What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 240


Chapter 240 can go home

The Bund.

When it comes to travel, Chu Ge said that he is only interested in historical sites, not the scenery.

The significance of a monument is not necessarily old, but the age it represents.

Then the Bund is a must-see place since you are in the magic capital. Looking at the buildings of the Republic of China by the river, it seems that you can immerse yourself in the wars of those years and the splendor written by the writer.

Qiu Wuji is wearing a denim shirt and waving ponytail, holding a pancake and fruit all the way, and has no interest in what Chu Ge sees as “Zhang Ailing’s Shanghai”.

There are still differences in culture, and it is difficult for her to enter the thousands of thoughts that people burst out here. Even though she has already read Ma Zhe, and in order to understand it, she has tried to read several more modern histories, but the sense of substitution is still different. She really can’t understand Chu Ge’s brooding energy as she walks by the river, as if she wants to write a poem. Hundreds like.

In Qiu Wuji’s eyes, the water of the Huangpu River is more interesting than those buildings.

Of course they are not as delicious as pancakes.

In fact, Chu Ge is also eating pancakes and fruit, which is lunch.

Qiu Wuji misunderstood, Chu Ge does not have the thousands of thoughts to travel through history, rather than being immersed in his thoughts, it is better to say that he does not know how to talk to Qiu Wuji properly…

Could it be, Qiuqiu, how did you learn this trick?

Or ask, Qiuqiu, did you see this trick on the license plate before?

I feel like I’ll be beaten no matter what I ask.

It’s all about making a fortune in a muffled voice… It’s cute to see Qiuqiu eating something with his cheeks bulging and looking left and right looking at the scenery.

It’s cute no matter how you look at it!

Qiu Wuji paused in confusion.

Chu Ge also paused.

Qiu Wuji walked forward, and Chu Ge also walked forward.

Qiu Wuji understood: “Hey, are you looking at the houses over there or are you looking at me?”

Chu Ge said honestly: “When I look at the buildings out of the corner of my eyes, I’m mainly looking at you. .”

Qiu Wuji eats fruit: “…boring. See how I came here to see it?”

Saying he was bored, in fact, there was joy at the corners of his brows and eyes. It turned out that he was still looking at me, that’s right, what’s so good about those broken buildings.

“What’s the meaning of this river?” Qiu Wuji asked, “Is it called Huangpu because it is very yellow? I think it’s fine, but the Nanjiang is not so clear.”

“It is said that the name of Huangpu comes from Chunshen Jun Huang Xie, not the turbid water, of course I don’t know how.” Chu Ge said: “Are you more interested in this river?”

“Yeah, water and sky are related, and it’s all my way.”

Looking at the ponytail of the shirt holding the pancake fruit and nibbling on it, saying such words in a serious manner, it makes people feel cuter. Chu Ge couldn’t help laughing: “Go back and listen to the song. It’s very classic. When I got here, my stomach reverberated with this song.”

Qiu Wuji nodded: “Look back and listen to it. Listen. The music is really resonant, it’s not unusual for you to be immersed in it. Last night’s opponent…well…forget it, it’s not bad.”

Chu Ge couldn’t hold back his curiosity: “Why? Now, isn’t he playing sound waves, and it has something to do with music?”

“Music…can resonate with people’s hearts, mobilize emotions, and trigger qi and blood.” Qiu Wuji said: “The Daoist of Music, Impossible It is pure sound. If you can enter the Dao with sound, it must be music. Although the ability is different from the immortal dao, it must be the same in this point. There should always be a reason for the awakening ability, just like when you write a book, Wan Zijun Doing copywriting, Pan Da playing games, supernatural powers are often related to this.”

Chu Ge was stunned: “Musician… This clue has to be told to Gu Ruoyan.”

Qiu Wuji had slim eyebrows, snorted it again, and tilted his head to look at Jiang.

Being trapped by that woman made your ox cart drift into the mountains. In the future, must suppress this unnecessary jealousy, except to make him worthwhile, there is no other use…


Qiu Wuji angrily finished eating the pancakes and threw the paper bag into the trash can by the roadside, then he reached out into Chu Ge’s portable space, took out a bottle of milk tea, and grumbled.

