What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 224


Chapter 224 The first show of the couple’s workshop

Chu Ge has described Chu Tiange’s appearance, but there is one thing to say, There are not a thousand or eight hundred protagonists of such a webnovel, even in the same book, other supporting characters have similar descriptions. If there are no special appearance features, it is too difficult to show what an ordinary person looks like with words.

Xie Wenyuan didn’t know why he knew at a glance that it was Chu Tiange. It could only be attributed to the fact that since everyone was discussing this book, the natural subconscious reaction was Chu Tiange, which was understandable.

Of course he didn’t know, this is actually immortal dao’s painting, and the painting is its god, that is Chu Tiange, which means God, of course, everyone can feel that it is Chu Tiange at a glance.

But no matter what, it proves that it conforms to the image of Chu Tiange in the hearts of readers. Whether the comic itself can be hot or not, fans of the original book will at least be satisfied.

Isn’t this the original purpose?

And this painting style, you don’t have to worry about the problem of poor painting, and the original author controls the plot adaptation. What studio can be more suitable than themselves?

Xie Wenyuan didn’t even think about it, this husband and wife workshop, even the skills of comic storytelling, are just starting to learn the internet class, and they haven’t even graduated! Who can guess that!

The decision was made on the spot: “Then wait a moment, the two of you can sign a comic contract with us.”

“Uh…” Chu Ge asked carefully: “Also Do you want to sign a contract, then we go to register a studio on the spot?”

Xie Wenyuan: “?”

Old Zhu: “…You can sign in your own name, but the tax is different. That’s it.”

“Taxes…do you still want to give me money?” Chu Ge looked strange: “Let’s draw my own book, and then you give me money?”


Xie Wen Primordial Spirit color convulsions: “Yes, this is the producer of our own project, we want to give money.”

Qiu Wuji also confirmed it again: “You have given We paid 3 million to buy books, help us promote comics, and then give us money for drawing.”

Xie Wenyuan couldn’t help laughing: “Yes, I will give you money. Then If the comics are profitable, you will have a share.”

Qiu Wuji asked carefully: “How much?”

Xie Wenyuan finally laughed heartily: “Originally this was going to be discussed, now I don’t want to talk about it anymore, according to the top price in the market, the top studio will give you as much as you want. It’s too funny hahahaha…”

Old Zhu also laughed: β€œIt wasn’t you who was in charge of talking about this stuff. Compared to your total budget, it’s drizzle, what kind of generosity are you pretending to be?”

Xie Wenyuan: “hahahaha…Old Zhu, you are such a lovely couple.”

laughs As for your sister, can’t we be poor? The couple looked at each other and muttered in their hearts. We painted our own books, and others gave us money. This baby is so strange!

Anyway, this is all about making money. The two completely forgot that Qiu Wuji’s cold personality had collapsed into cuteness, and their mood became better. This is a good start!

Xie Wenyuan smiled and continued to make tea for the two of them, and added: “We have a preliminary agreement with your company, if the comics can have a certain situation – no fire, as long as it is roughly on the baseline , will be based on comics, and will work with their animation station to produce animation, this is your No way?”

“Cough…” Chu Ge coughed dryly: “This will not.”

“Okay…but the script will still ask for Mr. Chu’s opinion.” Xie Wenyuan used tea instead of wine, and also raised a toast: “I hope the comics will be popular, this will be a good start.”

Two Everyone also raised their glasses: “Hope.”

Xie Wenyuan said: “In fact, it is not these things that I really want to interview with the author, but the author’s own views on the adaptation. I have seen the work, the style before and after There are some differences, although not to the extent of separation… But for adaptation, there needs to be a benchmark. For example, we prefer to highlight the plot and characters, and if Mr. Chu himself meant it, he prefers to take the battle of blood and popcorn. If not, we may need another run-in.”

Chu Ge said: “Can’t we combine?”

