What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 226


Chapter 226 Editors

Capital only cares about the value you can create.

No matter what this book is or what the next book is, Xie Wenyuan’s emphasis on the project is the value.

And it seems that Chu Ge also has a background, I don’t know if it is a relative of Xie Wenyuan… Otherwise, it is difficult for the boss to imagine that Xie Wenyuan will meet an unknown internet celebrity writer in person to make tea and chat. After more than an hour, it is not enough to pay attention to the work.

In fact, Chu Ge doesn’t know how much Old Zhu’s face is here, how much is the 100 million yuan, and how much is Xie Wenyuan’s own attention?

But in any case, from now on, not to mention whether he will be treated as a sign, at least it is impossible at this time to turn his face and win over is the norm.

“In this project, we and Xie will have more in-depth cooperation, and our investment and team will participate in the follow-up as a joint product.” The boss is saying: “It’s Xie Divine Vision, we used to I actually missed the treasure, and I have to wait for others to discover the good IP under my own…”

Chu Ge secretly said that you have missed a lot of good IP, how many books have your copyright department read? ? …forget it, I’m too lazy to talk to you about this.

He just smiled: “Mr. Xie told me that the animation will cooperate with us and publish it on our own animation station.”

Perhaps the term “ourselves” compares It’s nice, the boss opened a smile and nodded: “That’s right. So now this can be considered our own group’s own affairs. If we participate in the cooperation, it will be more perfect. If you have anything to do, communicate with the editorial team, as a family.”

Chu Ge laughed: “The editor has always treated me very well.”

Chu Ge believes that the group will take this matter seriously, because the group’s strategy is in this direction, but there is a saying One, he actually trusted Xie Wenyuan more. Of course, there is no need to say this, the copyright has already been bought by Xie Wenyuan, and the direction control must be on the other side.

The boss said with a smile: “Big Chu is also a long-time author of our station, do you have any good ideas and suggestions for our development?”

Chu Ge After being silent for a long time, after holding back and holding back, I finally swallowed thousands of words, but simply said: “I hope to pay more attention to the ecology of the bottom-level authors… They are not easy.”

The obituary I saw before I came here .

There is no self before Qiuqiu.

The sadly departed Zhang Qiren.

And the tough guys from “Future Platinum Group” and “Slaughtering Gods to Prove the Dao Group”.

Everyone in the group has thousands of thoughts, but you can’t hear them.

All I can hear is Xie Wenyuan, and how many billions.

Or hear it and just do it…because on many levels, the demands of both parties are conflicting.

What’s the benefit of talking more?


The meeting with the boss didn’t have several points of Zhong, Chu Ge sat down with the editors to the bookshelf downstairs, and only then did he have a “person of his own”. “Meaning small talk.

The editor elder sister let out a long sigh: “It scared me to death, I thought you were going to talk to the boss about one, two or three four or five.”

Chu Ge smiled indifferently: “Actually, there is nothing to scare about, but it’s just plain unpleasant, but it can’t change anything, it’s pointless, and it’s a waste of time.”

The editor-in-chief strangely said: ” You are stable, Chu Ge.”

Chu Ge is even more curious: “Is there anything very unstable in the past?”

“That’s not true, it was only during the interview Didn’t you say, I used to be a state-owned enterprise, and I quarreled with my boss and resigned.”

“Oh, there is such a thing.” Chu Ge touched his chin and thought for a while: “so to speak, I really really do. It’s changed a lot… Hey, it’s weird, when did it start to change…”

The editor-in-chief said with a smile: “You’re getting older, you’re looking for a girlfriend to start a family, it’s normal.”

Chu Ge looked up at the various masterpieces in the bookcase that were once in his mind, and whispered to himself: “Isn’t it a kind of degeneration…it’s not as good as the boy back then.”

The editor, the elder sister, blinked her eyes: “Damn, why do you think so, why don’t you think it’s because you have a good temperament and self-cultivation?”

Chu Ge laughed: “The little elder sister can talk.”

“Because I have watched you grow and change all the way.” The editor elder sister said with a smile: “Including the change in style of writing, the precipitation of words, it feels like watching a man become more and more The more mature it is, the more flavorful it is.”

