What To Do If The Heroine Ran Out Of The Book? Chapter 242


Chapter 242 Human World

“Morning.” Chu Ge brushed his teeth and walked to the door to stick one’s head around to look for : “Why did you sit in front of the computer so early in the morning.”

Qiu Wuji closed the file in a little panic: “I am worried about the comics and want to finish it early.”

” There is no need to be so anxious, in the early stage, we just created the drawings first, and there is no review by Party A, we can draw according to our own wishes, then we can be casual.” Chu Ge shua~ shua~ shua~: “Today is the beginning of winter, I think we should consider it. How are you celebrating.”

“It’s the beginning of winter?” Qiu Wuji was stunned for a moment.

The climate in this world is warm, and it really doesn’t feel much in winter.

I didn’t feel the smell of late autumn at all a few days ago.

The season that belongs to Qiu Wuji is so very quiet that there is no awareness.

Qiu Wuji scratched his head.

Chu Ge shua~ shua~ shua~.

The two looked at each other in blank dismay for a while, and Qiu Wuji bared his teeth: “Shua, whatever brushes, it’s all you, and you’re fighting with people in the last hours of autumn, and the mood is gone. .”

Chu Ge laughed: “We seem to reminisce about the ancients on the Huangpu River in the last time.”

Qiu Wuji feels a lot more comfortable when he thinks about it. , The mood is still OK, but it’s a pity that I didn’t say something more bookworm to commemorate it. Aiya is actually nothing, the autumn of the world in the book has quietly passed, and the snow has been floating for a long time without seeing any feelings. Why do you feel unhappy when you come here?

It’s all because he’s around, killing people’s hearts, always thinking of someone to accompany you to celebrate birthdays or something…

Qiu Wuji ah Qiu Wuji, you can’t… uh …

Chu Ge turned back to the bathroom, cleaned efficiently, and rubbed his face again: “Lidong is a small festival here, Nanjiang eats some glutinous rice balls according to the custom, and it is said that in the north, dumplings are eaten. Okay, which one do you like?”

Qiu Wuji said with a stern face: “What kind of festival is this?”

Chu Ge was taken aback: “Eh?”

“Autumn and winter come, obviously ominous and still talking about celebrating, do you want to change to a woman with winter?”

“I’m so special…” Chu Ge didn’t know whether to cry or laugh: “Today I’m afraid of marriage +1.”

Qiu Wuji just joked casually, where is the ominous, there are four seasons every year, why don’t you spend the winter? But it’s true that I really don’t want to celebrate this kind of festival, so I said: “If you have a custom, I will buy some glutinous rice balls and cook them today, so you don’t have to do it for the festival.”

“Okay…that cartoon of yours. How long does it take for the class to finish?”

“It will take eight or nine months to complete the course, but we don’t just need to learn the routine to get a certificate of completion. I often ask the teacher in private, early Just skip the process of learning how to draw and draw.”

“Then send some more red envelopes to the teacher.”

“Yes, go go go, there is still a little bit more while you save the manuscript. , speed up the manga script…I’ll go get some breakfast first, wait a moment to buy groceries.”

So virtuous, Chu Ge returned to his room with tears in his eyes, opening his own people I set up a document, and I watched it happily for a long time in the Qiu Wuji column, but I couldn’t code a single word.

I’m such a genius to write such a good woman!

I opened the group chat and took a look. The group chatted in a frenzy early in the morning about the Weibo photo they sent yesterday. In the photo, he was standing by the river with his arms around Qiu Wuji’s shoulders, smiling a little. Silly; Qiu Wuji was snuggling on his shoulder, holding the milk tea in one hand and taking a selfie with his phone in the other, smiling sweetly.

The river behind and the Oriental Pearl witnessed the sweet smile on the last day of autumn.

“It’s over, the more you look at these two, the more they match up. Qiuqiu is not mine anymore…”

“You are used to seeing it, since the beginning of autumn and the beginning of winter, you have watched it all the time. In three months, even if a pig and Qiuqiu are standing together, you should be a good match.”

Chu Ge: “…”

These people are really not objective!

“Three months, do you know how I spent the past three months! These two don’t do the right thing by feeding dog food all day long, lacking and petty Ge are simply not human!”

“That’s right, I thought I was writing at home, very quiet and went to the magic capital to take pictures, I won’t add more when I have time!”

“Grass.” Chu Ge couldn’t hold back: “Are you more murderous than the capitalists?”

“Hey, look who’s here?”

“Yo, isn’t this lacking and petty Ge? What about today’s update? ?”

“Grass…” Chu Ge burst into tears.

That’s how it is at the bottom of the group, bubbling basically doesn’t have a second ending except being scolded for being short-lived.

In other words, my own book group is also a peculiar landscape… Although it is basically a practice for most book groups not to talk about books, it is rare to talk about the author and the author here often.

Moreover, both groups have this virtue, and they are full of “waiting for death”, what should I do?

This is already 5,000 people…

Chu Ge was thinking about adding a group with basically unlimited fans before, and it filled up too fast, considering whether to open a deacon group Sort of, let’s divide the staff… What would be a better name for the new group this time? How about having them carry a spear? Seeing that they have held it, how dare you say it’s short! Qiuqiu didn’t dare to say that, hum.

I was thinking about it when the private chat started, but it was an unfamiliar avatar. I clicked it and opened it: “Big Chu, I’m Long Sijia.”

Chu Ge was stunned before responding. Come here, this is the playful child from Blackroom. This child is very shy and has a very low sense of presence. He didn’t say a few words.

“Why did you join my book group?”

“Pan Da and the others are in Amway every day, so I read books and became a fan of books.”


