What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 214


Chapter 214 What is a Sword

Walking in the sect side by side with Chu Ge, Qiu Wuji’s mood is really incomparable.

When he also walked in this world, he experienced every bit of this place together, and the half that was missing was completely filled here.

I explore the world and be a modern girl.

You are integrated into the book, and you are in and out of Qingming with me.

Experience each other’s world and experience everything the other has ever experienced.

Even the depression of being a “book puppet” has been reduced to the lightest, because he is by his side.

Why must must have a master and disciple relationship? Maybe Chu Ge has fun in his heart, but Qiu Wuji doesn’t think so. She simply thought that you taught me everything over there, and I should teach you everything here.

Of course, she is very familiar with Chu Ge’s nasty thoughts. She wants to play the fun of filial piety… Not only that, but also the fun of conquering the female sect leader of aloof and remote in the sect.

Qiu Wuji’s face slowly flushed, so annoying, in your dreams.

Don’t think about this number, if you want, just open a trumpet to give you a kiss…

She maintained a calm tone and said slowly: “Outer sect, look It’s over, you’ve seen the book-making hall before, you can go to all the halls in the sect. There are also many Land of Trial, which are also very suitable for your current promotion, you can only stay here for two Three days, don’t be lazy, next time you come again, I will take you out of the rivers and lakes.”

Chu Ge flattered: “disciple still needs to serve the Master for daily living…”

“Is that so? ?” Qiu Wuji squinted at him with a faint smile: “There was once an apprentice who was forced to squeeze the Master’s shoulder aggrievedly, but it reminded me that I can really make this little discipline do something…”

Chu Ge immediately said: “Master wants to squeeze his shoulders? I’m sneaky.”

“Let’s say less modern words.” Qiu Wuji looked steadily forward on the mountain path, and whispered. : “Last time I said a leak in front of people, and it caused you to correct it. You should also pay attention to yourself.”

“Oh…this is a bit difficult, I will try my best.”

“As for serving and living…” Qiu Wuji thought for a while, then a smile curved his mouth: “Wash Master’s feet.”

Chu Ge was stunned, then overjoyed: “Is there such a good thing? “

Qiu Wuji: “?”

Chu Ge: “…”

Qiu Wuji was stunned for a few seconds before gnashing his teeth: “You modern People are so weird! Isn’t this supposed to be an insult!”

“It’s been so long and I haven’t gotten used to it yet?” Chu Ge said, holding hands: “Those perverts ask you to wear high heels and step on their faces. Yes, I just want to touch my feet…”

“get lost! You are more perverted than them! Because they are just talking about it, you really want to do it!”

” If you don’t do it, how can the discipline be filial?”

“Go ahead and kill yourself!” Qiu Wuji flicked his sleeves and left angrily.

If it goes on like this, the high-cold character design of Sect Master will not last!

Chu Ge quickly followed along: “This entry-level sword technique is too unchallenging for me, can I play some Sword Controlling Art?”

“Continue to learn various sword techniques, from low to low You must learn at least ten subjects in high school! Otherwise, you will only be able to master the sword method, but you will lose all your meaning, and what is the difference between throwing a hidden weapon?” Qiu Wuji said with a sneer: “The sword of the prophet can be controlled. You write Oh, Father God.”

“Can I go out and strangle that idiot in front of the computer looking for trouble?”

“Please, this Eminence said to kill himself… It’s quite obedient.”

Chu Ge: “…”

Qiu Wuji’s tone was cool: “How, do you feel the discomfort of being set by Heavenly Dao and want to break free desire?”

“Not yet, this Heavenly Dao setting is quite reasonable, this Heavenly Dao must be very smart and handsome?”

Qiu Wuji was too lazy to pay attention to him, All the way to the top slowly.

When the snow stopped during the day, standing on the top of the mountain and overlooking, the world is vast, and there is also a beautiful scenery.

“You have to be familiar with this world. It is much simpler than I am familiar with the present world. After all, it is all written by you, and many of the materials are based on real ancient times and other works, so you know it well.” Qiu Wuji looked into the distance pure white snow , said softly: “I want to familiarize you with this place like you familiarized me with the world, maybe it’s just my boredom and stubbornness.”

