What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 234


Chapter 234 Chu Ge’s first kill?

In the night ahead, two or three silhouettes in black suits slowly appeared, standing in front of Chu Ge and looking at him playfully.

Chu Ge looked left and right, lightly said with a smile: “Is there anyone else? That wind blade played well.”

Lei Jiangyong led the crowd to stand in front of him, lost said with a smile: “Of course you don’t have to show up.”

“So to speak, you are actually LOWER than them.” Chu Ge tilted his head, tsk tsk said: “Look, everyone can remotely sneak attack, stealing the head without a sound, what about you? I didn’t let me lose my defense directly before, because I couldn’t even see me from afar, and couldn’t act on me, so someone else had to force me to stop first. ?”

Lei Jiangyong’s expression sank.

Chu Ge continued to despise: “As a result, others are hidden behind the scenes, and you stand in front of you… tsk, are you a boss or a pawn? You’re a scumbag.”

Lei Jiangyong said slowly: “Actually, I don’t have to come out, do you know why I am standing here?”

Chu Ge tilted his head.

Lei Jiangyong squeezed his hands together, making a “click” sound, and his expression became grim: “Because I like to crush the hands and feet of hard-mouthed people with my own hands. It’s not that hard!”

With the words, a huge fist has been rushed towards Chu Ge’s face.

Chu Ge smiled slightly, making a slight mistake, and simply avoided this fist. At the same time, he pointed at the sword, and poked lightly under Lei Jiangyong’s ribs as if dragonfly touched the water lightly.

It seemed that his strength was useless, but Lei Jiangyong screamed in pain, took a few steps backwards, clutching his ribs, brow beaded with sweat, and said incredulously: “You…you You still have strength?”

Chu Ge peacefully laughed: “I didn’t use any strength at all. In fact, even if it’s a brittle hemp stick, it hurts a lot if it hits the acupuncture point, take a good look and study hard. .”

He felt it long ago, when Lei Jiangyong appeared, his body changed a little. When he taunted the other party, he also looked at his own situation inward.

General ability users certainly cannot clearly analyze their physical condition, but immortal cultivator can.

Introspection, I can really find that my muscle skeleton has become very fragile, like a cookie that breaks when touched, I really don’t know how this works. This strange fragility not only makes the defense look like paper, but also affects the attack power, because the muscle skeleton is too fragile to organize the strength, and maybe it will fall when walking.

If he is really a person who strengthens his body in an all-round way, leading to impervious to sword and spear strong as an ox, then encountering Lei Jiangyong can almost be said to be defeated by heaven.

Unfortunately, I am not at all.

Physique is only the foundation of cultivation. Immortal cultivator really relies on “Qi”, which is mana… The footwork of limpid autumn water Mingming can also be used with the Cloud Water Sword method. If the sword qi burst out when poking at the acupoint just now, Lei Jiangyong would have died… that was because he was not used to ruthless attacks.

Lei Jiangyong obviously didn’t believe in evil, and said sternly: “He can’t exert any force at all, just give it to me! After pinching his hands and feet, look at his stubborn mouth again!”

Behind him Two of his subordinates rushed up together, formed a triangle encirclement with Lei Jiangyong, and Qi Qi launched an attack on Chu Ge.

the next moment he couldn’t believe his eyes even more.

Chu Ge seemed to be strolling around in the siege of the three people, swaying from left to right, and the three of them couldn’t even wipe half of the corner of his shirt.

What is this?

Surging Waves Subtle Steps?

Chu Ge looks flat, and in this brief moment really feels the difference in dimension. Maybe the fighting technique of these three people is very good compared to the average person, but after four hours of practice in the thousands of sword qi in the sword cave, watching such an attack again is like watching a small child in Like a joke.

He didn’t take action immediately, he was just guarding whether the other two had any special abilities. In fact, he might have used them long ago, but the general abilities could not take effect on him, and they might have passed through… …But at this moment, I suddenly feel that it doesn’t matter if there is any, even if there is any special trick?

The gap is too big, this is really a dimensionality-reducing overlook.

Only me!

“sou!” A wind blade silently cut through his leg, Chu Ge staggered to avoid it, “ha” with a smile: “Just waiting for you, I found you!”

“sou!” p>

Lei Jiangyong watched helplessly as a sword-shaped illusory shadow appeared in Chu Ge’s hands.

The sword shadow was silent, chasing light and electricity, and disappeared into a big tree in the distance. Only a scream came, and someone fell from the tree with a “dong”.

“Even if the Flying Sword is a hidden weapon, it’s still useful…” Chu Ge seemed to be talking to himself, as if he was talking to someone.

Qiu Wuji in the distant factory smiled slightly.

Chu Ge didn’t even look at the wind blade ability user who was shot down by “Flying Sword” in the distance, and his eyes fell back to Lei Jiangyong: “I must admit that your ability is used to deal with others, it may be true You are overconfident…it’s a pity that you happened to meet me.”

Lei Jiangyong looked ashen, he couldn’t understand what was going on even if he wanted to break his head , This Chu Ge has obviously eaten his own power, how can it have no effect at all.

