What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 225


Chapter 225 Xie Wenyuan’s formidable power

The hotel is booked.

It means that Qiu Wuji is free of the steps of choosing a standard room or a double room, just go to the registration.

As a well-known “boyfriend and girlfriend” and “early fall love”, then of course people book you a big bed room…

Qiu Wuji is carrying a small box box, standing in the room with a blank face, staring at Chu Ge angrily.

“I’ve been carrying that box for five minutes, let it go, darling, let it go…” Chu Ge cautiously helped her remove the box and threw it aside.

“hmph!” Qiu Wuji was also taken away from the box and strode inside.

5-Star level hotel, the room is beautiful or very beautiful, there is a balcony outside, there are tables and lounge chairs on the balcony, leaning on the railing and overlooking, there is a kind of carefree and spacious view of the city scenery. The afternoon sun came in, laying on it lazily, having another drink and wearing sunglasses, the petty bourgeoisie was full of flavor.

Qiu Wuji was reluctant to get up when he lay down, thinking about getting one like this on his cliff…

Aiya is going back, what should I do tonight?

I’m going to sleep with him again…

This guy is a frog boiled in warm water. He went from a room with two rooms to a room with two beds, and then was buried by his mother. After Ci Ge, he fell asleep on the excuse that he was too tired that day, this Eminence also sympathized with him for not breaking free. As a result, now I openly go in and out of a room and a bed!

Even if you don’t do anything, you two have done everything in the eyes of outsiders…

wu wu wu    

this Eminence’s reputation…

Qiu Wuji held a cup of freshly squeezed drink and said zī liū zī liū expressionlessly, not knowing where his mind was going.

Chu Ge took out the laptop in the box, turned it on and tested the internet, and confirmed that it was fine. He turned to look at Qiu Wuji’s small appearance and couldn’t help laughing.

He also paced over, but instead of leaning on the other reclining chair, he lowered his head and kissed Qiu Wuji’s forehead.

Qiu Wuji didn’t even have the awareness to dodge, and only remembered to stare at him after being kissed.

Chu Ge smiled hehe pinched her nose and staggered away.

Qiu Wuji gas knot.

You want to say old man is an old wife, right?

Chu Ge leaned on the railing and looked into the distance, sighing: “No wonder there are so many poems against the railing in ancient times. The feeling of looking out from afar is really open, and thousands of poetic feelings are pouring out.”

Qiu Wuji’s tone is cool: “Don’t lean on the railing alone, there is no limit to the country, it’s easy to see each other when it’s not easy.”

Chu Ge: “?”

Qiu Wuji zī liū zī liū.

“Can we not fail? Are we leaning on the railing alone?” Chu Ge said while staring: “Don’t look at the Huangpu River in the distance, the river is full of water…”

“The sunset Chu Tian Wuji, send Feihong with the column.” Qiu Wuji received the words.

“Hey… do you have your own search?” Chu Ge was surprised: “Have you memorized Tang poetry and Song poetry?”

“No.” Qiu Wuji zī liū zī liū: “That’s right. What’s the matter?”

“This word is so ominous to us, we must not talk nonsense in the future.”

“In fact, the ancients were all bookworms when they leaned against the fence. , but few are open.”

“Looking down from the burning rhinoceros, we are afraid of leaning on the railing, the wind and thunder are angry, the fish and dragons are miserable, this is the courage we should have!”

“Huh?” Qiu Wuji said with a smile: “Is Chu Ge still quite literate?”

Chu Ge akimbo: “Of course! Without culture, you can write about you A bookworm loser?”

In fact, in terms of this level alone, Chu Ge is not as good as Qiu Wuji. Of course Qiu Wuji will not expose him. For modern people, Chu Ge’s poems are already in stock. Not bad, it’s incomparable to someone like her.

But then again, just as her dive sense wants to memorize the Tang and Song poems here, it is as easy as Chu Ge wants to memorize more poems and famous sentences. That is to say, Chu Ge’s writing also has room to grow.

I just don’t know if he has the next book.

Sure enough, Chu Ge also talked about this topic: “In the afternoon, we are divided into two groups. You and Old Zhu have an investment meeting here. I will go to the website to chat with them.”