“The so-called combination also needs to be focused, Mr. Chu himself is the creator , you should be very clear which are the selling points you want and which are the adjustments. And the culture and artistic conception of those immortals, and the thinking of the characters based on this, which are suitable for foreign countries to accept and understand, how to reflect, I hope Mr. Chu Have an opinion, rather than just follow the original text, otherwise it will be decided by our team.”

What is professionalism, this is professionalism.

A lot of things are not finished by the author saying “this is my plot, it’s up to me”, and it may not even be the same as what the original party wants to see.

There are more and far-reaching things to consider.

The reason why you need to respect the author’s opinion is because the author knows the original party best, and can combine them most effectively in this regard, and will not lead to millions of miles apart.

Chu Ge cautiously said: “Popcorn is easy to make people feel good, but what can spread is the plot and characters. We have the foundation of group portraits, you can refer to the “Game of Thrones” mode…”

Said and looked at Xie Wenyuan carefully, wondering if the other party thought this was too believe oneself infallible. Seeing Xie Wenyuan smiling slightly and not expressing his position, Chu Ge simply drew on the coffee table with his hands dipped in tea like Qiu Wuji:

“I will have a complete world in the future, involving overseas and western countries, and use With their magical world view and medieval kingdom system, as well as all kinds of Underground City monsters that belong to their category, combined in our Xianxia, this itself is a cultural interaction… The story of Early-Stage can make people want to The Academy understands that we can design it like this…”

Chu Ge’s talk lasted for more than ten minutes, and the more he talked, the more foam he said, and he didn’t even catch his breath.

Qiu Wuji looked at his side face with a smile, in fact, this guy is quite a joke, especially when it comes to his expertise. That confidence flying, very attractive.

Xie Wenyuan is also smiling.

He wants to interview the author, but he doesn’t say it so nicely on the face, it’s essentially distrust.

I don’t trust a webnovel author to have a comprehensive and long-term thinking on these matters, and I’m worried that he will stubbornly “don’t change my plot”, which will make everyone unhappy.

Asking these questions is not a test at all, but a kind of “rescue” meaning, if you can’t do it, don’t delay everyone’s plans, just pretend to be a mascot, and respect your opinion at the most. Don’t change a level so that your mother doesn’t recognize it.

The result is an unexpected harvest. The author has considered a lot of them carefully, and has a deep affection for his own works. The overall understanding of the entire world is like roaming in that world. , he himself can use any angle and cultural method to show that world again, without the need for others to adapt.

As for the author’s “conceited” feeling that he can be like Game of Thrones…that’s a good thing.

Want to fight overseas, but you don’t even have this self-positioning, and you still want to fight?

I found a treasure and this is…

Speaking of which, these couples have a lot of connotations, it’s not just a handsome and pretty face to be an internet celebrity, this couple The workshop is likely to shine in the future, which is really not the same as what I originally imagined.

No wonder Old Zhu will take the initiative to throw money into it, this is not a face investment, it is really looking forward to it.

Xie Wenyuan was lost in thought.

After more than ten minutes, Chu Ge finally finished speaking and drank tea with thirst. He was still a little embarrassed when the whole room was full and no one interrupted.

Seeing how he was drinking tea, Xie Wenyuan finally came back to his senses and extended the hand with a smile: “Welcome Mr. Chu to join our project team as a special consultant for the project and a consultant for the screenwriting team. .”

Chu Ge was stunned for a while, and then his expression became strange again: “Don’t tell me, this will also give me money.”

Xie Wenyuan rubbed his palms and laughed: “That’s right, also I want to give you money.”

Seeing that the guests and the host were enjoying themselves, Old Zhu said at the right time: “These things can’t be talked about while sitting in the tea room and drinking tea. It’s just a simple exchange of opinions. There will be some conferences, and I also have investment conferences, not to accompany you to talk. Let’s come here first, we should go to the hotel first when we come from afar.”

Xie Wenyuan said: “I have already booked it for you, Go and settle down first, have a meeting in the afternoon, draw up some agreements, and invite you to dinner in the evening.”

(end of this chapter)

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