“No.” Chu Ge stood side by side: ” You don’t know how I feel… Seeing the minor characters of Xuanji and Wang Ming appearing in front of me, thinking about their respective lives, that kind of hard to describe touch.”

“I can I want to get it, but it is difficult to substitute it with empathy.” Qiu Wuji smiled: “This is a cultivation that belongs to you only, maybe it will not be me teaching you soon, but how should I cooperate with you?”

“Damn, why is it so clear?”

“No, it’s just… just a little sigh.”

“You, sometimes it hurts a little bit weirdly. Spring sad autumn bookworm loser.” Chu Ge said with a smile: “This attribute is very good, haha.”

Qiu Wuji glared at him angrily.

I feel that I can’t even be strong here, I’m very angry! It’s not sad spring and autumn!

“At least for now, you still have to teach me ten sets of Sword Art.” Chu Ge held the scabbard and made a salute: “Please teach me your Sect Leader Qiu!”

Qiu Wuji raised his wrist lightly, the snow on the ground suddenly moved, and the dots of fluorescent light fell into his palm, turning into a long sword of ice and snow.

The long sword pointed diagonally and pointed to Chu Ge’s chest.

Cangsong welcomes guests.

Chu Ge, who had just cracked someone else’s trick like hitting a child, found that he couldn’t avoid this sword at all.

His dive sense couldn’t analyze Qiu Wuji’s wrist movements, and he couldn’t judge the possible changes and placements in the next step, so he could only dodge based on instinct.

But this instinct seems to have been in Qiu Wuji’s prediction for a long time. Just as he moved away, the snow sword was already on his throat.

Chu Ge blushed: “Isn’t this a pine tree welcoming a guest?”

“This is a pine tree welcoming a guest to meet the clouds across the Qinling Mountains. Speaking of this sword move, There was a bug when Father God wrote it, there is no Qinling in this world. Someone mentioned it in this chapter, but it was deleted for me even though it was well-intentioned…”

Chu Ge: “…”

This is said in the style of Xianxia, and I don’t know how to vomit.

“I use these two tricks to tell you that your basic Sword Art is far from being as proficient as you think, so don’t think about ten sets of Sword Art…” Qiu Wuji took his sword and stood up , smiled slightly: “Bullying an Outer Sect Disciple is not an ability, but truly understanding the essence of the sword is what my Father God should pursue.”

Chu Ge glanced at her and suddenly said: “Hey, the attitude you taught me seems to be very different from when you taught me Plum Twisting Hand at home? I feel like you wanted to beat me up a little more…”

Qiu Wuji looked at him with a dodgy look Going into the distance, he coughed dryly and said, “Golden Bell Cover, Plum Twisting Hand, it’s not what this Eminence likes… In addition, to put it another way, there are still some impressive world abilities or thermal weapons, and the fighting level is really not worth it. It’s hard to make this Eminence take it seriously…sword dao is different, it’s the fundamental law of this Eminence’s sincerity, and the attitude is different…”

Chu Ge stroked his forehead.

Having said so much, I’m not saying that the teaching here is serious, and there’s a lot of fun over there. Why don’t you just say that you want to beat me up…

Qiu Wuji’s face is a little overwhelmed. , said angrily: “What’s your expression? Plum Twisting Hand is all-inclusive. If you have thoroughly grasped Sword Art, your Plum Twisting Hand will also be upgraded to a higher level when you look back. It’s not meant to be viewed separately!”

“yes, yes, yes…”

“Is this the attitude of talking to the Master!” Qiu Wuji drew a small circle on the pine tree next to him, coldly snorted and said: “Today’s homework, stab this circle with a sword a thousand times, and experience what a sword is!”

After finishing speaking, he entered the room with a swirl of his sleeves, and at the same time sound transmission mountainside: “Xuanji, you come to supervise him, don’t talk to him. Let’s talk!”

Chu Ge was stupid: “Hey, what are you talking about, she is a minor character, why do you want to add this last sentence?”

“peng!” With the door closed, Qiu Wuji didn’t answer such questions.

Hiding in the house and watching Chu Ge helplessly stabbing his sword outside, Qiu Wuji touched his chin and suddenly thought… He’s only staying for two or three days this time, now watch him obediently and honestly very obedient, maybe what are you going to do after holding back…

when the time comes, how will the trumpet go home with him and be bullied by him…

But I really just want to teach you how to learn swords well…


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