Chu Ge is very helpless: “The next time you want to touch my space, say it first, I will open it in advance.”

“Just to test your tacit understanding.” Qiu Wuji Drinking milk tea, I turned around and saw Chu Ge’s strange eyes, said ill-humoredly: “Have you been filled with this liquid now? You can see anything weird.”

Chu Ge grins like a dog’s leg.

Qiu Wuji drank tea and mumbled vaguely: “Who’s soft?”

Finally, this topic is still brought up, the Republic of China style and the Huangpu River…

Chu Ge can only say carefully: “Of course Qiuqiu is soft… No, I don’t really care if she is soft or hard.”

“You mean me Are you selfish?”

“No, no…” Chu Ge smiled: “That… Qiuqiu ah…”


“I think Cloudridge Mountain can be renamed.”

Qiu Wuji was stunned: “Change what?”

“That’s your mountain, right, in the name of Qiu, From now on, it can be called Qiuming Mountain.”

Qiu Wuji took a sip of tea, thought about it, and then confirmed: “This name is okay, I can change it if I want. Do you want to change it in the book or should I go back and change it myself? “

“The change in the book will make people play, we’ll just call it privately…”

“What disorderly.” Qiu Wuji realized that what he said must be harboring malicious intentions , think about it and go back and ask Baidu to talk about it.

True Qi, who thinks he’s already very modern, always exposes his ignorance in casual details, whether it’s the song he just hummed or some weird mountain.

β€œNot going!” Qiu Wuji lost his temper.

“Then let’s take a break by the river? Or do we want to take that cruise ship?”

Qiu Wuji hesitantly looked at the cruise ship in the distance, or called the head: “No. If you can go boating on your own.”

She paused and said in a low voice: “The appearance of the city is very similar, I know it. On this trip, I have seen the buffet, the style of the Republic of China, and the pearl of the river… …I’ve also seen gangsters chasing, blood on the outskirts, and sound attacking a strong enemy… This trip has been fulfilled, and it’s over.”

This bookworm loser hasn’t had these old-fashioned sentences for a long time. The gentleness of dying didn’t seem to leave too many ripples in her heart, and it sounded like she wanted to go home.

Actually, Chu Ge doesn’t understand it very well. He thinks Qiu Wuji is entirely a matter of gait. For those who want to “know the world”, they shouldn’t be so shallow. The whole picture of the world’s metropolis is correct.

The prosperity of the first-tier metropolis, there are some things that are really not seen in Nanjiang, Chu Ge is ready to bleed.

But she seems to be really exhausted.

Perhaps it’s because the cities are similar and there are no other more special points of interest?

But I heard Qiu Wuji whisper to himself: “Actually, what I’m looking forward to more is not a tour of this world… but I want to go back earlier and draw our world so that the world can see that. The magnificence of the world, the blood of the Human World, the sword glow in the sky, the brilliance of magic treasure, the flames of Incinerating Heaven and Exterminating Earth, the waves of the world… Divine Sword of Taixu.”

Chu Ge’s heart moved slightly, and he turned to look at Qiu Wuji’s side face overlooking the river.

Perhaps she underestimated the importance of comics in Qiuqiu’s heart. She attaches great importance to it…

No wonder she is enthusiastic about learning comics, she really wants to do it all by herself , show the world.

Qiu Wuji turned his head to look at him, smiled slightly: “If I say travel, my heart has already flown to the piece between Heaven and Earth, and I can wander there with you. Chu Ge, the law here is too restrictive, and sometimes there is a sense of oppression. When we get there, we will travel, the fairy world you wrote, and the joy in your heart.”

Chu Ge gently Holding her hand: “Okay. Then…the time is gone, you can go home.”

Qiu Wuji suddenly took out his mobile phone and completely destroyed the ancient mood that the two had been showing for a long time: “I I haven’t posted on Weibo for a long time, at least take a group photo before leaving…”

Chu Ge almost didn’t wince.

“What kind of expression is that, lean over a little bit, yes, this angle just captures that bright pearl, isn’t it good?”



“ka-cha!” The early fall love in the photo, with a vertical V-shaped gesture, has a sweet smile.

Chu Ge looked at it in a trance, always feeling as if it was himself.

(end of this chapter)

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