and now I have so much money that I am looking for a place to invest. Isn’t this one of them, I still have money to look for other projects…”

Chu Ge: “โ€ฆ …The mine is really sold, so fast…”

Old Zhu said with a smile: “So I added a little more, I didn’t need so much… If I added more, I would have the confidence to urge them to start the project earlier. Well.”

“No, Old Zhu…you also added…” Chu Ge weakly said: “What should I do if I lose?”

“Hard. You should be Xie Wenyuan Are you an idiot?” Old Zhu said with a smile: “Since he has decided on the project, he has gone through a risk assessment. To be honest, I originally planned to invest 20 million, but I never thought about making a big production. , as a result, his attitude made me feel profitable–Chu Ge, I don’t just say good things to fool you, investing is for making money, not for saving face, okay?”

“Really, really can Make money?”

“What’s the matter of risk? Now that you have decided, you will take care of it yourself.” Old Zhu said: “Don’t be so weak-hearted, just have some self-confidence, okay? This guilty conscience makes me panic…”

“cough, cough…” Chu Ge doesn’t know how to show confidence to enhance investors’ confidence, especially if the investors are his own …

“You are so kind, and you’re afraid of cheating on your own people… If you change someone else, you will be your own people.” Old Zhu smiled: “Okay, it’s up to you. At the capital level, it has nothing to do with the author. It depends on the operation whether it is profitable or not. “

He paused and smiled mysteriously: “Sanwa, you seem to have forgotten that my ability is divination. “

“Huh…” Chu Ge startled.

“A fortune-teller, although not very accurate…would the entire 100,000,000 be lost?” “Old Zhu smiled and said, “You said I’m helping you, but how do you know that you’re not helping me make money…”

The mine boss played “how to know”…until this time Chu Ge Only then did I feel that Old Zhu had a taste of the photographic literary old man I met at the beginning.

For the first time, I also felt the terrifying power of capital at close range, and the sky was darkened by dark clouds. A small author stood in it, I feel like an ant under Heavenly Dao.

As if I was looking down at the book.

My heart that was slightly swollen just because I got 1.2 million was like cold water in an instant.

“I’ll write the rest of it well, I’ll leave the film and television to you. “

Old Zhu laughed: “No problem, do you want to come to the house for dinner today?” “

“No, I’ll wait for Qiuqiu to come home.” She should have almost returned from learning to drive. “

“Okay, don’t disturb your romantic couple’s world.” “

“ka-cha ~” The door rang at the right time, and Qiu Wuji’s laughter came: “I’m back~ Hey, aren’t you writing?” “

Chu Ge put away his mobile phone and went up to take the food that Qiu Wuji was carrying: “I was on the phone with Old Zhu just now… Did you buy food after learning to drive?” “

“Well, one person and one car, the time is easy to talk about. I went shopping with the coach.” “Qiu Wuji changed his shoes and said with a smile: “The coach is also a housekeeper, unlike Moe Moe, a dead capitalist who said she didn’t admit it. “

Chu Ge has a heart: “Yeah, capitalist…”

“What’s the matter, your expression is weird.” “

“Nothing. Chu Ge threw the dishes into the kitchen, turned around and picked up Qiu Wuji, and rolled on the sofa with a leap: “The film and television adaptation is done, successfully accomplished, kiss?” “

Qiu Wuji was squeezed under his body and struggled hard, covering his mouth with disgust: “Don’t learn from Wei Xiaobao, he has seven, how many do you want? โ€

Chu Ge was vaguely covered: โ€œOne can also be said to be successfully accomplished…โ€

Qiu Wuji strangely said: โ€œReally? “

Chu Ge slowly removed her little hand covering her mouth: “Really…our sense of existence in the world is really going to become more and more distinct…”

Qiu Wuji’s eyes are sparkling, obviously quite happy.

The truth of the world means her truth, which is closely related, although it will be unclear for a while how it will be presented.


“No, just talk, what are you doing with my hand away…”

“I’m not telling you to listen to you in the book, but listen to me here…”

“I-I never said that! wรบ wรบ wรบ …”

Chu Ge kissed it hard.

Qiu Wuji’s strength to struggle slowly faded, he closed his eyes and hugged back, gently catering to him.

Itโ€™s been a long time since I kissed…


PS: Hey, I didnโ€™t sleep well, and I hung up for another day.

By the way, why do so many people think that harem style can’t be changed to anime, don’t they know that harem manga is one of the biggest types of anime? As for sex scenes…even the plot can’t stop people from changing their face beyond recognition, so why do you think people will need it? Considering your original sex scenes, they are not people from the earth. โ†_โ†

Many people say that the first volume can be changed, but not later. It is precisely the First Volume that people can’t read all the way through. This is the reality.

(End of this chapter)

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