What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 220


Chapter 220 Quarrel Little Couple

Chu Ge has verified the growth of Master Chef Jin and the others, and left Blackroom contentedly, riding The electric scooter went to pick up Qiu Wuji.

This group of people’s abilities are getting more and more interesting.

Master Chef Jin makes people feel unpalatable, and his wife makes the food sparkle. It’s not really about the food. The food is not unpalatable and won’t sparkle. question.

Taste, smell and sight.

It’s just that the sense of taste must be reflected through food, so it’s like a food-related ability. However, his ability does not act on food, but directly acts on the sense of taste and smell. .

Continue to practice, can it work on the other five senses?

The combination of the two can seriously deprive you of your five senses…

You can play like a Rong Fu with such a powerful golden saint’s ultimate ability. Come to the door…Fortunately, it seems that it is very powerful now.

The reason why it is only “seems” is that it is useless to Chu Ge. Chu Ge is playing divide sense now and does not need the five senses, so he punched a child and beat the couple to the ground.

Looking at the sad expressions of the couple’s faces, Chu Ge is not sure how useful they are to other powerful ability users, but it is obviously much more powerful than before…

“Five senses deprivation, Very difficult to deal with.” Qiu Wuji sat in the back seat with his waist in his arms, listening to him tell about his experiences, said with a smile: “The ability user of this world should not be able to replace everything with dive sense as we do. , I think Lingtang…”


“…Aunt, she doesn’t seem to be able to.” Qiu Wuji changed his words aggrievedly, and continued: “Maybe It’s okay to specialize in this kind of ability, that is to say, no matter how strong the general ability user is, they have to blind their five senses to fight with them. It’s a big influence.”

“Hmmm…and the young man from Surnamed Long, I don’t know him very well, and I feel that he is quite shy and doesn’t talk much, so he doesn’t say much. . But his ability to merge with the wind is very interesting, and it is very different from our Wind Element magical technique. Speaking of which he is the blackroom specializing in fighting, the movement method is good, the agility is high, and he plays like a It looks like that.”

“And then?”

“After three moves with me, I fell down. His movement method was erratic, and I couldn’t hit him with the first two moves. .”

“…It’s good to have three moves with you.” Qiu Wuji leisurely said: “You stayed on the first floor of the sword test cave for four hours, and the inner sect disciples were all shocked. God.”

Chu Ge said: “I think he can switch to Immortal Technique, Wind Element magical technique, master a little bit, and then combine his own abilities, he may be more powerful. But he is not familiar with it. I don’t want to reveal this even if I’m familiar with it…”

“There’s nothing to worry about leaking.” Qiu Wuji said with a smile: “In the future, if you really think this young man can do it, then you can use it to teach him to train his abilities. The method to simplify and modify some Wind Element magical technique and integrate it for him, very simple, later talk later. “

“en. ”

Chu Ge sighed: “So Blackroom is a very strong combat force when trained, with all kinds of strange abilities… If sister Moe Moe can also practice in the future, it will be even more terrifying. When Zhong Yi formed Blackroom at the beginning, obviously he still had his meaning in it. “

“Of course, is it purely a small talk party, Zhong Yi must have his behavior goals. But it’s okay if people don’t have bad intentions, and we don’t care about that much. “

“Well, who can’t have a secret…”

Qiu Wuji was too lazy to talk about others, and instead asked: “How, after fighting with them, do you feel like now?” Not the same when using the Plum Twisting Hand? “

Chu Ge said with a smile: “It’s true, there are a lot of sword intents in it, not only I learned it myself, but also other sword intents I felt in the sword test cave. , can be used for me to use. “

“Plum Twisting Hand is this feature, all-inclusive, so I chose this as the Father God major…”

“Do you think that we are riding electric It’s weird for scooter to say this on the road. “

Qiu Wuji peeked around, obviously the pedestrians couldn’t hear what they were saying, but it really felt weird. She couldn’t help laughing: “Then what are you talking about?” “

“Old Zhu helped us figure out our marriage.” “Chu Ge explained Old Zhu’s card again, and said happily: “So shouldn’t we say something sweet? For example, you say Chu Ge, I love you. “

“go go go ~ a fool loves a fool like you!” “Qiu Wuji spit out angrily.

She is also happy.

She doesn’t cultivate divination , but immortal dao will always have a little heart at this level. She really never felt that there was anything wrong with Chu Ge.

In her heart, she only told herself that his love was overflowing.

You can almost hear his heart full of “Qiuqiu ~My Qiuqiu ~”. Others shouted it orally. He really filled his heart. It’s really a kind of moon above heaven that you will come to pick for you.

It’s like making out…Qiu Wuji knows that there are times when Chu Ge wants so much, but as soon as he shows a hint of rejection, he immediately stops and wants to be a little tougher There is no meaning at all.

In fact, I have added a hint of “opening a trumpet” to myself now, and I am more open to some things. Anyway, the trumpet can be more casual. It’s almost the same feeling…

Chu Ge should also be clear in his heart that sometimes being tough may really be half-assisted. Women need to have an excuse to convince themselves. “I can’t beat him” and “he forced it” are good excuses… He himself has written such routines several times, but he cares too much about her feelings and is unwilling to force it at all.

He I like it so much, I care so much.

When he was testing the marriage, the Qiu Wuji that appeared in his heart could reach his heart, like a consonance.

Qiu Wuji hugged his waist, Gently resting his head on his generous back, he thought about things in a daze, and after a long time he muttered as lightly as a mosquito: “Chu Ge, I love you. “

He can’t hear! So I’m not a fool!

“How’s the car going?” “


“Huh? What about you. “

Qiu Wuji lost his temper: “Not much!” Fool! “

Chu Ge looked at a loss, and rode his bike with his head down, thinking whether it was time for her aunt today…

“Forget it.” Qiu Wuji said sullenly: “The coach asked me to go back to memorize subject one and take the test in a few days. “

“So fast?” How can I remember that it took me a month to learn to drive, and it was three and a half months earlier. ”

β€œSubjects should be registered first, and there is still time for the others. Qiu Wuji hummed: “Besides, what do I need to learn for a month, and the coach said that I drove better than her in only two or three days. It’s enough to know more about traffic knowledge…”

“Why do I feel like I should witness the birth of a road killer? “

“Hey, when I said that the strength control of my cultivation is a piece of cake, which pig said that?” “

“Uh…I think it should be all right?” ”

β€œIt was impossible! I am Qiu Wuji! Chu Ge you pig! “

“Who told you that you will not ride an electric scooter now…”

“I can’t ride it then? If I don’t want to ride, I want you to take me!” “

“Okay, I’ll take you for a lifetime.” “

“Who wants you to take it for a lifetime!” I don’t want you when I have a car in the future! “

“…I’m going to the magic capital next week, will you go with me?” “

“Chu Ge, you dare to leave me alone and go to Huahua world to try!” “

“Okay, okay, just ask, what’s the hurry…hey, auntie is really weird…”

“I want to take a plane!” “

“Okay, take a plane…”

“What’s your tone, I said sit, not fight!” “

“? “Chu Ge looked left and right, and there were people beside him.


The electric scooter went all the way amid the quarrel of the young couple. The passers-by who couldn’t hear when they were talking about Xian Lunwu just now. , I listened carefully to the quarrel along the way, and watched the electric scooter go away with a smile all the way.

The girl’s ponytail was still fluttering in the wind, full of flying youth.


It’s nice to be young.


PS: stopped writing wu wu wu, the transition chapter first. Thank you for picking up the dream of the world~

(end of this chapter)

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