What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 231


Chapter 231 Unexpected expansion

Taking a taxi to the hospital address sent by Old Zhu, Chu Ge felt The atmosphere is a little off.

This hospital seems to be very heavily guarded, and there is an aura of supernatural fluctuations in it.

Is this an ability user entrenched?

The young couple looked at each other and said nothing. They looked for the room according to the room number Old Zhu said. There were a bunch of people guarding the corridor. Old Zhu waited outside and laughed: “It came very quickly .”

Looking at this, without him waiting to pick up, the two of you can’t get in?

Chu Ge was confused and followed Old Zhu across the corridor to a double ward.

When I entered, I saw Du Lianfeng and Qi Chengtai lying on a bed each, still in a vegetative state.

Zhong Yi was standing aside, talking to a white-haired female doctor.

Although he has known about this situation for a long time, Old Zhu’s expression is still very strange, and Chu Ge’s expression is also very strange.

Because the two vegetative people on the bed were bullying Old Zhu, and then they were beaten up by themselves and Qiuqiu, what’s the situation now, it seems that people on their side are taking care of them?

Mi Xiaolin said that they were dead… It seems that she was still trying to test when she said this. Fortunately, she really didn’t know anything at that time. Obviously, she didn’t test anything. .

The female doctor was asking Zhong Yi: “Your friend?”

Zhong Yi turned around and greeted, said with a smile: “Yes, you can trust me.”


The female doctor, nodded, didn’t bother to care who Chu Ge and the others were, and said with a stern face: “Their injuries are basically not serious… But the mental damage has been severely damaged. I can’t cure this vegetative person.”

“Other injuries are healed, just save your life.” Zhong Yi said with a smile: “As for their vegetative state, I’m not even qualified to decide whether to treat me or not, let alone anything else.”


The female doctor strangely said: “Why do I have no right to decide whether to treat or not?”

Zhong Yi glanced at Chu Ge and the others, said with a smile: “Because this is my companion I don’t have the right to decide whether to forgive them.”

“Tsk…” the female doctor asked in a low voice, “You parted ways with people like Du Lianfeng a long time ago, why are you running back this time? , and saved them both?”

Zhong Yi seemed to explain it to her, but also to Chu Ge and the others, and said slowly: “A group of people once explored Spiritual Qi’s recovery together. I thought they were like-minded, but I slowly discovered that although the goals are the same, the road is not necessarily the same.”

He stood by the window, looking at the pines and cypresses outside, and seemed to fall into memory. After a long time, he continued: “I won’t go into details about some specific things, and it doesn’t make much sense. In short, they are not angry about some injustice, saying that they have the ability to change it, and finally I found out that they just want to be it.”

Chu Ge said: “Some brave men from the very beginning did not go to defeat evil dragons, but to become evil dragons.”

Zhong Yi smiled: “Maybe. In just a few months they were more greedy for money and power than anyone else I’ve seen before, using their power to steal and even have their lives on their hands. That’s when I left, speaking of which me and them I’m not very familiar, only a few months of friendship.”

Chu Ge said: “It can be seen that Du Lianfeng doesn’t necessarily know much about your abilities.”

Zhong Yi sighed: “So my saving them has nothing to do with friendship. On the contrary, I plan to use them to destroy this group. Of course, I have no good intentions, just for us once and for all. Don’t worry about who will retaliate in the future.”

Chu Ge strangely said: “Why did Mi Xiaolin kill them? And if Mi Xiaolin wanted to kill them, she could have killed them as early as Nanjiang. If you leave the blame to us, how could it be delayed until now? Saved by you?”

“You actually know that her name is Mi Xiaolin, even I just knew it…I don’t know this woman who joined the team later, and I don’t know how she has become An important member, her status in the group is higher than that of Du Lianfeng, and she really missed the mark before.”

“Let’s talk about your saving people first, I don’t want to understand.”

