What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 232


Chapter 232 The Master’s Mission

Mi Xiaolin is really in a hurry.

While they were scrambling for power and profit, how could they expect Zhong Yi to always watch from the sidelines?

Zhong Yi is not alone, there are his old friends in the group.

This kind of person who doesn’t know how long he has lived and whose temperament is like making friends and showing loyalty is definitely a trouble. Even Chu’s mother Wu Xiuyun is very cautious about Zhong Yi, because he may be with some big leaders It’s very related, people don’t want to be included, you can only stay away, and at most “focus on”.

Mother Chu is like this, not to mention the grass-roots team like Mi Xiaolin.

You don’t even know who has been helped and favored by him, and you may even be a buddy with your grandfather. Not everyone in the group acted like a tiger, and there were a lot of people who didn’t like them. Du Qi and Du Qi were even more buddies waiting to make trouble.

As a result, Mi Xiaolin was just about to kill two vegetative people when Zhong Yi seizing food from the tiger’s mouth took it away, and she didn’t even know who leaked it.

It doesn’t matter if people are rescued, these two people are the core figures of the former group, and they know too much about their broken things. Once they wake up and turn against the water, it will definitely bring them a devastating blow.

Modern medicine can’t save these two vegetative people. They could have operated slowly, but the couple who turned them into a vegetative state came to the magic capital today. God knows if they can cure them… See Chu Ge Qiu Wuji At that moment, Mi Xiaolin’s heart throbbed, secretly thinking that this is a big deal.

So she immediately went to Chu Ge, and in addition to testing him, she also tried to coerce Chu Ge to cooperate, but the talk collapsed after a few words.

people who walk different paths cannot make plans together!

“Zhong Yi placed those two people in Zheng Xiulan’s hospital, and secretly informed the police to guard them in the dark. We have never dared to act rashly.” Somewhere in the villa, in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, Mi Xiaolin was sipping red wine , looked at the night scene with blurry eyes, and sighed in a low voice: “But now these two people are here, they have to move even if they don’t move.”

“It’s all you stupid bitches!” The bearded man with halberd pointed angrily, and scolded her: “I killed him and came back, what kind of shit would have happened, and I would bring people back, and now the situation is so bad, it’s all caused by you idiot!”

Mi Xiaolin said charmingly: “Yo, you Lei Jiangyong are so far-sighted, when I first brought them back, you had countless opportunities, why didn’t you start? It’s my fault now?”

The big man Lei Jiangyong held back for a while before saying with a sneer: “I brought it all with me. Of course we don’t want such a powerful force to be damaged. Of course it is best to treat it. Who knows that you stupid woman will be I can’t help but start cannibalizing other people’s shares, it’s getting more and more out of control!”

Mi Xiaolin also sneered: “It’s better to say than to sing, it’s hard to say who will start to eat first.”

Lei Jiangyong glared angrily, after all, he didn’t quarrel here any more.

Everyone is the same, who says who? The wolves are not the only ones competing for food. To be honest, everyone’s atmosphere is like this. If you have a public heart, you will just watch others take the lead, and in the end, only yourself will suffer.

It’s not clear who is right or who is wrong at this time.

In the end, Lei Jiangyong still found an angle to scold: “Then why did you tell that writer Chu Ge? Before the temptation, threaten first, I see what he said. Yes, it’s better for you to seduce him!”

“You really think that will work? The woman around him is much prettier than me, and most of them look like a bad guy.” Xiaolin leisurely said: “Temptation? Xia Junjie, the little idiot of the Xia family, wrote a check of one million yuan, and he didn’t even look at it. This kind of person does not rely on profit.”

Lei Jiangyong coldly said: “I don’t believe that there are really men who are not lustful and do not want money these days. It’s just that you didn’t find his needs.”

“Have a good name, how can anyone who writes a book do not want to be famous? Borrowing money to publish at your own expense, isn’t it just for this ridiculous literati ideal?” Mi Xiaolin said with a sneer: “So my threat is the most useful, Xie Wenyuan’s project really left his original book clean. , that would be more uncomfortable than killing him.”

