What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 238


Chapter 238 Don’t always think about lustful things

Mi Xiaolin is gloomy over there, Gu Ruoyan is busy, but the Blackroom group is completely idle down.

A group of people who thought they were going to fight, finally found out that they really came to travel. Except for Wan Zijun’s two words, they didn’t do anything.

With national forces intervening and fierce people, others can really play soy sauce…

It’s just that the pair of fierce people are too fierce…especially Six baby.

In the past, it was only Chu Ge’s shot. Liuwa watched him play quietly like an invisible baby. I really didn’t know that she was the most awesome.

Pan Da Wan Zijun doesn’t know what he is thinking when he thinks of that world sword song, sonic tornado, sword breaking Taixu, and a series of special effects that only exist in fairy tales.

Could it be that the Qiuqiu in the book ran out…

I will lick the Qiuqiu in the book in the future, how dare I lick it, this is too terrifying…

Well, it shouldn’t be true, the real Qiuqiu is stronger than this one, where is it necessary to pull back and forth for so long, one move should kill the opponent. There is only one truth. This Qiuqiu is the Sword Immortal-like ability, and Big Chu is the book written with her as a template.

“Let’s set up a Qiuqiu worship religion.” Pan Da asked Wan Zijun: “With the LOGO of the Holy Fire Miaomiao Church, what do you say?”

Wan Zijun said ill-humoredly : “Don’t be a nympho, your Goddess went to the hotel with someone and stayed in a queen room.”

Critical attack.

Pan Da half-opened his mouth and said after a long time, “Lao, Laozi worships Sect Leader Qiu! She’s not this stupid woman who only eats dry vinegar… Wu wu wu, this stupid woman is so cute too Ah, the lifelong enemy of locking and petty Ge!”

Wan Zijun: “…the “locking and petty Ge” in your mouth just went out, the car was smashed, you should consider whether it is a lifelong enemy… …”

Zhong Yi: “wu wu wu my car…”

“Brother Zhong, are you a little expert?”

“Expert don’t Do you want to eat? My car…”

“Come on, you need to change the windshield. Those who don’t know it will think the car is blown up.”

Chu Ge and his wife are Those who left with the police car pulled Qiu Wuji straight to the hotel under the gaze of a group of small policemen watching the animals.

Looking at their eyes, I always feel like they want to make a surprise inspection…

femme fatale, wherever you go, everyone is the focus of jealousy, but shouldn’t you be jealous of me first handsome?

Do you think I’m pulling Qiuqiu to the room to do some animal thing? I can’t do anything, and a bunch of things are left unfinished. For example, there is still a small flame squatting in the room at this time.

“I have seen Father God.” Little Flame lost the savageness of the Flame Giant, his eyes rolled around the hand held by Chu Ge and Qiu Wuji, and he said with a smile: “Father God, next time there is such a good thing, you must remember to call me…”

Qiu Wuji strangely said: “What good thing?”

Xiao Huo Miao: “I haven’t killed anyone for a long time, hurry up I’m suffocating… so cool…”

“Why can I imagine your body sticking out your tongue and licking your lips in a flame shape? It’s disgusting.”

” …” The shape you made up in your brain and then said I was disgusting? Xiao Huo Miao dared not speak.

Qiu Wuji turned to look at Chu Ge, Chu Ge’s expression was flat. She smiled slightly: “It really kills?”


“How do you feel?”

“I thought you would criticize me.”

“Why should I criticize you?” Qiu Wuji laughed dumbly: “Immortal dao fights for the hegemony, how can anyone not kill… If someone hadn’t escaped with Primordial Spirit, they would have been killed by me.”


Xiao Huo Miao: “?”

Qiu Wuji looked at Chu Ge with soft eyes: “I know that the first time you killed someone, I was inevitably apprehensive, maybe still wondering if he should It’s good to leave it to the yamen… But you have to get used to this kind of thing, and there is no room for you to think when things are urgent. It is still a domestic battle, and if the enemy country confronts in the future, you still hesitate, it will only hurt myself.”

“I’m… alright.” Chu Ge hesitated: “I feel uneasy at this time on the contrary, not because of killing, but because I feel too calm after killing, just sitting down I don’t even have a heartbeat in the police car…is it wrong for me to look like this…”

Qiu Wuji was stunned, Xiao Huo Miao laughed heartily: “Okay, okay!”

Chu Ge shoved it back into the world in the book: “Shut up.”

Xiao Huo Miao twitched his feet, still laughing wildly: “Heavenly Dao overlooks, it should be like this! How can there be someone who created it by himself? Women can’t extricate themselves when they are in love, they are simply ignored!”

