What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 229


Chapter 229 Who doesn’t exist

“Are you here?” Xie Wenyuan came over with a wine glass at this time, said with a smile: “You and Mr. Mi also know each other?”

Mi Xiaolin squeezed out a smile: “I had a relationship when I went to Nanjiang for inspection.”

Xie Wenyuan looked thoughtful nodded : “I’m chatting with Chu Ge.”

I just and honorable chased people away This is, Mi Xiaolin couldn’t see anything on her face, still smiling: “Then don’t disturb President Xie youngster has spoken.”

After finishing speaking, he left.

Xie Wenyuan watched her back with some disdain in his eyes, and whispered: “They want to participate in this project, I don’t agree. Don’t tell me they are your friends?”

Chu Ge smiled: “No. In other words, why didn’t Mr. Xie agree? The project needs to attract investment from all parties, doesn’t it?”

“We do want to invest, and we also need risk sharing, but not all investments. … We are not at the level of starvation.” Xie Wenyuan leisurely said: “Even if we invite celebrities, we will consider the appropriate image, not to mention collaborators?”

“So what kind of image are they?”

“Their venture capital firm has a radical style and a wide range of coverage, like a wolf who can’t get enough to feed. The interesting thing is that their venture capital firm eventually became theirs…” Xie Wenyuan smiled: ” This is not the key, the key is that we feel that we have overseas capital and don’t want to mess with it too much.”

Qiu Wuji strangely said: “Don’t Mr. Xie say that we also have Japan and South Korea capital?”

“The nature is different. We are a serious joint venture, with cross-shareholding, just and honorable business dealings, and non-interference in each other’s operations. Theirs…” Xie Wenyuan paused when he said this. said with a smile: “It’s hard to say exactly, in short, their nature is quite messy, and they won’t cooperate easily because of the principle of project hedging.”

Chu Ge muttered: “Then invite them to the reception. .”

Xie Wenyuan heard it, and laughed dumbly: “The business business, how can it be so completely different… We don’t need investment, how do we know if there are other places for cooperation? Just like animation, said Well, to cooperate with your company’s animation station, we still invite friends from other stations to participate in the meeting, and there may be channels to expand in the future.”

Chu Ge nods, it’s not that he doesn’t know a lot of things, but it’s just with himself The world is a bit far away.

I’m just a bad writer…

Xie Wenyuan said with a smile: “So you two shouldn’t always whisper to each other, youngsters who really want to go up, This meeting is for meeting people. Come, let me introduce to you… This is Mr. Chen, and you should have a common language with you youngsters…”

Mr. Chen shook hands and encouraged: “What you love Yes, it’s your life.”

Chu Ge held back the greetings to his lips and put on a bright smile.


In Xie Wenyuan’s opinion, it is a cocktail party that takes you up, but for Chu Ge, it is a torture of physical and mental exhaustion.

Rao’s memory has become very good now, and he still has various face blindness in the back. The boss and the manager can’t tell what they look like.

My face was almost numb with laughter. At the end of the line, except for “I’ve been looking forward to seeing you for a long time, I’ll be fortunate to meet you, please take care of me”, I couldn’t even come up with a new way of saying it.

I have a bunch of business cards in my pocket, and I don’t have any business cards to return.

Fortunately, no one cares about him. Good luck, a little writer, just got on Xie Wenyuan’s path. There are many politenesses. It can be said that there is not a single one who really wants to know him. Do you have a business card or not? important.

The one who really like a fish back in water is Old Zhu, who got red light across the whole face in it, and I don’t know how many deals have been negotiated.

In fact, this kind of reception doesn’t have many rules. No one cares if you leave early, and neither does Xie Wenyuan. Chu Ge then pulled Qiu Wuji to eat and drink his fill, and then flashed after eating.

“It’s not a life in the world at all.” The young couple who left the venue early walked on the road, Chu Ge looked at the traffic on the left and right, and sighed: “It seems that I can’t enter the so-called ‘upper class’ in my life. society’.”

Qiu Wuji took his hand and said with a smile: “picking chrysanthemums under the eastern fence and seeing Nanshan leisurely, people’s detachment expectations for immortals are largely based on this kind of The comparison of the environment. So the story in your heart is about immortal heroes, not about writing history for hegemony.”

“That’s not necessarily, these don’t affect how novels are written, I can also write about history and hegemony, maybe This is it.”

“But isn’t this the one you are most emotionally involved in?”