Chu Ge hurriedly said: “hey hey hey, your words are easy to be misunderstood. You can see that the editor-in-chief is looking at me badly…”

“Bah!” The editor-in-chief made a beating gesture and said with a smile: “Whoever sees you as bad, doesn’t bother to see you. Your early fall love, I saw hundreds of thousands of dollars that day. If you want to turn around like this, you won’t be able to come back, and you will be honestly swallowed by domestic violence in the future, don’t count on other flowers and grass.”

Chu Ge twitched nose, heartfelt Qi.

Before I came, I was specially squeezed once, and it turned into mustard.

Old Zhu has a cloud and was hanged at a young age… This is probably the safest homosexuality in the eyes of other men, and there is no point in competing at all.

“Speaking of which, the elder sister is kind to me…”

“You know it too!” The editor elder sister patted the table: “You refuse. Do you know how embarrassing it is for me to sign a contract?”

Chu Ge smiled: “Isn’t it still signed now, although the things signed are not the same, to be honest, if I don’t look at the elder sister’s face , I won’t even sign this one!”

The editor elder sister spat: “Don’t you really want to write the next one? Is this book enough to collect rent?”

Chu Ge stroked his palms and said, “That’s a dream!”

“Come on.” The editor-in-chief sighed leisurely: “We’ve seen a lot of people like you, so if you don’t write or not, the last hand It’s so itchy, no one is urging you to write it yourself, it’s really when you are free to live and collect rent… If you don’t have any love for this industry, who would like to sit there and cook every day?”

Chu Ge Then laugh.

So why can I have a good conversation with the editor, because they really understand this business and the people who are in it.

The editor-in-chief pointed to the works in the bookcase: “We have submitted your book to several publishing houses. It was quite difficult before… You know, mainly because physical publishing is not very profitable now. Now, the book number is stuck again, and the publishing house is more cautious, assigning the limited book number to the works that can make money, especially the works that can enter the campus, such as children’s literature and Douluo…”

Chu Ge listened humbly, some things really don’t know too much.

“Many of webnovel’s well-known IPs, such as those in our bookcase, seem to be in full swing, but in fact there are not many sales. Especially our webnovel is too long, with dozens of volumes at every turn, The cost is high, the selling price is also high, and many people can’t even afford the space to be piled up…” Editor-in-chief sighed: “People who have such a big house will not buy this, and those who will buy this, not so big. The house.”

In fact, Chu Ge knew that even if it was successfully published, it might not have a lot of money, and the editor was right, unless it was the kind that could be eaten on campus, and his own type was obviously not worth it. But don’t talk about making money or not, even if it is published at a loss or at their own expense, many people are willing to pay for it.

Publishing has always been one of the persistent dreams of all authors.

This year is getting more and more difficult, gradually killing the dream in many people’s hearts, but this dream has never been hidden in the bottom of my heart.

“It was fine in the early years, but with the tightening of the book number in recent years, it has become more and more difficult.” The editor-in-chief said: “The publication review we submitted before was rejected by several publishers. But now, taking advantage of the limelight that you are asking for various adaptations, we have started again, and we have not responded yet, I guess we can give you a boost when your comics come out.”

Chu Ge said sincerely: ” many thanks, the editors are great. I can really publish it successfully, and I must invite everyone to dinner.”

“I heard that you are going to have dinner with the bosses tonight.” The editor elder sister said enviously: “Great Tang company’s dinner, maybe there will be celebrities participating…”

Chu Ge said: “It’s just a casual dinner, shouldn’t it be so grand?”

“It’s hard to say, this is It is a meeting when the project is launched, and it is a relatively grand kind of meeting.” The editor elder sister held her cheeks: “I don’t know if I will see Old Hu…”

Chu Ge said: “Yes Would you like an autograph for the little elder sister?”

The editor little elder sister glanced at him, and suddenly laughed: “Why don’t you sign your autograph for us, I doubt it will become very valuable in the future. ”

Chu Ge was very happy, he pretended to be modest and declined, or left a bookmark for the editors with β€œkindness and hardship”.

The editor-in-chief took away the signature leisurely, and seemingly unintentionally added: “Every time we see the author, we will say this, maybe the blind cat hits the dead mouse and makes a small payment.”


Chu Ge: “Grass.”

(end of this chapter)

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