“sou!” The little flame was thrown back by abandon one’s benefactor after achieving one’s goal.

The atmosphere in the room was quiet for a while.

Qiu Wuji blushed and said with gnashing teeth: “Father God, please kill Yan Qianlie! You will learn badly from him!”

Chu Ge put his hands together.

“I don’t want to!” Qiu Wuji gestured to go back: “This Eminence, go back and kill!”

“You didn’t wrap a little quilt, so you’re going to crash-bang all over your clothes. Scattered out, bra, fat thorn…the goddess scattered the flowers.”

Qiu Wuji: “…”

“Okay…” Chu Ge hugged her gently, He said softly: “I won’t get bad…”

Qiu Wuji said with a stern face: “I think you are already bad.”

“With you here, I can’t break it.”

Qiu Wuji snorted.

“It’s you. Today’s battle is beyond my expectations. I feel that you have made a big move. The opponent is really that powerful?”

“The opponent is a very strong Yinxiu. .” Qiu Wuji hesitated: “It’s a little different from immortal dao Yinxiu, his positioning is more flexible, people are hundreds of miles away, obviously there is no Divine Consciousness to observe our situation here, but he can act accurately…”

“Maybe it’s based on Mi Xiaolin’s positioning? Besides, his voice is AOE, I don’t see much mystery.”

Qiu Wuji thought for a while and agreed with Chu Ge’s statement: “Yes, He doesn’t even know who I am, and he guesses that I’m China’s SSS hehe. It should be because he can’t see my situation.”


“Um… His tone is a foreigner.”

Chu Ge frowned in thought.

Knowing that there are foreign forces behind it, but the foreign powers are so powerful, it is inevitable that people will be worried.

Father and mother are all facing who…

Just looking at this enemy of sound attack, Chu Ge feels like he can’t deal with it, at least his Golden Bell Cover The eardrum cannot be protected, but not everyone can explore the essence of power like Qiu Wuji, and analyze all attacks thoroughly.

Qiu Wuji knew what he was thinking: “This person is really strong, my current cultivation is comparable to Golden Core, and Divine Soul Power is even more comparable to Yuan Ying. This person can force me to use Tai Xu. Divine Sword, and in the end, we can’t trace his exact location… This person will be our enemy in the future.”

Chu Ge moved: “You really used the too empty Divine Sword?”

She didn’t observe her battle situation up close, so she couldn’t see it clearly from a distance. Taixu Divine Sword is Peak Absolute Art written to Qiu Wuji, one of the representative skills! I really used this move in the book, and the mountains were leveled.

“It can only be considered a fake Divine Sword. After all, this body is not strong enough, which means it’s meaning.” Qiu Wuji sighed: “If Lingtang… oh, if Aunt is here, it will be easier to beat him. , Due to the singularity of the ability, the mutual restraint nature of the ability also seems to become prominent, and the spatial ability is completely restrained for this kind of sound wave.”

If mother can overcome it, she can also estimate… Is the cultivation to follow.

Chu Ge was slightly relaxed and lay on the bed tiredly: “The matter here is over, I have to step up and cultivated, and today I won against Lei Jiangyong. To put it bluntly, it is also a restraint factor, not because I am too fucking awesome. “

Qiu Wuji asked: “It’s good to know that I’m still very good… When will I go back?”

“Wait for news from Gu Ruoyan or Zhong Yi and see if there is any news.” If you don’t have any, you can go to Mr. Xie’s side to sign a few appointments today, right? If you want to travel, we have relatively free time, and there are no weekends or weekends.” Chu Ge covered his head and said. : “Never mind, I’m so tired, go to bed first and see when the phone rings…”

After a while, there was no movement, Chu Ge turned his head strangely: “Why haven’t you come up to rest? You move It’s better to be more tired than me…”

Qiu Wuji gnashed his teeth: “This! Li! Only! There is a bed!”

“Multiple major events… …” Chu Ge leaned over and wrapped her arms around her waist: “Old man, good wife, rest well, just take a nap, don’t always think about lustful things…”

Qiu Wuji was caught He hugged him and planted it on the bed, was both happy and humoured.

I was thinking about lustful things?

But looking at Chu Ge’s calm face with her eyes closed, her eyes gradually softened.

Yeah, old man is an old wife…

Qiu Wuji curled one’s lip, adjusted a comfortable position and tucked it in his arms, hugging like a big bear He hugged his waist and fell asleep peacefully.


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