What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 239


Chapter 239 Bibi me and her who is soft

It turns out that no one specifically called them to report the follow-up.

Chu Ge was woken up by the diet biological clock that he had been keeping for the past few months.

No missed calls, not even an unread text message or WeChat…

I’m so hungry, I don’t have Qiuqiu to cook a fragrant meal.

Oh, Xiangxiang’s Qiuqiu is in her arms.

His action of holding the phone also seemed to awaken Qiu Wuji, his beautiful eyes opened a little confusedly, fluttering and fluttering.

Then realized what environment everyone was in, Hongxia covered her cheeks.

This is an open room…not two beds, but one. However, everything came naturally, without the struggle and tangled process in the brain beforehand, he hugged his waist and said, “Good, rest well”, and he shrank in his arms like this, sleeping comfortably like a pig.

Is it too tired to use the ultimate move last night?

But I was still greedy until I woke up, lazily didn’t want to move, didn’t want to get up… So familiar, his breath and embrace.

Chu Ge also found that she was awake, and said with a smile: “Good afternoon.”

Qiu Wuji pouted and said weakly: “Good afternoon… …I hear your stomach gu gu, are you hungry?”

“How much money are you hungry, I will pay you twice.”

Qiu Wuji: “… …This is not fun. Do you want to go out to eat?”

“I want to eat you more than food.”

With the words, his head attached Come down and find her lips exactly.

Qiu Wuji didn’t even have the awareness to dodge, as if it should be, even closed his eyes to meet his kiss.

Because I want to kiss him too…

No one can imagine that this shy little woman was the sword that broke the sky last night like a fairy.

“Okay, it’s okay…” I don’t know how long it took to kiss, Qiu Wuji held down the strange hand he was exploring, charming eyes were like silk murmured: “Wake up in the morning like a cow, chirping. Screaming…”

Chu Ge fiddled with her rosy lips, the more she looked, the more she fell in love, and said with a smile in a low voice: “It’s not that my Qiuqiu is too attractive.”

Qiu Wuji bit his lower lip: “It was clearly the Father God who abducted the ignorant ancient female cultivator and coaxed him into bed…I have never seen such a brazen Father God.”

“Is that so? A woman created by herself can’t extricate herself in love, she’s simply ignorant?”

Qiu Wuji was anxious: “Hey, he’s uneasy and kind! He just wants to bring you into the same virtue as him, Don’t be led into the ditch…”

“Fools will take care of him.” Chu Ge once again possessed himself: “Qiuqiu’s ditch will make me fall into…”

Qiu Wuji raised his head slightly and panted: “You… if you are an emperor, you must be a drowsy monarch who is obsessed with women’s lust.”

Chu Ge muttered: “How can there be such a dizzy monarch like me, only in eyes Alone.”

“Li Longji, he looks so much like you.”

“Does Li Longji also have other concubines?”

Qiu Wuji Suddenly gnashing his teeth: “Okay, how many do you want?”

Chu Ge: “?”

Qiu Wuji overturned him and turned into a pressure on him. , hummed: “Is Gu Ruoyan’s little hands soft?”

Chu Ge didn’t know whether to cry or laugh: “That’s a handshake etiquette, I think you are the only one in the world. Confused.”

“Why didn’t she shake hands with Zhong Yi, but wanted to shake hands with you?”

“…Because they are acquaintances, my mother and her are colleagues.” Chu Ge held her little hand and said with a smile: “The smell of sauerkraut from the old altar is going to overflow!”

“Do you think I’m making trouble for no reason!”

“Hey, In fact, we should look at it this way… The Little Handsome Brother who drives Ferrari likes you, right? I think it’s normal, only when there is competition, there is comparison, and only when there is comparison can I know how good I am. Q iu Wuji almost laughed out loud: “Just you, I don’t see any better than others. “

“I don’t see that you can watch it slowly, you see, you can compare it with Gu Ruoyan, and I will know what you are doing.” “

“en?” Qiu Wuji blinked his eyes.

“Damn, don’t…”

While the couple was making a fuss, the phone was at this moment. It rang.

Chu Ge grabbed it and took a look, but it was Gu Ruoyan who called to inform the progress of the case: “Du Qi and the two went crazy and confessed hundreds of illegal cases of Tianmu Group, many of them After years of accumulated cases, the entire group has now arrested hundreds of people, and the interrogation room cannot sit still. “

Chu Ge: “His…”

Gu Ruoyan is very strange: “What’s so surprising about this?” “

“Hi…hu…” Chu Ge looked at Qiu Wuji with a sullen face, it seemed that Gu Ruoyan’s voice had stimulated her.

I really want to compare Whose little hands are softer, right?

In other words, this little dry vinegar is nothing but good, right?