“That’s your temperament. Ah, including rejecting Mi Xiaolin.” Qiu Wuji said with a smile: “The way is different, cannot make plans together…Cloudridge Sect Qiu Wuji, I would like to hear the way of Father God.”

“Harm, There are so many things.” Chu Ge grabbed her little hand and shook it: “I’m not a leader, I don’t need to look at the problem from a high position, what impact Spiritual Qi’s recovery can have on the world is simply not something I should consider. It’s not bullshit in the group, the monthly salary of 3,000 is still put aside to care about the world structure, I have the spare time to write more than two words.”

Qiu Wuji pu chi smiled: “It’s not that the rise and fall of the world is the responsibility of the individual. Well? Your attitude doesn’t look like you don’t care at all.”

“It doesn’t matter to me whether other people have powers or not, and it doesn’t matter to me if they want to benefit themselves. Man, I admire your ability to make hundreds of billions of dollars and even if you go to establish a country. So I just need to grasp the key point of whether it will harm people or not. Does this group of people seem to be harming people?”

Qiu Wuji laughed: “It’s not like that.”

“Although they took the blame for Old Zhu’s jumping off the building, why did they take the blame? Did you do something to Old Zhu? Seeing other people’s mines, bullying others if you don’t sell them, what’s that?” Chu Ge looked a little gloomy: “And she said that Du Lianfeng and Qi Chengtai were dead…I don’t know what she said true. or false, it may be just to frighten, but that kind of attitude is not a kind of kind. I don’t want to be greedy for Spiritual Qi, and I will cooperate with this kind of person when my brain is broken.”

Qiu Wuji said: “So you are actually three Neither species.”

β€œHow can such a clear determination come from Righteousness, one kind of rice can support a hundred kinds of people, what kind of things can they still classify people’s hearts into one category? I just care about whether it will affect my Qiuqiu, what else does it have to do with me… I just wrote it, and a few thousand dollars a month a few months ago…”

That’s what he said , the rumbling sound of the engine suddenly came from their ears, and a convertible Ferrari “hong” parked beside the two of them.

The smiling face of the young man who accosted the young man at the reception just now appeared in the car: “Hey, beautiful, meet again. now, where to go? Want to give you a ride? “

Qiu Wuji’s eyes subconsciously looked at the car again, seeing how rare treasure she was, the young man showed a smug smile and glanced at Chu Ge.

Chu Ge She smiled and didn’t care. Outsiders would never understand Qiuqiu’s mentality when looking at the car. She didn’t even know how much the car was worth, and she wouldn’t care…

Sure enough, Qiu Wuji He quickly retracted his gaze: “This car looks very well made and good-looking, but it’s noisy, the back seat can’t sit people, and it doesn’t look like it can hold anything. “

Chu Ge laughed: “en. “

Youth: “? “

Qiu Wuji said: “You only have a passenger seat in this car, why are you taking the two of us?” “

The young man smiled: “Of course only you. “

“Oh, bye then.” Qiu Wuji took Chu Ge’s hand and walked away with a sway.

Ferrari followed: “The reception just now was just a business banquet, and there was nothing good about it. Miss, are you interested in going?” The clubhouse, he he the best Lafite? “

Qiu Wuji sneered: “Why are you so annoying, you put on airs at the reception just now, and you turned into a mangy dog when you came out?” “

The young man still smiled: “This proves my persevering enthusiasm for the young lady.” “

Chu Ge finally couldn’t listen anymore: “This one, can’t you see that she has a boyfriend?” “

“A boyfriend with a monthly income of several thousand…” The young man didn’t even bother to look at Chu Ge: “For me, if I look at this kind of person, I will despise myself for being contaminated with mud.” , Saying one more sentence will make his pattern drop by a dozen layers… He is not much different from non-existence. “

Chu Ge didn’t even get angry, but laughed.

Qiu Wuji also laughed.

The young man was stunned. Looking at Qiu Wuji’s smile, people are going crazy.

Really beautiful…the more you look, the more beautiful. How can such a beautiful woman follow a man who earns thousands of dollars a month, wearing a floor stand Goods, there is no jewelry on the whole body?

But Chu Ge glanced at the night in the distance, and his eyes seemed to have deep meaning: “It stands to reason that there are brains everywhere, so there are not many people who can’t wait. Presumably… an appetizer arranged by someone came. “

The young man was stunned for a while, feeling extremely strange. How do I feel that it is actually in this person’s eyes, and there is not much difference between me and non-existence…


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