“You are not allowed to pick up women to edit!”

“I don’t even know what a parent is, so what are you doing?”

“That is, Said that if you knew that you looked good, you would soak it!”

“Where did you get the vinegar jar?” Chu Ge suddenly stretched out his hand and hugged Qiu Wuji horizontally.

Qiu Wuji struggled: “Eh, eh, what are you doing? I’m going to spill my drink before I finish it!”

Chu Ge put his head together, zī liū left the rest The next drink is dry.

Qiu Wuji reluctantly threw the bottle and put it into the wastebasket accurately.

At the next moment, the whole person was thrown on the big bed, and the drink remaining on the lips was licked by Chu Ge…

“What are you doing!” Qiu Wuji Struggling to tilt his head to keep him from chewing: “You’re excited when you talk about female editors, aren’t you?”

Chu Ge whispered: “Isn’t the right way to squeeze me out first?”

Qiu Wuji froze for a moment, then hesitantly stopped struggling.

It seems to make sense.

At that time Moe Moe said…


Qiu Wuji was very embarrassed.


Chu Ge went to the website refreshed, walked to the editorial floor of the office building, densely mothers were all editors working in the hall across the station, watching When someone comes in, one or two lifts the head, it’s like watching monkeys.

“Who is that?”

“I heard it’s Chu Ge.”

“Oh, it’s him…hh, he’s handsome.”

“Bah, am I handsome?”

“Please look in the mirror.”

Chu Ge just wants to cover his face, which is similar to the imaginary literati The atmosphere is very different!

And there were so many people, not even a few in independent offices, all piled up in the hall, shattering the imagination of the tall.

It’s not as good as the first floor that I passed by before. There are various bookshelves on it, all of which are the works published by the group itself. The books are familiar to everyone, and the tour is quite like being in the webnovel corridor.

Chu Ge was greeted by the editor in this group. The editor-in-chief and other editors were all there. My little elder sister editor was just one of them. When I entered the office, the boss sat inside and chatted with a group of people.

Although the female editor is indeed a delicate and pretty little beauty, the scene with Qiu Wuji’s brain-filling private meeting with the beautiful editor is a million miles apart.

So what the hell are you trying to squeeze him? It makes him weak even when he enters the room to chat.

The boss is very kind, and he is even willing to use “Big Chu” for the title: “Big Chu is a book, Mr. Xie attaches great importance to it…”

Chu Ge knows each other It is Xie Wenyuan, not Chu Ge, who responded calmly: “Xie is always a very ideal person.”

I used to feel nervous when I saw the great character No.

Whether it is to see his own boss or Xie Wenyuan… Chu Ge always feels that there is no difference between seeing an ordinary person.

For the Father God of a world…they are really the ordinary person.

Seeing Chu Ge’s attitude, the boss’s eyes flashed with surprise, and then he smiled: “I heard from the editorial team, Big Chu is not willing to renew the contract?”

Chu Ge still That set of rhetoric: “Maybe there will be no next book, it’s meaningless.”

The boss knows the real reason, but just smiles: “What if it’s just cooperation?”

” en?” This time, it was Chu Ge’s turn to be stunned: “What cooperation?”

“If there is another book, you can send it to us first, without binding.”

Chu Ge was silent.

Although I didn’t say the details, but as an Old Fox, he still knew it as soon as he heard it. This is a part-platinum cooperation model…

This is not something you can get by selling a copyright. , but Xie Wenyuan’s formidable power is so terrifying.

The key point is obviously the phrase “Mr. Xie attaches great importance to it”, and Chu Ge actually saw Xie Wenyuan drinking tea and chatting for an hour, and rested for a noon under Xie Wenyuan’s arrangement, and the afternoon was a priority. I came to the website very leisurely.

Can that be an ordinary author selling copyright? It seems to be one of the strategic cores of the Great Tang Light and Shadow Culture Company…

Thanks to GD Ghost Sword for joining the alliance again, thanks to the text of the cracking sky, the soul of the dream, sup, young sister acridine in Xialin for joining the alliance ~

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