“Then what…it’s okay, you continue Say. “

Gu Ruoyan unfathomable mystery, still said: “There are also some officials involved, it is estimated that there will be a small earthquake, the strange thing is that it is not too high, it is estimated that the rise of the group is not long, and It doesn’t matter too much… Anyway, you don’t have to worry about this, just know it. “

Chu Ge sighed: “It fell apart overnight. “

“Do you know what the key is? “

“Where? “

“The key is that after the previous annexation of Du Qi’s assets, now the company’s largest shareholder is nominally Mi Xiaolin, who has been listed on the wanted list.” The second shareholder is Lei Jiangyong, who died and has no heir. Several other minority shareholders have all been involved in the case, which means that there is no Chief-In-Charge in this company…” Gu Ruoyan smiled: “And why Lei Jiangyong set himself on fire is now included in the investigation. It seems that they tend to be organized by foreign cult organizations. “

Chu Ge: “…”

The leader of the organization is called Father God, right, the female lead of creation is…

“Hi… “

“What the hell are you doing? “

“Uh uh, nothing, I’m not interested in what their industry is like and how many people they have arrested. It’s useless for you to tell me this.” “

Gu Ruoyan said ill-humoredly: “Am I talking to you about industry issues?” I do not need to report the case to you. Can’t you hear that the key is to tell you about Lei Jiangyong’s problem? Why do you feel a little silly today. “

“Cough, I, I just woke up, a little confused.” “Chu Ge knew that this was indeed the key to Gu Ruoyan’s call, how could she make a good call about other things?

She was making it clear that I know you did what happened to Lei Jiangyong, but I’ll help you perfunctory, don’t worry about this.

“Thanks. “Chu Ge’s heart is a little complicated, and this back door… In fact, in a sense, he is one of the biggest fools. If you really want to be a bad person, you can be very terrifying.

Fortunately. Not myself.

Gu Ruoyan is saying, “It’s okay, there are some things…you are special. “

Chu Ge changed his focus and asked: “What about the foreigner who fought against Qiuqiu’s sound waves?” Have a clue? “

“No. Gu Ruoyan’s tone was a little gloomy: “He should have been in single-line contact with Mi Xiaolin. Now it’s up to these foreign employees who have been arrested to ask for some clues, but I’m not very optimistic, the other party is very cautious.” ”

Chu Ge was silent for a while.

Mi Xiaolin ran away… This matter is not over, and there will be problems in the future.

Gu Ruoyan obviously knows that too What he was thinking, comforted: “It doesn’t matter, at least Mi Xiaolin can’t enter the country, under normal circumstances, no matter how they are impossible to come to our country to commit murder. ”

β€œen. ”

β€œAs for what you said about the various industries that have nothing to do with you, it’s not entirely true. I don’t know the specific operation, and I guess it will split the foreclosure. . Among them, there are relatively high-quality comics and animation studios. If you are interested, you can buy them and use them. Even if you make comics yourself, you still need people to start and collaborate. There is no reason for one person to finish the painting. “

Chu Ge was stunned: “This is in the magic capital, I still have to go back to Nanjiang.” ”

β€œWhen the time comes, let’s see if the employees are willing to follow them. To put it bluntly, why are these employees, and someone who takes over quickly is also their job, right? Anyway, you don’t know about this aspect, let the people from Blackroom handle it for you. If you really want to buy it, it’s best to let someone you trust to fund and manage it with you, otherwise you will do business with you? Forget it…”

Chu Ge: “…you know me well Miss Gu. Hiss…oh…”

Gu Ruoyan frowned over there: “What’s your tone? If Aunt Wu didn’t know that I met with you, and asked me to take care of it, how would I know why you came to Modu? “

Well, it turned out to be the mother’s request, no wonder why Gu Ruoyan suddenly acted like a confidant elder sister, look at Qiuqiu’s excitement…

Gu Ruoyan is still saying: “I I understand, you are here to sign a cooperation agreement with Xie Wenyuan, and a member of your Blackroom named Zhu Shenghong is talking for you. As for the studio, please sign your personal one for the time being. If you want to change the studio contract in the future, you don’t need to be in person. Just send a new contract remotely. “

Chu Ge thought about it for a long time, and hesitantly said: “In other words, in fact, the matter of my coming to Magic City was completely finished after the signing. “

“Yeah, you came to Modu to sign the contract for your own business. It’s better to avoid other things, so that Aunt Wu doesn’t worry… After signing, you can go back if you want to go back, and if you don’t want to go back, take it with you.” Girlfriend take a good trip. “

“Ah~oh…” Chu Ge shuddered and jumped lightly.

Gu Ruoyan unfathomable mystery: “What are you doing?” “

“No, nothing…” Chu Ge looked at the melting snow on Cloudridge Mountain, and his voice became empty: “This is called sage time after the dust has settled…”

Qiuqiu is getting better at playing…Is this the formidable power of Lao Ganju…cough. If it’s really soft, how can my hand compare to that…

Gu Ruoyan is not angry He hung up the phone.

God knows what that guy is doing, why does he always feel like he’s being molested.

(End of this chapter)

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