I originally thought that I was being defeated by Chu Ge, but turned out to be defeated by Chu Ge instead?

Listening to Chu Ge’s words, Lei Jiang’s courage turned upside down, and his anger flared up again: “You think you’re sure to win?”

He suddenly took out a handful from his pocket. gun.

Chu Ge’s expression changed slightly.

“I don’t know if your movement method is faster or your gun is faster?” Lei Jiangyong grinned: “I didn’t want to leave evidence that could be traced by cop, since you are courting death…”

Chu Ge’s always smiling expression finally turned cold, and at the same time he said, “I didn’t think about how to treat you… Since you must court death… then die.”

The situation has changed.

In the distant factory building, Qiu Wuji took back the divine sense that had always been on Chu Ge.

A gun?

That’s for human use.

At close range, Qiu Wuji was certain that they would not even have the chance to shoot. On the contrary, it completely angered Chu Ge, and they are likely to die…

Maybe it will lead to Chu Ge’s first murder.

He has really grown up. Whether it is combat experience or determination, as well as wartime tolerance, he is infinitely close to his own arena, and he does not need to worry at all.

Qiu Wuji is looking forward more and more to the day when he will be hand in hand with his sword – although it does not count now.

At this time, Qiu Wuji crossed his knees and closed his eyes. He stretched out his index and middle fingers with both hands, and placed them on the foreheads of Du Lianfeng and Qi Chengtai.

Outside the house, Zhong Yi and the others were guarding the passages, and the scene looked like Qiu Wuji was starting his treatment with all his heart.

The fingertips radiated a soft light, and the dead faces of Du Qi and Du Qi gradually began to twitch slightly, as if there were signs of awakening.

At this moment, the air was slightly twisted, and a sharp sound seemed to pierce Qiu Wuji’s eyebrows.

Qiu Wuji opened his eyes.

The invisible ripples of “clang!” trembled and spilled out in front, and there seemed to be a resentful ghost screaming in the dark room, reaching to the heart.

Qiu Wuji felt as if the blood in his whole body began to resonate with these sounds, boiling, his heart beating disorderly, and his whole body seemed to explode.

With his fingers on the foreheads of Du Qi, he clearly felt that if he didn’t deal with it, their bodies would really explode to pieces.

Qiu Wuji smiled slightly: “dressed up as God, playing the Devil, but Sonic and other such insignificant abilities are also showing off in front of this Eminence…”

She retracted her The fingers of Du Qi’s forehead flicked.

β€œzheng!” is like an ancient zither ringing, and the sound waves are dispersed.

The invisible ripples collided and stirred, forming a huge and strange cyclone. The cyclone roared like a dragon roar, breaking through the roof of the factory building and going straight into the sky.

The starry sky at night actually rolled out the shape of a dragon.

Chu Ge in the distance suddenly turned his head: “Fuck, how dare you to provoke Qiuqiu… The old birthday star hanged this is…”

In front of him stood dumbfounded The three Lei Jiangyong were all holding their wrists and stepping back. They didn’t even realize what was going on before, the wrist hurt and the gun dropped.

Seeing Chu Ge turning his head to look at the direction of the factory building, Lei Jiangyong turned and ran.

They are not afraid to offend the ordinary person, just do it casually. Because the ordinary person doesn’t dare to kill people even if he wins, he just needs to walk away. He will find an opportunity to study what happened to Chu Ge’s ability in the future, and kill him sooner or later!

Just as he was thinking about this, he heard Chu Ge say from behind: “Did I let you go?”

Lei Jiangyong ran to his car without looking back. , said sternly: “What else can you do? You have the guts to kill me hahahaha, after I fought with you, I disappeared, no matter how clean you are, the police will haunt you!”

Chu Ge sighed softly: “Why do you always don’t know, you can let the police find the murderer, and others can actually.”

Following the voice, Lei Jiangyong ran away. direction, appear out of thin air a cluster of small flames.

The small flame rose against the wind and instantly turned into a Flame Giant.

Lei Jiangyong made a sudden stop and was stunned: “This… what is this?”

Flame Giant grinned: “This time, he is actually trying to break me. The defense.”

Chu Ge said: “Is it broken?”

“It is broken, but what does he want to do when he breaks a fire?”

Lei Jiangyong: “…”

“You bring them to a place where everyone can see and burn them to death.” Chu Ge said calmly: “There will be countless witnesses who will witness their deaths from nowhere. The Heavenly Fire is coming, and it doesn’t matter who he has seen before… That’s a lot of evil that leads to heavenly punishment.”

Lei Jiangyong finally realized the coming of death, and shouted in fear: “No! You’re murdering!”

Chu Ge’s eyes were like a must-have: “If I, Chu Ge, were not capable enough, I would have corpses all over the place today. When you use your abilities to kill others casually , have you ever thought about today?”

Looking at Chu Ge’s eyes, Flame Giant laughed wildly: “Okay, okay! It’s interesting, my Father God!”

( End of this chapter)

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