“But he doesn’t care about your threats at all!”

“That’s because Xia Junjie is too rubbish, and he is even violent in robbing women in person. You can’t even fight with your hands, and you’ll be swayed by being pushed into a car, what a waste!”

Lei Jiangyong looked at Mi Xiaolin speechlessly: “You women do things like this. , he told me earlier, I’ll go straight to find trouble and beat him up. The author fights with people and goes to the police station on the first day he signed a contract in Modu. What will Xie Wenyuan think? Who cares if he is asked for trouble or not? What, you still need you to fool others to grab horses, randomly travels.”

Mi Xiaolin shook the head: “You didn’t understand the essence…I didn’t want to smear him directly, It’s to let him know that we can smear him and force him to cooperate with us. You will think that we can do it directly, and of course he will also think that this is a threat.”

“Then he is threatened now. Is it there yet?”

“No.” Mi Xiaolin shook the wine in the glass gently and whispered: “But I found a blind spot in their perspective when I passed this incident.”


“No.” p>


“The hospital where Du Lianfeng and Qi Chengtai live are heavily guarded, but Chu Ge Qiu Wuji and the little man and woman walk outside unprepared…you know we What I’m afraid of is that they can save people, killing them is no different from killing Du Lianfeng and Qi Chengtai, so why coerce and lure…”

Lei Jiangyong narrowed his eyes.

He didn’t expect this angle before.

Killing the little man and woman has the same effect as killing Du Qi! There are even other benefits. For example, Du Lianfeng was made into a vegetative state by Chu Ge. If he killed Chu Ge, he would gain Du Lianfeng’s friendship and strengthen his own power in the name of avenging Du Lianfeng!

Mi Xiaolin knew what he was thinking by looking at him, she said with a smile: “Don’t blame me for not reminding you, this Chu Ge is definitely more than the E-rank mentioned in “Ability User Directory” Potential, impervious to sword and spear. Judging from his ability to withstand Ferrari, at least he has to add a strong as an ox; and he can break free and backlash Du Lianfeng in Du Lianfeng’s spiritual world, what this ability is still unknown.”

“Ability will not have both. From the perspective of known impervious to sword and spear and strong as an ox, it is nothing more than comprehensive strengthening, including body and spirit, just a superman. .” Lei Jiangyong confidently laughed: “It doesn’t seem to have any shortcomings, but it doesn’t seem difficult for me to kill him.”

Mi Xiaolin faithfully said: “Let’s bring more people.”

“I know, there’s no need for you to be crooked.” Lei Jiangyong turned around and strode out.

Mi Xiaolin stood by the floor-to-ceiling window, watching Lei Jiangyong leave the villa, a sneer appeared on the corner of her mouth: “Idiot.”

With the voice, the air behind her seemed to have With some twisted intentions, an ethereal voice came from out of nowhere: “That’s not what you said when you hooked him up to bed.” : “That’s not the master’s task, to pull them into the car through this… Xiao Lin will always have only one master in her heart…”

“Ha…” The voice laughed, slowly Said: “You asked Lei Jiangyong to kill Chu Ge, what’s your consideration?”

Mi Xiaolin replied respectfully: “If Lei Jiangyong can kill Chu Ge, then the matter will be solved, what’s the real deal? He also carried the trouble. If he is killed, the company will be ours. At the same time, Chu Ge will also be deeply involved in the lawsuit and reconsider the cooperation with us. No matter what the outcome is, it will be beneficial to us.”

“We need to prepare with both hands.” The voice said: “If the battle between Chu Ge and Lei Jiangyong will involve Zhong Yi and their energy, it will distract the guards of Du Qi and especially the police’s attention. If you can’t pull it away…then I will take action myself, once and for all.”

Mi Xiaolin crawls to the ground in surprise and joy: “Master is coming to the magic capital?”

” Such a big thing, always have to take a look…”

“If the master takes action in person, then they are blessed by gods and Buddhas, and they will die!”

Thank you Lord Corleone and Ruyi Ruyi join the alliance~

(end of this chapter)

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