“I told you before that after they come back, there will be internal competition for interests, and hungry wolves will devour their interests. They also have their relatives and factions, and there will be a short-term fight.” Zhong Yi laughed: “But at that time, we didn’t think about the longer-term follow-up, that is, after their interests were eroded cleanly, they woke up and their relatives were expelled, their subordinates were scattered, and their industries were completely lost. What would happen then?”

Chu Ge was a bit silly, don’t say he didn’t think about it at the time, he didn’t think about it until he was reminded.

“I didn’t think about it, right?” Zhong Yi sighed: “We didn’t think about it. Mi Xiaolin obviously didn’t think about it so much at the time. Of course, I took them back to the group to talk about it. After the cake is divided, It was only after the dust settled that I thought that they would be in big trouble when they woke up, so why don’t they kill them and keep them…”

Chu Ge stroked his forehead speechlessly.

“I have followed them back to the Magic City for a long time, and I have been watching the whole drama from the sidelines. In the end, I also realized that these two were afraid that they would be killed by my own people, so I rushed to the hospital to save people, I happened to be rescued by me and sent here.” When Zhong Yi said this, he solemnly introduced: “Dr. Zheng is also the director of this private hospital, and the person I trust most.”

Chu Ge looked at Dr. Zheng’s silver hair, and secretly said that the “most trusted” statement is Interesting, so that when a writing dog like him hears it, he can instantly make up a very touching story… But no matter how you look at the scene, it goes against the grain. And, Zhong Yi looks about the same age as himself, but Dr. Zheng is an old grandmother…

The most difficult thing to keep in the world…

Er forget, why think about it, Maybe Dr. Zheng’s family is full of children and grandchildren, and it’s not good to think blindly.

Sure enough, Dr. Zheng heard these three words, his eyes became a little complicated, and he said in a low voice: “You have your new partner, why do you say this.”

Zhong Yi was silent. For a moment, there was no answer.

Old Zhu finally opened the mouth and said: “So you mean, when they wake up, they will definitely fight back against those people to take revenge?”

“Yes…” Zhong Yi said : “They have done a lot of disorderly things, but they are always very nourishing, and the group is getting bigger and bigger. The reason is very simple, because the various abilities are so strange that the case cannot be investigated. You have experienced this yourself. His position in the group was also one of the princes. If Anti-Shui was a tainted witness, it would probably be enough to let the bird hair group fall apart more than a dozen times. This is what I think about once and for all.”

“You sure they When you wake up, you will go as you want? Maybe the first one who hates us…even more how they have a lot of blood on their hands, what if they choose to be worldly-wise and play safe and hide? Maybe they can make a comeback, why should either the fish dies or the net splits at this time.”

Zhong Yi shook the head: “I know better than you the minds of these people…if it’s just for their own interests. Bereavement, relatives wither, maybe they will endure it and plot to make a comeback. But letting them watch their enemies use their money to eat and play with women is more uncomfortable than killing them. From this point, they definitely hate rice even more Xiaolin’s people, not us.”

He paused, and added cautiously: “In addition, I found that they have an unclear relationship with overseas, I also suggest to wake them up to understand Clear.”

Chu Ge’s heart moved slightly, this sentence is a bit important… and Xie Wenyuan’s statement is right.

The thing behind this may be more important than the thing itself.

Old Zhu pondered for a moment, and finally shook his head and laughed: “Although I don’t really want to admit it… I still have to admit that you are right. No matter what they will do, they have to wake up and say it again. Ken, we are not without means.”

Old Zhu was the victim of Du Lianfeng and Qi Chengtai’s injury, he agreed with Zhong Yi’s opinion, which means that the two vegetative states can be cured.

Just because it can be cured doesn’t mean it can be cured. Chu Ge looked at Qiu Wuji. The root cause of their “vegetative state” was that the Divine Soul was injured, and the Soul Sea was about to be broken up. Modern medicine would definitely not be able to cure it. If anyone could cure it, it would be Qiu Wuji.

“It can be cured.” Qiu Wuji gave a simple and clear answer: “But I suggest another place… I finally know why Mi Xiaolin is as anxious as a fly to cooperate today, but the cooperation is not successful. I’m in a hurry.”

(end of this chapter)

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