“emmmm but aren’t you supposed to travel with Pan Da and the others in Modu now?”

Long Sijia was silent for a moment before saying: “They are traveling, I ran out to interview for a job, Then let me wait for the notification, and the tone is basically useless.”

Chu Ge just remembered that this girl seems to be a college graduate, and she has not passed the postgraduate entrance examination before, so it seems that it has been a while since graduation. Haven’t found a job yet?

Long Sijia also knew what Chu Ge was thinking, very helplessly said: “Am I a failure, Big Chu, this time in the magic capital, I thought I would be able to help Brother Zhong, but in the end nothing happened. I did it, just watched it. Then I applied for a job application again…I feel like I can’t use me for anything.”

Chu Ge said: “It’s not good to be young, like Zhong Yi. This matter, you should look at it the other way around – I am a lucky general, as long as people stand there, they will win without a single move.”

Long Sijia is in a building somewhere in the capital city. Sitting in the flowerbed by the door, he was originally looking sullen, but he couldn’t help laughing after reading this: “Isn’t this Ah Q.”

“Q is good, Q is cute.” Chu Ge Said: “There are a lot of unhappy things in life, but Ah Q has a hard time.”

“Well…I heard that Big Chu used to be very aggressive. Was that how he survived at that time?”

Chu Ge stared at the screen in a trance, then smiled slightly before typing: “Yeah. I don’t think I can’t get it in reality. The book must describe the most perfect woman, and then I did that.”

And she came out.

Although I didn’t expect it when I wrote it.

“Actually…” Long Sijia said hesitantly: “Actually, I’m also trying to write books these days, but I can’t make it through the contract. A training class was added a few days ago, and I paid more than 1,000. , the teacher said that the contract has been signed, when the time comes Big Chu with one or two…”

Chu Ge: “?”

“What’s wrong with Big Chu?”

“If you want to learn to write a book, just ask me. Blackroom’s own people, I will teach you even if I don’t need a penny. You TM will pay the liar!”

“Liar ?”

Chu Ge sighed, and asked him very seriously: “Does teacher have aptitude? Not so serious, just say what masterpiece he wrote, did he tell you?”

“No, no… It’s just that he is very familiar with so and so, and he has taken photos of others.”

“The photos are useless, and I have a photo of Director Xie, then I Can you hold a star training class? Well-known writers have never heard of charging money for running classes, do you know why?”

“I don’t know…teacher said that it is not easy to eat skills. I think it makes sense to teach people and pay money to learn knowledge.”

“Wrong, because advanced things are basically accumulated from personal experience, and do not have the attributes of universal promotion. Listen to God. Saying how he wrote it can’t be applied to you personally. It’s hard for me to teach Qiuqiu one-on-one, not to mention the induction of the class? So Great Gods will publish its own experience on the website, how much it can be used depends on you Personally, no one will charge money for this, and lose their reputation.”

“But, but I heard what the teacher said seems to be very particular…”

“Those basic Knowledge, if you go to the forum or the website, there will be enthusiastic writers to sum up, including the public experience of the Great Gods I mentioned just now. It’s a way to steal such other people’s experience and make a hype. They are basically liars. He really has the ability to teach people, he has become a great god himself, why hasn’t he heard of the famous name?”

β€œBut, but he said he had signed the contract, but he refunded the money…I I have inquired about it, and there is indeed a refund, because of this I trust…”

“He fishes all over the place, and there are always people who can sign contracts by themselves. He received money from 100 people, Fifty has not passed, and he has made a net profit of fifty, one thousand, and fifty thousand elated.”

Long Sijia is stupid, and it took a long time to say two words: “Fuck!”

Chu Ge’s thoughts also escaped from the magical world and the upper-level cocktail party where he returned from the magic capital. back to reality.

Real life is the theme…ability users like Long Sijia also need to worry about finding a job and making money.

It’s not that people who are fooled are stupid. They are interlaced like mountains, and the young people who are head-to-head will naturally not know the truth, unlike them Old Fox has seen too many these years… When people are in despair If you see a straw in the middle, you will grab it desperately.

He thought of Zhang Qiren involuntarily again.

Zhang Qiren is smart enough. He was almost cheated by this class back then. The reason why he was not cheated in the end is very real, because he was reluctant to pay more than a thousand dollars.

Long Sijia said, “Big Chu, you and Zhang Qiren are very familiar, right?”

“Eh?” Chu Ge woke up “Ah…yes.”

“Zhang Qiren was a friend when we worked with Blackroom before. He also knew that I hadn’t found a job for a long time and asked me if I would go. Japan help him. Big Chu, I am a little hesitant, I feel that what he has done is not a good thing, but… I originally thought that if I could make money by writing a book…”

Chu Ge was silent for a long time, and said slowly: “Writing a novel is dead end, not because of love, but just to make ends meet, then don’t do it.”

“Then Zhang Qiren…”

“To be honest, I don’t Suggestions.”

“Ah… Zhang Qiren isn’t hello brother?”

“Just because my brother went down a bad road, I don’t want another friend I’ll follow suit.”

Long Sijia was silent for a moment, then replied: “I see, thank you Big Chu.”

He put away his phone, let out a long sigh, and was about to leave go.

The phone rang suddenly, Long Sijia took it out and saw that it was the HR who had just interviewed: “Mr. Long, if it is convenient, come to take the re-examination at 3 o’clock this afternoon.”

Long Sijia clenched the phone tightly, almost without saying “Yeah”.

I am obviously not a lucky general, but how do I feel that Big Chu is a lucky general?

He turned to look at the LOGO on the building. This is an international music company!


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